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Found 23 results

  1. Im experiecing the same issue, after every definitions updates (hourly) malwarebytes request a computer restart. Version: Update Package: 1.0.26739
  2. hi guys i cant seen to remove this adware from my computer.I deleted both using malwarebyte and Manually but still it pop out each time is scan under memory section can anyone fix it ? i tried restarting still the same.Although i dont have and ad pop out of no where but still hate to see that thing any help will be great thx update: weirdly if i deleted the preference file by my self while chrome running the threat stop appearing however if i relaunch chrome again the problem persist
  3. A few of my computers seem to all bluescreen and restart all at the same time at different times throughout the day. I ran malwarebytes and it detected something (in the title). It quarantined and then I deleted the offending thing, however, it starts doing it again and then a malwarebytes scan picks it up again. Anyone have any insight on this?
  4. I am a Malwarebytes Premium customer. I am using AdwCleaner on Windows 10. I run a scan. It identifies several PUP.Optional.Legacy items. I check one of particular concern and hit Clean. It gives me a dialog that says, "All processes will be closed - Please save your current work if any." This is absolutely what I do not want. I have several projects underway, involving hours of work. I cannot shut them down now. Unfortunately, the dialog does not provide a "No" option, nor a "Remind me in 4 hours" option," so I click the X in the upper right corner to kill that dialog. The PUP is not
  5. I downloaded and ran Malwarebytes last week. The original reason was to scan an infected HDD from another PC, connected via USB. Six viruses were found. Fine, to this point. I then set up a scheduled scan of my C drive to run every night. It found 93 PUPs, apparently all dealing with the Chrome browser. No big deal, I thought. After putting the found files in quarantine. I restarted. This is where my problems started. The Windows 10 OS would not start. Instead Automatic Repair ran and indicated there were problems with the PC. Standard message. I tried letting the system repair the proble
  6. I have a message: "Mawarebytes: Mawarebytes quarantined. A restart is required." My computer has been restarted and shut down. But the message never goes away. I went in to the system in the Clear Quarantine. No change. could this be a sneaky malware attack?!?
  7. Please help me. I use malwarebytes and after i check for virus I quarantine it and delete some potentially unwanted program and I restart my computer, after that all my computer document, in document,download files, picture ALL IS GONE and the virus is keep directing my browser startup to launchpage site. I check the malwarebytes once again and the quarantine files is still there and I tried to get it back and the document files is still gone and now its empty, I tried to recover it. PLEASE HELP ME
  8. I have a computer running Windows 10 that I just did a scan and removal using malwarebytes. After the restart when I try to log in I am logged into a temporary account where I can't change any files or anything like that. There is a notification that reads: We can't sign you into your account This problem can often be fixed by signing out of your account and then signing back in. If you don't sign out now, any files you create or changes you make will be lost. I have tried signing out then in several times with the same result. I have also tried restoring the files that malwareb
  9. I need to write specific instructions for version for a beginner and I'd like to be sure I understand the online manual correctly. (I haven't removed malware in a long time.) If objects are found, which are selected for removal by default, does the restart prompt come up after you click "Remove Selected" or do you need to click "Finish". Thanks.
  10. I've installed the latest Anti-Ransomware Beta and no problems getting the protection active. But ever since installing it have very often trouble signing into Windows after a reboot/restart. When this happens, either the screen turns black after signing in and stays that way or I get a message that I'm signed out of Windows because of problems. So, then every time those problems happen I either need to push the power button in the former case since nothing else is working or do a restart in the latter case. For now I have uninstalled it and have no more those problems, but miss very much t
  11. Going to try and make this short and simple since you all logged me out before I was able to submit the last ticket I took 20 minutes typing up and getting information for, thank you. I have all 200+ devices rebooting on me, some of them are Servers serving 30,000 people. This is what is below in my Event viewer. I cannot find any setting in policies/settings of the MGMT console of our Endpoint Security product that allows the client to reboot. The process mbae-setup- has initiated the restart of computer DTPFO3 on behalf of user NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM for the follow
  12. Running WIndows 10 pro, fully updated, Usually, at the end of the day I hibernate. Whenever I do a restart, Malware Anti-Ransomware stops working, "Start protection" or "fix now" does not work. zip files attached. Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware.zip logs.zip
  13. I Stopped MBAE using the interface in order to do a system restore, the system restore had failed and recommended stopping all anti-virus software (I have a few including MWBA), when I went to restart it after successfully performing the system restore the restart button was grayed out. Now MBAE loads but informs me it is stopped each time I start my computer and I cannot restart protection via the standard interface.
  14. Hi there and Thanks for providing this software. I have the following issue to report: After installing 0.9.14 with Admin rights, I wanted to switch over to a user profile. Unfortunately, that didn't work out in so far, as I was informed by windows, that my "desktop is prepared" (in german though, I don't know the applicable wording in english versions) and prompted to what seemed to be a "guest" account or something of that sort. The good news is though, that after a restart, I was able to access the user again. Anyway, the profile switch (to the Admin-account this time) still failed. A
  15. Hey guys. It seems that I can't restore the items I marked for deletion. Here's the entire list.123.txt The only one that I still want to remove is Wajam. I'm not sure if anything else needs to be removed. I haven't restarted my computer or set up a backup yet. I thought maybe updating the computer to Windows 10 would solve the problem. What should I do?
  16. Well ... hello there, Malwarers ... I was wondering if anyone here could tell me what the freak has happened to my computer that caused my Windows 10 to not startup properly anymore? This morning I'd received a prompt of some kind from Malwarebytes regarding some rootkit scan feature that if I were to get it, I must first restart. So, I did. Turns out, this is bloody well the worst decision I've ever made because when my computer did start back up ... it just loaded into its Automatic Repair module which had nothing that would work for my computer expect the Reset PC option (which has delete
  17. Hi there! Im a first-timer on these forums, so I apologize if I'm sort of naïve to the workings around here. But to get to my problem, I've recently came across a two-fer of problems on this computer. It started with what I believe is adware, and I'm still having issues removing it despite trying MalwareBytes, and many other antiviruses as well as rootkit killers(?). I'm not too worried about that right now, as I have another problem that has wreaked havoc and barely lets me use my computer for more than 10 minutes at a time. It doesn't seem to have any correlation with certain programs, but
  18. Hey guys! I'm a bit new here and this will hopefully not be my only post, but i believe i have a nasty rootkit of some sort which is causing my computer to restart for some reasons. Just recently, i got minimized during a game of PAYDAY 2 from a message from windows that looked a bit like this Now, the first thing i did was Windows Key + R and typed shutdown -a to prevent the shutdown from happening, but at this point strange things were happening. I couldn't open progams up, such as Event Viewer and various things. The error i would get would seem that the shortcut to that program was
  19. Hello, Malwarebytes! I have been having trouble in the recent days shortly after downloading Unity Web Player.(Which has been thoroughly removed from my computer) Every now and then i will get errors that Windows has to restart due to Plug and Play, The DCOM server, or the power service being terminated unexpectedly, But sometimes, i will get a shutdown error saying: "Windows will shutdown in 1 minute." With the title of "You are about to be logged off". I did the normal things, like stopping the shutdown with shutdown -a, but at this point my computer seems to act as if i had a fake antivir
  20. Hi there, I keep finding that when I restart my computer (I normally just put it into sleep mode), my MBAM Pro switches off the malicious website blocking and I can't switch it back on unless I completely exit MBAM and restart it again, then I am able to reactivate the full protection. If I don't do a full restart of MBAM, checking the box for blocking does nothing. I am using Windows XP SP3 Can you offer any suggestions please? Thank you
  21. Hello, I have an IBM MT-M 8184 and I've recently stumbled across a warning telling me that I had to run a chkdsk due to a file, not having a clue what this file was or how to run a chkdsk, I went to the Microsoft website, it told me to run chkdsk using run, cmd, /chkdsk blah blah blah. After typing 'Y' when it says "Do you want to reschedule?", I was told to restart my computer, now I have the feeling that the files that were corrupted and deleted by that chkdsk run were essential to start my computer, as I no longer can, all I can remember is that the file was in c:/users/(insert username her
  22. Hello all. My sis inlaws laptop was restarting and performing system repair with random BSODs thrown in. Ran some scans using malwarebytes found 4 trojans. I got rid of 3 via malwarebytes now im stuck with one that is apparently disguised as svchost.exe. I ran DDS and have included the logs aswell as the last malwarebytes log. Thanks in advance for any help or insight. DDS.txt Attach.txt mbam-log-2012-10-02 (00-36-26).txt
  23. Hello, a couple of minutes ago, I did a scan with Malwarebytes. It detected 5 problems. After the scan, the program said it needed to reboot the computer in order to finish removing the infected files or something like that. So I restarted it, and I noticed that start up was going a bit slower than usual. After the "welcome" screen, my computer loaded only the taskbar at the bottom of the screen, but I cannot see the icons that are supposed to be on the desktop! After a few minutes, there was an error message from Malwarebytes. I think it said something like "action could not be completed" and
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