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Found 416 results

  1. Having problems gettind rid of viruses with malwarebytes and other programs, also i cannot connect to internet, but i have a established connection. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  2. Heya, So lately I've noticed that our computer has one PUP file in the Google Chrome directory that keeps popping up. I can delete it, but whenever we start Google Chrome it reappears in scans. When I delete it, Google Chrome shuts down. Last time I ran a scan and it seemed that our PUP file has multiplied itself, at least I suspect that (there where 75 PUP files suddenly). After deleting these, they haven't showed up again. Nevertheless, because of this I really want to get rid of that one single PUP file that keeps reappearing whenever I open Google Chrome. Its name is PUP.Optional.Trovi. Do I need to uninstall and reinstall Google Chrome to get rid of it? Thanks in advance!
  3. I'll keep it short and sweet. I have obvious malware, specifically 'Windows Process Manager', six instances running in Task Manager. Pretty sure the guilty files are 'nikrhdx.exe' of which I see multiple instances in Details tab of Task Manager. I've ran Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, as well as the Anti-Rootkit beta. The anti-malware came backclean, but MBAR comes back dirty each time, even after reboot. I am currently running RogueKiller, and when it finishes I'm going to run FRST then run FRST again in RE. I've gathered that those things and their logs will be needed for you guys to help me. Please help, I use this computer for not only running videogames, but also creating games in Unity and I can't even run 7DTD more or less properly create with Unity with the drain to my already old system.
  4. Help my friend got malware he got malwarebytes and it founs 6 malware and only showed 5 Below are details Riskware-Fota Provider Trojan-Pinoy App Shop,E Warranty,Cherry Play,Cherry Fun Club Need help on how to remove them!!!! He had a lot of popups and redirects at random times Iam a concerned friend
  5. Hi, Recently ended up with a solid amount of malware (worst was programs called anonymizergadget, emigrates, and uninitiated) which took control of my chrome and created popup ads, etc. etc. Cleaned it up and all looked good until I noticed Windows Process Manager (32 Bit) was using anywhere from 10-40% of my CPU at any time. When I go to the path it takes me to \Appdata\Local\avaorlt and denies access, unable to interact at all. Properties in task manager names it as wmnteal.exe. Did a scan with FRST, the two files are attached, along with a screenshot of the process in task manager. FRST.txt Addition.txt
  6. Recently my computer has been infected through I'm sure something I have downloaded yet I was not fast enough to catch it and my computer is suffering. This seems to be a similar situation to a forum post I read up on to find out what is happening to my computer. I have a fairly high end computer in which I should not have any lag whatsoever no matter what application(s) I am running but as of late my computer struggles simply with google chrome. I checked out my task manager to see what process was taking up almost 100% of my CPU and RAM and it was "Windows Process Manager (32 bit)" and when I expand it its about 6 processes all under the same name and when I open details it is a process sbaeouh.exe that cannot be stopped no matter what and when I try to open file location I am denied access. Screenshots are attatched below as are my FRST and Addition txts. Please help! Thanks! -Jarrod FRST.txt Addition.txt
  7. When I click a link from a known website, Malwarebytes blocks the page as malicious. The report says it is an outbound connection to an unknown page, text below: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Malwarebytes www.malwarebytes.com -Log Details- Protection Event Date: 1/28/18 Protection Event Time: 11:59 AM Log File: c6ba1b10-0465-11e8-91f7-f48e38e7fcd9.json Administrator: Yes -Software Information- Version: Components Version: 1.0.262 Update Package Version: 1.0.3808 License: Premium -System Information- OS: Windows 10 (Build 16299.125) CPU: x64 File System: NTFS User: System -Blocked Website Details- Malicious Website: 1 , , Blocked, [-1], [-1],0.0.0 -Website Data- Category: Unspecified Domain: africangrey.top IP Address: Port: [57365] Type: Outbound File: C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe (end) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Has anyone seen this before or these types of blocks? I have had it happen in two different websites with this "Domain: africangrey.top" Any help would be greatly appreciated Gary labnol link generated a malwarebytes block - Jan 28 2018.txt
  8. If someone can offer some helpful advice i would greatly appreciate it. I own paid subsricptions to McAfee, Webroot, Bitdefender, Malwarebytes 3, and now ESET, and all since October of 2017. Something is not right. Period. My computer keeps telling me its fine but after what ive been through i dont trust or believe it. I'll try to make this short but its difficult and this is was i believe to be true to my heart and its gonna sound crazy but idc at this point. So on Oct 7,2017 i got into bitcoin. I used Bittrex as my exchange. Well like 3 weeks later I found out that i was a victim of a phishing site for Bittrex. I was devastated. I kept wondering why things were different for me than my friend; passwords wouldnt save; ip not recognized. So submitted a form to google with pictures,screenshots, the whole nine yards. They took about 90 days to get back to me so in the meantime i made another google account ok, and got Mcafee. Microsoft as well, new account. They lock you out for 30 days to verify" btw. Anyways Mcafee remote accessed my computer and installed the software and rana virus remover right. like 3 weeks later still getting same thing so i decide to step it up a notch and buy webroot total protection. Again same thing started to happen. It was good for a few weeks then started acting up again. And when i say acting up i mean mostly my passwords; like nothing ever worked for more than a day! And typing glitches;and screen flickering here n there. So now im like ok? I'm paying good money here and still problems? it must be me, let me let a professional handle this. So i bought Bitdefender and spent almost $200 to remove, install, and set-up a whole anti-virus for me. They guy was on my computer all night for like 4 hours; Remote Access. BTW it was DEC 24, My Christmas present to myself lol. Anyways i was happy,i'm thinking wow! I got all my accounts, and i have many, protected and this runs so smooth on all my devices! I thought it was working. Until i started realizing very strange things. For one my windows was Not the same anymore. It was running as a developer and it had/has all these different settings that i never had before. I promise I felt like someone was on my computer with me all the time. I even covered my camera, cuz I felt uncomfortable leaving it on and it got so bad with my accounts that i ended up buying a new laptop only to find out that soon as I signed in to microsoft it started again. So now im sick!! My Acer is reseted/wiped out. My accounts are in the cloud somewhere with all my....everything! And i got a new Asus that's doing the same thing!! But this is where it gets even better. My Galaxy S7 started acting up. Doing all kinds of things on its own. And my Tab3. So just like my laptops i try to master reset it too and thats where things hit the fence. It was NEVER the same. Just like my laptop. New APK, SDK configurations; new build versions, new google play store, new samsung this n that. the FCC number wasnt the same as the box anymore. and the software was literally written and peronalized by someone who sure a heck wasn't me. I even went to T-mobile to show them how my phone wasn't even letting me master reset it; boot was so weird looking, and they couldnt event tell me what they were looking at. Geek squad at best buy too. So they said it might be the "wanna cry virus". Some clever ass ransomewear, and tbch thats exactly how i felt at this point. Like crying. So i did some research on it and the geek squad advised me that basically im f***ed. "Get all new devices and change ur network and all that" is what i was told. sooooo guess what comes next? yup! I did just that. Changed my modem, Router, changed my username, password, already got new computer, now a new phone ughh. Got the Samsung Note 8 and Alcatel tablet. Now i have 2 laptops, 2 phones, 2 tablets; Stressed and frustrated i literally brought in the new year unable to access ANY of my google,microsoft, samsung, or school accounts. My life is being taken over by something and i couldnt understand why me? i have nothing! So i thought the nightmare was over with the new devices and new accounts but sadly it continued. I was done. I said f**k it. If i lost everything i might as well go ham myself and try to firgure out what happened or why? So I started to google every single file i thought was suspicious and educate myself on all this developer stuff i would have never learned on my own, and i realized that i had 24 hours to make changes to my accounts before they rested again. Literally I spent my days and nights just changing settings and taking screenshots and backing up whatever i could because the next day it would be gone or not granted access. Well in my investigating I come accross Emails sent by "me" that werent me, accounts opened up that i never opened, I found my old acer running programs all on its own like a ghost was on it, android studio, developer apps; so so much stuff. My google activity had tabs from samsung site requesting my device specs and software downloads. So i came to the conclusion that this isn't a dam virus, someone is remotely accessing and controlling my devices! I was so fricking mad i took whatever files i had copied at some point and posted them up on a blog screaming for help and notfiying google that someone was doing this to me, called the FTC and filed an identity theft complain. And of course next day i came accross a file here in malwarebytes which was an all data file or xml file, something like that i cant be sure with all the files i saw my apologies, but the person was talking about something they found and were in the process of fixing. And so last but not least this is the purpose of me posting this.... I truly believe that someone from logmein, teamviewer, fastsupport, bitdefender, blockchain, or Microsoft took advantage of and violated my rights when they remote accessed my computer and satyed on my accounts. I believe that the reason they did it was to take my authentication certficates and windows information to obtain private keys that no one would ever have access too unless i gave them access, to steal my crypto wallets. I also believe that this person is a highly skilled developer who thought he could pull a fast one on me, underestimating my persistence and will power to not let things go, and that when he realized i was on his tail and that i have no means to stop until i expose him, got nervous and began to wipe out everything that traced back to him. I know for a fact that he used my microsoft account to access my google accounts, which gave him access to my network account and samsung accounts, and that everything i went through was just to cover his tracks. I know it sounds crazy but this is what i believe and i believe i got a crap load of proof that what im saying is in fact true. Now i just need the right individual who could make sense of whatever data i have collected becasue I surely cannot. But i do know that i got something. Now My phones are starting to come back to normal. My passwords havent been resetting so much. I do have access to my laptop but its still a huge mess and im afraid that im running out of time before things "fix themselfs" and all the evidence is gone. I want to catch whoever did this. I want to stop them from taking advantage of people and stealing from them. Im a mother of two, i work 6 days and go to school at night and i dont have money to buy new devices and phone and all of that!! Its terrible that someone could be so disgraceful. Right now i have malwarebytes and ESET but i need help! I need so much help setting up my computer to a normal device like it always was and i need help verifying what these files are and if they are wrong doing. Maybe im just paranoid. Or maybe i just got a bad virus or something. I hope that there's a perfectly good explanation for this, i do. But I just have a funny feeling that this is bigger than that. I have seen and went through too much to believe otherwise. So Please can someone offer me their advice or guidance. I dont have windows 8 anymore. i have windows 10. the build is different now that it was when this all happened and like i said i feel hes trying to erase everything. I called and some of my accounts have noooooo record of me anymore and i have stacks of papers saying otherwise! its crazy. please....someone
  9. My malwarebytes satrted to hog ALL of my memory, over 10GB and rising, soon hunderds of GB's and i have 8 for RAM. It doesn't want to scan, it doesn't want to enable real time protection anymore AND it auto starts itself every time i shut it down. It's literally become malware itself, what the censored is this? YES and i have tried malware clean install here
  10. Ok, so I was watching YouTube when all of a sudden I was constantly getting pop ups saying. Successfully blocked access to potential malicious website. It’s always a different IP address. I can’t access any websites as well I can’t update Malwarebytes. So I disconnected from the internet. I fan a quick scan and nothing. I’m currently doing a full scan. But I need help to fix this. Hope someone can help. Thank you for your time and have a nice day. P.s I’m using the Internet on my phone to post this.
  11. Hello there. I just ran malwarebytes on a second HDD and removed all issues but my screen goes black still upon starting windows. Does anyone know how to fix this, or how I can learn about this? Thanks, Sean.
  12. My task manager is filled with random stuff that is using up an enormous amount of ram. Especially the one in the title... 30-50 percent of my CPU. I have spent the last two hours trying to get rid of all of it using malware bytes and every other program similar that wasn't blocked from being downloaded. I think i need help from someone that really knows what they are doing I will attach screen shots of my task manager. Thanks!
  13. Hello, I'm new to the forum so excuse if this post is not in the correct place but i really need some help on this one.. My fathers computer has been running terribly slow and he says it's been turning off and restarting and just acting strange. So i figured i can run malwarebytes + other virus scanners, CCleaner, clear his cache and cookies and web history and i figured that would do the trick but after i did all the troubleshooting, the same symptoms are appearing. So i pulled up netstat and I found out his computer is connecting to pornhub.com via firefox sessions( which aren't open) and 1sass.exe appears to be the one that's opening them? I've tried scanning with multiple antivirus programs, tried different firewalls. I tried going through command prompt to delete the file but it woudln't allow me to do so. I've attached a screenshot. What should i do? Thank you
  14. Hello, My laptop has been using it's fan quite vigorously when it's idle but I didn't take it seriously. Today I realized it is really bugging me out. When no input is given to the pc it began to spin its fans really fast. But when I move the mouse it almost suddenly stops. Then I ran Tas Manager on the screen and I waited. When the fans began to spin again I realized a process is using almost 60% of my CPU. Name of the process is "mint.exe". No luck finding any information though. Ran a malwarebytes scan and it found 1 software. "Guard.lnk" which lead me to "Guard.exe" in "C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\AppContainer\Storage\microsoft.microsoftedge_8wekyb3d8bbwe\Children\001\Internet Settings". BTW "Internet Settings" folder is hidden. Showing hidden items didn't help. But going directly to the address let me in. Content of the folder is attached. There is a "config.txt" file in the folder which led me thinking it is a stealth miner malware. You will get when you see the config file which is attached also. If any of you guys want me to share the files for analyzing purposes I will gladly share them with you. But I want them to be gone of course. malwarebytes report, FRST.txt, Addition.txt files are attached. TL;DR: Cryptocurrency miner malware infected. Need to remove. Please help. Required files are attached. Thank you config.txt malwarebytes.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
  15. I have downloaded a torrent of sims 4 game it was 16 GB so I lefted 2 days downloading after the torrent finished the popups websites on google chrome keep opening and cmd saying it is transfering files and there was written simstransfer.info and many process then navigate to copied successfully of two files but when I tried to capture the process so I can put it here it goes away fast to another in cmd and then cmd stay opened and doesn't go by itself .. I then close it by myself... I have tried many antimalwares but they did nothing although I saw the reports and removed malwares but the problem still exist, tried Hitman and tried them in safe mode with networking but still the same what I have noticed is that cmd starts poping up and so for the websites pop ups when startup and then repeats in different times through the day. I uninstalled utorrent and any of the recent programs.In cmd says that is from system 32. If I can capture the cmd proccess I will put here... and thank you.
  16. I used Zemana antimalware and malwarebytes, browser popups were gone and for a short time cpu usage was also lowered, but after restarting cmd.exe is still opening randomly and sending data.
  17. Hello, recently my computer has been using 100% ram and disk and making everything painstakingly slow. I opened up task manager and 20+ "svchost.exe"s were running. I've tried rkill, malwarebytes, zemana, etc. Still no luck. Im running windows 10 64x, with 20gb of ram, and 3Tb of space. Please help in any way you can. I don't want to wipe my hard dive.
  18. Hi, my cmd opens up and starts downloading some crazy stuff, I think it's a malware, can you please help me? I have seen in one topic to give you FRST.txt and Addition.txt. I have seen that this problem is also solving in this topic : Sorry for my English and probably misspelled words, it's not my first language. Best regards, Bebich Addition.txt FRST.txt
  19. My Hotmail was hijacked. After contacting Microsoft they told me my computer was infected with torpig. I run Norton but it did not detect anything. This forum was the only place I found that has recorded solution from other users that were infected with the same virus. I appreciate if someone could help me removing it from my computer. Thank you very much! Marcelo
  20. Please help me I've recently been affected by this new Malware Windows Process manager 32bit, and it takes up all my resources to mine bitcoin for someone else I've tried a lot of solutions and I can't figure out why it isn't working. please help me on figuring this problem out. I saw this on another thread for theFRST fix. Start::CMD: bcdedit.exe /set {bootmgr} displaybootmenu yesCMD: bcdedit.exe /set {default} recoveryenabled yesCMD: fltmc instancesCMD: dir /a:-d /o:d C:\windows\system32\driversEnd:: Fixlog.txt And thats what i got i dont know what it means but im going to put it their anyway. Thank you.
  21. Hi, When I open my Internet Browser, it opens numerous tabs. Currently I am using AdwareBlockPlus to block it. But I would definitely need a help on this, thanks.
  22. Halo my name is Chita, So recently i just have a problem with my laptop, im using OS Windows 8.1 single languange. So, two days ago when i start my laptop from sleep mode and using it for 2 hours the first problem is suddenly appear blue screen that says "Your PC ran into a problem that it couldnt handle and now it need to restart. You can search for the error online : KERNEL DATA INPAGE ERROR." so first thing i do is waited until the restart is done, after that i found the notification that says my disk is error.. i didnt take the picture of it. Then i feels my laptop is slower kind of like something is not responding, so i check in task manager and my disk capacity is 100% usage. From top list i see system is the most used my disk. i dont know what to do, i search on internet but some i dont really understand how, one case that i thought in my case is because some program is corrupt. That i found is make sense. so i decide to go to recovery system and back from the safest date in recent log. after that i go to safe mode, uninstall some of program that i found not necessary. When i get back to normal mode, my friend tell me to used CC cleaner, so i installed the regular version and used it. and then i check my flag it says "Scan drives for errors" when i click the notification appear is " fsavailux.exe - System Error. The program can't start because ifsutil.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem". For that i search again on internet and says it have to be scanned with microsoft safety scanner, wich i did full scanned right now. Please Help me 1.About that data inpage error what the right thing to do, i dont feel slower like that time but my disk space is still full usage (i see in task manager) even now. 2.what should i do with fsavailux.exe problem ?. 3.i really afraid for my laptop, is it serious condition? Ps: im just sign up because this problem so im really new please be nice :') , i attachpicture of my screen page so you can see it.. please help, idont understand about computer problem.
  23. So the last known programs installed, were on the 18 of this month. Im running windows 10, and i made the mistake of thinking it could handle me torrenting. As I've done it countless times before, on win7 ult and didnt encounter a thing wrong. Anyways, long story short, im infected with something. I've ran countless programs to remedy it to no avail. unhackme, malwarebytes, adw cleaner, roguekiller, and hitmanpro, all based on this websites recommendation. im still infected. upon going through, nearly every folder in my drive (fresh install of win10 so i dont have much)i came across 3 folders that i had no control over, and couldnt delete. dtmhnlx, igfxmtc,wmhtcir. my guess is mining programs, but FRST revealed it to be a trojan. Although im still needing help on what to do to erase this. I want to play my games again without my cpu and gpu hitting max load, for games that arent even modern....also i should note, windows reset, and restore wont work at all. ive put win8 iso on dvd and tried to run on pc but wont read it at all, even disable secure boiot and rearranged the boot order. nothing works. if this doesnt work then i'll have to resort to taking out the hdd and doing a complete partition wipe of it, which i dont want to do because im just lazy. someone please help?
  24. Hello! Anytime I open and use a browser, very annoying square ads appear in the bottom right corner of my screen. On the bottom of each ad it says "Ads by MagicGame." I have no idea how these ads were caused nor do I know how to remove them as this laptopn was given to me by a close friend so that I could work on assignments. Please guide me and if I need to provide any further information, let me know. Thank you!
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