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Found 10 results

  1. Hey guys I have a clean install of windows 10 a brand new pc built and I installed malwarebytes been using it for a long time never had a issue with it until recently. I installed the program all was well until the system tray icon just vanished and i unistalled malwarebytes and re installed it and for two days the system tray icon appeared as normal i even turned on my pc a few times a day to see if the icon would appear and it did and it wasnt until a few minutes ago i turned my pc on to find the icon was not there so what I did was restart the pc and it came back. It seems this is a Bug with the system tray icon just randomly not loading. Anyone else have a issue or fix or know anything about this. Pc specs: gtx 1070 asus strxi z390 e mobo i5 9600k 16gb ram ddr4 ram
  2. Well, I've got some bad news. After turning on self-protection and restarting my computer, the tray disappeared again. And I have the latest version too.
  3. I have had this problem before a year or so ago - then it was due to a faulty installation file, but unlikely again I'd think. MB has been working well for the past year, both on my desktop (W7) and two laptops (W10) The problem is - on the desktop only - that MB won't show up in the system tray, and won't open from the Start/programs menu. However mbam and mbam-tray are shown in Task manager as running processes. The following sequence led to this a couple of days ago: 1) got notification of 'netfilter2.sys' infiltration from Kaspersky, and managed to remove it. 2) After this MB showed up in the system tray but wouldn't open the program (I've no idea if it's linked to the 'netfilter2.sys' removal - might be coincidence). 3) So I cleaned and reinstalled MB using 'MB system tool' as recommended in this forum. 4) I have attached 'mbst-grab-results.zip' below from before reinstallation, and 'mbst-clean-results.txt' from after. 5) Still no MB ins systray, nor can I open the program. Restarting doesn't help. 6) But note that MB runs in systray in Safe mode, and the program opens via systray, and scans fully (showing no malware). 7) Windows 7 mbst-grab-results.zip mbst-clean-results.txt
  4. Hello, I just updated to MB 3.4.5 FREE on Windows 7. I have a mbamtray.exe process running but no taskbar icon. I also have Norton Security. Should I have a taskbar icon? Thanks
  5. I have the same problem with one of our workstations. I went into settings and turned off Notifications and it shows up in the system tray instantly. Is this just a bug?
  6. PROBLEM I had this very same problem -- no Malwarebytes icon in the system tray -- after taking the update from Malwarebytes 3.1.2 (May, 2017) to 3.2.2 (August, 2017). The MBAMService.exe program WAS shown to be running in Task Manager. And I was able to execute a Malwarebytes scan successfully by running Malwarebytes off the desktop icon. However, the mbamtray.exe program was NOT shown in Task Manager to be running. I also checked the StartUp tab within The System Configuration Tool (msconfig.exe) and there was NOT any kind of entry for mbamtray.exe, as there should have been. CAUSE Part of the installation -- that part that sets up mbamtray.exe to run at every startup -- failed. I suspect it failed because it was blocked by my other security software (ie, ZoneAlarm), since mbamtray.exe wants permission to run at every startup. SOLUTION I created a new string registry entry within HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run I named it mbamtray -- and I gave it a string value of C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes\Anti-Malware\mbamtray.exe [ I also deleted the entire ZoneAlarm permissions line-entry for mbamtray.exe ] I rebooted. The Malwarebytes icon appeared in the tray. The mbamtray.exe program WAS shown in Task Manager to be running. The StartUp tab within msconfig.exe reflected the property entry for mbamtray, with a checked box beside it, to run at every startup. Problem resolved. For someone not comfortable with registry editing, he/she could accomplish pretty much the same thing by right-clicking on C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes\Anti-Malware\mbamtray.exe then creating a shortcut that will be dropped on the desktop. Then drag&drop that shortcut into the folder C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\
  7. I just installed 3.06 in a Wndows 7 system. It appears to be working except: When I right click on the system tray icon, there is NO selection to Open Malwarebytes! Only to hide or exit.... This is a trial version so far but that should do this should it? What's to be done? Thanks
  8. My Malwarebytes system tray icon drop menu is dysfunctional. When right-clicking on the icon, the (drop) menu expands DOWN below the edge of my screen instead of UP like it should. I have not experienced this with any other system tray icons, EVER. I have tried going through Cleverbridge Support in the past, and no solution has come of it. The only way I can access the dropdown menu is to temporarily grab the windows bottom notification bar and drag it up to see the Malwarebytes dropdown menu items, then drag it back down. This is inacceptable. My first guess is that Malwarebytes is still not supporting 4k resolutions. Again, no problem with every other system tray icon. They all 'drop-down' UP as they should. Only the Malwarebytes wants to 'drop-down' DOWN. System: Windows 10, Nvidia GeForce GTX 960 (latest drivers), screen resolution set to 3840 x 2860, Dell P2715Q 4k monitor.
  9. Hi, I noticed that just about every time I start up or resume my computing sessions, desktop and laptop, the Malwarebytes system tray popup is there first thing, telling me something or other is out of date, with a big bright green button to click to rectify the situation. But I thought the software is supposed to just work on its own, in the background!! :-\ I have the lifetime version, so it's the new Premium Malwarebytes that I have, but it's the old lifetime license -- actually, I purchased a license each for my desktop and laptop -- so I don't think I should have to manually deal with this every day like I have the free version. Please advise!
  10. We're using Win7 64x and cannot get the icon to show in the system tray. Is this possible or is the desktop icon the only choice? Thanks, Cory
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