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  1. Hello, today, I wanted to install a game, long story short, it came with a virus, it came in a zip file, I ran the executable and it installed me 2 programs: "Garbage Cleaner" and a disk cleaning program, I already knew it was a virus in that moment, I deleted it, checked the task manager, many processes with random names were open, I tried to delete as much as posible, but there were 2 files I couldn't, I ran the Windows defender scan (back then I didn't have malwarebytes) and it said it didn't detect any threats besides the exceptions (I didn't add anything to the exceptions), so I checked t
  2. Hi The downloading link of our software has been bloked, one of our guest cant download our software because of using brower guard, I believe there must be a mistake,so please help solving this problem, adding the downloading link to a whitelist or anyway,thanks. Here is the link our guest have used: youtube-downloader_full235.exe?OSSAccessKeyld=LTAI3yOaYkLyNvQW&Expires=1588287785&Signature=31zlziQkidHfzl28RrvAD6mQzKo%3D Best reguards Benjamin-wondershare
  3. I ported my number from Virgin to Sky today and since changing the SIM, my Samsung mobile phone will only boot into download mode and won't go past that. Could Malwarebytes have suspected SimJacking and locked me out? If so, what's the workaround please?
  4. I'm trying to download a file from a source I trust. Browser Guard blocks it. I tried clicking on "I want to continue to this site anyway" and clicked the box for "Do not block this site for scam again. I've gone into my account and added the site to exclusions. Nothing works and I need to complete the download. I obviously need help. Thanks, rbtharris
  5. I have been using Free versions of Malwarebytes & Malwarebytes Adwcleaner for years. Now I tried to download Adwcleaner from your site to a lenovo ThinkPad X230running Windows 10, but clicking the Download gives only: " 404 Not Found The pageI tried download from was : https://adwcleaner.malwarebytes.com/download/release/adwcleaner_7.3.exe Is Malwarebytes Adwcleaner FREE still possible for home users to download? Rgds, HT
  6. Someone just told me a file I just downloaded was a cookie logger, I couldn't find anything that says how these work. I never did run the program, but I still want to know if it could have infected my computer! Please help, even if cookie loggers are fine, answer the question anyway. They showed me pictures of things the logger did, so I believe that they can actually do something.
  7. I have Mac os x 10.9.5 I have tried to download Malarebytes, to my Mac but it said it is only available on Yosemite, El Capitan, Sierra and High Sierra, unfortunately I cannot download these to my Mac I'm running os x 10.9.5, according to Apple there are no other versions available to me, any suggestions would be helpful, Cheers Archie
  8. After being prompted to download the latest version I click through, the download starts and zips through the progress bar, then ends and the message says, "Unable to Download, check your Internet connection." My connection is fine, a 75/75 FIOS.
  9. I'm not very computer savvy, so these are probably stupid questions. I work with a Windows 10 PC at a small business which is part of a network. The files I work with are all saved on a "shared drive" on the server computer". Sometimes I save files to my Desktop or download files to my Downloads folder on the C:\ Drive, before saving an updated copy to the "shared drive" at the end of the week. When I right-click and view properties for C:\ and view the "Sharing" tab, it says this drive is "Not Shared". Questions: 1) Does "Not Shared" mean that C:\ is not
  10. when i download something on google chrome my files always corrupt , please help . i have a new harddisk and it runs windows 10 . i havent change or download anything from my computer .
  11. Hi there Every time I open the malwarebytes download the system proceeds to scan it, but I keep getting this error message: “Malwarebytes-Mac-” is damaged and can’t be opened. You should move it to the Trash. If anyone has advice it would be much appreciated. I've tried downloading several times with no success. Best M
  12. Error message says "Download Failed. Check Internet connection and try again." My Internet connection is okay however.
  13. I also purchased Malwarebytes today. I am unable to open Malwarebytes. I attempted to use Chameleon and that was unsuccessful. I attempted to locate the Farbar Recovery Scan Tool based off what I read in another forum and my web page closed every time I searched for it. Should I also download the "clean tool" you have listed above? I have windows 7 and 32-bit
  14. I downloaded malwarebytes officially, from malwarebytes.com, and i have been troubled by the notification that i should restart my PC in order to get the malwarebytes installed, i have done this several times, but i ended up in an infinite loop, and it is not installed yet. I am in windows 10, 64-bit, x86
  15. Hi! I'm having the same problem at the momment, tried a lot of removal tools already but it starts re-downloading via CMD over and over again...
  16. The title describes it all, every 30 minutes my cmd opens (if I close it) and starts downloading the archive on the annex: I don't know what else to do... I've ran the FRST tool and I'll follow up with the log, please help me! My CPU usage simply Skyrockets whenever the cmd finishes the download, making it so that I have to keep resetting the PC very often, it's really annoying. Resultado do exame da Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (FRST) (x64) Versão: 02.01.2018 Executado por eduad (administrador) em PIRILAMPO (04-01-2018 07:25:39) Executando a partir de C:\
  17. It's a long story, but my mom really likes her Windows XP machine. After some issues with the HDD I'm reinstalling XP for her. It seems that "Windows Update" no longer works on the XP OS, so I'm having to go out and find SP1 and SP2 manually. So far I've found this site and this site. I want to make sure that the downloads from both of those sites are accurate and legitimate before I install them. The one from soft32.com is particularly sketchy to me. If someone could help me out I'd really appreciate it. Or if anyone has links to trusted sites where I can d/l SP1 and SP2, I'd really appreciat
  18. Hey, Gabe... don't give up now! Stay with it. Carol aka Dkchoco from MS Community. P.S. Sorry Aura, for butting in. I'm the one who referred him here and want to make sure he gets this taken care of.
  19. I believe I got a virus from a download a few days ago, however I don't know exactly what it came from. Windows Defender was working for the first 2 or 3 days, removing some files. Then, files with random names would appear the next day. These include applications that create chrome popups that I can't do anything about. I also see a large Yahoo icon on some websites. I appear to have gotten rid of some files however the virus is definitely still here. Today, Windows Defender was turned off. It reads: Threat service has stopped. Restart it now." with a large Restart button. However nothing hap
  20. Hello, I want to download Aomei from https://rahim-soft.org/aomei-backupper/ but I don't know if this website safe or not? Please check this for me thanks in advance
  21. I came back from holiday and your anti ransomware wouldn't run. I checked the problems on your forums and found no reasonable reply. So I uninstalled and tried to download again. After several mind numbing encounters with your anti-bot software I registered again, verified my email address and ... nothing no download, not instructions nothing. I'm so not impressed - even as a beta programme
  22. Same here . Installed update next time I started says it can't connect . Tried to restore and gave me error 0x80070005 . On a pc windows 7 mb-check-
  23. Same goes for me. I installed on Friday and have been plagued with inability to access anything related to Google since the update..... Google Search, Google Mail, etc. Example of error message says: "www.google.com's server DNS address could not be found". Everything else works, just can no longer used Google Search or Gmail. If I turn OFF Malwarebytes....... I can access Google Search and Google Mail. Yes.... already tried DNS Flush and all the other easy fixes.... nothing works. Only turning OFF Malwarebytes
  24. I received notification of an update yesterday and installed it. When I started my computer this morning, I received an error message that stated "unable to connect to server". I attempted a second restart to see if it would clear up the issue and received the same message. Not sure if I should uninstall and reinstall or if there is a patch that will work. Please advise!
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