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Found 10 results

  1. [reposting from Malwarebytes 3 Support Forum, summary below followed by the info you requested] I had issues with my WIn7 Pro SP1 64-bit laptop (an HP Envy 15 Notebook, i7-4720HQ) suddenly having the network stop working and the entries in DeviceMgr seem corrupt, so ... 1. Booted into Safe Mode (no networking) 2. Tried to run MWB (last version I had on this older laptop), it failed with Couldn't open proc 406:120 3. Tried MWB uninstall, also failed with similar error 4. Copied mbam 3.5 install, and various clean/support/check utils from a USB s
  2. Greetings, I have recently noticed that I believe that there may be a virus on my PC. How do I know? Well, I was playing an online game and I noticed I wasn't getting my usual FPS which is 75. Instead, It has been changing between 40-50. SO I decide to open task manager and I see the CPU is around 90%+. It then drops straight after. I look on my browser and I see that the game is running at 75 FPS. When I close the task manager the game goes back to around 40 FPS. At 1st I thought it was Malwarebytes Ant-Virus as it seemed like it was causing it with high CPU Usage. I proceeded to uninstall it
  3. Salutations, I recently discovered of an attempted intrusion by a variant of the Kotver Trojan. You can find all of the relevant details here (this includes logs from MBAM, HitmanPRO, FSS, FRST, and Kotver itself). According to the technician assisting me, he believes it originated from an exploit ad on a web page or something similar.[1] This reinforces my initial suspicions that WinRAR is the culprit. For some time now, the application has been generating advertisements to convince you to buy a license of their product once the evaluation period has ended (AKA nagware). Malwarebytes' ha
  4. Hello, I wasn't exactly sure where it was appropriate to post this, but I believe I have stumbled upon a false positive. Upon booting my PC, MBAM's daily scan informed me of a Trojan.Kovter in AppData\Local\Temp. In response to this, I ran a deeply thorough scan using MBAM, HitmanPRO, FRST, and FSS with no detections. I also went back and verified the processes running in Process Explorer, since I regularly check what's running on my machine anyway. Nothing about my computer use has been out of the ordinary for this to occur, so I have hypothesized two possible scenarios: A) A false posit
  5. Hi there, good MBAM folk :-) PC, Windows 7 Home Premium, 64 bit. I have chosen NOT to install the Windows Updates - this may/may not be relevant. Malwarebytes Free, Avira Pro. I first noticed there might be a problem when I was attempting to download regular definition Updates for Malwarebytes. The download could never quite complete - it froze up 3/4 of the way through. Same result after several attempts. I also noticed the internet was running very slowly (and normally it's pretty quick). Another change in behavior. I uninstalled Malwarebytes using Control Panel. I also downl
  6. Hi, I've used MBAE for a while now with Avast! Free on my Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit machine, and I'm having some very weird Chrome crashes, without any malware. (I already went through the works and checked for malware with multiple products and came up empty) (Heads up: sorry for the lengthy post, thought you should know the whole story) After every long(ish) browsing session, I had Chrome beta (v40) crash when I exited the browser. I didn't mind much, because I was shutting down anyway, but one day I broke and opened Visual Studio for debugging. It was an Access Violation, and at fir
  7. Hello I unfortunately came across a Trojan.Agent.CK infection yesterday while doing a routine scan of my laptop using Malwarebytes. It didn't pick this up during a quick scan but during a full system scan. There was just the one entry and I put this in quarantine to check what is was, deemed it as nothing important and then deleted the item. After rebooting, I then ran a quick scan which found nothing and my laptop appears to be running fine. Is it necessary to carry out further checks to see if the problem has been completely removed, or if it has caused some unseen damage to my system
  8. Hello everyone, Newbie here.. So I installed originally installed the free version of Malwarebytes because I've been having an issue obviously with some form of malware installed on my computer, duh. I came to the exact same conclusion where I could not login to my profile unless it was under safe mode so I restored the computer to a previous point where Malwarebytes was not installed and everything was back to normal. The definition of normal being that everything worked correctly including my sneaky ninja @$$hole malware buddy still lurking in the shadows and popping up random ads whenev
  9. Hello everyone--- My friend relayed me to this site...I have been trying for 3 months now to get rid of this virus I contracted on my laptop. My laptop is fairly new so it's not worth getting a new one, however, i'm in college and don't have the $200 to fork up to bring to Staples to have them wipe out my laptop. I believe I contracted the Win7 virus back in Nov....i've done some reasearch on this virus and have tried mulitiple ways to try to get rid of it; i tried adding antivirus software (norton, sophos, and microsoft security essentials...nothing worked.) These are the symptoms I get: when
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