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  1. Hi there! For about two, maybe three, weeks? I've been having an issue with Malwarebytes flagging random things at outbound trojans. When I scan, neither application is finding anything. (The only thing ADW flags is the default pre-installed HP programmes and Claro Reader which is an accessibility software I use, but I've never had a reason to uninstall those.) It possibly started when I downloaded Valheim from Steam, or that may have been the first time I actively noticed it. To summarise: Every time I open the Valheim, Malwarebytes immediately flags it as an outbound tro
  2. Your product is blocking the above website. Yet after check with several other services including googles safe-browsing service I find no reason for the site to b e blocked. All I was trying to do was visit the website.
  3. For some time now I have been receiving 89 false positives on a DAILY BASIS concerning the presence of PUP.Optional.Spigot.Generic and PUP.Optional.PolarityTech.Generic problems. I quarantine all 89 of these reports and then go to Quarantine and DELETE all 89 reports only to see them return in 24 hours. I ready everything on the Malwarebytes blog about this and NOTHING POSTED WORKS. I am running Windows 10 Pro on a 64 bit system with all updates. Here is a copy of my DAILY scan results: Malwarebytes www.malwarebytes.com -Log Details- Scan Date: 5/30/19 Scan Time: 7:14 AM Log
  4. Please modify your program to allow these 2 websites.ALL websites belonging to these 2 are blocked. http://www.oocities.org/ http://www.angelfire.lycos.com/ A personal website like http://www.angelfire.com/ak3/viperracing/ is just an example. Please post to let me know what you will do about this and when.Thanks a bunch! Val
  5. Hello support, Can you let us know why you think our website 'propsoftware.co.uk' contains a Trojan, and is turning prospective customers away? I have emailed in and received this reply: > I have asked the IT team to verify the website and I have been Told that this is not a false positive and that the block will not be lifted. > If you have any further questions, contact our IT team directly: > You can contact them through the public forum - https://forums.malwarebytes.com/forum/123-website-blocking/ > Malwarebytes support DOES NOT have any other details to
  6. I installed the Malwarebytes Firefox Extension (beta) but every time i open this link rebrand.ly/advancedir which leads to my website's link https://usefulsoftwaresritesh.blogspot.in/2018/02/hey-friends-today-i-am-writing-about-my.html?zx=ee0185d9b1870d66, Malwarebytes blocks it telling that it is a phishing website. Very bad experience. You can download the screenshot from https://transfer.pcloud.com/download.html?code=5ZFFam7Zlx0spK89OqfZEeaLZMU0SDCihREHg3UVTbyQeYJBlhjCy.
  7. False positives have been reported by Malwarebytes users trying to access the site etcdigizing.com at IP How can we get these removed from your system?
  8. My website at www.aadharcard.ind.in (35,224,159,141) has been blocked by Malwarebytes.I am not sure what may have caused it.
  9. Starting today Malwarebytes has been blocking carfax.com. We're having to exclude scans of www.carfax.com along with media.carfax.com and secure.carfax.com in order to use the website. We have the most up to date definition file along with program version (3.3.1 Premium version). Thanks!
  10. https://www.virustotal.com/#/home/upload检测到提交的安装程序是PUP.Optional.BundleInstaller病毒。但这些是非常正式的软件,而不是病毒。你能否把提交的软件添加到白名单?或者,请告诉我们如何将它们添加到您的防病毒软件的白名单?谢谢你的助手。 我们将被认定为病毒的程序打包成名为“ 软件” 的文件。 software.rar
  11. Hi Have just noticed blocking on www[dot] dorsetlocks [dot]uk. I.P Like most this has been hacked in the past but we cleaned it and that was years ago. There are lost of other site that we have on the same server (I think) and they were hacked and fixed at the same time. They are still working fine. Please help.
  12. Hello.. Today when MB ran picked up two things, yet it didn't flag these two yesterday when it ran.. and the program "Putty" has been on my comp for some time.. So false positive?? Scans at VirusTotal marks both as clean.. https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/91dcf25c2aba4aa09482dd0a62ce6decd6b16aa8ed3eee5a7c99006a124322fa/detection https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/a80950786fede183668486fb4549d52055df4b584428fd814f2736c164780411/detection items in attached zip and txt of reports from MB Thanks. mikal MB-detections.zip false poss malwarebyt
  13. The Marshmallow upgrade for my cell phone has a new built-in vendor support app that MBAM flags as a PUP. The vendor suggests this is a false positive and I am assuming it is flagged because it probably allows the device to access and send all sorts of configuration related material to the vendor, which would make sense if it is in fact a technical support app. The specific reference is to Android/PUP/AdDisplay.MobiDash.rw I am also assuming a FORCE STOP, DISABLE, and whitelisting of the app will allow me to safely ignore it indefinitely (or at least until I root the phone and dump
  14. Hello! I have a quick question, regarding AdwCleaner. I was doing a routine scan and it had found these via Folders: ***** [ Folders ] ***** Deleted: C:\ProgramData\{1FBF6C24-C1fD-4101-A42B-0C564F9E8E79}.log Deleted: C:\ProgramData\{2A87D48D-3FDF-41fd-97CD-A1E370EFFFE2}.log Deleted: C:\ProgramData\{B46BEA36-0B71-4A4E-AE41-87241643FA0A}.log Deleted: C:\ProgramData\{E1646825-D391-42A0-93AA-27FA810DA093}.log I went ahead and removed them, without really thinking it over. One of the logs originates from a Cyberlink program, I believe. (Which was reported as a
  15. Several years ago I wrote a small .BAT file to back up my PC to a USB drive. The last time I ran it MB called it ransomware, and quarantined it. I had a backup copy on a USB drive. I ran that, and MB did the same thing attain. Is this file really ransomware? If so, how does MB know? If not, how can I tell MB to stop deleting the file? I'm attaching the file in question (zipped) and a test file with the scan result. I have MB Regards, DFB721 BU_FULLK.zip DFB_170819.txt
  16. hxxp://www.bumfix.lt Our client uses that startup project to find spare parts for cars. Virus total finds it clear: hxxps://www.virustotal.com/lt/url/fc51675b057fce83a9c11947ea1b4996c9e883d6090f1a70f08efcc823d73fb4/analysis/1499965496/
  17. Hello, I am Chedot's browser developer. Our users write that Malwarebytes Anti-malware detects Chedot browser and site chedot.com. - Our installer and browser signed Symantec Code Signing Class 3. - Chedot browser is safe and based on the source code of Chromium. Chedot is standard and normal browser without the dangers for users. Attached files for analysis. Also you may get a file for check from our website http://landing.chedot.com/ Please, check our software and add to whitelist. ChedotSetup.zip
  18. If I want to report/discuss possible false positives where/how might I do that? Malwarebytes just deleted xnview.exe from the xnview programs folder when I tried to open xnview because Malwarebytes conceive the xnview.exe file as a "Trojan.kovter" malware. I have run the xnview.exe file in question on virustotal and it comes up clean in 51/52, except Malwarebytes which virustotal also reports the file is found as "Trojan.kovter". I believe it to be a false positive, especially because I have also used xnview for a long time, its not a new program on my system. ¨https://www.virustotal.com/
  19. Hi Malwarebytes Team, I found the following sentence from the link you gave. "There are many software companies all over the world who make registry cleaners. Not all of them are included in our PUP classification. We will discuss why some get added to our PUP list later in this blog post." Can you explain why Wise Registry Cleaner is included in your PUP classification? Looking forward to your reply. Regards, River
  20. I have the latest premium version of your program. Recently, perhaps after it upgraded, I have been getting constant (every second or two) popups saying a malicious website was blocked -- over and over again. Outbound sites including Joye-Luck.com are shown over and over again as being blocked. Why do I need to see this thousands of times - or at all? These popups so annoying that I have had to shut off malicious website blocking - even though I would prefer to have it on. Before doing that I have spent over three hours using various AV, anti-rootkit, cleaners & removal tools to try
  21. Hi, What happens to the quarantined items whenever it is later discovered that the threats are false positive? Are they automatically restored or will they stay in the quarantined folder whenever Malwarebytes is updated? Thanks
  22. Hi As a company with a 1million plus user base we create a toolbar for all browsers. We would like to be able to submit these to you so they do not show as a false positive. Can you help with this please.
  23. There are just too many false positives being reported and the pain of rebooting and restoring. Uploading and verifuing as false for regularly needed files from well known programs such as Microsoft, NVidia, Office etc etc. Eleven times now in such a short time is just too much! Four times for NVidia files alone. I am sorry to have to say, but I am uninstalling Malwarebytes Ransomeware. I am a very patient and detailed troubleshooter but these are basic files being claimed as ransomeware. Thank you for the opportunity to test the program out but I believe it should be bac
  24. Working in Notepad ++, I went to save a file. During the process of selecting the folder to save to I navigated to C:\ (which I'd done quite a few times already today without problem) and got the "threat detected" message. The EXE and log folder are attached, as requested. notepad++.zip logs.zip
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