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Found 25 results

  1. I would be interested to know if the current version (4.6.11) is already compatible not only with Big Sur, but also with Apple M1 or if a new version will be released (first obviously in beta). Before any future purchase, I would like to be sure that Malwarebytes can protect me. Thanks Have a good day Massimiliano
  2. I had Avira installed and read where the programs play well together. I've noticed however, that whenever I choose to quarantine what is found by malwarebytes, the following is logged after an alert " In accordance with security guidelines, the Administrator has blocked access to the registry". I've since added the C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes\Anti-Malware\ folder as an exception, and will do the x86 folder too, but I'm wondering what the best approach is as I'm not sure my current approach is iron -clad. Ideally, I'd like to allow the executable attempting to do what needs to be done only. PS. This is a 64 bit PC, so I'm wondering if the current exception would be be only one necessary.
  3. Given this, in the manifest for 2.0.2: "browser_specific_settings": { "gecko": { "strict_min_version": "57.0" } } – what problems, if any, might be expected with Waterfox Classic? historically, Waterfox 56.0 was based on Firefox 56.0.2 (the last before Firefox Quantum) this week's version 56.2.14 is at https://www.waterfox.net/releases/ Early test results are good, no problems. Effective blocking where visits are allowed, for example: – and effective soft prevention of visits to sites:
  4. I have the opposite problem. (windows 10 63 bit) MWB Perineum up to date I had McAfee pre-installed on a new computer. After i uninstalled it. Windows Defender is on In Updates & Security, is says under Web Protection none listed although I have MWB premium activated it is not listed anywhere. How do I get them to coexist? Is there something in settings I need to change? In the replies you have "never to register to WAC" and the in "this support article" it says the opposite. Thank you in advance, much appreciation for any help and clarification.
  5. Hi. I'm running Windows 10 Pro x64 (v. 1903, build 18362.356), and Malwarebytes Premium (v. 3.8.3). Until the latest Windows 10 Update, I was able to run Malwarebytes and Windows Defender simultaneously and without conflict. Since the update, I'm no longer able to update Windows Defender's virus definitions. Malwarebytes, on the other hand, is humming along fine. In fact, when I open the Windows Security Center, it appears as if Windows has made Malwarebytes king o' the security heap. What's the latest? Can Windows Defender and Malwarebytes coexist peacefully? If not — and if Malwarebytes is capable of handling all the antivirus chores — I'll gladly disable Windows Defender. Appreciate your help, and thanks.
  6. This forum is *much* too unwieldy to use! Anyhow, my problem is that if I open MBAM, it automatically changes the screen resolution from 1024 x 768 pixels to 8oo X 600, so I also get big icons and see only a fraction of the screen that is supposed to be displayed. This began when I downloaded & installed the latest model of MBAM. While trying to deal with this today, I got a notice that a new version was out, so I changed to it, unless it is the one I already had. I suppose it is 8.3. It told me that it had 800 X 600 resolution, but gave me no way to change this setting. Does the same as before. I can now solve it by changing the computer setting in the Control Panel, but I shouldn't have to do that every time I want to run an MBAM scan, should I? Also some MB screens display on the left-hand ± 20% on the right-hand ± 20% of the physical screen. If there were a compatibility setting (for OSs, not AVs, which you have) for MBAM, that could be the issue, but if there is such a thing I can't access it or even find a link.
  7. Hi, I contacted Bitdefender support about a Bitdefender VPN issue and they informed me that Bitdefender Total Security 2019 is only fully compatible with MBAM 3 free and suggested turning off Real time protection in MBAM. As far as I am aware I have had no compatibility issues and both software suites run OK together. (The VPN issue was not related to a compatibility issue but they still advised me to turn off MBAM 3 real time protection). I have read a few posts on the topic suggesting entering MBAM files in Bitdefender exclusions ( I did this when I had Kaspersky) but everything seems to be working OK. Would appreciate any advice or feedback on this topic.
  8. Is anyone able to spell out the feature differences between Malwarebytes and ClamXav. Specifically, what types of things each one scans for and protects against; what locations (drives, volumes, folders, etc) they scan; any user options and, most importantly, whether the two apps are compatible with each other and can run simultaneously and safely in the background. Thanks.
  9. I would like to know if anyone has a answer to my question. What is the best anti virus software that I can use along with my Malwarebytes Premium software. I have tried Bitdefender,however it did not seem to work very well with Malwarebytes Premium. There was conflict on dominance. Is using exclusions the way to make anti virus software to work better with Malwarebytes Premium? I need some help with this subject matter. Thank you.
  10. I am using Window 10 Pro Insider Preview - Evaluation Copy Build 17074.rs_prerelease_flt.180116-1539 and Malwarebytes is conflicting. Can you confirm whether your software will be compatible with future release of Windows 10 Pro? Thanks
  11. So, I have been using Eest Smart Security for years now. I wanted the extra protection and found out Malwarbytes premium played real well with Eset. Well, I started hearing about Bitdefender and how great it was. It's hard for me to make the change, since I have grown to really trust eset, but I decided to give it a shot. The one major thing about it though was there is a lot of talk about how bitdefender doesn't play well with others. I never heard that about Eset. Bitdefender seems to keep beating out the competition, so I would like to give it a try, but if it doesn't play well with Malwarebytes, I may go back to Eset. So far, I was able to install Bitdefender with Malwarebytes premium already installed. It did complain about it though. Anyone have experience with Bitdefender while running Malwarebytes premium?
  12. Does anyone know if MWB 3.0 Premium is compatible with Webroot Secure Anywhere? I can't find any info on this, and I am trying to decide about upgrading and installing MWB 3.0. I am running Windows 10 Home Version 1607 build 14393.1358 (on an ASUS laptop) . Thanks!
  13. I've been a user of the free product for years but am now thinking of upping my game and moving to the premium version. However, I have Aconis True Image 2017 with Acronis Active protection installed. So here are some questions for you experts out there: 1. Will both products play nicely together? 2. Is MBAM premium going to add anything? 3. Am I likely to need to configure any settings to allow for Acronis Active Protection I also run F-Secure on a Windows 10 x64 system and am aware of setting changes that might be needed there. Over to you wonderful people out there. Ta muchly
  14. I'm running Windows 10 Home edition, 64 bit. I plan to use MBAM 3.0 free version alongside WD, using WD as my real time protection agent. My question is: what settings could I change, folders and files should I exclude, etc. to make sure that these two products don't conflict and mess up my system?
  15. Hello Malwarebytes is direct competition for CISCO's AMP for endpoints? Or could they complement each other? According to Cisco, AMP for endpoints is not an antivirus and is designed to detect and stop advanced malware, and that is why they recommend in any way to continue using an antivirus. My question is with regard to Malwarebytes, since this one also has its Anti-Malware, could this be a competition for the CISCO AMP or should it complement as CISCO suggests?
  16. Hello, I am a firm believer in layered security protection, since none of the individual protections are "fool-proof". My three PCs, W7 and W8.1 computers, currently have the following: Bitdefender AntiCryptoWall MS EMET MBAE Premium Vipre AV WinPatrol WoodooShield In addition, there are group policy settings that control software, some of the policies limit opening/running files from the "Temporary" folders. And of course, other standard security practices apply as well. Would any of this layers present comparability issues, if the MBAE Premium upgraded to MB 3.x? TIA...
  17. Good antivirus compatibility MBAM sorry my english Windows 8.1 x64 4gb ram I3 3220
  18. So I just installed the application and the system is smooth and low on resources (in a good way) like always, normally. So Like MBAM and MBAE's excellent compatibility with Anti-Virus software, MBAR is also safe to run alongside other stuff. Currently I am running MBAR along with the following, simultaneously Zemana Anti-KeyloggerWindows Defender in Windows 10MBAMMBAEWhat configuration do you have and did you encounter any issues?
  19. Over the last few days, I've had 3 different clients with the same problem. All 3 of them are using Kaspersky Internet Security along with Malwarebytes Premium (with Realtime Protection enabled). Shortly after bootup, the computer will become unresponsive (i.e.: nothing is "clickable). It does not seem to be accompanied by abnormally high CPU usage, according to Task Manager. If I disable either Kaspersky Internet Security OR Malwarebytes Premium, the problem does not occur. I've tried the following, with no luck: * Adding "mutual exclusions" for both programs. * Disabling several of the KIS protection modules (Firewall, Application Control, etc.). Some additional info: * This problem only occurs with Kaspersky Internet Security, NOT Kaspersky Anti Virus. * This problem occurs with both Kaspersky Internet Security 2015 and 2016. * All 3 clients have been using KIS + MBAM for several years with no problem, so it must have something to do with a recent update. Any help or advice is much appreciated.
  20. I was just wondering if there's a way to configure MBAE & Sandboxie version 4 or higher so that there compatible with each other? Currently running Linux Netrunner OS on my Laptop and would like to have MBAE running alongside SBIE and Avast free on my Windows Desktop.
  21. First post, so please bear with me if I'm in the wrong area. This one is trying to put all of the questions I have in one place: First: I have 2 computers, both 64 bit machines, one running MS 7 SP1 and one running latest MS 8.1. Both have Malwarebytes Premium loaded and running. The MS 7 SP1 machine has Norton Internet Security. The Win 8.1 Machine has trial version of McAffee running. So far, both machines are playing well with no exclusions used. Unfortunately, I'm getting ready to "change" (due to several reasons, none applicable to Malwarebytes). In getting ready for this, I'm trying to make sure I have the "sequence" understood. My browser is Google Chrome. I have set 2 limits (must use malwarebytes and must use Chrome). Second: I understand from reading several forums that Malwarebytes must be uninstalled prior to loading anti-virus software. I presume this means uninstall, re-install and re-activate with key? Just want to verify this is true before I waste a bunch of time. Can Malwarebytes simply be disabled during the AV install? Third: On the Win 7 machine, I'm going with the free version of Bitdefender. I can't get a straight answer out of their support team, so I'll use the free version. I presume that I would uninstall (turn off) Malwarebytes and uninstall Norton. Install Bitdefender and then re-install malwarebytes. I found the exception list and understand that part. Fourth: On the Win 8.1 machine, I'm going with Windows Defender. As defender is already installed (I think), I presume just a removal of the McAffee trail and defender activation. Malwarebytes would have to be "turned off"? Is there an exception list for Defender and Malwarebytes? As I said at the start, I apologize if this is in the wrong place; however, getting information in one location is a challenge. This is not a judgement on the effectiveness of the AV programs selected, this just seems the best solution for me. I would appreciate any input (or direction) to make this as painless as possible. Many thanks.
  22. I am running MBAM Premium and Bitdefender Antivirus Plus. When I purchased the Bitd several months ago they installed it and "required" that I not run any other real-time, interactive malware protection. Because I had already paid for MBAM Premium, I ignored that. Now I am having more problems. Anyone else running this combination of software have any compatibility problems or program conflicts?
  23. I've already purchased MBAM Pro for one of my computers, running Panda Global Protection 2014 - and MBAM's on-access Filesystem protection works perfectly, scanning after Panda has. I'm thinking of purchasing it for 2 new computers, which will either run THE NEW Bitdefender Total Security (it doesn't have a year after its name anymore on their site, but elsewhere it's called 2014) or THE NEW Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security. Is the on-access scanner of MBAM Pro compatible with either of these security suites' on-access scanners?
  24. Hello, I am about to start a new contract with F-Secure Anti-Virus, and would like to know if there is any compatibility issues with running MBAM and F-Secure together since they both do Real Time Scanning. I know with other programs (I.E. Norton, McAfee, Trend-Micro and others) we are able to run simultaneously with them, but with F-Secure I am not so sure. Can you give any insight to this? Thanks in advance!
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