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  1. Computer infected with Trojan Virus and Malware My computer has a problem as it has been infected with Trojan virus and malware and adware the name of the virus is(TROJAN.PHISHING.ARK!eml) this name was there when windows defender did offline scan .as well and the keys are not working the desktop icons are not appearing and I can't use the desktop itself and even the local C drive is also affected in user data now how to repair the computer computer desktop icons are not appearing since many days as well as the keys are not responding itself even after pressing F8 the task manager shu
  2. I have an email from myself sent by my email say I've been recorded and this person has gained access to my pc via RAT However I have no webcam nor mic If this is real what are my options, any help is greatly appreciated As soon as I get home I'm going to be disconnecting my PC from my wifi Below are my screenshots
  3. When I try to register my license key again (on my newly formatted device) it is not possible for me, since it shows me to be linked to another device (I have tried it both in the program and in my user account). So, my question is, how could I unlink and re-link it? NOTE: I bought the license on an unofficial page apparently.
  4. I’ve had this problem for a while and nothing is helping! I go on my task manager and see 2 types of apps running in the background. Both called vmxclient. It won’t go to process if clicked and it won’t kill process....nothing. I notice that sometimes it appears and disappears from the apps tab. When it appears I hear my desktop fan going off the roof! When it’s gone it’s very silent. I also notice in my process tab a IGFXMTC.exe and a dwioaem.exe (4 processes). Nothing happens when I click on them. They just appear and disappear on their own. Please help!!!
  5. How do I add computers to my current home license? Have it licensed on one machine but don't see how to add computers to an existing license. Don't recall if renewal is set to auto.
  6. Hello all, My moms laptop HP Pavilion g7-1117cl is running slow especially while on Internet Explorer 11. The most she uses it for is on Pogo.com games. i have run the following items: tweaking registry cleaner CCleaner ATF cleaner TFC windows defender microsoft security essentials malwarebytes super antispyware Also did a check on drive c disk defragmenter and it is 2% fragmented. I also did a disk cleanup and no real improvements have been made. I uninstalled IE 11 and restarted the computer, it went back to IE 8, the games on Pogo and all websites loaded great and
  7. What programs and software do you just HAVE to have on your computer?
  8. Hello, Yesterday my computer was infected with what I think is a malware virus of some form. I downloaded a new program and shortly afterwards my computer began to act up and suddenly it dawned on me that my computer was infected. I have a startup menu which allows me to select between using Linux or Windows 7. The computer infection occurred on my Windows 7 operating system so I switched to Linux where it is relatively functional and I am able to access it unlike Windows 7 where I have to revert to safe mode just to access the operating system and cripple the virus. I immediately we
  9. Please help me. I use malwarebytes and after i check for virus I quarantine it and delete some potentially unwanted program and I restart my computer, after that all my computer document, in document,download files, picture ALL IS GONE and the virus is keep directing my browser startup to launchpage site. I check the malwarebytes once again and the quarantine files is still there and I tried to get it back and the document files is still gone and now its empty, I tried to recover it. PLEASE HELP ME
  10. To whom it may concern...... When I got home from cycling training I went to my laptops which I normally use in order to do my Information Technology homework. When I booted it up the computer it gave me this error " :C Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart. We're just collect
  11. Hello There, I already had this problem for a long time, every minute my PC freezes, but I can still move my mouse. If I watch youtube while it is happening, the sound continues. I tried to click on tabs in chrome, and they do open after it unfreezes. I have a feeling that my computer "sees" the stuff that I do, but I don't! PC Specs: Operating System: Windows 10 Home Memory (RAM): 8072 MB CPU Info: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4430 CPU @ 3.00GHz CPU Speed : 2996.0 MHz Display Adapters: AMD
  12. Hello, i thought The problem was easy And small, But i noticed That its getting bigger everyday! Recently,I Was Getting Adfly And Sh.st Popups On My Laptop (Toshiba Windows 8.1) But then i noticed its not only on my laptop, Its on all my devices, My Mom Mobile, My sister mobile Even my mobile ( We all use google chrome) I thought that it was a router virus, I rested my router but still we are getting the same problem, We tried to scan with malware on our devices but we get nothing (we all use samsung devices) This is completely weird and annoying Problem, Please Help Me.
  13. There's this really annoying browser hijacker that's there on my browsers; Chrome and Firefox. I tried everything but it just doesn't go. Help? The browser opens up this website www.yeabest.cc and then redirects to 9o0gle.com
  14. My computer keeps crashing. Every startup asks if I want to start windows up normally and I hit the enter key. Everything runs fine when the computer starts up but very shortly after the screen will go black and sometimes the screen will come back on with a message saying "Display driver stopped responding and has recovered. Display driver NVIDIA Windows Kernel Mode Driver, Version 311.06 stopped responding and has successfully recovered." Other times the screen will go black and not come back on until I power down the computer and turn it back on. I have read that this could be an issue with
  15. Cezar


    Have you ever thought about making skins for your programs? I liked this one better. More creative skins like Winamp has. How about a Malwarebytes downloader? That can download from any site with a url.
  16. Today, I was just minding my own business trying to get on my computer and when I started my PC my monitor wouldn't display. I turned my monitor off and on for a bout 15 minutes and then it finally worked! A few minutes of windows 7 loading, it brought me to my desktop which looked a lot different than when I had turned my PC off. The Start bar was purely white and all my shortcuts were either A) Not there or B) Moved to a different location. My antivirus was freaking out as well, and I couldn't close the vulnerability scanner update window, it was also INCREDIABLY laggy. So I tried to keep my
  17. I just got your program about 1 day ago and I have been in love with it, I like how its user-friendly and very simplistic. One problem though, do I have to manually allow chrome to do stuff like browse? Right now I have chrome and firefox in a exclusions which is bad apparently because it is vulnerable. (Are there any ways around this?) About a hour ago I ran Malwarebytes on my 2 slow bogged down computers, and man did I get amazing results! Desktop scan results came up with 400 Non-Malware files detected and zero Malicious files. Laptop scan results came up with 390 Non-Malware files
  18. I downloaded some "risky" software a few days ago and my computer got infected by it. When I ran Mbam, it looked as if it was all gone. But when I woke up I could hear my pc as if a video was playing. Low and behold around 10 programs had installed when I went to bed. I can no longer open chrome (in fact I am stuck using the steam web browser). I am unsure on what to do to remove this software permanantly.
  19. Dear all, I was just wanting to play Colin Mcrae Rally 2005 and realised I needed to make it 64 bit/ windows 8 compatible, went online did some searching and I found out I needed to download some 3rd party programs. It looks like, they were not 100% legit and now my computer cannot boot, not even in safe mode, or safe mode with command prompt. When I boot up the computer now, it says, my motherboard screen, then "Preparing Automatic Repair", then "Diagnosing your PC". After it has done this it says Automatic Repair, your pc did not start correctly. It gives me 2 options, Restart or Advanced
  20. Hello, I believe I have malware in my computer. I ran both a threat scan and full body scan, and nothing is showing up. I don't know what kind of virus it is, but boot up times and overall slowness is taking effect. If anyone can help, that would be great! Thanks.
  21. Hello MalwareBytes staff and community, I have a reasonably big problem with a relatives PC at this time. The computer in question is a Dell Optiplex 755 running Windows XP Professional with 1GB RAM. The problem is that this computer is owned by a relative of mine that isn't very tech-literate and doesn't really understand the concept of computer viruses and how they damage computers. This computer was scanned recently by me one day before posting this thread and the computer is closing in at 1759 infections and, as you can tell, it's pretty severe. I tried running Malwarebytes on the
  22. Hi my computer has started to freeze and not respond after i make full system scans with malwarbytes its really anoying and i wonder what has happend ? no other program *including* my norton full system scans have any of this problems. i have had malwarebytes for 3 months and this started happening 1 week ago the first time now it happens everytime the full system scan has been completed. I use windows 8.1 and have been since day 1 with malwarebytes free version not the pro version. as i said it has worked flawlessly up to now . Cheers Var.
  23. I currectly have a HP windows 7 desktop computer model: HPE-110F and it's been acting up lately. When I watch videos, or am just surfing the web it will freeze up entirely with no warning & won't respond to any key. So I am forced to do a hard boot by holding down the power button. It happened 4 times within a half hour and believe me it's getting beyond annoying. If anyone could suggest any tips in helping me fix my issue I'd appreciate it. Also, if any more info is needed I can post back to help assist me. Thanks C_U.
  24. Hi, it seems bitcoin has infected my svchost for awhile now, I have tried to remove it using malware anti - malware, but it never really did remove the problem. I have scanned this probably 20 or more times, and everytime it said "remove on reboot" or "quarantined and successfully removed". At first there was no harm keeping it, it didn't affect anything i do really. But then today, it seems to have sprung. Problem: On startup, everything seems to work fine, but as soon as svchost starts, it starts to lag like crazy; hovering over an icon, click on the start button, opening up anything, etc.
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