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  1. Hello forum users. I was wondering if anyone has found out the people responsible for "scorpion saver by adpeak, inc." ? this malware, spyware, adware or whatever it is has caused me great inconveniences. it has also caused hundreds, probably thousands of others the same as a simple "google" search will turn up thousands of inquiries. I believe we allow hackers, spammers, et al waaaay too much leniency. I believe an example needs to be set with the people that believe it is their job to make life hard on everyday folks trying to use their computers. I have spent countless hours messing around this particular 'ware and have finally been successful over the last couple of months. however, that does not make up for the time that was stolen from me and my family which cannot be regained. I am a completely single dad and had a diagnosis of stage 4 lymphoma - so our time was more than priceless. my family's quality of life was directly impacted in a negative way due to the problems with this 'ware. now, as I stated, I have not had to deal MUCH with it in the past couple of months due to immense diligence and work on my part. AND, finally my AVG has begun recognizing it and stopping it the last couple of times. finally - I had to deal with it on my own prior to that. BUT, the fact that AVG is "catching it" means the 'ware is still attempting to cause me problems. there are no benefits from this. AND as I stated before, this is harassment at minimum, invasion of privacy, stealing of time and unwarranted, unsolicited emotional stress. I would like any corporate information anyone has on this "adpeak, inc" or whatever their real name is. any contact info, an address, a phone number, mailing address, people in charge, etc. I plan on ensuring I never have to deal with them again, and also become very well compensated for the damages which they are responsible for. this would easily be a class-action lawsuit by the numbers affected involved; but we know only the lawyers who use the plaintiff's get compensated in those arrangements. so being used and abused by 'adpeak, inc" is one thing; but I will definitely not allow some slimebag lawyers to piggyback on this issue as well. it is time that we in this country start holding people accountable for their crimes. and that does definitely include this arena. this is soooo overlooked by our legal factions, that it is pathetic. why should YOU have to deal with this sort of problem everyday, week, month, year or ever? why do YOU accept "oh that's just part of the price of computing" NO, it definitely is NOT. I will not be in bondage to "some little punk who has nothing better to do than try and make life more difficult because he gets a challenge or a kick out of it" AND/OR definitely not a company or corporation which tries to impose its will on my life for its gain and my harm. so, thank you for listening and reading this post in its entirety. and thank you for any helpful information you have. Here's to more freedom for you and yours in your computing!
  2. I foolishly uninstalled Malwarebytes from my laptop. I am a paid subscriber. How do I re-install Malwarebytes and do I need a registration/license number or password to do so? Any help will be appreciated. I apologized for making such a foolish error and for the inconvenience of this inquiry. Thank you
  3. I first had been having a problem with my mouse acting laggy and my keyboard acting like it has sticky keys. I have tried changing the batteries and making sure the keyboard was clean. The second thing I did was trying to update the drivers for my mouse and keyboard. They are Logitech make, so I searched for there homepage to get the driver updates. Since then I have been getting these random popups every morning for driverupdate. I have tried removing and uninstaillng these programs, but it looks to me like they reinstall themselves overnight. I need help in getting the randowm browser opening popups to stop, my mouse lagging to stop, and my sticky keys keyboard issue to stop.
  4. A few days ago I installed the windows 8.1 preview on my computer and decided to do a clean install from windows 7. Before wiping my drive I used the malwarebytes removal tool, but now I can't reactivate malwayrebytes. It is still on the same computer, nothing has changed except the OS. I tried downloading it online and booting it from the cd, but neither will work.
  5. Hi there, I'm sorry - I've spent days trying to figure this out, but I've had no luck. Earlier in the year (early July), I stepped out for lunch and a coworker installed some BlackBerry backup software ("MagicBerry") onto my machine. Along with it came an annoying "appbario8" search toolbar in all of my browsers. I removed it as best I could in the browser settings for Chrome, FF, and IE. Fast forward to two weeks ago when it suddenly makes a comeback. Somehow, an instance of Chrome is booting on my Windows startup with appbario8 installed, even though Chrome isn't in my list of startup processes. This has never happened before two weeks ago. If I delete the extension, it has "grown back" on the next boot. I've checked my startup processes, as well as Add/Remove Programs. I've been through my C:/ drive with a magnifying glass... but I've not come up with anything to fix the issue. Another interesting thing is that this instance of Chrome appears separate from the one I have pinned to the taskbar. Clicking the pinned Chrome opens a regular instance (Google default search, no appbario8 extension, no toolbar, previous tabs), and the two instances don't merge on the taskbar, as two windows of the same program typically would. I found 3 "events.js" files in a Uninstall Information folder on C:/. I've attached one as "events.txt", as they seem VERY suspect and might shed some light as to how to get this program off. I've moved the "Uninstall Information" folder off of my C drive and deleted a folder in Program Files (x86) called Conduit. I know that I should have waited to do this - sorry if it makes this harder at all. ("Conduit" is a search utility synonymous with appbario8, as far as I can tell) Thank you so much. I look forward to hearing back from you. R ps - I apologize for the bloated Programs list, I didn't realize how absurd the number of games I've bought is until scanning through... attach.txt dds.txt events.txt
  6. Ok, I Am To Understand That MBAM Will Not Be Able To Remove This Infection From My PC. That's Not Too Big Of A Deal, Most Of My Media Is Backed Up Onto An External HD Of One Kind Or Another. My Only Concern Is That Most Is Not All. I Shoot Video Of Local Bands And Artists Here In Seattle, Just For Fun, And Between My Last Backup Session And The Worm.Parite Infection I Have Some New Video Projects In The Works. I Have Updated MBAM Everyday, Rescan, And Worm.Parite Will Either Have 1 File Or A Bunch (297 One Time). If I Remove As Many As Possible Before It Replicates, What Are The Chances That Plugging In My External And Backing Up The Last Of My Media Will Result In The External (Or My Reformatted PC) Being Infected Further? Any Information Is Appreciated! Cheers!
  7. Hello, I have recently gotten the "Isearch.Whitesmoke" virus and i'm not sure how i got this but i went into the Google chrome options and deleted it from default browsers and im not sure if i have deleted it because some times when i reboot my computer its back. I have ran multiple Anti-malware programs and Malwarebytes is not detecting it i ran all of the Anti-Malware programs on full scan too. Please help my I am desperate to get rid of this stupid virus. I have Google chrome windows 7 64bit and would appreciate help.
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