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  1. Yesterday and today I've been getting many Malewarebytes popup messages saying that a website has been blocked. This has happened even when I wasn't using the computer. I have a premium subscription and it was recently supposed to have been renewed automatically, as now when I open Malwarebytes it says I have 377 days to renewal. This morning it was blocking Chrome.exe (I was using Chrome browser; right now I am using Edge). Chrome would not allow me to use it - if I opened a new tab it gave an error message. I downloaded the latest version of Malwarebytes Adware and ran that. It found nothing, although it asked if I wanted to delete "old" software, which is the Hewlett-Packard software; I have an HP laptop so I did not delete or quarantine those. Now Chrome seems to work okay. But I looked at the Detection History in Malwarebytes and going back a few days ago to September 19 it lists a ton of things blocked, many of them doing with google, like google play, or google in the name, One blocked place is an IP address, although I have Random Addresses turned on, on my computer. Most of them listed as malware but a two dentified as trojans, those being h.parrable.com and bestteestore.net. Should I be worried? Anything else I should do? Malwarebytes has blocked those websites (I have real-time protection turned on), but what's going on with Google and Chrome? I made an RTP Detection log today and I will attach that file. Thank you for any advice you can give. RTP Detection.txt
  2. I am not getting the popups from Malwarebytes but its locking up Chrome now.
  3. Hello, Currently every time I open Chrome I get a million "Website blocked due to maleware." I do NOT and have NOT used Chrome Sync. Its never been turned on. I tried to exclude the chrome folder, "C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome" in my Allowlist, it did NOT work. I HAVE tried to use the Malewarebytes clean which did NOT change anything at all. Below I have provided the Gatherlogs from the Support tool. This was not an issue yesterday until I decided to Check for Updates and now its ruining my experiences. Thanks for your time. mbst-grab-results.zip
  4. background.zip keeps redirecting me to bing and malwarebytes is blocking a website called freychang fun after chrome closes and reopens. It also doesnt let me access the chrome extensions tab until i reset chromes settings and found these files in chrome_history folder in appdata where deleting the files from there does nothing as they come back 30 seconds later
  5. All this started when i was looking for cheats/Trainers for a game i was playing. Turned out that trainer was a malware. This malware redirects all my Chrome search bar searches to http://ursearch.net. which according to Google is a malware redirect. I have done everything YouTube videos have told me to do. The solutions i looked online always lead me to download or buy dubious software (Spyhunter, Hitman Pro etc. ) which , as you guessed it, does nothing to remove this malware. Yes i have Windows Defender and MalwareBytes which are useless so far. What makes this malware unique is that it sticks to my Google account. I have cleaned the cookies, history, autofill, passwords, extensions, basically every human trace on my google account in Chrome browser. I have even uninstalled and reinstalled Chrome. But no matter what, my clean uninfected Chrome browser gets infected the moment i login with my google account. I am sure this is not a device issue, since when i login to chrome at my work place computer , the malware comes along. The same with laptops. I could come to your house, login to your Chrome browser with my account and bring this malware to your device. How can i remove this? Is deleting my google account the only solution?
  6. As of today, I have started to get numerous pop-ups from Malwarebytes. MWB scan doesn't come up with anything. Same with Windows Security. It's doing it while I am typing here! (using Chrome) How do I get rid of this? Details attached. THnks for any help. trojan malwarebytes.txt
  7. Hello, I'm on my parent's laptop and today they had a flashing notice "Windows Defender Security Warning", complete with a phone number to call for help. I opened task manager and ended Google Chrome processes. Then, followed by running Malwarebytes (no issues), Adware (no issues) and Farbar (reports attached). Requesting help in cleaning up their computer. Note: I'm deleting their Chrome history, but found this on today's history: Security Center Code0x268d3 Er07Services refrence015428042022.azurewebsites.net. Thanks in advance for your help. Note: I will try to follow directions in a timely manner, however I do not live at my parents...so might be a little delay. Addition 220427.txt FRST 220427.txt
  8. Malwarebytes (Pro) identifies the following file as a PUP C:\Users\<accountname>\Appdata\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\preferences Is it? If yes, just add to the allow list?
  9. Hello, Back in May of this year I reported a bug to Malwarebytes by email about the Malwarebytes For Chrome browser extension conflicting with the Video DownloadHelper extension for Chrome, and this bug was confirmed by Malwarebytes after I reported it by email months ago. Here is an edited version of my report from back then: This conflict is still there, I was asked to report it here when I emailed Malwarebytes again to see if this bug was on the list of bugs to be fixed. This problem is pretty annoying for me and has prevented me from using the Malwarebytes extension for long, I have to keep disabling it, and so I usually give up using it until the next version comes out hoping that it will be fixed. I like the Malwarebytes extension and I would like to be able to use it again full-time one day and recommend it to others if this problem is fixed one day. Thank you, -John Jr
  10. I'm having an issue with my UMX android phone with some sort of adware virus I believe. I use Google Chrome as my main browser and for the last few months, when I click on Google Chrome and even when I'm not using Google Chrome it redirects me to weird websites like hastopic.com and weekhot.codeblogbt.com and random apps like ThemeLightBlue or YourTube that hijack my phone screen with some sort of Tarot game. This also makes my phone run really slow. I've cleared all chrome history and data and factory reset my phone 3 times. Each time I factory reset it, it starts doing the same thing ranging from between 3 days to a few hours. After the most recent factory reset it changed my home tab on android to something like gdd news. I've had Malwarebytes installed, it doesn't even detect YourTube as malware and says it's safe even though I didn't install it and it's not listed in the app store. These apps also try and disguise themselves as system apps. As I'm typing this an app on my phone popped up called Jungle Treasure which is actually on the Google Play app store but I did not confirm installation for.
  11. I'm running the latest versions of Windows 10 & Malwarebytes for Windows. My system appears to be infected with malware which I suspect came from a Google Chrome extension. Yesterday my PC started running very slowly and I noticed I received numerous Google Chrome notifications in the Windows message center (refer to the images below). After unsuccessfully performing a "Clean up computer" from the Advanced settings in Chrome, I performed a clean install of Chrome (uninstalling the previous installation & deleting the Chrome folder in Windows). I have not logged back into my account from within Chrome so extensions haven't been reinstalled. After reinstalling Chrome, I started a Custom Scan of my entire hard drive. The scan has been running for over 21 hours. It is still running. Over 680,000 items have been scanned and there has only been one (1) detection thus far: PUP.Optional.Ask. The offending file is: c:\users\mike\desktop\mike\appdata\local\temp\apnic.dll. I've let the scan run this long so I'm hesitant to stop it; however, I need to be able to regain the use of the infected computer as soon as possible. Is there any way for me to know how close the scan is to being done? Should I allow the custom scan to complete or is there a better course of action for me to take at this point? What are the steps I should take to resolve this and be certain my computer is no longer compromised? Thank you.
  12. Hi, I have a GTranslate plugin activated on 2 of my WordPress sites where in a dropdown it should show the flags of different countries and when each flag is clicked on the language should change accordingly. Looking at these sites through either Firefox or Edge they work. Yet looking at it through Chrome these things aren't working. Everyone else I know has told me that the flags and languages are showing for them, which ever browser they use. So with Chrome, this plugin is failing on both of my sites. Please see what I'm talking about at www.mycorner.online and www.thepeopleproject.org.uk I've been in touch with my Host Providers and my ISP, who both say it's a caching problem on my machine or browser and that they can't fix it. So, the last thing I can think of is that my security wall might have something to do with this. I've added the site name to my 'Allow List' and it's making no differece, however I'm wondering if anybody knows of anything else I can do to rectify the problem? Any help/advice will be much appreciated, thank you.
  13. Hi guys I have a new Malwarebytes message continually popping up starting today the 25th. Message relates to blocking modelwork.org as a trojan see below This occurs when I begin to type anything into the search box in the Google Chrome browser on my Windows 10 laptop? Can anyone advise what this is about please and what I need to do? Should I be worried? Have run MBAM scan and Defender scan of program files(x86) as well as Defender offline scan with nothing reported? Thanking you in anticipation AussieWayne Malwarebytes www.malwarebytes.com -Log Details- Protection Event Date: 25/05/2021 Protection Event Time: 11:48 Log File: 503181c0-bcfb-11eb-81c1-70f3955f6860.json -Software Information- Version: Components Version: 1.0.1292 Update Package Version: 1.0.40868 Licence: Premium -System Information- OS: Windows 10 (Build 19041.985) CPU: x64 File System: NTFS User: System -Blocked Website Details- Malicious Website: 1 , C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe, Blocked, -1, -1, 0.0.0, , -Website Data- Category: Trojan Domain: modelwork.org IP Address: Port: 443 Type: Outbound File: C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe (end)
  14. 1PW

    Am I FLoCed?

    I first found this today over at Wilder's... From the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), Am I FLoCed? A New Site to Test Google's Invasive Experiment HTH
  15. I am sure I can't be the only person in the world that has Malware on an Android device running Chrome!!! Since the end of March, when I open Chrome I get redirected to:- hastopi.com/12199.htm (and other spurious sites). In addition, if I go intoChrome settings and turn on the Home page setting, it keeps getting overridden. As a separate issue, games like "Ducky" keep downloading themselves from the Google play store. I have Malwarebytes,AVg, Bitdefender and Kaspersky installed but none of these are picking up and removing the issue permanently. Can anyone offer any kind of permanent solution??
  16. Hi, Chrome has stopped loading pages, and is causing my laptop's fans to get really loud, and is also causing my CPU usage to spike into the 80% - 90% range. All of this happened after I updated Malwarebytes and used the premium trial to run a full scan of my C: and D: drives. I'm not sure if the update or the scan or something else has caused this, but Malwarebytes has found no issues or threats on any scans, but I just can't think of what could be causing this. I've tried resetting Malwarebytes' settings, adding chrome to the exceptions, restarting my computer, doing a clean reinstall of both Malwarebytes and Chrome, and none of it has worked. I should add that other browsers like Firefox and IE are working, but I like using chrome and really hope this doesn't require a more drastic fix. Thank you in advance! Addition (C).txt Addition (D).txt FRST (C).txt FRST (D).txt
  17. I've been having a problem with a PUP related to Google Chrome that doesn't go away. Frequently I would run Malwarebytes and scan my computer, along with AdwCleaner, and the same PUP keeps showing up no matter how many times I deleted it. I've tried clearing sync data for chrome and uninstalling chrome, and the pup still shows up. I've tried formatting my computer but the PUP showed up again after I redownloaded chrome. I don't know if it showed up when I synced my data again, but regardless this is worrying. The PUP hasn't affected performance, and as far as I know, done anything, but I'm still worried about it. Below I've attached my most recent log from AdwCleaner. Thanks AdwCleaner[C00].txt
  18. Hello, I have been trying to remove recurring PUPs from chrome, following the steps here: https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/263016-chrome-pups-keep-coming-back/ I have made it to the point where the steps were specific to the hardware, and there are 2 PUPs that continue to reinstall themselves. Is this something that I should concern myself with, or just ignore? Thank you log.txt
  19. Hello, Yesterday I downloaded a program from the website "Keygen Ninja" while trying to get a keygen for a game I wanted. I ran the .exe file and ads were showing up on my google chrome and some shortcuts were getting deleted. A lot of requests for programs to run kept showing up and I pressed "no" on all of them. After that, I immediately downloaded MalwareBytes and ran a full scan, which took 6 hours, and something around 70 viruses were found. I quarantined all of them, and I ran other tools like Hitman Pro and adwcleaner to make sure everything was clean. I woke up this morning to a notification from paypal that my password had been changed, great, so I immediately changed all my passwords. The problem now is that my google chrome is showing a "Managed by your organization" tab on my settings in Google Chrome. I deleted the Chrome policies in the registry editor and uninstalled chrome multiple times while also disabling and enabling Chrome Sync. Nothing is changing, the "Managed by your organization" tab is still there. When I click on it, nothing shows up in the "Your browser is managed" tab. What should I do???
  20. I have been having this issue for about 2 weeks now and i cannot seem to make it go away. I have attached the export file from after I quarantined the files in question. I am not concerned about the Marble Drop file as that is for me to run an old game I own and I trust the source of the file. thank you in advance for all of your help. MWB Export Log 20201111.txt
  21. So it seems I have some sort of malware on my Google Chrome on Mac. I'm pretty new to this so please bare with me. For example When I search a random search in Google Chrome this URL briefly shows: http://www.google.com/url?sa=D&q=http%3A%2F%2Fsearch.operativeeng.com%2Fcps%3Fq%3Dwhere%2Bare%2Byou%26_pg%3DD5AF862B-7C24-5787-AF3D-AEAFF9F8B205 I am then redirected to Yahoo's search engine even though Chrome had always been my default. When I go to Chrome settings I see this search engine listed but there is no remove option. Chrome://management shows my computer is being managed by an outside source (this is a personal laptop). Going to chrome://policy shows this as default search provider http://search.operativeeng.com/favicon.ico I ran a Malwarebytes scan, it identified three threats and I quarantined and then restarted. However the malware is still on my chrome. I am wondering if it is embedded into my gmail account somehow. Thanks for any suggestions, just worried they could steal my passwords/financial information somehow.
  22. Recently, Malwarebytes has kept coming back with each scan,11 PUPs related to chrome. If I do a scan, quarantine the files, and do another scan again, it's there. 11 PUP detections. Things I have tried so far: Disabling sync Resetting sync I can't wrap my head around it. I have a log file that I made this morning from MBAM Premium and I have since quarantined the threats. Here is the log file from this morning: log.txt
  23. I decided to download MALWAREBYTES and run it. It identifed lots of threats (all related to PUP.Optional.ASK PUP.Optional.Babylon and also PUP.Optional.Conduit) and quarantined them all. They were all located at the carpets \AppData\Local\Google\Chrome, etc... I ran another MALWAREBYTES scan but the malware keeps regenerating every time I open chrome! It keeps founding over and over again those 6 threats. After long time of using my pc if I run a scan it shall find around of 20 threats. I've deleted all my cookies and history and settings and extensions from chrome but nothing helps, got the BitDefender antivirus but that one doesnt even detects the 6 threats malwarebytes founds. Can you please help me get rid of the MALWARE?
  24. i know my computer is infected because each time I enter chrome it has two new extensions with strange names like "sleepy science", "wild medicine", "unusual community" and such. I scanned with malwarebytes and adwcleaner but both said that there are no detections. What can I do to stop getting this extensions?
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