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  1. I am experiencing what I believe is the same or a similar problem - Malwarebytes Pro Web Protection interferes with Internet traffic. Example, Youtube.com pages load very slowly; videos take minutes to start and then stutter. Another example is pinging google.com, which times out. If I disable Web Protection, the problems disappear. Youtube pages load immediately and videos play immediately with no stuttering. Also, see the ping results below. The first ping command was executed with Web Protection enabled; the second, with Web Protection disabled. (In case it's useful information, the pi
  2. I just opened ticket 3029068 because I've been noticing the same issue with DNS lately, but didn't realize it was MalwareBytes related until I tracked down the separate IPv6 ICMP issue. I also have Web Protection disabled to keep that working, but I still randomly have encountered times where DNS just stops resolving. Trying to ping google.com just doesn't return anything and hangs. Not that it can't be found, and not that it times out, just hangs waiting. Closing Malwarebytes from the Notification Area allows the resolution to complete immediately and starting Malwarebytes back up keeps re
  3. I see a lot of posts about Malwarebytes 3 causing Windows 7 to become unresponsive. I want to join those reporting this problem on Windows 10 as well. In recent months, I noticed my laptop feeling sluggish, occasionally becoming unresponsive for > 10 seconds. I blamed Windows and soldiered on. In December 2018, Chrome suddenly became unusable with every control and website freezing for 20 seconds or more before finally responding. I went through recommended troubleshooting steps all the way up to complete reset/reinstall. Nothing helped. Edge and Firefox were usually responsive, but no
  4. Hi there! Throughout the past few months, I've had problems running my Win7 Professional 64-bit PC rig properly. The problem showed as intermittent freezing of the whole operating system every now and then, let's say once in an hour or so, for around 5-15 min at a time. Meaning; I can't click on anything from the task bar, the mouse cursor turns into the spinning circle (as in; waiting, waiting ...); everything that I click on or type is stored in some kind of a buffer that then gets "released" after the clog re-opens. I am running ESET Internet Security 2018 (the latest version; 12.
  5. Hello, I've been using malwarebytes for years, and never had an issue. Today I was running a custom (full) scan, and while watching a youtube video, my computer froze, and i couldn't do anything. Figured it was nothing, so I rebooted, started the scan again, and it did the same thing. One thing I noticed was whenever it got to scanning a file in appdata/local/spotify, it would freeze. After it doing that 3-4 times, and always freezing on Spotify files, it finally let me complete the scan. Nothing was found, I also ran Malwarebytes Anti-Rootkit beta, MSE, and hitman pro, those all came back cle
  6. I'll be very glad if someone can help me. My computer freezes but I can move the mouse and also takes very long time to respond after clicking something. It also makes buzzing noise when I move the mouse and increases when scanning with antivirus. It started after changing my hard drive and installing a new windows at a computer repair shop. Although I hadn't used it for a long time after getting it back from the computer shop. P.S.- I doubt that they had provided me with a old HDD. Please let me know if any information is required.
  7. A bunch of weird things is happening: Restarting at random points Also, now I noticed a way to get passed it, by clicking on the icon on macos but now it is not working. Mail seems weird with notifications fading I am on version macos 10.12.6
  8. real-time web protection not starting. continual pop-ups advising this. system eventually runs out of memory and crashes. Uninstalled and re-installed malwarebytes. tried manually stopping and starting mbytes. Addition.txt FRST.txt mb-check-results.zip
  9. A website I have used regularly for 10 years has had a makeover, and I can no longer access it. The log-in is a pop-up and my computer freezes. It belongs to a well-known publishing company and a sister website has had a similar makeover; I can access that site but only using Opera. Edge, Safari, Chrome, and Firefox will not let me log-on. i have tried on 3 different devices, one an android, and on a brand new computer that had never ever logged onto the internet before I tried to access that website. All devices run different security suites, and the 2 Windows computers are absolutely up-to-d
  10. No new downloads but Mindspark returns after every scan ( 40 - 650 in 24 hours!). Webroot, windows defender and Malwarebytes Premium all installed and appear to be working. No matter what is found and quarantined the PC still crawls, freezes and hangs. I am at my wit's end. Ran every scan including ADWcleaner (every day for 3 days) and Mindspark is still always returning. Please tell me if you can see anything in the attached files. I have no idea what more I can do as the end user. I also have no idea where or how Mindspark got in the first time but it absolutely is not leaving and it is the
  11. Have a weird issue with my laptop that has not happened before. I do regular scans and have not had a problem before, but I suspect there is something I'm missing. My computer if left alone for a while 15+ will be very slow when I come back to it. Power settings are set to sleep, but sometimes it does not sleep. Folders either do not load on click or when they do it takes a long time a freezes. I am forced to reboot and the startup time has been very long lately. High disk and CPU usage is common. I have scanned multiple times with different software and they both come back clean. (Malewarebyt
  12. Lately my PC has been acting suspiciously; performing simple tasks such opening an image very slowly and freezing my games minutes after opening them. Although they would eventually unfreeze, it makes playing games almost impossible. Additionally, sometimes, when I attempt to shutdown my PC, an unnamed program or a program named 'G' will prevent my PC from shutting down, although when I reenter my PC no such my program is running in the task manager. My PC specs are listed below. CPU: Intel i5 4460 GPU: Radeon R9 270 Motherboard: Gigabyte B85M-D3H PSU: Corsair 500M RAM
  13. Hi. Since the new 3.x version i've been experiencing this issue. It does not happen everytime but it does most of the time, whenever i need to reboot or shutdown my computer, with windows 10, i see the screen with the rolling balls saying shuting down or rebooting and then it just freezes and stays like that forever. I need to reset or keep the power button pressed. I assume this is because malwarebytes, i already tried to unninstall it multiple times and when i do that, those freezes no longer happen. I really like malwarebytes but i cant have my computer cra
  14. About 2 months ago we started having problems with our Windows 7 machines getting stuck on shutting down during a shutdown or reboot process. We've narrowed the problem down to Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware. If we uninstall and reinstall it the problem goes away but it seems whenever we get windows updates it breaks it again. Anyone else see this problem and have a more permanent fix? We are running Anti-Ransomware for business
  15. Hi, Recently my laptop has been freezing very badly and I have to press the power button to turn it off and on again. It stays on for 5/10 minutes and then it turns off. It freezes while starting up, backing up files, copying files, etc. I would like somebody to help me. Thank You, Hassan Wael
  16. Same issue (Chrome freezes and cannot kill in Task Manager. Need to logout, or restart Windows.) Once either of these two are done and Chrome is again launched, issue comes right back. Latest Chrome version 56.0.2924.76 (64-bit) ################ Windows 10 Enterprise N (64-bit), Version 1607, OS Build 14393.693 ################ Malwarebytes: Version: Component package version: 1.0.0 Update package version: 1.0.1106 ################ ISSUE: When only Web protection, Malware proteciton and Ransomware protection are on, Chrome locks
  17. Hello, Sorry to add to your workload. I will try to exercise brevity but give you all the info. Running Windows 7 on HP with an AMD quad core processor. Computer appx 5 years old. All Windows updates done automatically, routinely. McAfee anti-virus installed. This past Saturday, our power went out. I believe the computer was on. When I restarted Sunday, the computer began to freeze up--nothing worked and mouse cursor would not move. Started in Safe Mode and disabled non Microsoft start up programs. Restart froze when I double clicked on IE icon. No window ever opened. Disco
  18. Laptop works fine until it randomly locks up. All I can do is move the mouse and it won't unfreeze unless I force a restart and even then sometimes it freezes immediately after I log on. I've tried scanning but it freezes before the scan can every finish. Is there anything else I can do aside from just factory reset?
  19. Ive been having issues with my desktop recently, for some reason the fan keeps kicking into overdrive over the littlest things so i figure theres gotta be something nasty on my computer making it do that so i reinstalled MBAM and the full scan made it through no problem and i had about 396 issues. Went to Quarantine and after about 320 is stopped, so i waited about 10 minutes saw no change and went into safemode and rescanned. It found 72 issues and after Quarantining 2 problems its frozen again. Would really appreciate some help on this.
  20. This is my first post so hello everyone. My pc will get this generic freeze where all programs end up not responding for a short duration. I've tested it and it lags everything from the browser (FireFox & Chrome tested) to any running games and Skype. This happens ever few minutes and I can usually tell when its about to freeze up by the loading cursor. I've been having this issue after removing the malware and of course during the infection but far more serious during it. The biggest issue is that certain freeze ups last 1-2 minutes while some can be no more than 20 seconds. I did have ut
  21. My computer freezes in chameleon I start it up it updates and starts the scan. It opens the program in the command prompt and then once I close and try to cancel after not working like when I am not in chameleon. After that I hit c to cancel and yes to do so. It starts the scan and then freezes when it tries to start the scan again for some reason. It makes me stuck in the command prompt with it trying to start another scan and I have to restart my computer. Any help would be appreciated. How to get the info needed would be grateful and time saving.
  22. Hello all, my name is Felix. The current issue in question is not my own, but my boyfriend's. He can't get online in person to describe his issue, so I plan to do my best in order to help him out. I have very minor knowledge in computers, but have attempted to help him to the best of my ability, each option resulting in failure. He has tried uninstalling and reinstalling the program, scanning with other virus/malware removal tools, going back to a restore point (which failed to even complete), and even restoring his computer to factory settings. The issues all started a few days back, seemin
  23. I've been using MBAM for a while now, and have only had problems with the program since this summer. However, those problems were fixed, but not they have come back again. I am using MBAM v2014.11.02.06 at the moment. Already, I have done several clean re-installations and downloaded it again, only to find out that I am still having the same problem in that when I load up my MBAM: (see picture 1) Whenever I try to click on any button (scan, settings, history, Scan Now), the program acts as if I had not done anything and does not respond at all. It is as if I didn't even click anything. Eve
  24. I think my computer has malware. My computer is up-to-date with Windows update, and I've updated and run malwarebytes, adwcleaner, hitmanpro, rkill. Symptoms: sluggish performance, periodic freezes of programs, and Google Chrome continues to show costminn as an extension after removing it. Malwarebytes scans continue to show superfish files as well. FRST.txt and Addition.txt pastes below. FRST.txt Scan result of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (FRST.txt) (x64) Version: 24-07-2014 01Ran by Dave (administrator) on DAVE-PC on 25-07-2014 17:11:56Running from C:\Users\Dave\DownloadsPlatform: Wi
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