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  1. Hello! I just bought a MSI notebook two days ago. Today I must admit, I was trying to download and crack MS Office using the Office Toolkit program. As soon as I opened the toolkit and selected activate, my laptop turned off and then I got the BSOD with a "critical error" message. My notebook rebooted automatically but is running noticeabily slower since the incident a couple of hours ago. I bought the Bit Defender antivirus along with the notebook so I performed a scan but found nothing. Nevertheless, as minutes went by I received 2 notifications of intends of infections by trojans
  2. Hi! I just updated to v3.3.1 and after re-booting now I get the error "Real-Time Protection turned off" due to "Web Protection: Off". This is the same bug that has occurred in previous versions and it does not appear to be fixed. I have the tried the old tricks, like turn off exploit protection then restart it and turn on web protection, or turn off updates then restart it and turn on web protection, or reboot PC, etc. but nothing works. Please advise. Thanks.
  3. hi, I just downloaded and scanned your andorid application. there was no problem. but I inadvertently activated the device encryption feature on the security suggestion screen. the phone has restarted and I think it's encrypting all my files right now. Does the operation cause problems when cutting in half?
  4. Hello, wonderful helpers! My desktop computer is running in 64 bit mode with Windows 7 professional with service pack 1 with an i7 CPU and 16GB RAM. It is protected by MALWAREBYTES PREMIUM. Malwarebytes version, version of compnents package 1.0.103, version of actualisation package 1.0.3171, edition premium, correct licence id, correct licence key, status unlimited. I am having problems running the update as usual. No update is done after a longer time of waiting. I really need help and will follow your instructions in topic Hope to hear of you soon!
  5. Need help on removing this virus on my laptop. I think there are still other viruses so I need all the help I can get. Since I already ran malware bytes the only persisting problem is the riskware.bitcoinminer. For some reason it can't be removed and it also clogs up the quarantine on malware bytes. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  6. Hello, I just bought a licence of Malwarebytes Premium and downloaded the application. When I try to Activate Licence, I type my license key and click on "Activate License", and this error appears: Then I press OK and this second message appears: These messages also appear whenever I start Malwarebytes. I've reinstalled, used the cleanup tool, all to no avail. I really need to get this working. Thank you for your help. mb-check-results.zip
  7. So I accidentally downloaded some malware which frequently causes my Google Chrome to open new tabs previewing ads. I initially couldn't download Malwarebytes but then found out that the Malware (at least i think it is) put many anti malware programs on the untrusted certificates which meant that I could not download them. After finally downloading Malwarebytes its removed 400 trojans and malware. I then ran about 7 more threat scans and my computer was reported clean. yet however, i still get these annoying pop-ups despite having windows defender on and constantly running scans. Please help m
  8. I have a problem with a pop-up that appears and disappears immediately. Unfortunately, i can not even see as to what the popup says as it's disappears withing milliseconds. I am currently using Windows 10 on a Asus laptop. My malware (Kaspersky Total Security) is unable to detect any problem. I would really appreciate if you could help me out with the issue.
  9. So, i apparently installed the "http://nova.rambler.ru" virus without my permission. Every time i write something in the google search bar, it redirects me to the searching bar of rambler. I've tried using over 3 different anti viruses that were recommended to remove it, non found the infected file. I've followed every single step - in regedit "http://nova.rambler.ru" is not mentioned, i've tried reseting the browser settings and it didnt work, and no matter what i tried i just couldnt remove it. could someone please give me a hand? Also, when i click links it sometimes pops up ads.
  10. Same behaviour on [Windows 10 x64, 8GB Ram with premium] and [Windows 10 x64, 4GB Ram with free]. After full system scan (Custom, all HDDs) memory marked as "used" is very high (close to 90%). Disabling Malwarebytes does nothing. Only system restart can restore "used" memory to normal state. There is some serious memory leak in scanner.
  11. It would be helpful to know if this procedure worked, because my machine is exhibiting exactly the same symptoms. I opened an issue with logs/scans a while ago...
  12. Hello, when I try to open malwarebytes (version 3.0.6) after working on my computer for a while, it refuses to open. No matter how many times I click it, whether it's from the small button in the corner or from the startup menu, it just does nothing. I want to be able to run a scan whenever I want, but it won't open. This didn't used to happen before. Please help, thank you.
  13. Malwarebytes 3.0.6 Scan Ending at Prescan Operations Hello, I am experiencing issues with Malwarebytes 3.0+. I click scan and wait for it to check for updates, it gets to the start of Prescan operations and then says: All good no threats detected. Any ideas of what has caused this? I will use version 2 for the moment. Check the video out for more detail. MBAM Error.mp4
  14. Ok so I have a bit of a small story to tell. I have been using Malwarebytes for nearly a year now and I was extremely satisfied with the product. That was until 3.0 came out. I get a notification saying there is a product update and I of course update to the supposedly better 3.0 version, but upon installation I am faced with a series of bugs. The first one being that upon every reboot I would have to re-enter my product key (which led to having to contact customer support to unlock the key after reactivating it so many times). The next bug was that Real Time protection kept randomly getting d
  15. Hi, I have just installed a new version of Malwarebytes 3.0.6 on my laptop. Since then, every time I start my laptop it takes around 10 minutes before I am able to open an Internet Page. I think this is because my antivirus software is running. The last analysis of Malwarebytes took 42 minutes, it's normal? Someone else has this problem? Thank you
  16. If there is a piece of malware stored in a .iso malware bytes wont find it on a regular scan or by scanning the .iso file directly
  17. Has anyone looked at other options besides MalwareBytes? I've been a premium user for several years now and would gladly jump to something else that uses less memory. I've read enough of the threads to know there is no miracle cure for the high memory use. If there is a reasonable chance that generating the various log files will do some good I'll go through the trouble. But from what I can tell it generally makes no difference and is allot of effort. I just did the upgrade to 3.0.6 and saw that the consumption seemed to go down so I was hopeful. But today all records were broken a
  18. Hi, Today I upgraded to premium in hopes that it would fix my issue with windows defender, which was cluttering my memory up to 90%. Turns out, it's just doing the same thing. The computer runs fine except when I play games, which stutter/lag a lot. I'm not sure why it's hogging up all my memory. I have 16gb of RAM, I don't think lack of memory is the issue? I don't really know much about computers, so if someone can give me a step by step solution that'd be great. I've attached some images that hopefully might give you an idea of what's going on. Thanks, Ana
  19. I'm having the same problem. My computer has all but froze.
  20. Over the past few days I have been experiencing a problem with running scans using the Premium edition. The scan will run and when it enters into the heuristic analysis phase it just keeps on going. The scan will not cancel through the interface. I have to use Task Manager to get it to end. I would appreciate some help with resolving this.
  21. I have a computer running Windows 10 that I just did a scan and removal using malwarebytes. After the restart when I try to log in I am logged into a temporary account where I can't change any files or anything like that. There is a notification that reads: We can't sign you into your account This problem can often be fixed by signing out of your account and then signing back in. If you don't sign out now, any files you create or changes you make will be lost. I have tried signing out then in several times with the same result. I have also tried restoring the files that malwareb
  22. Ok so i turned on my computer and then malwarebytes said that web protection is disabled i tried enabling it but it said starting and nothing else so i clicked quit mbam and restarted it first it brought me a message can't remember what some error and then it started my computer fan was working very loud too am i at risk?
  23. Minor UI problem under scan settings, the advanced button when the mouse hovers over it goes completely black.
  24. A few weeks ago, I noticed that Malwarebytes Anti-Malware stopped updating in databases. Even after I searched things in the internet, I could not find a answer. Even after a clean Malwarebytes uninstall and re-install, it still would not update. So I need some help updating it, thank you.
  25. Hello, I know that many people are having problems after downloading Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit on Windows 10 computers. You will try to run the program and it will give you an error message. If you're savvy enough to go into task manager, the process will be there but nothing will happen. This error could be due to a corrupt file when downloading the program, it could be due to an antivirus conflict, or it may have been due to encrypting the hard drive with bitlocker or truecrypt. Here is how to fix this: Go to your command prompt. (windows key, type 'cmd' , ctrl +shift
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