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  1. Prerequisite - Malwarebytes online installer v4.5.3.263 or newer. Note that this is only available by enrolling in beta at the moment I am writing this. It gets downloaded in "C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes\MBAMService" under a folder which name begins with "In". Copy it somewhere readily available. Steps - Uninstall Malwarebytes normally or via Support Tool; - Run Malwarebytes online installer with undocumented command line option to install beta program directly*; - Try activating license either via providing the key or by logging in, both activation means reproduce the problem. Note (*) I am aware this is unsupported and probably only Malwarebytes developers are supposed to know how to do this step, but this will become a real issue if/when Malwarebytes v4.5.3.162 CU 1.0.1579 hits general availability.
  2. Hello, I can't activate my "Basic" Malwarebytes product via License Key nor Logging with my account. I always get always the error MBAM404101 "Installation_Token not found" My Log Files are attached Thanks mbst-grab-results.zip
  3. I recently did a fresh install of Windows and bought a key from Malwarebytes. When I try to activate I get the "Installation_token Not Found" error. I've reviewed plenty of other posts with this but none of the resolutions have helped me. No host file entries, no other anti-malware/virus software installed, etc. The support tool also hasn't helped with repairs or clean installs. I've attached those logs though. mbst-grab-results.zip
  4. Recently I was alerted that my Lifetime license, which was purchased from Amazon Digital Services, Inc., is Blacklisted. support ticket: 2695584
  5. I recently purchased a license for MB3. However, whenever I try to activate the product, I am prompted with "Unable to connect to the server" error. I've attached my logs bellow. Thanks in advance. mb-check-results.zip
  6. Hi, I have a lifetime license for MBAM Premium. I have reinstalled my Windows, it is the same computer. Microsoft knows that, MBAM apparently doesn't. I have contacted support on June 30. No reply yet.
  7. I purchased Malwarebytes for windows for up to 6 computers. I have a MacBook now and the license won't activate, this is the message I get. Product registered does not match key for entitlement. Now this license is an active license and I have 5 out of 6 available. What is the problem? Please help. Thanks
  8. Greetings. My recent problems with Malwarebytes started about a week ago, when for unknown reason Malwarebytes completely stopped updating (it failed to update automatically, and when i tried to trigger update process manually it failed as well, however no error pop-ups were shown and it looked like the program is simply stuck trying to update itself endlessly). Also, whenever i tried to access account information tab from settings, Malwarebytes kept showing me an error message, saying that it is unable to connect to license servers. Today i finally decided to attempt clean reinstall with support tool. The updating problem seems to be solved now, but license servers are still "down" and https://keystone.mwbsys.com/ cannot be accesed through browser, returning ERR_CONNECTION_RESET error (Something strange happened right before the clean reinstall: i tried using windows diagnostic tool on that page and surprisingly the error was suddenly replaced by "OK" message at top-left side of the page, as if it was now available. So i ran the support tool, removed malwarebytes and rebooted my machine... and ran into that connection-reset-servers-unavailable brick wall again!). At this very moment i'm stuck with free version of Malwarebytes and unable to upgrade it back to premium with my license key. It is also worth noticing that .txt file with the key mysteriously dissappeared after reboot, yet other files on desktop generated by support tool remained intact. To this moment i tried different one-time antivirus tools on my laptop (eset, dr. web, kaspersky, msert - none of them found any threats), checked my hosts file (it remains in default condition and seems completely fine) and tried turning windows firewall off to see if https://keystone.mwbsys.com/ becomes accessible that way (it didn't). I'm attaching the log archive generated by Malwarebytes support tool to this message. Hope something can be done about all this. P.S.: in light of recent events in my country (our government tries its best to block Telegram, bringing down lots of IPs and services in process), i want to point out one of possible reasons for this, namely that some IP responsible for updates and licenses could've been blocked here. mbst-grab-results.zip
  9. On the 25th of April I received my four identical activation codes for four Hewlett Packard 15 Notebooks running on Windows 10, successfully installed and activated all four. Unfortunately the #1 machine user downloaded a certain driver.download.ru even though all users are told that hey must not install anything without permission. Disaster as the only final remedy was to do a factory restore to Windows 8.0 and update from a USB to Windows 10 adding all new software and MS Office. The other three machines are all OK but I cannot now re-activate Malwarebytes on the #1 machine as there was no possibility of de-activating beforehand. What do I need to do to get it running again as the full Malwarebytes Premium? Many thanks also for the free update which was installed this afternoon on my personal Windows 7 desktop. Best regards, Ian Chattan
  10. Hello, I'm unable to activate my premium after upgrading to version 3. This is the first time I'm having this issue and I believe I have a lifetime premium subscription. Is it safe to upload a screenshot with my key? Many thanks for your help.
  11. Hello, I just downloaded MB3 and clicked the button to purchase, created an account on the website and purchased a 1 year, 1 device license but the confirmation screen doesnt show me an activation/license code and I never got an email for the purchase. I got other emails when creating the account but nothing for purchasing. In addition, when I refresh my dashboard, it doesnt say I have any subscriptions. What happened? Did my money get taken?? I see the money withdrawn from my paypal account already from Avangate INC. FYI. I have no idea what to do here...
  12. I had to do a fresh install of Malwarebytes on my PC today and now when I try to activate my license, it is grayed out. Wondering what to do to get my coverage back up and running. I only have a License Key, I do not have an ID to go along with it.
  13. Hi, I'm currently trying to enable my real time protection on my premium account, but everytime it doesn't want to activate and the button instantely jump back on 'disable'. I've seen on the web that the problem is frequent but i didn't fond any working solution. Thanks to you and have a nice day, Rattlesneak
  14. Please could anyone help,Ive done everything to get the activation key to work,I havnt an ID code to enter,it doesnt work anyway whatever I do,beginning to think Ive been scammed by Deentech?
  15. Hello, yesterday I bought Malwarebytes Premium for Windows and have problem with instalation of this product. I copy the key which was sended for me by email but I have a error MBAM 404102 " the licence key was not found. There is a problem with your licence key ......" Can You help me, please? I tryed to reinstallate my free version and install the new one Malwarebytes 3.2.2. from the website but have the same answer about licence key. I have good internet connection and dont have other antivirus programs on my laptop. In my account I can see that my Premium version is Activ. I think these attachments will help you to find some problem with my activation. Thanks a lot! mb-check-results.zip
  16. Hi, I'm unable to activate Malwarebytes 3 on a fresh installation of Windows 10 because, as I gathered from reading the forums, my licenses had not been previously deactivated when I uninstalled Malwarebytes 2 from my previous Windows installations. I wasn't aware I needed to do that every time I uninstalled Malwarebytes. I've opened ticket 2100261 with costumer support but haven't received any replies other than the auto-reply with instructions for activating MB3 the "normal" way. Obviously I've tried that already, as soon as I installed the installation of Windows 10 I'm using right now, otherwise I wouldn't have contacted technical support in the first place. So TL;DR: I need to activate Malwarebytes 3 on a fresh installation of Windows 10, I don't have MB installed anywhere else but get the "usage limit" error when attempting to install it. I still have the license purchase email and the receipt in PDF form should they be required. License number #21278938 date: 29/03/2011 for reference. Thank you for your assistance.
  17. After a total hacking disaster I have had to completely reinstall Windows 7 from scratch. Malwarebytes Premium was installed and activated successfully before this occurred. After re-install I find that it is now impossible to re-activate Malwarebytes Premium and I get an error message as follows "The usage level has exceeded the max volume allowed. There is a problem with your license key and we are unable to activate your license. Please check your license details and try entering your key again. If you continue to have trouble please contact Malwarebytes support for assistance." I have cleaned out all temp folders and removed all trace of Malwarebytes from program files and the registry, and still the program will not activate. What to do next? No idea. Need some help here... Ian
  18. Had premium subscription which expires in 4 days; Running Windows 7 Home with Mozilla. Paid for one-year renewal subscription. Copied and pasted ID number and Key. Have downloaded renewal and installed twice, Start Menu doesn't show it when searched, but when I click "About" on the actual program tab, Malwarebytes tells me that's what I am running. No matter what I try, when I open 3.2.2, message comes up that subscription expires in 4 days instead of one year from now. I have been working on this for three hours. Went to website; Tried to start chat; there is none on weekends. Sent email; got auto reply telling me to do everything I have already done. There is no phone support. Got on Google; found a lot of the same sort of issue and no solutions. Please help.
  19. I purchased a retail box of Malwarebytes (Anti-Malwarebytes Premium) and registered the first seat of three on June 30, 2016. This evening, I attempted to activate the 2nd seat of three, and was denied with a message which indicated my product had expired or the period in which my product could be activated.had expired. I need assistance from a representative at Malwarebytes to solve this problem. Can someone lend me a hand? Thanks! Ron
  20. I too am having the same problem. I sent them an email and hopefully they'll answer soon. I purchased Malwarebytes years ago and love it. This morning I tried putting in my license number and ID and the same message came up as yours.
  21. I had to reset my laptop. I had Malewarebytes installed and activated. However not that I am back on my laptop I had to download and activate Malewarebytes again. I now get a error message when trying to activate it. It is installed on my old desktop which I was using yesterday to do some research on how to fix my laptop. However that machine is not even connected to the Internet anymore. Below is a snippet of the error message.
  22. Hi, sorry to bother you all. Hopefully you can assist me on this issue that I am having. I brought my PC at my local GoodWill about 1 1/2 year ago. It came with this program and not its not letting me enter my serial key. First it said exceed the amount and now it says no key found. So as of now its free for 10 days vs lifetime. All of this happened about 4 days ago. I wrote the key down when I brought this PC from the GoodWill. I have no log-in just the key for the program. The reason why I had to reinstall the program is for some reason the web protection was not turning on. It remained off for days with no way to turn it on. Then I deactivated it before I uninstalled and reinstall the program. Now its not taking my key. I tried again today and first it will say exceed the amount then it will say no license found. Any help would be great. Thanks. Brandon
  23. I have an older version of malwarebytes that I bought in 2012. I have the key and id. Recently I had to reinstall my old computer and reinstall the program. When I try to activate, it says error 403, the usage level has exceeded max volume and that I need to contact support. I've already submitted a help ticket last week but got no response. Please help.
  24. I have used Malwarebytes pro for some years, the latest version being, installed from the download file mb3-setup-consumer- My subscription came up for renewal on 13th June. I renewed it that day and paid the renewal fee to Cleverbridge. They confirmed receipt and the payment is shown in my bank statement. Cleverbridge sent me a receipt with an ID and Key, which were unchanged from those I had previously.used. They also sent a download link to mb3-setup-cb.NT- I re-entered the ID and Key (by cut and paste to avoid errors), but Malwarebytes still showed its status as "Expired". I uninstalled it, downloaded the version from Cleverbridge's link and put in the ID and Key again. It still shows "Status: Expired - premium subscription temporarily extended". I telephoned Cleverbridge and they could not explain why it does not show as renewed. They said it must be a technical problem, which they could not help with and which I should refer to Malwarebytes. On 14th June I emailed Malwarebytes at "reply-fe9515767d64047576-159101_HTML-297367400-6356537-1@reply.malwarebytes.com" (in reply to a message from them asking me to renew). I received no reply, so I sent emails again to "support@malwarebytes.com" on 16th June and 20th June. I still have had no reply, and I am concerned that the temporary extension of Malwarebytes will soon come to an end and I will lose its protection. I wonder whether this forum will be a more effective way of resolving this problem.
  25. I just bought a licence after months of using the free version. However, whenever i try to activate the licence from within the application, I get an error message telling me that "Unable to contact licence server. Contact your system administrator for help". I don't know what to do. I'm fairly knowledgeable at this and i'm surprised that the program cannot connect to the internet. I'm using windows 10, and the firewall allows traffic to port 443, the program can also check for updates (like it has always been doing since i installed it, in the free version). I don't know what else could be causing this. Any help would be greatly appreciated
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