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  1. Same behaviour on [Windows 10 x64, 8GB Ram with premium] and [Windows 10 x64, 4GB Ram with free]. After full system scan (Custom, all HDDs) memory marked as "used" is very high (close to 90%). Disabling Malwarebytes does nothing. Only system restart can restore "used" memory to normal state. There is some serious memory leak in scanner.
  2. Since some time I have a problem with MWB while I'm using Sketchup. I've 24GB of RAM and sometime suddenly all RAM has gone and Sketchup quits. For now it happened only using Sketchup and I use V-Ray 3.4 for Sketchup to render things. I'm not really sure when and how it happens, Sketchup is ruby based and runs lots of .rb plugins which are practically just text files/programming language. I did excluded some directories but not the right ones I guess. The screenshot is taken when my computer started to slow down but in the end it will eat up all RAM. I also run the latest insider pre
  3. On Monday, I received the upgrade to Malwarebytes 3.0.6 from the previous one and I have to say, I am not happy with it at all. My main gripe is that it has become more resource-heavy when one of its processes, "MBAMProcess", takes up over 300MB of memory and with that number being higher than "explorer.exe" and "svchost.exe" combined, and even worse when I have Mozilla Firefox open that also consumes memory, and this is because I only have 4GB of memory for this laptop (which is a Dell Inspiron N7010) and when I performed the first scan with it, the laptop is forced to work harder as it cause
  4. Has anyone looked at other options besides MalwareBytes? I've been a premium user for several years now and would gladly jump to something else that uses less memory. I've read enough of the threads to know there is no miracle cure for the high memory use. If there is a reasonable chance that generating the various log files will do some good I'll go through the trouble. But from what I can tell it generally makes no difference and is allot of effort. I just did the upgrade to 3.0.6 and saw that the consumption seemed to go down so I was hopeful. But today all records were broken a
  5. Hi My install of malwarebytes is now using more than 3000mb each night. I can restart the application and it is acting normal, but when I come back to the PC the next day it is using more than 3000mb again. I had this problem on the previous v2.x and decided that I should upgrade to v3.0.6. This did not help. So I read up on the web and tried the cleaning tool and followed the instructions given to make a clean install of malwarebytes v3. Did this and had no impact on the problem. Hope someone can help. ThommyB Addition.txt FRST.txt MBAM-logs.zip
  6. So recently I downloaded a program called Hitfilm pro 2017 and I cant open it because of the memory and some time a program will freeze my computer alot I need some help!
  7. Hello Malwarebytes Forums, I am not sure if this issue has already been reported or known about, but I would like to report an issue regarding the high CPU usage and memory the process MBAMService.exe uses in the premium version of Malwarebytes 3.0. The issue is, everytime you use your web browser, whether it's the web browser loading web pages for example, MBAMService.exe would just hog the CPU usage until the the web browser is complete loading the web page you wanted. This is possibly due to the Web Protection feature in the Malwarebytes 3.0 program, maybe? Anyways, this kind of C
  8. Running Windows10 Pro x64, MBAM service is continually using excessive amounts of both RAM (1-2GB on average) and CPU (20-40% of cycles.) This has a large adverse effect on my system. Why and what can be done? Restart does not help, usage peaks again after a few minutes.
  9. Hi, Today I upgraded to premium in hopes that it would fix my issue with windows defender, which was cluttering my memory up to 90%. Turns out, it's just doing the same thing. The computer runs fine except when I play games, which stutter/lag a lot. I'm not sure why it's hogging up all my memory. I have 16gb of RAM, I don't think lack of memory is the issue? I don't really know much about computers, so if someone can give me a step by step solution that'd be great. I've attached some images that hopefully might give you an idea of what's going on. Thanks, Ana
  10. I'm having the same problem. My computer has all but froze.
  11. Hi there dev, Its not a new problem,,,since 3 previous versions mbae cannot let me open firefox downloaded files (used to fix this by CLEAN reinstalling mbae ) Every time i open or open folder from firefox downloads firefox crashes with the error "an exploit code was blocked" memory heap protection or something (included logs below virustotal link Virustotal scan report) I tried to do the same on firefox safemode issue persisted(firefox40-46) . Also tried folder open command from firefox CLI (Shift+F2) got the same error...using avast ,mbae,mbam free,mbarw beta (iss
  12. I don't know if it is normal or not but I guess it is not. My Malwarebytes is Premium. The Malwarebytes of my desktop only consumes total of 70MB and I got this amount of usage on my laptop.
  13. MABMService is using 0% CPU but over 300MB of memory. This is without any active scanning happening so I don't think memory usage should be this high. Is there anything I can do to change this, or is this considered normal? I'll attach some notes in case they will be of any use. Thanks in advance for any help. attach.txt CheckResults.txt dds.txt
  14. Hi All, OK I expect a few teething problems with new products (though most should have been fixed beta testing) but I installed Malwarebytes 3.0.4 today. Rebooted and It took a whole hour before my PC was usable.Web pages took ages to load (usually they are lightning fast with a 200mbps connection) but they loaded like I was back on a 28.8 kbp baud acoustic coupler modem. My CPU hit 100% and my fan was spinning so fast that I thought my base unit would start rising from the ground and hover above my head, like some weird square drone. My memory (before I had to force a reboot) hit a whop
  15. User receiving error message via MBAE "Exploit Code Executing from HEAP Memory Blocked". I have attached contents of MBAE folder on users PC. Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit.zip
  16. Just out of curiosity,.. what would -roughly- be the 'normal' amount of memory that MBAM would be using? Would some 200MB be normal? Thanks. =
  17. The MBAMService.exe service is taking up 3 GB of my memory and completely slows down my PC. I am running a Windows 7 64 bit OS with McAfee AV and HIPS. Only until I kill the service, can I work on my computer.
  18. Computer was sluggish, pulled up task manager. MBAMService.exe was using over 5 GB of RAM, 10 to 15 percent CPU. Restart of service through service manager failed (service didn't respond to stop request). End task in task manager and then start from service manager brought thing back within reason, but the memory usage is slowly climbing. Started at ~7MB, currently at 40MB. Regards, Tony
  19. Just installed Windows 10 and noticed Malwarebytes premium is using a huge amount of memory constantly. 225.5MB to be exact. What should I do, or will this be addressed in an update? Thank you
  20. Hello, I have an i7 computer with 16Go of RAM and Windows 8.1 Pro. I have Windows Defender as my antivirus Just today I noticed that MBAM was not loading. I don't know how long this has been going on for. I read through the forums here and did the usual stuff (Chameleon all the way through, MBAM clean and antivirus deactivation and re-install etc.). Nothing worked. MBAM refuses to load. Finally I tried a safe boot and I started to run Chameleon got a dialog box with the following details as soon as it tried to load MBAM. Dialog box title : mbam.exe - Application Error Content : The instru
  21. I noticed whilst checking the Resource Monitor that "svchost.exe " is using up 250,000KB and slowing my pc down. Is there anything I can do to stop it from using this much memory, or is it something else ? Thanks in advance!
  22. We are running Windows7 Home Edition and have found some suspicious processes running eating up a lot of memory. The process is named Advpiep.exe. It is a 32 bit process and masks itself as part of Google Chrome. We have de-installed GC and see no changes. We see multiple copies of it running at the same time, from 3 to 9 at any given time. Has anyone heard of this program and how does one get rid of it?
  23. My laptop is currently infected with a more advanced strain of the iexplore.exe virus. Symptoms include - multiple iexplore.exe and iexplore.exe*32 processes despite not using internet explorer - multiple Chrome.exe*32 processes - frequently running out of memory - computer is very slow - random windows noises playing periodically in the background i have been searching the internet for a solution or removal guide, but so far nothing has worked. in addition anti-malware software like Malwarebytes does not seem to be able to detect the virus. i am currently running windows 7 32bi
  24. Hi there, Windows 7 Pro x64 (6 GB ram) always warn me about low memory problem and suggest to close Malwarebytes Anti-malware. I checked the processes and all mbam related ones that a huge 1.7+ GB of memory. Is there a reason why it takes so much memory?
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