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Found 20 results

  1. I got infected with a bunch of malware pushing me to ssoextension. Malwarebytes mostly successfully removed it from all of my browsers and other places. However, one particular process Malwarebytes keeps on block from access ssoextension.com (see attached log). I have not been able to delete the file VuurenWebTQM.exe because it is loaded as a process. When I kill the process, it immediately restarts itself. Malwarebytes scans don't find the process, nor does AdvCleaner (nor RKill). Meanwhile, every few minutes, the file attempts to phone home. Is there a way to point the scans at a
  2. I've done some research about G.exe, it seem that is a hidden window in the system that is not malicious at all. So here's my history: I had that for some time, the G window preventing windows from shutting down, I ran all kinds of cleaners and anti virusses, also Ran TRON script, turned down that I formated my PC and Started again with a clean boot. Some days later, I got It again, I don't know how I got it the First time, so I don't know what I did wrong. I read the thread bellow, It seems that the Guy responding had that issue too, but the windows are not malicious. https://
  3. I own many different macs for my whole family: - Macbook pro retina 2017 mid specs - Macbook 12" (2x) top specs - Macbook 13" 2015 top specs - Mabook pro retina 2018 top specs - etc. All of them run High Sierra 10.13.6. All of them run MWB 3.3.32 On all of them, the attached is a typical representation of CPU usage i get from "RTProtectionDaemon". ?As you can see, on a 9h 12m uptime, Malware Bytes was pegging the CPU at 94%!!!!!! ? This leads to: - slow macs regardless of CPU type, memory and ssd type. - a reduction in the lifespan of
  4. The title sums it up nicely, i cannot : resume or end or change in any way the process it prevents me from starting up the program hence i cannot uninstall or reinstall i used Mbam check and here are my results if that helps at all mb-check-results.txt mb-check-results.zip
  5. Malwarebytes in good company (https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/035877bf8ca678541a8142e65e7f4bccd8d903642aac93deedf0276561aa57f1/detection )detects and quarantines a commercial cots component from DataAccess corporation. Product info https://www.dataaccess.com/products/dataflex/features-243 Problem statement, The compiled web apps are triggering false positives by MalwareBytes which result in quarantine. The files are believed benign, system is clean room level pristine clean Latest rev of MalwareBytes and signatures and the vendor product DataFlex2017-
  6. Hi, I am rather terrified. I was an idiot and installed malware on my computer. It is called scop.exe, and it will not let me close it down or delete it. Since it has shown up, I've been noticing clicking sounds every second. As if it is doing background stuff. in just fifteen minutes while I was scanning, it has imported 92 viruses. Various riskware, Trojans, and adware. Upon restarting to quorentine my computer no longer starts up properly. I have repaired startup through the repair disk and that worked, but only temporarily. If I restart, the same thing occurs again. No hardware i
  7. Lately MBAM has become more obnoxious popping up nag boxes to upgrade. If I clicked "no" to this 14 days in a row, why would I will click "yes" on day 15? But putting that aside for a second, I was informed that a new version needs to be downloaded and installed. In other programs this happens seamlessly. In MBAM, I click 'agree and install', it attempts a fresh installation of the whole program, and immediately I get a long error about "could not overwrite mbam.exe"... now, I'm aware of what's happening, it doesn't have permission to shut down and overwrite the main MBAM process,
  8. Recently my computer has been infected through I'm sure something I have downloaded yet I was not fast enough to catch it and my computer is suffering. This seems to be a similar situation to a forum post I read up on to find out what is happening to my computer. I have a fairly high end computer in which I should not have any lag whatsoever no matter what application(s) I am running but as of late my computer struggles simply with google chrome. I checked out my task manager to see what process was taking up almost 100% of my CPU and RAM and it was "Windows Process Manager (32 bit)" and
  9. I have a process called csrss.exe,is it a virus or not ? If yes,what I should do ?
  10. Hello guys, there's always a process that takes up 25% and it stays like that, until I decide to stop the process, once I do that another process starts taking up 25% (very badly phrased sorry) it's obviously a virus, I'd really appreciate any help. (I tried to scan the process' files yet no threats were detected so I dunno) Thanks !
  11. I wanted to add Virtualbox to web exclusions in order to allow the P2P app from guest OS to work fully, but even if I do this I still get the alerts. Virtualbox creates multiple processes of Virtualbox.exe complete with same path, only arguments are process specific. I think the web protection process exclusion feature was not designed to consider this scenario.
  12. I've been running mbae for a long while now and about a month ago it started notifying me of what process it was protecting whenever I launched said process. "Google Chrome now protected" and such when I opened chrome. These notifications come in the form of a popup speech bubble from the system tray. This is all fine and dandy but today it out of the blue told me that it was protecting internet explorer. Now this surprised me since ive not used internet explorer for over a year and that was when I downloaded google chrome after a full os reinstall and format. I checked the taskmanager and f
  13. Hello, I really need help. After my dad used the pc, I found two programs: Yessearch and MPC cleaner. I immediately uninstalled them with Revo Uninstaller, but there is a system process (MPCProtectService.exe) locked, in fact I can't get rid of it neither using task manager nor with Unlocker... When I try to kill the process it displays me "access denied". I scanned multiple times the computer with Avast and Malwarebytes, but MPC cleaner seems good for both of them. Furthermore this virus/malware has a lot of .exe files in its folder, but every letter is showed like a square, as you can see i
  14. Hello everyone, just a quick question. I usually use FRST to find any suspicious activity in my PC. Luckly, I never find anything. But today, something new happened. Some processes were marked with "Failed to access process", even if I'm in admin mode, I also found like 3 dllhost.exe running. Is that some kind of malware not letting me access Windows process (and also infecting them)? I will post both my .txt files (plus, I used Avast, MBAM and ESET Online scans - nothing infected). Thank you guys for helping me, and sorry for any problems caused. FRST.txt Scan result of Farbar Rec
  15. Hi, after I ran malwarebytes and found Trojan.Agent I ran RogueKiller and found this. RKreport.txt
  16. Hello! I've gone and followed this guide here: https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?/topic/119858-available-assistance-for-possibly-infected-computers/ Like the title says, i'm getting annoying pop-op messages about outgoing and ingoing IP's getting blocked. It's mostly the same IP's. I've tried to track down the location of the IP's, and i've tracked one down to Egypt in Africa.... I have no idea what info it wants to send over there. If someone could help me getting rid of these pop-ups or something, then i would be very thankful. OS: Windows 8.1 Addition.txt FRST.txt
  17. Hello im trying to clean my mothers pc and every time i clean it with malwarebytes it seems liek the SVCHOST.exe keeps building in size and multiplying maybe im just paranoid but it seems fishy and is effecting performance a bit Thanks
  18. I've been using Malwarebytes for several years. I'm pleased with it... Every 4.5 minutes a process starts up on the background and runs for about 5-10 seconds. When it does so, it changes the cursor position when I'm is a list, MS Word, and other areas. It took me a long time to find the process that has been doing this for a long long time. It is a Malwarebytes background process of some sort. Is there way to find out for sure and change the delay? It's quite disrupting. Please help.
  19. On the following thread: http://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?showtopic=113700 This was mentioned: I visited this link and read down to the bottom, but found nowhere you can block IP addresses from a specific process (such as Utorrent). I can only see where I can turn off the IP blocker entirely. Is there any way I can block a specific process from the IP blocker ("Website Blocking")? I tried entering the process and its folder both into the ignore list of the Malwarebytes client, but it seems that list is only for the scanner and protection module, and not the IP blocker. Thanks
  20. Hello I am about to install Win 8 in my Dell xps 8300 using the iso fie for $40.00. I currently have Win 7 Home premium x 64. I ran the advisor and was told I would not get, or lose; 1-secure boot 2-avisynyh 3-Win Live Essentials 4-DVD 5-ATI and ATI manager My few questions were; 1-should I do a clean install or an upgrade 2-should I remove all partitions or, if not, which should I keep 3-can I, or shoud I, attempt to retrieve the apps/programs I lose by updating drivers 4-if this fails, can I use an Acronis image to retrieve my last Win 7 image as I will only use one license per one pc. I wr
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