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Found 3 results

  1. I loved Malwarebytes. It was a marriage made in computer heaven. It lived in perfect harmony with other antivirus apps like Zonealarm. It never felt like it had any impact on performance. It protected me from nefarious websites before they could even attempt to drop malware on my computer. Its scans worked quietly in the background. False positives were scant, and easily rectified. I had paid Malwarebytes on computer and smartphone. Now I loathe Malwarebytes, because it ruined my life. Late May, Microsoft put Windows 2004 on my machine. Everything went haywire immediateky. The machine nearly choked. Of course, I blamed it on Microsoft, and reverted the update. After 2 weeks, the update dropped again, and it again brought the machine to its knees. I had a rather dated Intel 6700K, and I thought it’s time to retire the old boy. Spent $10K for a new server with a Threadripper 3970x, and turned the “old” 16 core Threadripper 2950x with 128G memory into my daily driver Windows machine. Ran like a banshee, except for some slowdowns at the end of the day. Tried the 2004 update. Near-death experience again. Did a complete new install (and you know how much work that can be.) Ran really well, until, 2 days later, it suffered from yet another coronary. I started to selectively disable apps and services. Finally disabled Malwarebytes, and the problems immediately went away. This is when I found this site, and many others who had the same problem. I followed all the tips that amounted to performing fresh installs of the next update that would work, and if that won’t work, disable features you paid for, like ransomware protection. They never solved the problem. I felt like teleported back to the dark old days of Windows 3.1, when the standard tech-support answer was “reinstall Windows.” Sometimes, the machine was bogged-down right after booting. Sometimes, it ran for a few hours, then the Internet would first slow down (I’m on a 2gbit fiber line that feels like talking to the server next door – when it works) then the machine would become unusable altogether. A reboot would fix it …. For a while. Once I found out that Malwarebytes was the culprit, I immediately turned off Malwarebytes when the machine slowed down – until turning off Malwarebytes was no longer possible. A few times, the 16core/32 thread machine became so slow that Malwarebytes itself would no longer react to a shutdown command. Its window turned white, and it played dead. The only escape was via the reset button. Yesterday, new problems started. AFTER successful login, Windows would report problems with the logon info. Twice after that, ALL personalization info was gone, including the complete desktop, all email accounts in Outlook, and sundry other info. Basically, Windows was thrown back to a state after a new install. Malwarebytes robbed me of a day of my life spent reinstalling and updating everything. Things got so bad that the Malwarebytes support tool, fired-up to document the harm done by the app, simply sat there, and forever twirled its "Run FIRST" indicator. It never finished or put any logs onto the desktop as promised. I finally had to stop it. During a second run of the support tool, I noticed a "FIRST English" icon, indicating a "script stopped." I unstopped the script, and finally, a "mbst-grab-results.zip" was put on the desktop. If anyone wants it, it’s available. I finally lost all trust and belief in Malwarebytes, and removed it from, the Windows machine. Reading this site, I also noticed what many people notice after a divorce, namely that I must have suffered for far longer than I realized. About a year ago, Malwarebytes started to come up with the message that ransomware protection was turned off. I turned it back on. Or so I thought. Much later, I finally realized that it simply sat there, twirling its indicator signaling an imminent turn-on, and it never would turn-on. Countless Malwarebytes owners were led to believe that they were protected from Ransomware while in fact, they were wide open. I followed well-meant advice that said I should disable false positive lockout. I found a better solution. I stopped Malwarebytes, restarted it, then set the protections to ON. After that, they would stay ON until the next re-boot. Sometimes the settings would survive a few re-boots, most often, they did not. Even in its failures, Malwarebytes continued to be erratic, and Malwarebyte maintenance ate more and more of my active time. Looking at this forum, I notice that these problems were reported three years ago, were promised to be fixed, and I had them as late as last week. During the research, it also dawned on me that I had suffered from sudden Windows slowdowns for a much longer than I realized. Of course, I blamed them on an older CPU, a bad Windows install, or a virus I might have caught. I never imagined that Malwarebytes, an app that should protect me from evil, would be the culprit. The slowdowns started long before Windows 2004, but were never as pronounced, so they were ignored, or “fixed” with a re-boot. The latest Malwarebytes update was applied this morning. All was well. Until a few hours later, the slowdowns started again. We all reach a point in life when enough is enough Sadly, I have to divorce myself from formerly beloved Malwarebytes.
  2. Hello, I've had to uninstall MWB Pro as it was suddenly causing problems. Because I had to uninstall to get this far, I can't say what version it was. Windows 7 booted normally and behaved normally until the yellow box came up in the notification area asking me to turn on som protections that were not turned on. Doing anything with this box (even dismissing it) caused the machine to slow to a crawl with CPU at 80% or so and eventually locking up completely. It would then behave normally until MWB's yellowbox comes up ... I'm running Kaspersky 2018 Internet Security so MWB isn't too important, but is very useful for finding PUPs and other trash. Should I download MWB again and install ? Regards Cheemag
  3. As I found out, Malwarebytes does NOT STOP if you exit the program. It just keep scanning without caring what the user on PC need. I have a I4470k with 16gb ram and 3.8TB SSD and MBAM just eats away all the power I invested in. That is now OVER. SIMPLE WAY: 1) SCAN your Machine 2) disable scheduler and service 3) When you need it, start MBAM and it will start scheduler and service itself. After that I disable it again in services.
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