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  1. Hello, about two days ago I tried to download some music through a site. After he download finished, though, I was bombarded by popups and new search bars, and the usual adware. I instantly ran malware bytes and scanned my system, malwarebytes found about 2 thousand PUP viruses and and several rootkits (look at scanlog 1 file). After the reboot, I then ran malwarebytes again because a search bar remained on my desktop that was obviously a virus. The scan found several more PUP's (look at scanlog 2 file). At first, I thought that it was all over, but then I noticed how many of my desktop ic
  2. Hi, I just used antimalware, rebooted and now i can't use chrome, even if I can actually see i'm connected pinging my modem. There's something locking out all the connections to sites such as Google or Yahoo. Can you please help me restore my connection?
  3. I have today turned on my computer, and the malwarebytes anti malware opened saying that it could not load the dda drive to scan root kits. So i googled this and found this forum with some information to restart the computer which i did several times (also said by the program) which did not help. The message kept appearing. So i installed the malwarebytes anti rootkit, and did a scan and it said there was no suspicious malware. So i again opened the malwarebytes anti malware, it still gave me that message. So i restarted again. What i notice during this porcess is that it gave a smaller windo
  4. I've been trying to clean a Win7 pc that was hit with a rootkit and multiple viruses. It's been running Symantec Endpoint Protection which logged tons of Trojans being found but couldn't eliminate the problem. Since then, I installed the trial version of Malwarebytes ver which found and deleted more modules. I activated Scan for Rootkits and kept scanning. After multiple clean scans, I activated the option to Run Malwarebytes Advanced - , Enable Safe Protection Early Start. After selecting that option, I restarted Windows and Malwarebytes started early but it only displayed a w
  5. I believe that my explorer.exe has been compromised by a new version of Poweliks, every time I start up my computer after a few moments a large number of comhost and windows presentation processes show up in my process list and cause my CPU usage to skyrocket from 5% to 80%-99%. In my attempts to remove the malware I booted my computer in safe mode and found with some tinkering that the problems only happen when i run explorer.exe and connect to the internet. Ontop of this i have also noticed briefly upon shutting down my computer that advertisements will show up as the computer turns off, lik
  6. I am wondering if it's something to do with the fact that I have the standalone MBAR anti-rootkit app on my machine? I run it manually every so often and it has not detected anything (extra insurance, I suppose) MBAM and my AV all seem to be running and updating fine, and I'm not seeing anything I'd consider anomalous. If I need to remove MBAR, should I consider reinstalling MBAM?
  7. Hi Ii want to check that my pc is no longer infected
  8. Hello, COMODO Cleaning Essentials found this: http://s15.postimg.org/bla5k6z7e/Sn_mek_obrazovky_426.jpg Addition.txt FRST.txt
  9. I just did a full scan of my other laptop with Malwarebytes Anti-malware and got the following detection "Unknown.Rootkit.VBR" "Physical Sector" "Master Boot Sector on Volume #0" As per the image below. The laptop is an HP Compaq running Windows 7 Professional (x64). It is fully updated with MS patches except for those related to the Windows 10 Upgrade & the associated telemetry updates. In addition I have used the group policy editor to stop the Windows 10 upgrade via Windows update as it had downloaded & tried several times to install Windows 10 even though I had not even rese
  10. Scanned system using Malwarebytes Anti-Malware v2.1.6.1022, there were no problems. I then installed the new update (v2.1.8.1057) and it gave me a Malware Threat indicating Unknown.Rootkit.VBR, Location: Physical Sector #0 on Volume #2. I removed the threat and rebooted. The system gave me an error indicating there was no operating system. After running several diagnostic programs, it showed that my Windows volume had been wiped completely. It was now only Unallocated Space. Fortunately, I had an image of the volume I made on Sunday, June 28 which I restored using TeraByte's Image for W
  11. Well ... hello there, Malwarers ... I was wondering if anyone here could tell me what the freak has happened to my computer that caused my Windows 10 to not startup properly anymore? This morning I'd received a prompt of some kind from Malwarebytes regarding some rootkit scan feature that if I were to get it, I must first restart. So, I did. Turns out, this is bloody well the worst decision I've ever made because when my computer did start back up ... it just loaded into its Automatic Repair module which had nothing that would work for my computer expect the Reset PC option (which has delete
  12. Hello everyone! questions :: Malwarebytes Anti-Malware has rootkit tool. What is the difference between this software and Malwarebytes Anti-Rootkit Beta? There is need to use the two software, one complementing the actions of another? When using the Beta? Grateful for the attention!
  13. Recently, one of my other computers had a rootkit. I had a USB plugged into that computer for a while with some files that I needed. I finally got rid of the root kit on my main computer, but I plugged the USB that was in the computer into my macbook air to get the files I needed off of it. Now I feel like my macbook air has some kind of virus or rootkit. Yesterday I was doing some work, and I was using the calculator on the far left panel, then when I was writing down my calculations, I saw the panel switch back to the main screen by itself. I just want to make sure I did not transfer the roo
  14. Referring to my original topic here: https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?/topic/166965-anti-rootkit-malware-scanning-working-for-administrator-only/ The computer in question is a Lenovo T420s Thinkpad laptop running Windows 7 Home Premium with a Intel Core i7-2620M processor at 2.70GHz and 8GB of DRAM and a 128GB SSD. Essentially, I believe my computer is still somewhat infected because: 1. When scanned with the MBAM free trial premium (?) version (which I have 6 hours left as of this writing) as an administrator, rootkit scanning went through and took 5+ hours to scan all my drives
  15. I might have gotten rid of the root kit...or some of it. I had an program called Conime.exe running at startup and one of the MANY tools I've downloaded and tried got rid of that. Every single scanner I have says that my system is clean. But every single time I start up Chrome "Popdeals" is running. It isn't listed under extensions, but if I go to the Chrome Task Manager I can kill it there. Attached are the logs from FRST64. I'm really frustrated. Plus, this is my wife's computer which I was using - not even my own. (ps - I believe I did it when I was attempting to fix a bricked Nexus 7 2
  16. Hi, First time here. On one of my computers - a laptop, I have 3 accounts. 2 administrators and 1 standard user. Recently, it seems that I have experienced an episode of vanishing files - rootkits? Since then, I have had a new installation of Malwarebytes free trial and on both administrators accounts, the recent / current scan was clean. However, when I try to engage Malwarebytes on the standard user account, Malwarebytes will not start unless I disabled rootkit scan. The exact description of the situation is that a pop up window with a message that asks me to either disable rootki
  17. I noticed in a recent scan log that the log indicated that Root scan was disabled. I checked my settings. Rootkits were enabled. Is this a bug or am I missing something else that I need to do. A partial log AND screenshot is attached. Thanks, Wayne Malwarebytes Log File.txt
  18. So after running a 'Threat Scan' with MBAM free, SYSTEM32\drivers\ntfs.sys as an unknown rootkit driver. This is on a XP sp3 pc. I further scanned said file with Zemana antimalware, (6) engines, and file showed clean, as did a scan with qihoo 360 TSE.
  19. I wanted to report to you that these files (txt entry) are safe and except them in future updates. The program considers these files as rootkits, but these are the original files from Microsoft. Even if I add an entry to the program ignore it, it would still detects and shows me a false alarm at the end of the scan. false rotkit detection.txt
  20. Yesterday, I noticed that I could not launch my VPN program, Faceless.ME (which uses OpenVPN, I think). It went missing from my PC overnight, and was first noticed when my start menu link referenced a deleted executable. I tried downloading the software, but ALAS! I could not download it! Firefox reported the download contains no data. I then proceeded to download the EXE from my phone successfully. I transfered it to my PC and upon trying to launch it, the EXE was gone! YES gone! Additionally, I tried downloading mediaget at http://mediaget.com/download.php and received a blank page on visiti
  21. I have been having a nightmare with this! tried everything! Please assist.. Don't know if I have run the proper programs.. I've attached 2 below dds.txt attach.txt
  22. Hi, after I ran malwarebytes and found Trojan.Agent I ran RogueKiller and found this. RKreport.txt
  23. Hello, I need help with a rootkit , I mean I think i have one. I did some research of my own and used some programs to scan for the rootkits and here are the logs. Thanks FRST.txt RKreport_SCN_12292014_195702.log Search.txt
  24. Hello. Last Night I began experiencing several blocked outbound connections to publicintelligence.net. Later (Roughly 10 minutes) Malwarebytes alterted me that it had features disabled, and settings changed. Among the changes were the removal of rootkit detection, self-defense, and malicious website protection. Now my C drive seems to be filled up with a lot more than it used to be, and whenever I restart my computer there are two icons added consistently to my desktop. Which seem to be shortcuts to my user profile, and "This PC," which I find odd. Mid day I experienced odd mouse behavior, a
  25. Hello, I believe that my computer is infected with a root kit. The first thing I noticed was that my firefox search extensions were rearranged and that a program called RocketTab was installed on my computer. I never conciously installed that program. Any attempts at uninstalling or deleting that program were unsuccessful so far, it always returns after reboot. This program is apparently located in the folder C:\Program Files\Search Extensions. First this folder contained only an uninstall.exe file. This is what virustotal says about that file: https://www.virustotal.com/file/6ccc20982c90c78e6
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