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Found 25 results

  1. I got a message from Malwarebytes monthly scan of a NanoCore Backdoor? I check virus total, and there was 0 detections based on a file sha256 search. Is this a false positive? 1 File: MBPPCn64.dll 2 CRC-32: 46b24f7f 3 MD5: f63631c6d92033403eb7fad245439f38 4 SHA-1: 75cdbdaad6a2467c83ced4213f603688a1963e22 5 SHA-256: 2e5cfa02cda88fa4a206dab9ab06925fd743adf9a57f77a344473790987c8af0 6 SHA-512: 5b51efb3210b1a4e83a71972a1a6f7f8609e6846da4beef0d74c5f88c17aae24fcf731fcccff952718f71837169c05cbed423ec99e20f6ab5fc787e4f9c0c8a0 7 8 9
  2. Good Evening! I just noticed my Malwarebytes blocked Steam a couple times while I was away from my PC doing chores. Is this a False Positive, or did funky things actually go down with Steam while I was away? If I could get an expert or someone to verify these were both F.P.'s, that's be great; MBam isn't currently flagging Steam right now, but I figured it's better to be safe than sorry. Sorry if this was already resolved/redundant. Thank you! -Sorr steam.txt steam 2.txt
  3. This is the executable file for a very basic software interface written by a vape company. I downloaded the software from the official company website and ran it though VS Code before installing. I did not note any malicious code hidden in the software, but presumably due to the very basic and old-fashioned formatting, Malwarebytes immediately quarantined it. The site where I accessed the program is https://voopoo.com. I am not sure what other information you might need, but based on my knowledge I believe the program could be safely whitelisted. I attached a screenshot of the quarantined file
  4. Hello Please find in the attached archive 3 files detected as malware during a Malwarebytes scan done on October 1st. These files are OK on VirusTotal scans. The Malwarebytes report is included in the archive. Thanks and regards false positives_20191001.rar
  5. Hi, advise please as to if this website block by Malwarebytes is a false positive or not?. hxxps://ohsw7kcq3.qnssl.com/file/14984687013583gjox1savd4.zip The zip file is attached to this post. Log: -Blocked Website Details- Malicious Website: 1 , , Blocked, [-1], [-1],0.0.0 -Website Data- Category: Trojan Domain: ohsw7kcq3.qnssl.com IP Address: Port: [49897] Type: Outbound .. The IP address changes though!. The link that was blocked is a firmware update and update program/tool which runs on Windows, but the firmware is for a non win
  6. I have been using Adhell 3 for the last 7 months. Today, opening it to take care of a new exception on my Galaxy A8 (2018) running Oreo 8.0 with Samsung Experience level 9.0, it was determined to be a banking Trojan by Malwarebytes. Not sure if it is or not as before today, despite daily scanning by Malwarebytes, it has not triggered an alarm. Just to be safe, uninstalled meantime. Scan said that file: android/trojan.banker.asacub.cp was detected in the program. Am attaching a screenshot of the initial scan report. Not sure if it was part of a recent update or not that "something"
  7. Got a detection this morning on ONE computer but the file doesn't seem to be malicious. Please explain how this batch file is a Trojan: Trojan.Agent.Trace Quarantined C:\DelUS.bat Contents: :Repeat attrib -R "C:\Users\MICHAE~1.BRI\AppData\Local\Temp\DelE864.tmp" del "C:\Users\MICHAE~1.BRI\AppData\Local\Temp\DelE864.tmp" if exist "C:\Users\MICHAE~1.BRI\AppData\Local\Temp\DelE864.tmp" goto Repeat attrib -R "\DelUS.bat" del "\DelUS.bat"
  8. Hey there! This is more of just asking for Malwarebytes Staff/ Professional's opinion on an issue. On July 4th, I scanned my computer with Malwarebytes Premium and the Anti-rootkit beta; nothing was found each time. When I did a full scan of my computer with Windows Defender just to make sure, it says I was infected with "Trojan:O97M.Dplink.A". When I saw this I started to do some research on this trojan, but couldn't find any info other than a reddit thread talking about it and Microsoft's own entry on the trojan. I posted this to the Microsoft Community website asking if it was a false po
  9. Malwarebytes blocked a site with address ia801509.us.archive.org several times in the space of a couple of minutes earlier today. I am aware of archive.org as a website, but I haven't accessed the website either when this occurred, or in recent times. I wasn't downloading any files, and all I had open was a new blank tab in Google Chrome. There are no options for blocking or whitelisting the site, and Malwarebytes automatically tried to add it to the list of ignored items. Is this site malware? And why was Malwarebytes ignoring the threat despite being reported as malware? After a full s
  10. I have exactly the same problem as Bob Blaylock's post: pup.optional.ask won't go away—possible false-positive? By Bob_Blaylock, November 19 in Resolved Malware Removal Logs I see the solution posted (see below) by miekiemoes, for Bob Blaylock, however I noticed that the first instruction was "make sure you have the latest version of malwarebytes installed (currently 3.3)", I have updated Malwarebytes and the Dashboard reports my updates are "Current" but my version number is (at 27th November 2017) NOT 3.3. QUESTION: Is the current version for the UK ? if n
  11. Some time about a week or two ago, MalwareBytes started claiming, on each full threat scan, to detect and quarantine pup.optional.ask, in the file “C:\USERS\BOB\APPDATA\LOCAL\GOOGLE\CHROME\USER DATA\Default\Web Data”. I have MalwareBytes set to automatically do a full threat scan every night, while I am sleeping, and every morning, I get this same report. I clear the quarantine each day. I've also used your Junk Removal Tool, and your AdwCleaner tool as well. Each claims to find and remove pup.optional.ask, every time I run them. No matter what I do, with any of your software
  12. i really dont know if i should do quarantine cause driver package is useful. is this a falsepositive? help please. An detailed explanation will be really helpful
  13. I have Windows 10 on my PC and have just ran a scan on my PC which returned one detection a PUP C;\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows Menu?\Booking.com. Is this a false positive?
  14. Every time i ran malwarebytes adwcleaner i tells me something similar to --- ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ***** [ WMI ] ***** No malicious keys found. ***** [ Shortcuts ] ***** No infected shortcut found. ***** [ Scheduled Tasks ] ***** No malicious task found. ***** [ Registry ] *
  15. MWB stopped me from accessing this site but did not offer any details as to what it thought was malicious and I have not been able to find any other indications as to what might be of serious concern.
  16. MBAM Premium flagged the file syslinux.exe as Trojan.Downloader. I'm pretty sure that this file is not malware; it's clean according to Virus Total. I have attached the scan log and the zipped file. syslinux.zip FP_syslinux.txt
  17. Used the computer today for the first time since the 8th. Scanned on the 8th and all was fine. Database was updated today at 5:22. Scanned at 6:12 and every single users roaming data showed Intel Turbo Boost Technology Monitor 2.0.lnk having "malware.trace". I right clicked on this file which is a shortcut to the program and selected "scan with malwarebytes". It came out clean. Went to the containing folder and scanned the target file. It also came out clean. Attaching the events from update to the present. scan log at 6.txt scan at 612.txtscan of shortcut only.txtscan of shortcut onl
  18. Hello, I am a registered and paid user of MWB Premium I purchased legal software from Wondershare, their Video Download Converter 7.1.3 and I get 46 "Non-Malware" hits with MWB which I believe are false positives. http://www.wondershare.com/Can confirm that their software is not malware and why do I get the hits from MWB if it is false positives. This is a reputable software company that is highly rated. Either you need to fix MWB to non-detect for their software or communicate with them as to why their software is getting these hits. I've attached the MWB log on the hits. Advise, Th
  19. SHA256: 982aef5160dae45a5fe515836b5d9c61de25e4024e5704281e5732555a741a31 SHA1: 74de8a5e61b62be2e76a9240fa6419d2ef8084e8 MD5: 181910fccd5bda8f88c237ac12d15a78 File size: 12.3 KB ( 12554 bytes ) File name: IASACCT.DL_ File type: CAB Detection ratio: 1 / 54 Analysis date: 2014-07-12 05:26:07 UTC ( 0 minutes ago ) https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/982aef5160dae45a5fe515836b5d9c61de25e4024e5704281e5732555a741a31/analysis/1405142767/ IASACCT.7z protection-log-2014-07-12.txt
  20. This came up today opening Idoo File Encryption Pro 5.6. C:\Program Files (x86)\idoo\File Encryption\LoaderGFL.exe Trojan.Agent.ED Without this file I cannot decrypt my databases. Is it a false positive or have I to remove the program? Using VirusTotal only Malwarebytes detects the threat. Can you please help me?
  21. I think these may be false positives but I am unsure. Files Infected: C:\$Recycle.Bin\S-1-5-21-3137687710-1416735958-361854081-4366\$R3UHWLB.exe (Trojan.Llac) -> No action taken.C:\$Recycle.Bin\S-1-5-21-3137687710-1416735958-361854081-4366\$RA60TD7.exe (Trojan.Llac) -> No action taken.C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SDKs\LightSwitch\v3.0\Design\vs_lightswitchwif.exe (Trojan.Llac) -> No action taken.C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 11.0\Team Tools\Performance Tools\Setups\vs_profiler_x64_enu.exe (Trojan.Llac) -> No action taken.C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Vi
  22. This just occurred: 2013/05/25 17:03:00 -0400 NOWFAITH-HP nowfaith MESSAGE Executing scheduled update: Realtime 2013/05/25 17:03:07 -0400 NOWFAITH-HP nowfaith MESSAGE Scheduled update executed successfully: database updated from version v2013.05.25.07 to version v2013.05.25.08 2013/05/25 17:03:07 -0400 NOWFAITH-HP nowfaith MESSAGE Starting database refresh 2013/05/25 17:03:07 -0400 NOWFAITH-HP nowfaith MESSAGE Stopping IP protection 2013/05/25 17:03:07 -0400 NOWFAITH-HP nowfaith MESSAGE IP Protection stopped successfully 2013/05/25 17:03:09 -0400 NOWFAITH-HP nowfaith MESSAGE Database refresh
  23. Here is an installer file for Moultrie Game Feeders (moultriefeeders.com) that Malwarebytes keeps informing me that it is a trojan. The company denies that it is malicious. Here is the log file from MBAM and a zip of the offending installer. Please reply to 'bob@rsmcomputer.com' with your analysis. plot_stalker_software_m80-m100-i40xt.zip mbam-log-2012-11-14 (12-07-42).txt
  24. The OnPay Inc virus has disabled my computer. I was able to find my documents, picures & music and transferred them to a portable Western Digital hard drive. Before i hook that up to a working computer i want to make sure the virus was not transferred to the portable hard drive. The scan finds one file - Files Detected: 1 M:\DmailerSync_9_1_18359.exe (Malware.Packer.as) Should it be removed? mbam-log-2012-09-04 (21-08-25).txt
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