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Found 10 results

  1. My lan or ethernetport keeps getting the "unknown network" error whenever I try to use it. Sofar I have removed and reinstalled the drivers, reset almost all winsock possible, yet non of this seems to work.
  2. Hello! I really need some help. I have a Windows 10 Pro x64 computer that says my Ethernet works fine and is connected to the internet but my browsers cannot connect to the internet. I tried a bunch of stuff, nothing works. Malwarebytes detected no problem. I also use AVG Internet Security and it found nothing. Please help me
  3. It's first time for me to use Malware-Bytes. My friend recommended me to use this, he said it's good. But when I use it for the first time, It detects a lot of threats on my pc, I have trusted my friend about it's goodness, and I just click Clean the threats after MB finish scanning. I saw there are couple registry files enlisted. But I still selected them all and clean it. Unluckily, after that. I cannot use PC to connect with other PC whereas it's in the same network. Oddly, I still can ping them in CMD. But when I try to enter the sharing folder or network, other PC is invisible. Any Idea what's wrong with it, or any solution? *I have check everything else, Firewall, Network and Sharing Center etc. Nothing weird, it's all the same. I try to install Malware Bytes into 3 other PCs in same network, now. THEY ALSO CANNOT ENTER SHARING FOLDER, but still ping-able.
  4. Hi All, I have had the unfortunate task of trying to locate and remove Ransomware from a network, the only application that found the Ransomware and Quarantined it was Malwarebytes Ransomware Beta (I was unaware of MBAE) The ransomare attacked all server shares on the LAN and although i had Kaspersky for Windows Server with its Anti-Cryptor module active and watching the shares, the ransomware infected without KAV doing a thing. All my scans, KAV Removal Tool, Malwarebytes, Hitman Pro found nothing, only when i loaded the Malwarebytes Ransomware Beta did it get detected. The source of the Ransomware did seem to come from a workstation, will MBAE protect my server shares from attack over a LAN (What KAV was meant to be doing), basically prevent the Ransomware from infecting my server shares before any damage is caused or does it only keep an eye for Exploits while online? Any info or suggestions would be appreciated Regards TJP
  5. since a new windows update my lan doesnt work anymore and I get invalid ip configuration in troubleshoot. What do I need to do?
  6. Hi, I'm looking for malware sample/name that spreads over LAN networks. This malware has to target Windows 7 workstations and spreads using FTP, SMB etc. Does anybody know about a malware that do that, or has a sample of it? Thanks
  7. Computer: Dell XPS 15 Base Operating System: Windows 8.1 (64) I'm setting up a brand new Dell computer. One of the first things I always do is download Google Chrome. The second thing I always do is install Malwarebytes. Once I had these two items installed, I began installing other software. Almost immediately I had issues with Malwarebytes detecting something. I ran a full scan, deleted what was in quarantine, ran another scan. Immediately I was unable to connect to the internet. I used another computer to research and it returned a possible problem in a Chrome extension, so I uninstalled Chrome. That did not help. Now this computer will not get on the internet due to an error "The proxy server isn't responding" with the setting of I know from past experience that I can go through all the removal steps here, but I'm wondering if it wouldn't be better and faster to just reformat the machine. There's nothing on it except what it came with. Now, I've never done that before so I may not know what I'm talking about. The machine cannot get on the internet so I'm unable to use it to post logs or run anything that I have to download from the machine itself.
  8. Every time I try to go online, I encounter the message "unable to connect to proxy server". This is with any search browser. The issue started occurring after I installed what I thought was a free game which also installed a whole bunch of other programs. I have uninstalled all of them butt it still won't let me go online. I have tried to uncheck the box in LAN settings to disable the use of a proxy server, but it automatically rechecks itself. I'm assuming this is a virus and I don't know how to remove it. I have watched numerous videos and done numerous things to try and resolve this issue. I have seen others with the same issue, so I resorted to asking for help on this because other people have had success. Any help would be appreciated!
  9. Hi there! I've been desperately trying to solve this problem with various Anti-virus software scans and resetting my browser settings to default, but nothing seems to work: Proxy server keeps ticking itself in the box at LAN settings. I am running Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit version. I have used HitManPro3, it detects the Proxy server problem, but doesn't entirely fixes it. I have attached the log. Every time I scan - it appears again even when it showed as repaired. With Malwarebyts Anti-Malware it has detected PUP.Optional. files, but doesn't fix the problem too. Log is attached. SuperAntiSpywareProfessional also didn't help - and doesn't detect the problems. Please help! /Vadim HitmanPro_20140604_1302.log Malwarebyts Scan.txt
  10. Hi! Around a week ago, all my Windows computers suddenly couldn't connect to the Internet. Here are the details: Desktop - connected to LAN. Error: LAN connection / Ethernet Adaptor may have a problem Laptop - connected via WiFi Error: "Limited Access" Laptop - connected via WiFi Error: "Limited Access" The service team from my Internet Service Provider tried to connect their laptop to our LAN and WiFi, and both worked fine for them - so they assume that our problem is caused by a virus. The weird thing is, my Macbook, iPhone, iPad, and Nexus 7 can all connect to the Internet with no problems. Also, it might be worth noting that I can boot into Windows 7 on my Macbook, and can connect to the Internet using this. Any ideas on this? The only thing I remember doing lately that may have contributed to this problem is that I tinkered with our WiFi security settings (changed it from WPA2 to WPA-Personal) and changed the password. I've already changed the properties for all of my computers to set our connection to WPA-Personal. Here are the things that have I have already tried (which failed to solve the main problem): Disabling and enabling the LAN connection (desktop) and WiFi (laptop) Hard reset the router No changes in any proxy settings Reset the TCP/IP Winsock Ran Malwarebytes and found around 20 Malware -- all have been successfully put in quarantine I can't really pinpoint what virus this could be (if it really is a virus causing it) because it seems weird that it'd attack 3 computers - all of which have Antivirus programs, and 2 of which I don't even use that much. But I found one Malware called "Vundo" and did some quick research on it and found that it could badly affect one's network connection. The "Vundo" on my machine has already been quarantined, but I still can't connect to the Internet. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks! P.S. I'm not very computer literate, so I hope you can go easy on me with the jargon and help me step by step. Also, it will be my first time to post logs and all that, so it might take me some time since I'm using my working laptop to write this, and will have to copy paste the logs via USB from my infected computer. Hoping for your kind patience.
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