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  1. Original problem: it seemed like my computer had a virus of some sort (fake anti-virus websites ALWAYS opening and trying to download things when I was browsing the internet), but no hits with MBAM scans or AVG scans. Step 1: I read the blog and thought the Powelicks post sounded like my problem, so I downloaded MBAR BETA. Extraction went fine, but when I tried to run the tool, I immediately got a message asking me about a specific .dll file. The message (from MBAR) said it was probably a rootkit causing the particular .dll file (which I did not take a screenshot of or write down). The
  2. My mothers netbook has an recurring rootkit.access.0 infection at someplace in the registry that ends with Legacy_*202EETADPUG. I have noticed on these forums the same address I mentioned above when I looked up how people dealt with their problem with rootkit.access0. I used Chameleon to run Malwarebytes Premium several times but it comes back every other reboot. Malwarebytes AntiRootkit Beta does not find it when I ran it separatedly. I need help to get rid of this infection. I also am not sure if there are other infections or not. I already downloaded AdwCleaner, ComboFix, DelFix, ESET Onlin
  3. Have contracted rootkit malware, noticed when multiple incidences of explorer and dllhost were running and explorer.exe tried to access internet (blocked by Malwarebytes). Per instructions elsewhere I have downloaded and run FRST.EXE and also Roguekiller. The FRST.TXT and ADDITION.TXT from FRST and the RKreport from Roguekiller are copied below. I downloaded and ran the premium version of Malwarebytes which found several instances of threats which I quarantined. Malwarebytes log also attached. Other than that, I have made no deletions or changes to anything. Hope I am doing this right.
  4. Hello, i am at my wits end trying to figure out what is going on with my pc. I just recently got it back from a friend (HUGE mistake) and i had to completely reformat the system due to the sheer volume of malware he managed to get onto it. However since then my pc keeps accumulating new virus' and malware. I am currently using MAMB, AVG Antivirus and AVG Tuneup Utilities to try and root around in my pc (heh, get it?). Im running Win7, 4GB RAM, 64-Bit OS, 3.21GHz Processor as well as a 1000GB External Harddrive. Please help as im not sure i will be able to use my pc for anything anymore :/
  5. guess all i need to do here is post the text docs eh?... here's my other post where i've explained everything that's happened thus far.... https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?/topic/153380-malware-bytes-keeps-getting-stuckfreezing-and-im-infected/?p=856983 FRST.txt Addition.txt CheckResults.txt
  6. I'll run any diagnostics you ask and provide all logs, but here's the whole story first: It all started about a month ago when my laptop's internal hard drive (not stock. I replaced the HDD about a year prior) started randomly giving me BSOD's out of nowhere. I can't remember what the BSOD said, but it was more than one error message, usually something that lead me to believe it was a hardware issue. I figured my HDD was simply in bad shape from not being defragged lately, so I started running defrag and chkdisk as much as I could (between BSOD's). One day, my girlfriend received a text messa
  7. Hi, Is the second time I get this msgbox Now I am worried, I dont think my computer is infected, but I am not expert here Vista SP2 x32, ESET SS v6, MBAM v2 Premium, HitmanPro, Shadow Defender (latest), Sandboxie Paid (latest), FF (latest), Adobe Flash Player (Latest) Please help!! Thanks Camelia
  8. Hello, I need your kind help with this warning message from Comcast Constand Guard. It showed 1 Bot Detected. Bot Name "TDSS-TDL_Generic", Type "Multi-Purpose". I have both "Malwarebytes Premium" and "symantec endpoint protection" enabled on my PC, and no warning message from any of them. The system is functioning fine and scans from above antivirus were clean too. I have no idea what to do next, can you please guide me to detect and remove potential rookit from my PC? Thanks! Jay
  9. Hi When i run a threat scan with "Scan for rootkit" enabled in settings i get Scanner failed Error code 20026 Unable to load Rootkit-Driver 20026 If i untick "Scan for Rootkit" it runs fine showing no Malware can anyone help plz Peter Win 7 x 64 Ultimate fully updated
  10. For the past few weeks I have been dealing with a number of infections. First is the PUPS. I am running BitDefender as my main virus scanner. But every time MBAM does a scan it will tell me it has found one of three things:spigot, conduit, and/or superfish. I quarantine them but when I restart my machine they come back. I was thinking maybe I could handle this on my own because I have experience removing infections from my own computer but I am at my wits end here. I already have MBAM installed and I got the additional security tools cd when I paid for the premium version of MBAM. In addition
  11. Maybe I'm the only one facing this issue. I keep my PC very clean (IT Manager). I run SAS, CCLEANER, AVG, and MBAM regularly. Haven't been infected in years. (Note: I use the free version of MBAM so I'm not expecting help from tech support. I used to use the reg version at work and think the free version is adequate for my needs). So I run the aforementioned without issue and then MBAM which wants to update to the latest version. Sure no problem in 7 years. Now it does not work. Symptoms: Starts nice new interface. Hit update,,,, nice status bar rolling,,, closes. Try running a sca
  12. I'm not sure how much to say on here as I don't want to leave myself vulnerable to further attacks. I'm really reporting this to Malwarebytes to stop this problem. I can't find nay reference to the Trojan file name or a key in my registry called Etkthion. I can't view the windows/current version/run and I think it's corrupted by tis malware. I get dllhosts.exe growing (you can see these in process explorer or task manager) and odd files appearing in my temp folder at the same time. No malware has stopped this though I do so manually, but it recurs. This one did find a Trojan Fake MS folder
  13. Okay, so I scan my laptop with Malwarebytes daily. Now yesterday, I bought a Dimm of 4 GB of RAM yesterday from a friend and installed it on my laptop. It started slow and then I started a Malwarebytes scan and my PC's screen went off and it wouldn't respond. Then I restarted it and after 5 minutes, I got a BSOD. I opened up the cover and got the RAM out, then everything was fine again. So I ran another scan and found nothing. Great c:. Now, I turned it off and today, I put the Dimm back in cause I wanted to see why didn't it work and it was okay, but I found that the RAM must be faulty and it
  14. Hi all, Just this morning I typed in "gmail" into my google chrome bar, and it changed it to "gmail/" and redirected me to a different, unusual search engine. I've searched other things in the google chrome bar, and none of these illicit the same response. Just "gmail". Malwarebytes (free) can't find it, nothing seems to be able to find it. I even tried looking for TDSS or other suspicious rootkits manually. Here is my FRST: Scan result of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (FRST.txt) (x64) Version: 01-06-2014 01 Ran by B**** (administrator) on **deleted** on 01-06-2014 19:48:03Running from
  15. I ran the rootkit and it found some issues. I quarantined them. It then restarted my computer. It comes up and I sign in. But when Windows tries to run it just shows a black screen and never comes up. I can move the mouse pointer but that's it. When I click the power button it says "Shutting Down" as it would with a regular shut down. Anything I can do?
  16. i dont know what might happend. today i turn on pc (after some restarts/resets because my monitor is broken it seems) and saw this: http://prntscr.com/3g6bhwi'm using version Malwarebytes Anti-Malware build date 3.4.2014 i cannot do scan, i cannot load Malware Exclusions tab list, Web exclusions list if i click Scan, the first tier: Pre-Scan Operations: Working is running infinite time it cannot go on to other lvl of diagnostic., i tried to uninstall, then install again but nothing changed i dont know what happend please help important
  17. HELP I have some kind of WinNT DOS IME Rootkit (Boot) Virus?? Not sure exactly but it switches RightToLeft and embedds everything on my computer into binary, stores it then uploads it when it does get online. Which is not often. It spreads like wildfire and took out the computer at the local repair shop in less than a minute. I have 5 computers all useless from this. Also I'm missing 25 gigs from my 500 gig hard drivewhich used to be 496 or something...now when reformatting it the maxium amount of space is 465gigs?? What it does (after a complete wipe/reformat/reinstall of Vista from t
  18. I have been trying to run the ant rootkit on my desktop and everytime I do so I get a pop up that says the volume is inaccessible or encrypted. I'm not sure if it is anything major but I want to check it out anyway. I have attached the log files from the DDS. Please let me know if there is anything nasty in there I need to address. Thanks! attach.txt dds.txt
  19. Just recently, I have caught this absurd rootkit that kept my host proccessor continuously playing ads. So far, I've noticed that some people in the forums have the same problem, but I would like a personal help with this. I have done a quick scan and a full scan of my computer using Malware Bytes but found nothing. I do not have any logs yet because I am quite new to this program and I just started using it.
  20. Hi, i just installed AVG 2014 (30 day free trial) to my laptop and did a scan. It found 3 rootkits which are named Threat: Service function NtMapViewOfSection hook -> 0xFFFFFFFF8782F280 Severity: Medium State: Infected Threat: Service function NtCreateThreadEx hook -> 0xFFFFFFFF878517A0 Severity: Medium State: Infected Threat: Service function NtalpcConnectPort hook -> 0xFFFFFFFF869E5428 Severity: Medium State: Infected with a red X next to them. When I click them to remove the remove selected button doesn't work. I did a quick scan with MBAM and it said 0 threats. I then
  21. been cleaning a very infected laptop for my inlaws and run int a pop up while starting MBAR appinit_dlls here are the following required docs dds.txt attach.txt AutoRuns.zip
  22. I'm at my wit's end. I can't remember all that I've tried but one of your recommended programs originally found indications of Zero Access. Nothing was found after stepping through a number of solutions but the problem persists. My last attempt was a system recovery but the problem remains. The CPU usage spikes rapidly and it attempts network access repeatedly. I booted the system into Safe Mode and no problems. I am reporting this from my 64-bit desktop while leaving the 32-bit problem-child laptop in Safe Mode. dds.txt: DDS (Ver_2012-11-20.01) - NTFS_x86 MINIMAL Internet Explorer: 11.0.9
  23. I wanted to get a second opinion from you guys on some results from the Malwarebytes Anti-Rootkit scanner we have used on several Windows machines on our network. We noticed some issues with odd behavior on our network, and got them cleaned up we believe for the most part with MSE and Malwarebytes Malware Scanner (not mbar). To be extra thorough we decided to scan some of the Windows servers with the MWB Anti-Rootkit scanner for extra assurance. We found a handful of computers with positive results from MBAR. All of the results came up with "Unknown.rootkit.Driver" across a variety of file
  24. Yesterday I had a virus. I hadn't downloaded anything. Virus scans didn't find anything. I couldn't access internet on any browser, and on IE the URL said something about api mybrowserbar thing after I got through millions of "IE has crashed" errors. Well, I removed some files and weird extensions on browsers and got Chrome working. Only scan that detected anything was RogueKiller, and it quarantined some files from (http://oi40.tinypic.com/2645838.jpg) the registry. Then I closed my computer. Today, when I was about to play CSS I couldn't start steam because I got some bullshit that Steam was
  25. My mom's friend was having some troubles with her laptop, she gave the laptop to my mom and asked me if I would clean/disinfect it for her, from the start this has been a hard clean, all sorts of terrible stuff on the poor PC. There were the usual Junk/Fake programs, MyCleanPC, Registry Wizzard, Driver Fixer, etc... The darn thing had updates turned off from the start, so it had never been updated since the factory install of W7 in 2009. (It took 6 hours of just straight installing and restarting to get it up to date) But the thing that kept puzzling me was the fact that every 20-30 minutes or
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