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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, My name is Shahar Sapir and I am the QA department Team Leader at Reimage LTD. After getting complaints from some of our users about Malwarebytes detecting Reimage as a malware, I have checked our installer in VirusTotal.com and found that you do flag us. I then installed your free version (with the default settings) and confirmed it does block Reimage from installing or even downloading. Reimage is an advanced OS repair tool that fix damaged registry and system files by comparing them to a clean image that matches the user OS, and then replacing all the damaged and missing files and registry components. Reimage uses a patent pending technology in order to compare between the healthy system and the user system. We have the ability not only to remove the infected file but also to restore the healthy component from our huge repository of spare parts. Reimage is a complimentary solution to AVs, and does not compete with them. More details regards the technology and patent can be find on the web, there is no other product that is able to fix/recover a system like Reimage does: http://www.google.com.ar/patents/US20100064285 Reimage LTD has been working since 2008 and we have a valid digital signature from Symantec (Verisign). Our website is secured with McAfee and TRUSTe, and we have no 3rd party applications with our installation. Reimage has cut all business enterprises with all the toolbar companies it was in relations with back in May 2014. Reimage does NOT offer any toolbar, or any other software, during its installation process. During the software free scan, Reimage use the Windows 'Event Viewer' logs in order to report on any stability issues. Reimage uses the Avira antivirus engine to scan for infections. Beside the Avira engine, Reimage also have an in-house database that is maintained constantly in order to make sure we have the latest virus database. During the full repair, Reimage will do a thorough analyze of the computer OS. It will do a deep scan for any virus or malware and remove them if found. On top of that, Reimage will scan for any damage or missing registry and system files and replace them from our repository. This type of repair will not only get rid of any malware from the user’s computer, it will also revert and fix any damage that was caused by the malware (or by any other prolong use that damaged the system). As you can see Reimage is an advanced tool that his sole purpose is to repair computer OS’s. So in no way it can be considered a PUP software. Reimage does not affiliate, or try to install, with any other software that can be considered as a PUP software This is the information of the files being detected by Malwarebytes: File Name MD5 SHA1 SHA256 ProtectorUpdater32.exe 89c1bcdadc8f4dc5489aa30db0d659da 8dbfe08eaa411504e45a5fc04dcbce06b003d063 dda2193708af73681893cfe30e4c3862d35b9ce61b13d3a4be9a99ce19d882ee ProtectorUpdater32.exe b14b89743998cf3aff4857e9aa3c2d33 d823773f8812a4149bbbff717dfa7d692c81791e aa634a087ce9597bf662697a877a05230485eb2fcf6c990a06ecba38d7a52f00 ProtectorUpdater64.exe 2fdb928a07a23591cd9635ca7bb8579c ebe24e7fd901c0eb738a850a68ef061d91acdd55 d47c14f7de91fb5ae735b9e4b5895d744ea30cfae4295e3ab1112483796a1e6b ReimagePackage1816b.exe 035fde4fb95121b5ae6975743fe06b64 6fe4b10ac21c2849eb2028dd87cca5178db45f3f 9ed58fd0646c7d164ed23a884e95941a0b2d12cb1679c54d147078fe11ba822c ReimagePackage1816x64b.exe 046abb5d65d5e9a9601b3424c0720882 21271c3105e351ca1277a68a4d1139cb0f84e5cc f3c8becc16aa0c8a0fce2758f8d979df7823cbe3b89a842257aa9bbf58aff0b9 ReimageRepair_repair1518.exe 26c39df76769c0fcd484a0a8964aec13 4c79f38046e4b7e9ab8c05fbca5231d7819273a0 3f7497f6b13b8dcf13a57bd5ec60a291ef316447e31e29f8ed5623d2a99bb440 ReimageRepairCil1518.exe e24652a061498582667ac9b4f98c4921 d2b44a86344a49f13e1d6a7b3e69016cebdc670f dae1a6320dedd4a21df4cdb6700e9f92e56143660143f3e15cdef0edc057b231 ReimageRepairDirect1518.exe 2ad9259533796888f52ddef72b7a879f b8e9020fcdc1460715a571031f515f9b077d7a81 c8a86ff9bfb22e27404fbb5e3664d35063e135d82c2cfc4fd65466e9df77d60b ReimageRepairNoSeal1518.exe 3075be639e82a37cb4d09b12c9fda79c c3a055554ca0f070157a1bb03b0c38dfc154235b 5e0ddae0a649272699363c8e59ac0e2a55ea87cb13556e0d5d79f5e53872ddbf ReimageRepairNU1518.exe ce255fe25e6b2a4a81586c9af97f65f6 64b00ac4c32312fb367c67fac4cd96a6d307b6d1 bc954392be08d2b8878120a3177174fff740bf074232a17c40c63430e2c1ecb9 ReimageRepairTech1518.exe a9c3dd16fe7d59782d897681490fd6bc a701b64d99d1e8a4d4a1f50c7985b801c4b2fa60 51ba72273d37d7abf64827b10053cc25a7543a3a5a36f400770c54ed8af2e9de uninst32.exe a5d9e46d9073e601fdf405fade82651c 85232d0cf75e62e54c763108fb8b1b2fe0619457 a61e78aaed07435f95d38f29bcf92bcec050b9edda0fdb78299ce6e2c1c403fe uninst64.exe b4bf133ff2ad364929eae75c56185fd9 db314f295b258b7413fb4ba038b0b43b09adc963 5232a2cecf9bd0219fb23d32224ebc9efa73961c101b993f36e5d2b75c00c0bd REI_AxControl.dll 5dc90d97fdfadab0c7d2d91e3b2208b2 ddf7d92d08c2f5d136f7f23bef87c62da7ff88ef 4d5806f78ced0abf988eac748028bd7ee953986aa7bafcfdafb720e6ffd447eb REI_AxControlx64.dll b3869494bab99acb52cdb02106e6a488 88ec6dc0c1a4bf67b5cabb16eedd5724b5fbea34 8770d7699268b210c8d3a081dec5ba495349a309c460fc3c114898caa7a0b2ec REI_Engine.dll 7a1e1ba8fac42eb8cd2d1f5b027adf07 40bbb06542cc056496b80767ab241ec2ec526bb1 4c127fe8818ae4f1b028c20539f0fd7b58d26f492e36cb699086e06c7f796318 REI_Enginex64.dll c09f941ce917436f386b222a6386806c 3d09c3d642dd68ba17128ee4e1b312b8bf4dc53a 3b0dbd22f875775fc7aa9eaa929e86fefedcc18ac8ae85d023b49f81e56d2751 ProtectorPackage.exe 831d582f2c7ce819773a9832932a0499 c570fe2642a8715edc7519a4e769998937bc8f85 f1c862ec86848ed732aad47997e174cbc2ba754407c7adccb6efdb9b9e43c315 ProtectorPackagex64.exe 5fc7934c9790d66d6afb701804bdb1f5 3ef2653450dc545f857cee6929b565fc6203aee1 bb308c6af92ce0ad373e45958675cc5158417b0f077edc5bf78251719a6fc039 We would like to resolve this issue as soon as possible. Please let me know if you need anything more from us in order to resolve this issue. Thank you, Shahar Sapir
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