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  1. the windows 10 exploit for the creators edition. Just reinstalled windows and didn't want to restart but it did on its own. but just need help removing it and then getting it off my MacBook air which currently doesn't want to reinstall its OS X FRST.txt MBAMex.txt Addition.txt
  2. Hello, My name is Ethan and I'd like to request help with malware/rootkit/ad/etc removal. To give you some background, I recently got infected with THIS file. It changed my browser, redirected pages to "eatyellowmango. com", changed file names to ".bat", installed bitcoin miners, 100% CPU usage, and much worse. After 10+ hours of running every AV program I knew, it's mostly gone; but I'm still having issues with what I believe is "Adware.Yelloader" and rootkit(s). I've also gotten a BSOD message three times, saying "irql_not_less_or_equal", but that stopped now. So far, I've
  3. Rootkit.Fileless.MTgen, is showing up on every MBAM scan for me, one entry for the registry key, another for the value. MBAM fails to remove it every time i try, i've tried just about everything, any help is appreciated.
  4. After doing a scan with Malwarebytes on 9/20/17 it detected a rootkit and said I needed to restart in order to quarantine it. My computer then froze when restarting it and now my audio drivers don't work, says that my audio devices aren't installed and that it can't be loaded in the device manager. It's listed as High Definition Audio Controller in the Device manager. Updating it does nothing, says that it's already installed. I've also reinstalled the audio software. Please help. Log File.txt
  5. I have a friend who says that their PC was hacked and subsequently infected. Their firewall doesn't work, their PC is running incredibly slow, their antivirus is gone, and they can't download or install anything. They also run Windows 7 Ultimate if that helps with anything. They did tell me that, if nothing else works, they have no problem with formatting (however I'd prefer that to be a last resort if possible). Despite not being able to download anything I had them attempt to download Farbar to see if that would work at all. They were able to download FRST using a download manager so we
  6. Hello, I have a problem with my computer in which there is a virus that is supported by a rootkit. This rootkit always says "requested source is in use" and this is the problem that prevents me from opening any kind of antivirus or even some other programs. The problems/virus's are: svcvmx, tprdpw64, mediatek_86, and the rootkit is ndistpr64.sys. Thank you in advance, Aleiv (A.K.A. Alex)
  7. I have the exact same problem as described on this thread. After quarantining the so called "virus", audio drivers are no longer working.
  8. My pc will not enter safe mode, wont allow me to reset it, and wont install malwarebytes and gives me an error when i use the malwarebytes rootkit removal. Any help is greatly appreciated. Here is my FRST note pad information. When i try to use "fix" Any help is greatly appreciated. FRST also says no txt found and it has to be in the same place as FRST, but they are both on my desktop. Scan result of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (FRST) (x64) Version: 20-08-2017 Ran by Sebastian's PC (administrator) on DESKTOP-M5OMJK2 (23-08-2017 09:16:55) Running from C:\Users\Sebastian's PC\Des
  9. Been dealing with this for a couple days to no avail...I first noticed a problem when I tried to run or install any AV, I got a "requested resource is in use" error across the board. I cannot open ANY version, including beta, of Malwarebytes, it shows that error. I followed this page to get anywhere, helped a little. I've tried every anti-malware and AV that I could open, so I've attached reports from Zemana, GMER, RKill, and aswMBR (tried to just burn the forest down). I cannot get Windows Defender Offline to work, I put in on a flash drive and booted it but it can't update. I DLd their
  10. I am having this very same problem. I have used RKill and Zemana to no avail. I know exactly where I got this malware from too. I can post a link to it if that will help me identify and get rid of it.
  11. I'm having a similar problem with my system. I don't seem to be able to access any AV programs either. Some assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Much how many people were struggling with their website protection being turned off as soon as they attempted to turn it on awhile ago, Malware protection itself will not turn on and when you attempt to it turns itself off after saying "starting" for about a third of a second. i have tried doing scans and updates and nothing works.
  13. I'm trying to fix some of the viruses on my computer, they shouldn't be this hard. I haven't been able to open task manager because it always crashes on startup. Also, whenever I try to run RKill, Malwarebytes, the Malwayrebytes Anit-Rootkit, it pops up with "The requested resource is in use" with a directory of the executable. This would be way easier if I could start software, but anything relating to anti-virus/malware removal won't launch. Any suggestions? I've tried a lot.
  14. Hello there, Hopefully I've posted this to the right forum. Long story short: I've had a Rootkit detection scare several days ago. This happened immediately after the last Windows update (KB4034662/KB4034674). I always run Malwarebytes (free version) after running my default Anti-virus when doing Windows updates. The scan claimed it found an "unknown Rootkit": -Scan Details- Process: 0 (No malicious items detected) Module: 0 (No malicious items detected) Registry Key: 0 (No malicious items detected) Registry Value: 0 (No malicious items detected) Registry Data: 0 (No maliciou
  15. A few days ago I ran a scan and it found what it called Rootkit.Agent in the location C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\WINDOWS and that is all that it told me. It was just a folder named Windows. My PC has not been acting strangely, and it quarantined the threat with no trouble and then I deleted it. I ran a full custom scan with rootkits turned on and it found nothing. I ran Malwarebytes anti-rootkit and it also found nothing. Is my computer safe? Here's my log: -Log Details- Scan Date: 7/31/17 Scan Time: 12:26 AM Log File: Administrator: Yes -Software Information- Version: 3.1.2.
  16. Ive tried everything... I Mean everything to no avail!. There was a post about this that was closed a little while back. safemode usb+ any anti viruses = Nothing still telling me I dont have the privileges, even "run as admin" I tried weirdly enough to edit the program in notepad+ and saving it after deleting its contents. Worked for some files, but not the important ones. Im so stuck right now I dont know what to do? Do I have to get a new computer?! I was in computer repair too..
  17. I have been trying to open up programs that i use on a daily basis like, Razer Synaps, discord many other programs and this error keeps on popping up ''The Requested resource is in use'' I have been trying to run scanners to scan my PC like AVG and even malwarebytes but even those programs wont open. I'm worried that it is too late and im going to have to get a new PC.
  18. I had decided to run an antirootkit scan without internet access on one of my devices. On this same device when I updated the Malwarebytes antirootkit scan it detected nothing. But, when i ran it without updating it it found similar malware across two different devices, and it keeps finding the same malware after completing wiping each device and reinstalling windows. Registry Keys Detected: 6 HKLM\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\WINDOWS NT\CURRENTVERSION\IMAGE FILE EXECUTION OPTIONS\MRT.exe (Trojan.Agent) -> Delete on reboot. [6ecfb786d9a3db5b11bc9262a75c5ca4] HKLM\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\WINDOWS NT
  19. So I have this nasty virus that started out as a bitcoin miner virus because every time I open taskmgr it goes up to 99% cpu and then goes back down. I though hmm maybe its a virus so i use Malwarebytes to see if I can delete it. Malwarebytes didn't detect anything so I thought it wasn't a virus i've tried everything nothing worked I reset my laptop to factory settings 3 times nothing worked. Also this may also be a rootkit because 1 time my whole laptop went unusable when I start up windows it says error program has not started and happened for all my programs on my computer I could not open
  20. Malwarebytes Anti-Rootkit is over 4 years old now, yet it's still in the BETA version, why?
  21. After doing a scan with Malwarebytes today it detected a rootkit and said I needed to restart in order to quarantine it. My laptop then froze when restarting it and now my audio drivers don't work, says that my audio devices aren't installed and that it can't be loaded in the device manager. It's listed as High Definition Audio Controller in the Device manager. Updating it does nothing, says that it's already installed. Malwarebytes www.malwarebytes.com -Log Details- Scan Date: 7/25/17 Scan Time: 2:47 PM Logfile: Administrator: Yes -Software Information- Version: 3.0
  22. Recently I noticed that I was unable to open any application that had to do with the removal of malware as well as some other applications as well. I researched as best as I could and followed the many tutorials I found, but all of the programs they suggested were ones I could not run. The error message I received after attempting to open certain programs is,"The requested resource is in use." I did more research and found out that the cause of this is most likely a rootkit. I eventually got so tired of trying to fix this that I tried to reset my entire computer, but I am also unable to do tha
  23. This is still occuring for me. Has this been fixed?
  24. I’m currently analyzing an endpoint which most likely is compromised and need some help on breaking down what the malware has done. Due to possible more infected endpoints I’m out to identify the root of it – making it possible to determine if other endpoints are compromised. One day the machine (Win10) suddenly started to consume high amounts of CPU resources without any process showing this consumption in the task manager. This persisted for days and survived reboots. To look for techniques for persistence I did try Sysinternals Autoruns and ProcessExp, although there were no obvio
  25. I've just downloaded MBAM for my computer and works perfectly fine (scan for rootkits disabled), however, when rootkits scan is enabled it brings up a BSoD and restarts. Running a scan in safe mode (scan for rootkits enabled) works fine. Thanx in advance MB-CheckResult.txt Addition.txt logs.zip FRST.txt
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