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  1. Hi everyone My wifi slowed down extremely hard since i downloaded malwarebyte and i really need help. I can't search anything on wifi because i got like 1mb/s. it al started when i downloaded malwarbyte and i deleted it because i got slower wifi and it slowed much more down and now i cant do anything a saw an other topic the same as mine and i saw that i needed send a zip from the malwarebyte tool so yeah i did that. mbst-grab-results.zip
  2. Whatever this thing is it's running circles around malwarebytes that it has found nothing on top of acting wonky even after a fullscan. Sadly this occurred at the same exact time as those "malwarebytes not opening proper" and "tray icon not showing up" issues started coming in enmasse around 8-8-2020 on the forum making me believe it was a false positive. -Origin is most likely from malicious gelbooru ads around the time of 8-7-2020 (Sadly I did not get the memo that the current administrator is a scumbag who collaborates with malicious "ad" services when I went back there for the first time since about a decade to look for an old joke picture for someone) Completely bypassed both noscript and uBlock Origin. -All browser-type connections sluggish and do not load initially, game internets work fine (as fine as they normally do at least) quite noticeably sluggish internet on browsers that lasts roughly about 2 minutes or more, and only on the initial starting portion of the browser. Afterwards it seems to work just fine as long as I don't close and reopen it in which the issue repeats itself. -Browsers effected Includes: Firefox, Steam, and IE -Other symptom: Attempting to access the windows firewall via clicking on it via search from the control panel makes the window explorer "not responding" until I click the x off. -Having just activated steps taken: -Malwarebytes fullscan has found nothing and is likely compromised by the fact I recently activated a burner e-mail so I could turn its premium functions on (I dare not log in to my actual e-mail with this thing ongoing). -Activating premium functions has caused it not to open now, apparently the cause does not fear the regular/scheduled scanner, but will shutdown active defense. I have not restarted since this has been done. -adwcleaner 8.0_7 only cleared out old things I never bothered with like that yahoo toolbar and other preinstalled garbage such as Cyberlink,HP, Lenovo, and WildTangent to name those. -I have not done the basic repair functions that accomodate adwcleaner. -After it did this, I noticed that my windows virus definitions had updated automatically without my input when I went to do so manually. Is this a result of adwcleaner or the malicious thing? -Next step will likely be FSRT64.
  3. I think that I have a malware that makes the internet of my pc go way slower than usual, i've tried everything, anti-viruses, anti-malware but it keeps with the same mbps (locked at 200 mbps when in my phone it is 654) if someone knows how to solve this please tell me
  4. My browser says it’s not connect to server or there is no internet yet I’m connected. This all happened after I restarted my laptop after pressing quarantine on what MalwareBytes found. Did I do something wrong? How do I fix it? I’m not an I.T so I don’t know what to do, can someone please help me?!
  5. I'm a particular living in Europe. Smartphones with 128 Go Memory are very expensive in the shops. Buying them by Wish for an example from China is a lot cheaper. The information about risks are confuses. Are they dus to commercial war between US and China or are they a real risk is unclar. Especially if we don't go in holidays in China, where it would be possible that the malware could be installed by the custom. If it is really a risk of installed malwares in smartphones bought in China, will Malwarebytes for Android find and destroy them? Do have somebody experience with this malware, knowing that a lot of people have Huawei smartphone bought in shop or direct in China? Thank a lot
  6. hi can anyone help me i use my phone cellular data and connect it to pc with usb tethering and when i ping google its ping is 60-90ms but when i try to search anything on browser my ping would jump to 2000-3000 then request time out all the time can someone help me fix this
  7. Hello, I just download Malwarebytes(free edition)and I scan my PC.After a minute,I restart my PC and after that I didn't had internet connection. Ethernet is ok but when I go to browser is show me that I don't have internet. What should I do? Thanks a lot
  8. Good afternoon, lately my internet connection started being really slow so I thought it could be caused by a malware, then I decided to install and run Malwarebytes on my PC since Windows Defender didn't help me at all. This problem only occurs temporally, then my connection works normally for a few hours, so I don't think it's about hardware. Malwarebytes found many threats which I've already deleted, but I'll post its scan log anyway. It solved an issue that made the Google website be slow, but my internet is still failing a lot. Of course, I've been talking to my internet provider company, but they found no issues, and my speed should be 300 Mb/s as it's shown by the speed tests but it's clearly not. Furthermore this is not happening to any other devices connected via Wi-Fi. At this point I'm totally lost, so I'd be grateful if you could help me. Thank you very much. (FRST, Addition and Malwarebytes logs are attached) FRST.txt Addition.txt malwarebytesLog.txt
  9. A proteção em tempo real está bloqueando a internet, não sei mais onde olhar rs alguém pode me ajudar? A internet só funciona se a proteção web estiver desativada :/
  10. Error message says "Download Failed. Check Internet connection and try again." My Internet connection is okay however.
  11. Hello, After scanning and repairing with Malwarebytes and rebooting i lost my internet connection. I didn't lost it at all because when I plug enthernet cable in to the notebook, i have internet for about 1 minute. I attached log files from Farbar and log from Malwarebytes what i removed. Malwarebytes don't find any threats now. Thank you in advance for help. FRST.txt Addition.txt log.txt
  12. Hello I'm here to report that on my Desktop which has a wired connection, Malwarebytes was blocking my IP address from connecting to the internet when waking up from sleep. I downloaded the latest Malwarebyes and that seems to have fixed it. But if this happens again then I think there may be a false positive within the latest updates.
  13. Good day. I have been using Malwarebytes for a few years now to run periodic (monthly) scans on my laptop. It rarely, if ever, detects anything. Maybe just 1 or 2 detections in the past 3 years. For about a year now, when I run the "Threat Scan," everything comes up clean. But when I run the "Custom Scan" and check all the boxes to have it scan my entire system, it cancels part way through with an error message about how it could not complete the scan. Today, I went to run a scan, and I got a notice that a new version of Malwarebytes was available, so I let it download/install. After that, I set a "Custom Scan" to run, checked all the boxes, and left my laptop to do its thing while I did some other work around the house. I came back about half an hour later and found that my computer had restarted. So I logged back on, and I noticed that I was no longer connected to Wifi. My computer shows no networks available to connect to (I live in a neighborhood where dozens of connections usually show up). I can still connect to my own Wifi using my cell phone, but my computer cannot seem to detect any Wifi connections available. I am currently connected via ethernet cable and seem to have full internet access this way. When I opened up Malwarebytes and go to the Reports tab, I do not see any logs documenting the scan today. I have read other threads about people with the same issue, but the support provided to them seems to be very individualized, as in, there is no single universal fix. What do I need to do to get my computer back on Wifi? I am running Windows 8.1, 64-bit operating system. Thank you so much for your help.
  14. Hello, I hope somebody can help me. When I used Malwarebytes Free everything was okay, until it started finding the same 7 browser hijackers every time I scanned my computer (they are very annoying, causing a lot of unwanted redirects); it put them in the quarantine but they kept showing up without stop. I hoped Malwarebytes Premium could have helped me better and I bought a license, but when I activated it Internet just stopped working. I'm sure it's Malwarebytes, because when I shut it off Internet starts working again without other problems except those hijackers. Please help me understand what could be wrong... If you need more information, just ask. Thank you! Ps: I'm an Italian user so my pc is set with the italian language, but I should have no problems if you tell me names of folders and programs in english, I'll just search for a translation if needed.
  15. New free version 3 adds lots of components that I don't want for on-demand scanning. While the previous version was very user-friendly, this one expects constant Internet connection, leaves a service and a try icon running, and no doubt has other problems I haven't discovered yet. I'm running Windows 7 SP1. I've used Malwarebytes free for years as an occasional on-demand scanner to supplement my less capable real-time scanner, especially after engaging in potentially risky behavior like downloading new Subaru GPS map updates from an Eastern-European company. Last night I ran the previous version and asked for a database update. (I prefer to do this manually.) Of course it installed the new version, and I had to ask again for a current database (not so obvious how to do that now, since it doesn't show the date/time stamp). Then I ran a scan (overnight, with my Internet unplugged for better security). When I came back in the morning, I could not close the program because it kept throwing up new warning boxes complaining about no Internet access. (Apparently all it wanted was to check for a newer database.) I had to use Task Manager to shut it down, and even then there were a tray icon and a service still running that I had to kill manually. Looking more carefully at the settings, I could not find any way to disable automatic database checks or an apparently scheduled scan for one month hence. I'm still not really sure, given that the service was still running, whether it was doing on-demand scanning in the background or not. Further, I'm not even sure that there aren't other traces of the software still running but hidden from me (like malware?). Of course I may be missing some settings or other ways to control Version 3. Perhaps one of you can fill me in on how to achieve what I want from the new version? Bottom line -- none of this is what I want in an on-demand scanner. It appears the company is trying to make the free version so annoying as to force people to subscribe to the full version, but they are more likely to drive me away entirely! -- JClarkW
  16. Hello I have windows laptop. When i search for something in my browser (Google Chrome), I get this message: Your internet access is blocked Firewall or antivirus software may have blocked the connection My malewarebytes premium trial just got finished a month ago, and now my avast has too... I am writing this from my chromebook, because I can't get here on my laptop. I got a little 16 gb usb memory stick that I can use if I get sent any programs. YouTube works... Any help would be appreciated. TheOst
  17. Hi; I'm using malwarebytes Today i trying to connect to the VPN server under L2TP/IPSEC Connection(With presharedkey), everything is ok for about 1 hours, but then suddenly i got 'DNS Problem', it's mean i can't resolve any domain. i'm using L2TP VPN Protocol provided by windows10. In PPTP Connection it's ok, but when i using L2TP, i must disable 'web protection' to permit to the DNS traffic. so, its seems that problem caused by 'web protection' module.
  18. I have been experiencing a weird thing with my computer... I noticed that there were command windows popping really fast (and disappearing) frequently, which I thought was some sort of malware. After downloading Malwarebytes I was able to recognise it. The domain is rtp.vscreenshot.com, it is trying to open several ports with different IPs. After looking up the IPs it turns out they belong to Amazon. The request is originating from a program installed in the program files x86 under the name "vSnapshot". It is constantly in progress more than 50 times daily. Luckily, Malwarebytes is constantly blocking it. However, I don't know exactly what it is? what it is trying to do ? should I remove it? and if so, how? Could anyone help??
  19. ran malwarebytes and since then i haven't had internet. windows 8.1 64-bit
  20. A couple of days ago, I had an incident where my computer got hijacked by malware which kept redirecting my searches. I used malwarebytes to remove the malware which seemed to get rid of the browser hijacker, but since then if the computer is on, I have trouble with my internet connection. When I put the computer in sleep mode, or turn it off, my other devices connect to the net just fine, but not if the computer is on the network. I'm running Windows 10 on a Dell inspiron 17 5000 series. I would really appreciate any help with this issue. Thanks in advance.
  21. Hi, I can`t activate Malwarebytes, as i "must be connected to the internet". My Date and Time settings are correct, i added the executables to the windows firewall and i don`t have any other anti virus software. I do not use a Proxy Server and i restarted after the installation. I think i have done almost everything that i could find in the search relating to this Problem, but nothing helped me. Windows 10 Pro x64 8 GB Ram 4.00 GHz MBAM MBAM Build Date: 10/03/2016 22:06 MBAM Database version: v2016.09.28.05 Background Programs: AMD Gaming Evolved (Raptr Desktop App) Radeon Settings Firefox CheckResults.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
  22. Hello, As instructed in my previous topic I created a new topic regarding the issue im facing. after scaning and removing threats scanned by Malwarebytes, i lost internet connectivity. My WiFi is working but I can't access any websited. I read the instruction and downloaded FRST, scanned and uploaded the required logs please go easy on me as I'm a complete beginner, I might get lost in the process Addition.txt FRST.txt
  23. Hello, I'm a new user. Recently I've been having trouble with pop-ups, every now and then a new window in the browser would pop up and upon closing it woul create a new pop up window. this would happen every few other minutes. a friend recommended to try and use malwarebytes which I did. while scanning my Internet stopped working, I feared that malwarebytes was causing it. I immediately stopped the scan and uninstalled the software. since then I'm still unable to access the Internet. I googled a bit and found similar cases. iPlease note that I'm a complete beginner about this stuff.it would be a great help if anybody could help me with my situation Thank you.
  24. I had issues with ads opening tabs in my google chrome, so i installed malwarebytes. The first general threat-scan didnt find any issues. Then i did another custom scan on my main c: drive and it found 2 issues that malwarebytes quarantine and removed. I then restarted the computer as instructed and when i restarted, my internet, network system and audio are not working. I tried windows troubleshoot to detect and fix the issues but came upon system error messages like: "The Volume Shadow Copy service used by SystemRestore is not working". my PC setting also wont open I have a windows 8.1 . please help. logs: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-16" ?> <mbam-log> <header> <date>2016/07/16 12:52:25 +0700</date> <logfile>mbam-log-2016-07-16 (12-48-37).xml</logfile> <isadmin>yes</isadmin> </header> <engine> <version></version> <malware-database>v2016.02.16.06</malware-database> <rootkit-database>v2016.05.27.01</rootkit-database> <license>trial</license> <file-protection>enabled</file-protection> <web-protection>enabled</web-protection> <self-protection>disabled</self-protection> </engine> <system> <hostname>LENOVO-PC</hostname> <ip></ip> <osversion>Windows 8.1</osversion> <arch>x64</arch> <username>getty</username> <filesys>NTFS</filesys> </system> <summary> <type>threat</type> <result>completed</result> <objects>473475</objects> <time>20499</time> <processes>0</processes> <modules>0</modules> <keys>0</keys> <values>0</values> <datas>0</datas> <folders>0</folders> <files>0</files> <sectors>0</sectors> </summary> <options> <memory>enabled</memory> <startup>enabled</startup> <filesystem>enabled</filesystem> <archives>enabled</archives> <rootkits>disabled</rootkits> <deeprootkit>disabled</deeprootkit> <heuristics>enabled</heuristics> <pup>enabled</pup> <pum>enabled</pum> </options> <items> </items> </mbam-log> <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-16" ?> <mbam-log> <header> <date>2016/07/16 18:36:07 +0700</date> <logfile>mbam-log-2016-07-16 (18-35-41).xml</logfile> <isadmin>yes</isadmin> </header> <engine> <version></version> <malware-database>v2016.07.16.03</malware-database> <rootkit-database>v2016.05.27.01</rootkit-database> <license>trial</license> <file-protection>enabled</file-protection> <web-protection>enabled</web-protection> <self-protection>disabled</self-protection> </engine> <system> <hostname>LENOVO-PC</hostname> <ip></ip> <osversion>Windows 8.1</osversion> <arch>x64</arch> <username>getty</username> <filesys>NTFS</filesys> </system> <summary> <type>custom</type> <result>completed</result> <objects>656133</objects> <time>63225</time> <processes>0</processes> <modules>0</modules> <keys>0</keys> <values>0</values> <datas>0</datas> <folders>0</folders> <files>2</files> <sectors>0</sectors> </summary> <options> <memory>enabled</memory> <startup>enabled</startup> <filesystem>enabled</filesystem> <archives>enabled</archives> <rootkits>enabled</rootkits> <deeprootkit>disabled</deeprootkit> <heuristics>enabled</heuristics> <pup>enabled</pup> <pum>enabled</pum> </options> <items> <file><path>C:\Masterspec\CD\MasterCollection_CS6_LS16\MasterCollection_CS6_LS16\- Cara 2.Patch All Adobe Product CS 6\Patch.exe</path><vendor>HackTool.Agent</vendor><action>success</action><hash>dad98f959ffb95a178ad0ef8f90716ea</hash></file> <file><path>C:\Users\getty\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\File System\001\t\00\00000000</path><vendor>PUP.Optional.OneClickDownloader</vendor><action>success</action><hash>8d269490990125119340e14be41d8e72</hash></file> </items> </mbam-log>
  25. So over the last few days I've noticed that my internet connection would drop for every device in the house when my PC was turned on. I tried changing to a wireless connection but unfortunately I would have the same problem. I think that it could be some sort of malware causing this and my suspicion of malware is only strengthened because I can't open Malware bytes. I've tried using Malwarebytes chameleon but that seems launch and scan, but always fails. I've tried other free malware/virus removers and they haven't found anything but my experience with malwarebytes in the past tells me the other program doesnt usually find the stuff MB does.
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