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  1. My windows 10 Microsoft Surface laptop has recently stopped working, something I suspect is caused by a virus. The other day I lent my laptop to my brother so that he could work remotely from it. He downloaded Anydesk, as well as OpenVPN (according to him, he just googled them and downloaded the first link). He was recently notified by his work that their network was infected with a virus which case from his machine. As soon as he told me this, I downloaded Avast and ran a scan, but from this point my laptop kept freezing any time I tried to install, uninstall or run any kind of antivirus s
  2. A couple days ago, Avast loaded onto my computer while I was downloading an update for CCleaner. I went to Avast support for help in removing it, as it would not allow me to do it (said I didn't have authorization). At this time, apparently a file called AvLaunch.exe also loaded. It is still there, and it is messing with my computer performance, bigtime. It's killing my battery, starting programs (like Edge) which I have repeatedly turned off, won't let me chat or communicate directly with Malwarebytes, slow load times, etc. I need help. This is further complicated by the fact that I'm c
  3. Malwarebytes 3.6.1 claims that there are threats on my system, these files are 5 years old, why are they saying Trojan.Agent.Generic unless it's false-positive? And I think the .jpg files are also false-positive for RiskWare.ExtensionMismatch, as the only .jpg in the Recycle Bin were created using my Android phone.
  4. My windows pc has been infected with a virus in the folder C:\Windows\System32. my default window antivirus could not detect this virus but then i installed the free version of AVG which was able to detect this virus but every few days this virus reappears and i have to remove it again. From my research and little bit of knowledge i think this is related to some kind of cryptocurrency mining. Any guidance on this topic would be appreciated Original Filename: diskdriver.exe Type of File: Application(.exe) Description: disk io driver Location : C:\Windows\System32. size
  5. Hi there, I run Malwarebytes 3 on 2 computers, and also have AVG Internet Security on both computers. My AVG Internet Security is coming up for renewal. Is it safe for me to cancel my AVG renewal and just have Malwarebytes 3? Or do you recommend i have both? Regards, Tonski.
  6. I've been running AVG Internet subscription and Malearebytes Premium for some time now, but the past couple of weeks I keep getting the "Real-time protection is switched off" message. I switch it back on and it switches off again immediately. I've excluded Malwarebytes on the AVG exclusions and the AVG helpdesk has checked remotely and say everything is fine from their end. I have the latest Malwarebytes upgrade and the latest Windows too. What else can I do please?
  7. For some years I Have run AVG premium with Malwarebytes premium quite happily. The last upgrade for AVG changed that and this is addressed: However, these solutions do not work on my set=up. So I intend to unsubscribe from AVG. Out there, which AV software works well with Malwarebytes 3? Thanks!
  8. Since an AVG update a few days ago, it keeps conflicing with MBAM constantly. I did check this thread and followed the advice to check "never register in windows media center". Now both programs dont conflict with eachother, but I cant tell for sure if MBAM is active. I did download mbam-test.exe, and when I clicked on the "exploit" button It didnt open the calculator, BUT no MBAM popup showed up telling me it was blocked. Is MBAM still working even tough the notifications dont appear?
  9. Help needed, everytime I open outlook2016, I receive the below pop-up message several times... any idea of what to do? thanks in advance
  10. My Malwarebytes Premium offers an Exclusions tab. One pre-set possibility listed is my AVG updater. Apparently by default, it is not checked. I am concerned that Malwarebytes might somehow disable all or part of my updates, as it appears that AVG's automatic updates have not been occurring for months. Whenever I check the AVG updater box on the Exclusions tab, nothing like an "OK" or "Apply" button appears. If I click another tab, then return to Exclusions, the box has been unchecked. I tried using "Add exclusion" to specify it, but nothing happened. What's going on? How do I do this rig
  11. I am experiencing a AVG flagging up every morning telling me I have a Torjan Horse Generic38.AFLR Virus. I click Protect Me every time, but it comes back if I restart the system. It is telling me the virus is in C:\Users\Quadra Optiplex 360\AppData\Local\Temp\Windows5955891407008661.dll I have run the scans, attached to this log. Can someone help me please? Many Thanks Addition.txt FRST.txt Malware Scan 16.02.txt
  12. I use AVG paid for and MBAM free. All programs are the latest versions, and both have the latest databases. This morning when I logged onto my computer, to my horror, I found that AVG had popped up a dialog saying that the installer program for 7zip, 7z1604-x64.exe, harbors the Trojan horse Atros5.AYO. Check out the attached screen shot. So, I opened MBAM, updated its database, and then scanned my entire directory where I store all installer files. MBAM found no issues whatsoever. See attached screen shot. I then went to https://www.virustotal.com and up
  13. Hello there! So recently, about 3 days ago I installed a program. The program came with a suspicious "bundle" that just installed a bunch of crap onto my desktop. I knew this was not right so I deleted all the programs that came with the bundle immediately. So now for three days i've been getting pop-up ads, it is not like the usual one click ,one pop-up though. My problem is kinda similar in one way. The thing is that a new tab with advertisement (most of the time "hotchatdate.com" and "wonderlands.com") opens every 20-25 minutes . It only occurs in google chrome , I haven't tried installing
  14. I am getting constant "Website Blocked" While trying to install AVG and run Windows Update. The domains are: aa.avg.com and ctldl.windowsupdate.com
  15. Hello, Today I found out my internet was not working this morning. It was working yesterday night and now it is not.I tryed Google Chorme and IE but it still did not work. I think it is a virus. Here is some info: Error code : DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NO_INTERNET OS: Windows 8.1 Anti-virus: Vodafone and AVG (Avg stopped working when I tryed it) (Vodafone can not load) Internet: Working fine for all computers except mine. Can someone please help me, Dennis Galway
  16. Hi there, I'd like to start off saying thank you for all the help you have given me in the past via these forums Recently I have had a few trojan horse warnings popping up through AVG, all end up secured, but then ill end up getting another warning a few days later with the same thing. After removal I scan my pc like 3 times using avg and malwarebytes, but they always seem to pop up again. The weirder thing is that I have genuine Windows 7 and the disk and keys etc, but the virus keeps popping up under the name "";"Trojan horse Crypt3.BDFF, C:\ProgramData\Windows Genuine Advantage\{63
  17. Hello! I'm concerned that my computer is infected because I am unable to open either Mallwarebytes or AVG as it is blocked by a message reading "This program is blocked by group policy. For more information, contact your system administrator." I can open the Chameleon page and have tested all the Chameleons, but to no avail. I have also tried to open them by goings through C:/ Programs etc., but opening them their only prompts the same message to come up. So, I'm not sure what to do to rid my computer of viruses, I'm currently trying to avoid turning it off for fear of this worse
  18. Hello! I'm concerned that my computer is infected because I am unable to open either Mallwarebytes or AVG as it is blocked by a message reading "This program is blocked by group policy. For more information, contact your system administrator." I can open the Chameleon page and have tested all the Chameleons, but to no avail. I have also tried to open them by goings through C:/ Programs etc., but opening them their only prompts the same message to come up. So, I'm not sure what to do to rid my computer of viruses, I'm currently trying to avoid turning it off for fear of this worsening t
  19. Hi folks, Was surprised to discover that AVG toolbar was acting as malware and making my laptop not shut down/ boot/ recover from sleep. Windows 8 forum gave steps to fixing problem beginning with removing AVG. However, I have been failing to remove the AVG toolbar. When I uninstall AVG 2014, it fails with a prompt saying 'could not uninstall toolbar.' Attempting to uninstall the toolbar itself results in a message saying 'please wait until current program has finished uninstalling or being changed' but there is no activity. The toolbar itself is not visible as an extension in google chrome
  20. I have run the free version of malware bytes and followed several detailed instructions. nothing appearing on any lists that I can find and delete. Nor does any threat appear when I run the program or when I run eset. every time I open chrome all three avd, native search, and fbd open multiple tabs. here is the reports i ran. I hope I am posting correctly. new here. thank you so much! DDS (Ver_2012-11-20.01) - NTFS_AMD64 Internet Explorer: 10.0.9200.16537 Run by Tracy at 19:13:48 on 2014-01-07 Microsoft Windows 8 6.2.9200.0.1252.1.1033.18.6000.4262 [GMT -8:00] . AV: ESET Smart Security 7.0
  21. Before I had exclusively suggested AVG 2014 to everybody, as it had never let me down. Well. My relative noticed something funny going on her PC, and I did a virus scan with AVG 2014. It detected a backdoor trojan called backdoor.PoisonIvy.BQ, but couldn't remove it and it constantly showed up in scans. So I was writing a post on AVG forums to ask for help, and feces hit the fan. Text was selecting itself, removing, closing windows, and a rainbow screen with Windows XP styled checkboxes appeared. I was pretty freaked out, and I pulled the plug. I had to change all of my passwords, just b
  22. Hi, i just installed AVG 2014 (30 day free trial) to my laptop and did a scan. It found 3 rootkits which are named Threat: Service function NtMapViewOfSection hook -> 0xFFFFFFFF8782F280 Severity: Medium State: Infected Threat: Service function NtCreateThreadEx hook -> 0xFFFFFFFF878517A0 Severity: Medium State: Infected Threat: Service function NtalpcConnectPort hook -> 0xFFFFFFFF869E5428 Severity: Medium State: Infected with a red X next to them. When I click them to remove the remove selected button doesn't work. I did a quick scan with MBAM and it said 0 threats. I then
  23. Some how AVG installed a toolbar in my firefox brouser, (fat fingers or a family member no blame directed). Next thing I know my hard drive is full. Went online and found a fix, Delete the file (grown to greater than 4G!) then when it returns make it read only. Stopped using AVG and started using Trend Micro internet security with no further problems. My registration ran out when I tried to upgrade to TM Ti Maximum Security because the reg code was not compatible with internet security, worked with TM support and got no where. They said I had to remove AVG or their program would not install. I
  24. Sorry not a computer person so if you need more info let me know After scanning with avg free 2013 detected 5 anti rootkits I tried putting these in sites to see if they were false positives but when I open the direction the .sys file doesnt exist. AVG says to delete the files I need to reboot but on the next scan they are back. Please help.... Does this mean someone is accessing my laptop or is it a AVG error files appear like this "";"pci.sys, hooked import ntoskrnl.exe IoDetachDevice -> spxr.sys +0x625DC, C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\spxr.sys";"Infected" "";"pci.sys, hooked import ntoskr
  25. The FAQ in this forum has good information on how to resolve conflict between AVG Antivirus and MBAM.....BUT......the list of solutions found at http://forums.malwar...showtopic=10138 is out of date. (It's in section H) As we all know........There is a new version of MBAM Free (1.7) and a new version of AVG 2013 Free. These are not included in the FAQ. To make things more complicated, the process for adding Exceptions in AVG has changed from previous versions. There is no longer an Add List command or a Code box. Plus, the Browse button used to navigate to the required files is, for some reas
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