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Found 19 results

  1. You should build in AdwCleaner in MBAM so we do not need to download adwcleaner separate!
  2. Mine says update:current yet the web protection just says starting and never does.
  3. The latest update indeed fixed the problems I had. But ultimately I uninstalled MBAM completely because it was slowing down my machine too much.
  4. I am new to these forums although am a long time user of the home version of Malwarebytes. I downloaded the 3.0 pro version on my two PCs recently (Dell XPS 2750 and Windows Surface laptop both running Win10). I noticed immediately that the Dell machine slowed to a crawl during the Threat scans. A check of the Disk utilization showed that it was at 100% with MWB at the top of the list and so was the memory utilization, however I hardly noticed the scans running on the Surface which has less resources. Thinking that I had too many junk apps on the Dell, I cleaned out the app list, got rid o
  5. I just uninstalled my corporate 1.80 malwarebytes and installed the new malwarebytes 3.0.6. I am not unable to check for new updates and it says my updates are not current. I click check for updates and it says checking then 1 second later it stops.
  6. having the same issue.. ongoing since January I think. or December. This didn't work.
  7. Having problems !. Real time protection won't load...sits there Starting 2. tried to scan 3 times Scan self Cancels 11 seconds now down to 7 seconds. HELP scan stopped 4 4 2017.txt
  8. First let me start by saying that I have been a long long time user of Malwarebytes, and have recommended it or installed it on many a users computer. But I must confess, this latest fiasco concerning the many bugs within version 3.0 and the 4 months it took to resolve, really has me doing a whole lot of soul searching. Yesterday, I installed the latest attempt to fix the problems, BETA CU4. So far, this is the longest I have been able to go without an error message, 26 hours..WooHooo !! A quick word to the wise, make sure before you attempt to try the above Beta out, you know y
  9. I am currently on MalwareBytes Program Verison and today MalwareBytes asked me to update to Program Version 3.0, which I tried and did not like. So I reinstalled the old version of the program. Now, every time I click on it, there is a popup that says "A new version of MalwareBytes is ready to be installed." and also there is a yellow banner at the top of the program telling me "Your Program Version is out of date" I checked the settings and found under "Update Settings" > "Check for program updates when checking for database updates." I turned it off but it is still do
  10. I previously had an issue with my real-time protection turning itself off. Support gave me the information for uninstall old version (my automatic updates were not working) and reinstall. I saved my licensing information since the instructions indicate this will not carry over and I'll have to manually enter my licensing information once the new version has been installed. During the install I did have several errors pop up (too quickly to notate the errors), but I did finally get the update installed. Here is where my new problem comes in to play. When I go to the licensing screen to
  11. I installed Malwarebytes 3.0 over Malwarebytes 2.0, Anti-Exploit and the beta of AntiRansomware. It loaded, I updated definitions and ran a scan. Worked beautifully. I rebooted the computer, and when Malwarebytes was fully reloaded there was a message that said exploit protection was off. Asked if I wanted to fix it. When I looked at the dashboard settings, I toggled the exploit protection to be on (it was off). It then said it was "starting," but it never loaded. Not after 3 tries. Any suggestions about making this work and helping me get rid of the little red mark on the Malwarebytes
  12. Recently I've been having a popup that states Malwarebytes has detected and blocked an exploit. When I view the report, there is nothing available. I have rebooted my system several times. Inside the MalwareBytes tool, I am not able to enable the Web Protection setting. While whatever is happening on my system, it seems MalwareBytes is blocking it, but it is my best interest to remove whatever rootkit, or malware is loaded on my system. I am currently running the Malwarebytes Anti-Rootkit and once completed I will upload the logs. MB-CheckResult.txt
  13. Why was the Report format changed in version 3.0? I found the one in 2.xx far more useful and informative. I liked the idea that I could easily process and collect data in Excel using XML, the report format used in 2.xx. Please consider having the earlier report format at least as an option. Thank you.
  14. Hello, recently was given the upgrade to Malware Bytes 3.0. It now completely clogs my computer's CPU and makes it somewhat unusable. Before upgrading there was a "Run in Background" option, and never had a problem with CPU usage. How do I make Malware Bytes 3.0 run in the background? OR, how do I re-install 2.x until you add this feature? Thank you.
  15. Since accepting the 3.0 update prompt, a lot of websites I have had no problem visiting in the past have become inaccessible (server or DNS address could not be found). Some of these sites had been excluded (web exclusions) in the previous version (mbam and although the exclusions are still listed in V3.0, the sites are accessible only if I turn Real-Time Protection OFF. The problem exists on all the browsers and disappears as soon as Real Time Protection is turned OFF. This has become such an impediment that I have now removed V3.0 and re-installed mbam
  16. When upgrading to version 3, the license becomes "Trial." My licenses are "lifetime" and I have screenshots to substantiate that. When a manual re-license is attempted, a message appears that says that the maximum amount has been exceeded. I have attempted to upgrade to version 3 several times, and on multiple machines. My original purchase was multiple licenses to qualify for a "site license" as instructed by CleverBridge. When I made the original purchase, I was told that if I bought a over a certain number of licenses, that qualified as a "site license" and was recorded as su
  17. I'm on 3.0 and tried to manually update to the latest version, but I got the error message in the first screenshot while trying to install it. I then uninstalled Malwarebytes, and got the same message while trying to install it again. I read somewhere that I should delete the mbae64.sys file in C:\Windows\System32\drivers, then to try installing it again, but I can't (see 2nd screenshot). Apparently the file is being used by something, but I can't identify it in the Task Manager. I'm running as administrator and even restarted.. nothing helps. I looked inside the Program Files\Malwar
  18. I'm running Windows 10 on a Lenovo g700 laptop. I recently updated to the current version of 3.0 Free, and I'm having a GUI problem which I didn't have before. When I maximize to full screen and then try to return to regular size, the GUI returns to a larger size than it was before; when I try to drag the sides to shrink the GUI, the double arrow will not "grab" the side, so I can't drag it smaller. MB 3.0 is the only program I've noticed this behavior on. I've run DISM and sfc and updated my drivers, but there has been no chantge in behavior. Otherwise, MB3.0 Free works well. What can I do t
  19. I broke down the memory dump file to support the upload. I do not have the MBAMservice.log file I'm afraid because i uninstalled MBAM before it started back up to prevent another BSOD while getting the other data. Addition.txt FRST.txt MEMORY.part01.rar MEMORY.part02.rar MEMORY.part03.rar MEMORY.part04.rar MEMORY.part05.rar MEMORY.part06.rar MEMORY.part07.rar
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