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  1. Hi, I've been having ongoing issues with my PCs and network. Despite me having an active Internet connection my ISPs Tech's are unable to connect using LMIR. This problem has been ongoing now since approximately the middle of last year. I'm running Windows 10 x64 (should be fully updated,) however, I'm using a Linux Shell (ESET SysRescue) disc to make this post. I'm relatively familiar with malware removal, having assisted others many times on forums. I need fresh eyes to look at my problem please. I've run AdwCleaner. I have also run: JRT, FRST64, MBAR 10
  2. Hi, i'm going to do a windows clean install and i have already analiced my pc with my antivirus and with malwarebytes, i have also used a couple of cleaners. malwarebytes found a couple o malwares but i have already removed they. ir order to be completely sure that there aren't any malware in my computer i was thinking in use a bootable antivirus (i think that a low level format will be to much time for the hdd of 1 tb, how much time do you think that it will need? its a good idea to do it?) i have never had a really bad malware in my computer and i have used antivirus from the first day
  3. I have tried many different antivirus programs to try to get rid of a trojan called Win32/Nevoros.B!Rakr. Its main file is one called isowebi.exe The main problem is the file folder and all files in it are protected. There is no way to change the name, edit, delete. Taskkill cannot stop, or cancel the operations this application does. Because the folder and all contents are protected my one trick was to lock out new programs or folders it created so it couldn't find them again yet that means leaving them on the system. The program loads grenades, touchy, other svc's for the net
  4. Have good reason to believe that current laptop is infected, my phone and other laptop have been infected and I have had to send the other laptop to repair, and my phone to be flashed. Current laptop is windows 8 Lenovo z50, have done Lenovo reset from the Lenovo button, when running the laptop a large amount of GB is already used, battery life is terrible and does not charge past 58%, and then drops to 5% in a few minutes after unplugging (however the laptop is 3 years old), I have tried installing Mbam anti Rootkit, it installed successfully but doesn’t update (failed to resolve host)
  5. Good afternoon and Happy New Year! I *just* got a new laptop from Dell - Inspirion 7370 as my previous laptop was aging and seemed to have it's own infections. As soon as I signed into my Microsoft account to install everything, files that synced from prior computer appear to have installed on my new one. I can tell because the packages such as Microsoft Photos, Edge, etc. are named the same as my prior computer and they have dates all prior to when this my current laptop was even created. I've already gone through resetting, clean install, etc, but nothing thus far has worked. I have
  6. Hello there, One of my machines using running on Windows Vista SP2 has a semi-serious problems, even i cannot name it. This is the final chance for me to figure out whether i'm safe or not. Here is the issue. I came across a malware a few years ago which is infected my machine through a non-secure JAVA web applet. After this infection, i immediately took some actions and tried neutralizing malware and cleaning as well, i also used Malwarebytes 1.x and 2.x series. After some years have passed, i still noticed that the nasty and non-existent registry entry of this malware is still visible b
  7. Hello I seem to have an infection on my windows 8.1 with at least a ((Rootkit.Smartservice)) and a (Trojan). I'd appreciate your help. Multi (Windows Process Manager) tasks used to appear in Task Manager, but not anymore after I changed their permissions. However, everytime I start my Windows I find in Task Manger a process called (msdpguvsrv.exe), sometimes being the first task for CPU and Disk. It is Located in C:\windows/Temp, I managed to stop it with a program but it won't get deleted or quarantined. I also find in C:\windows/Temp, a folder called (msidntfs), wi
  8. I am unable to get the Rootkit Scan feature in Premium to stay ticked when I move the slider to ON. If I exit the program, when I go back, it is OFF again. Even if I do NOT exit the program and just click on another tab, when I go back to the PROTECTION tab, it is OFF again. Neither am I am to set STARTUP to delay by 15 seconds. Again, I turn Delay ON with the slider and enter 15 seconds, but same things happens, when I leave the tab, it turns OFF again. I have reinstalled this program, and it has NOT corrected the problem. Thanx for any help.
  9. When I tried scanning for rootkits it seemed to have stopped even though the timer is still ticking. I tried once with full scan and the second time with just rootkit. Both scans seem to have stopped on the same file. I waited between 30 mins to an hour each attempt but the scan never moved past the item. I tried threat scanning and it worked perfectly. What can I do to solve the problem? mb-check-results.zip
  10. Threat scan results: Malwarebytes www.malwarebytes.com -Log Details- Scan Date: 1/14/18 Scan Time: 11:20 AM Log File: fc0fb9b6-f95f-11e7-88f2-1c1b0d63b3b0.json Administrator: Yes -Software Information- Version: Components Version: 1.0.262 Update Package Version: 1.0.3693 License: Premium -System Information- OS: Windows 10 (Build 16299.192) CPU: x64 File System: NTFS User: User-PC\User -Scan Summary- Scan Type: Threat Scan Result: Completed Objects Scanned: 313979 Threats Detected: 3 Threats Quarantined: 0 (No malicious
  11. I scanned my pc with Mwb and I had numerous infections popup, the first time it was able to clear all but two. Both were rootkit.agent and the object type was registry key and registry value. I rebooted and tried again and this time it worked. However, everytime i reboot both the malware come back and shows up when i rescan. Furthermore if i use my pc a little and scan, it comes with the 2 rootkits and additional viruses. I have tried several programs but some of them arent even able to identify the rootkits. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  12. So the last known programs installed, were on the 18 of this month. Im running windows 10, and i made the mistake of thinking it could handle me torrenting. As I've done it countless times before, on win7 ult and didnt encounter a thing wrong. Anyways, long story short, im infected with something. I've ran countless programs to remedy it to no avail. unhackme, malwarebytes, adw cleaner, roguekiller, and hitmanpro, all based on this websites recommendation. im still infected. upon going through, nearly every folder in my drive (fresh install of win10 so i dont have much)i came across 3 folders
  13. For the past 2 weeks I've been looking for help on removing this virus that I've obtained due to my stupidity. What this virus does is that an exe that has different names after resetting my computer every time will appear in task manager and in the system32 folder, at the moment, it's called wdesziusvc.exe; when i hover my cursor over it it, it says TOSHIBA CORPORATION. After that appears, I won't be able to make restore points, download certain anti-viruses, and go into a recovery environment the normal way (I'd have to tap Shift + F8 upon start up). if wdesziusvc has internet access, it'll
  14. Hello, I have found on the task manager five windows process managers (32 bit) Every time I launch a game on steam, one or two of them would suddenly jump from 60% to 80% CPU usage. I have searched for a solution, scanned with malware-bytes free and adware cleaner, but nothing worked. Then I got mbar, but it just does not start. When I launch it, it would ask for administrator permission, and then nothing would happen. Malwarebytes log Malwarebytes www.malwarebytes.com -Log Details- Scan Date: 12/22/17 Scan Time: 9:43 AM Log File: 6cf58efe-e726-11e7-901b-4ccc6a817
  15. Hi, I think I'm infected with a rootkit as I cannot back up my computer with blazeback, install bitdefender, or use any of the following programs: malwarebytes anti-rootkit, adwcleaner, hitmanpro, or zemana antimalware. I was able to successfully run MalwareBytes AntiMalware with the 'search for rootkits' (or something like that) checked, but it did not fix the problem. I always run Rkill successfully before attempting to execute these programs with administrative privileges and still get the 'The requested resource is in use.' error. I ran the Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (x64) for windows an
  16. Hi, I have been trying to clean my computer after I clicked on a file I downloaded from a website which was suppose to update a program, but it didn't. After it ran, a bunch of weird things started happening and I promptly started trying to clean it up with stopping suspect processes/services and deleting newly created files. I did get some of the weird behavior to stop and don't see any malware errors when I run a threat scan with MalwareBytes. The first time I ran the threat scan, there were 20 malwares and I quarantined and then deleted them all. I also ran FRST64 and see som
  17. i have the same virus and issues ive tried everything in all the threads and i cant get rid of it their is another one for me to and i cant get rid of it either my avast picks up one called serxovp
  18. I don't know what this infection is classified as, i.e trojan, virus, rootkit, but it is extremely annoying. I'm constantly getting popups that malwarebytes has blocked this vicious program from accessing the internet. how do I go about eradicating this thing from the face of the earth? Thank you, FunkyJoe
  19. I got infected by rootkit malware SCVCMX and CPX, whihc blocked all common utilities with resource already in use notification, so after one day of working on this issue i desperately used fixlist through FRST64 which was posted in this forum for some other guy (Michael in one of the forums) and it worked (i think); nevertheless i wanted someone to have a look on the FRST64 attached files which are generated post the "fix" i did, and after executing several cleaning tools (mbar, RKILL, TDSSKILLER , ZEMAMANA). I was wondering if someone can help in creating a anew fixlist for FRST64
  20. Hey all, got infected by several rootkits/smartservice. browsed around the forums and came to this So i downloaded farbar and did a scan and got my logs attached. could someone make me a fix file. and just a fyi, ran mb rootkit removal, and all the other removal programs. dont do anything and this virus blocks me from opening any antivirus. FRST.txt Addition.txt
  21. Story TL;DR: I seem to be infected with a pretty advanced rootkit/etc. I'm not sure if I am being too paranoid, or, if there is something actually going on (Rootkits are almost impossible to detect, BADUSB , etc... Which are all available by a simple google search nowadays...) I have reinstalled Windows 10 x64 pro, with USB drives multiple times (Re-downloading it). I think the MBR, BIOS, Firmware of devices may be infected. I would appreciate the help and may consider buying software/upgrading components for these type of attacks. Addition.txt aswMBR.txt FRST.txt lo
  22. Good afternoon. When we are setting up our policy it appears Full Scan has been replaced by Threat Scan in the cloud console. Does Threat Scan include all the options available in the Optional Scan check boxes including the root kit scan? I don't see mention of this in the admin guide and didn't find anything when searching the forum. Thank you! Henry
  23. Pulling my hair out. Somewhere some $*%^ is responsible for wasting my time. I wish I could give a swift kick to their nether-regions. Just had to get that out. I have what appears to be a rootkit infection that is prohibiting me from any type of malware/antivirus install, including malwarebytes, it's anti rootkit software, as well as executing mbar.exe or mbamdor.exe in the unzip package meant to bypass using the anti rootkit installer. I am at a standstill as this infection continues to pillage my machine. Please help. I would like to buy a subscription to malwa
  24. I've been trying every anti-malware scanner I can find to get rid of this but it's been super pesky and resilient. Not being detected by any current scans (used MBAR, ESet, JRT, etc) Upon boot I have a rekobdt.exe hogging CPU resources. It originates from this folder which is inaccessible C:\Users\SAM\AppData\Local\pwabnml C:\Users\SAM\AppData\Local\pwdrauc I can pinpoint an exact date that these folders downloaded to my computer- 11/1/17 -11/2/17 Addition.txt FRST.txt
  25. Well, I did a checkup and found this. Malewarebytes says its malware. Can´t find help to this specific problem. Is ths real or a false positive?? Would be thankful for fast help.
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