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Found 23 results

  1. Hi I have that virus where whenever I search using the bar on google chrome I get redirected to trovi.com This does not happen with edge. I've run scans with windows defender, Malwarebytes, Adwcleaner and RogueKiller All detect nothing This makes me think its just isolated to chrome So I deleted browsing/download history, coockies, cached, passwords, autofill data, site settings and hosted app data I've checked search engine settings and all is normal Is there anyone who can help I'd like to not completely reset my chrome if possible Thanks (the
  2. Hello, every time I open a webpage in Chrome, I get a popup saying that Malware bytes blocked Trovi.com from opening. It seems that the website is trying to change the homepage to trovi.com and malware bytes is blocking it. I have run both the malware bytes premium version as well as the windows software and cannot stop this popup from reappearing. FRST.txt Addition.txt
  3. Trovi and Spigot returns every time I open Chrome. If I remove and restart and scan without opening Chrome, nothing is detected. If I then run Chrome and do a scan it will detect it. Please help. Log are attached. I appreciate it very much thank you! Addition.txt FRST.txt MBLog.txt
  4. Good Evening, Earlier this morning, I encountered a Trovi Virus. I am using a Macbook Air on Google chrome. I have done everything I can to remove it, even using malwarebytes and I'm not sure if it's gone or not.I have only reset the google chrome preferences which did the job, but some sites are still not working. I tried accessing several websites like games, etc but an error message pops up. This never happened even during when Trovi was active and I'm in need of serious assistance. Sincerely, J.Kye
  5. I have recurring detections of Trovi.A when scanning with Malwarebytes. The symptoms appear similar to this post in the forum: https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?/topic/166854-pupoptionaltrovia-keeps-reappearing-after-each-quarantine/ This past weekend, I thought I had cleaned it out by using, in this order, adwcleaner, JRT, MalwareBytes, and HitmanPro as instructed in this post here: http://malwaretips.com/blogs/pup-optional-trovi-a-virus/ Today I became suspicious again and did another MWB scan. It detected Trovi.A again, which I again quarantined. I've done a FRST scan. Logs at
  6. Please help! Four days ago, I downloaded Forge for my son to run mods for MInecraft. I thought I'd declined every nefarious add-in from Forge but must have missed. Trovi has taken over Chrome. I've run the following anti-x-ware tools in succession as I read in another lengthy post: - MBAM - AdwCleaner - Farbar Recovery Scan Tool - Junkware Removal Tool But, Trovi is still in control of Chrome. I expect it's doing other nefarious things on my PC that aren't as obvious. So, can someone help me get rid of this nightmare Forge has delivered onto my PC? Thanks, Thomas
  7. Hello, My computer was infected with Trovi spyware. I have attempted to manually clean the virus multiple times without luck. When trying to run MBAM the scan fails after 3 seconds with the error, "SDKDatabaseLoadDefaults failed with code: 2". I am running windows 7 NT. My research on the topic leads me to believe the spyware is blocking MBAM from running correctly. I have attempted the following with no luck. 1. Remove all AV software 2. Run MBAM in safemode 3. MBAM clean removal tool and reinstall 4. Chameleon mode (test 1 did find a malicious program but the scan still would not run) 5.
  8. Please... I have tried to get rid of the malware on my computer with your program, yet it never yields effective, and just rewrites all the files and folders MBAM deleted within minutes... i dont know how to get or post any logs or anything, if you give me instruction i will GLADLY comply 100%.... Recently I fell for the SkypEmoticons download, this then caused me to recieve Trovi, yet another adware (i think thats what these things are called) and then THAT caused me to get YAC, as a friend said he used it for the Trovi thing once. YAC then allowed "Klip Pal" to install without my acknowled
  9. I'm running Windows 8.1 with IE 11. I ran Malware Bytes 2. Over 300 files were removed but my browser still opens with Trovi as the homepage. How do I remove Trovi completely?
  10. Hey guys, first off I would like to thank you for any input and help. It would be much appreciated. I'm not really a techie or computer savvy person but I am running on windows 7. So to start off, I have been playing video games and wanted to upload a mod onto one of my games but required winrar to unzip one of my files, yes you can see where this is going. So yesterday, I stupidly just searched up winrar and downloaded off of some site which wasn't the main website. I obliviously just accepted all the terms and ta-da! I got hit with the trovi adware. First off, a toolbar and url page
  11. So last night I left my PC on and went away for about 4 hours. No, I was not browsing porn at the time I went AFK. I came back and my laptop wouldn't boot up. I had to plugin my power cord to start it up. battery was at 16%, though. Then pops up a failure to start and pc repair window (the kind that doesn't load windows fully) It looks like win 98. I restored windows to a "previously working point in time" and went on. Then I ran MBAM out of curiosity. I found trovi and other malware. Obviously i attempted to remove them all. I was prompted to restart for full removal so I did, BUT after 30
  12. MBAM finds three entries for Trovi and quarantines them but it comes back when I start Firefox. I was able to manually delete it from Chrome but not from Firefox. Can anyone assist? I have seen several posts that recommend different products so I would appreciate the most current advice on this. Thanks, Geoff
  13. Hello, I have run the Malwarebytes scan and deleted corrupted files and such from my computer. Rebooted & Trovi was still there. Ran a second Malwarebytes scan and nothing came up. Ran FarBar and the results are attached. Thanks Farbar Addition.txt Farbar FRST.txt
  14. Hello, I bought a used computer on Amazon from EZCORP, and it was filled with viruses and malware, including the TROVI virus. I know, I know, bad idea. Anyway I'd like to try to clean up the computer before I return it. I'm a new user to the Malwarebytes forums. I don't know how to use the forums properly, so please forgive me if I'm doing something wrong. I've checked both the "Malware Removal Guides and Self Help Guides" and the "Malware Removal Help," and I haven't seen my exact situation listed, so I'm posting a new topic. I also don't know what a "pinned" topic is, nor what difference
  15. I've been fighting this malware for a month, tried a lot of scanners, cleaned my registry, reset my browsers. Also removed whatever was suspicious from them and my PC. I can't seem to get rid of this one, it keeps resetting my Firefox's homepage to trovi.com and on Chrome it constantly opens a new tab telling me my software may be out of date. Also random ads pop up from eDeals. I can't find any addons or extensions that could be infected with them. I've tried pretty much everything possible, can't do a system restore because the earliest point is Oct. 1st. Can anyone help?
  16. my explorers are infected by malware called trovi, though I've tried all ways which can be found on the internet, but it still can't be removed completely, because the ads pop out when I open some websites. The Anti-Malware really detected some trovi files and I deleted them. So what can I do now?
  17. I keep running Malwarbytes scans but every time it spots more Trovi threats. I don't have much experience with this stuff. Can someone help?
  18. I noticed that Trovi had taken over my home page last week. I've attempted running RKill followed by ADW Cleaner, Malwarebytes, Junkware Removal Tool and Hitman Pro (in safe mode) as advised in several articles I found online. The cleaners appear to find the malware and remove it however when I start up Internet Explorer Trovi is still there (note Trovi is now only appearing on IE, not Chrome). I've also tried editing the registry to delete Trovi.com as the Start Page at Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\InternetExplorer\Main I've also cleared the Cache, temp files and reset Intern
  19. As titled states PUP.Optional.Trovi.A keeps coming back even after i select quarantine all after malwarebytes is run. Logs attached Addition.txt FRST.txt
  20. Hi, What would be the best way to remove the Trovi virus from my computer? I just got it a few days ago, and havenot yet taken any action to remove, for fear of not knowing what I'm really doing, and downloading unnecessary programs. So far, all I can see is that my internet browsers and search engines have been hijacked. Help would be appreciated!
  21. OK, I give up. Can you please assist me with removing PUP.Optional.Trovi.A? I have this reoccurring on 2 different computers (Windows 8.1 64bit and Windows 7 Ultimate N 32bit. The attached logs are from my Windows 8.1 system. I have attempted many of the suggestions available on the internet with no success. Should I open up 2 separate cases or will the resolution be the same for both? I also pasted in the results of the latest MB scan. I will hold off on any attempts to repair until I hear from someone. Thanks Addition.txt FRST.txt Malwarebytes Anti-Malwarewww.malwarebytes.org Scan
  22. I am having trouble with the "PUP.Optional.Trovi.A" virus. Malware bytes find it and I can remove it but it keeps on popping up. It is in my google chrome preferences somehow. I think it might come back b/c of google's cloud system. I tried this guide to remove this exact virus but it didn't work. I also have norton installed but it isn't doing anythign as far as this one goes. guide link: http://malwaretips.com/blogs/pup-optional-trovi-a-virus/#adwcleaner FRST.txt Scan result of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (FRST.txt) (x64) Version: 16-06-2014Ran by Jan (administrator) on JANHP on 18-06-
  23. Hi! "PUP.Optional.Trovi.A" appears twice as a quarantined item every time I scan with Malwarebytes. I read a former note on this topic and have saved the logs as directed by a Malwarebyte Staff member. The Malwarebyte and RogueKiller Logs are attached. Thanks for your help Ernie Adsett LogMBAB140715_1.txt LogRogueKiller140715_1.txt
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