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Found 2 results

  1. Friends, i have reason to belive people i shared a room with in the past (i moved out more than half year ago), could have been spying on me for all that time. Here are my questions 1. My laptop (Dell Inspiron) was always protected with password, but could they have insterted tiny usb flash, any reading card or even disk whitough me noticing in the hurry? If they have and i unlock the laptop with the thing plugged in, will any notification show me that something is being installed/ any pop up or it could silently isntall keyloger for example, so they could intersept my windows password for the future? 2. If they had intersepted the password and gained access to the machine while i was gone, can they have installed some remote control program to spy me in the futrue. I mostly fear if they could awake my laptop from distance and start working on it like while i am away. Could they have done that even after i moved miles away- and again i am not fearing they may have taken remote control once or twice, i ask if they can have done that for many sessions, like waking up my laptop (from sleeping on hybernating state) every night whitout me ever notice anything, or such long turn operation is impossible whitout physical access? I hope you got my point Thank you for your time
  2. First of all, I'm not too good with computer stuff and English isn't my national language. However, I'll do my best to be co-operating and to understand everything the helpful and respectful staff has to say. Thank you. My computer is considerably new. I've had it for about 1 year now. Not too sure. Anyways, when I leave it alone for a moment, it, of course, turns its screen off to save some energy. But when I open the screen, nothing happens. The only light that's there is the message that says something about a missing video input. I check that my computer is on and it is. I check if my keyboard is on, and press Caps Lock. No light indicating over the 'Caps Lock' -text at the top right of the keyboard. I then, as usual, manually restart my computer. This is not the only thing that's happened. My Internet connection is fast. Yet, my computer sometimes seems very slow, even though it's a good computer. I've cleaned it up many times, and it's gotten better. It still feels like something is wrong. I was a bit surprised when a few months ago I had this error message that said: btc-miner.exe has stopped working. -Strange, I thought. Never heard of anything like that. Made some research this week and realized it is a program used to create Bitcoins, which are experimental(Yet, somewhat accepted) "Cyber-Money". Apparently, these "Miners" create Bitcoins by solving complex calculations, or, in other words, exchanging the electricity that the computer uses up into Bitcoins. The funny thing is that I have never downloaded such program. In fact, I found some more information about Bitcoins. I read about trojans that control a computer to mine Bitcoins for the creator of the virus. That information led me to Botnet. Basically, I could lose control over my computer any time if this is about it. I'm not too sure, since Botnet is pretty new in the Internet, and no antivirus has been created for it(I think). I'm assuming that there is somebody who is mining Bitcoins with my computer and using up extra electricity + slowing down my computer(And possibly taking control of it, when I can't open the screen) I might be a little paranoid about this, but I'm highly concerned. It might be just a normal virus, or it might be a lot worse, so I'm hoping to get some help here as soon as possible. Thanks!
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