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Found 487 results

  1. gF76D.tmp.exe is always running on my PC from the start and my Google Search is turning into cse.google.com Please help me remove it. Thanks!!
  2. Hi there! So basically my laptop has been gradually getting worse and i have looked through loads of forums to find answers but none seem to work for me. So i think it is best to ask my specific question. I use BitTorrent often to download games and movies etc, then all of a sudden recently my internet options stopped opening. It will not allow me to search for new wireless networks so i am stuck with the one i already have. Many programs won't open anymore, most recently Spotify, it used to open when turned my laptop on but now it won't run even in administrator mode. Can anybody help me please?
  3. Hello Malwarebytes ((Sorry its so long!)) Currently my DELL laptop is running slow and I referred to this topic for help. I suck at computers and wanted to remove the the virus manually through coding but that got me confused even more so I decided to go here and I found this : and I'm stuck at the 2nd step. I couldn't find " fixlist.txt file ". ( I have my FRST.txt and Addition.txt saved on my desktop already ) I understand that most pc's work differently and need different ways of fixing but I just decided to go through this route because I've been experiencing similar functions. The wifi has had the connection decreasingly dropped several times, it takes at least 5-7 minutes to boot up my laptop, the cursor seems to spazz out in rare cases, programs sometimes restarted on their own, i had one drive failure where it completely restarted itself and i thought it would be due to it heating up, and just overall everything is slow. The percentages on CPU and Memory are increasingly high (up to 98% at the highest) sometimes and then drop at around a 50%. I know I have a virus and I know MacAfee isn't the best, but I did a full scan and according to it, there seemed to be nothing but I know I have a virus that's just hibernating somewhere. From my past experience of having a laptop that got completely obliterated by this one virus/trovi, this was just the beginning. My original plan in avoiding this was to move some files and programs into an external hard drive, but I'm afraid some of them may be infected already because this has been prolonging for weeks now and I never took initiative action to stop it. update: it decided to change my desktop background too (fixed it with a restart) but my laptop is getting slightly more glitchy/laggy Addition.txt FRST.txt
  4. Accnazaroff

    Please help!!!

    I've tried everything so far and I know that at the minimum I have Mail.Ru which is a browser hijacker and a registry editor. I thought I got rid of all of it in my registry, but it still keeps popping up! Darn thing creates new tabs with adds but ONLY on chrome for me. It seems to have come in with a free keygen software I got a few weeks ago. Please help me!!!!! I want this gone so I can use Chrome again!
  5. My computer has been infected after downloading an iso file. Ive tried to use malwarebytes but it pops up an error saying that the request resource (mbam.exe) is in use. it's also gotten to the point where I can reset pc as clicking Get Started doesnt so anything. Proxys are setup in my brothers and i can fownload other malware programs. Windows defender and troubleshooting wont startup as they say there are errors. Running out of options. Please Help.
  6. Hello, Someone tried to hack my PC. Installed a number of suspicious software and tools, disabled Windows Defender by a group policy, and there is a virus/malware I can not remove from my system. Once Windows 10 boots this file "g****.tmp.exe/g****.tmp" is automatically generated in the Windows temp folder and every time I end the task/process from the task manager and delete the files they generate again when I restart the Windows and Windows Defender is ineffective to clean my system. I managed to remove most of the suspicious software and tools and turn on Windows Defender. But there are some security issues I need to correct. Could you please help? I think my security issues are similar to "Kevin777" topic. https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/194088-a-tmpexe-files-in-the-temp-folder-malware-or-a-browser-hijacker/ Thank you.
  7. My Malwarebytes software scan my computer and finds a few TrojanDNSChanger threats. When I attempt to quarantine them, Malwarebytes sits on "quarantining threats 0 of 15" all night. I tried removing it 3 times now but Malwarebytes seems to freeze whenever I make an attempt. It is extremely annoying adware that I want gone so I have more disk space. Please help.
  8. Handcrafted

    Cmd windows pop

    Hi, Sometimes I have a cmd windows tha pop really quickly and said: BITSADMIN version 3.0 BITS administration utility. <C> Copyright 2000-2006 BITSAdmin is deprecated and is not guaranteed to be available in future versions of Windows. Administrative tools for the Bits service are now provided by BITS Powershell cm dlets. Found 3 jobs named "task3". Use the job identifier instead of the job name. I searched several hours for fixes but they seem to depend of the system we use as it said on this topic on your website : I ran every diagnostic and I joined you the logs. Do you think you can create a fixlist.txt file for my system? Rkill.txt Addition.txt FRST.txt Malwarebytes Export.txt
  9. Hello! I am a real novice when it comes to dealing with Malware but I think I may have an infection. My disk usage often runs up to 100% leaving me unable to run programs or do anything. The exact symptoms differ with every boot. Sometimes my desktop loads without a background picture. I tried to run Malwarebytes to scan my pc but it will not open beyond asking if I want to run it in a UAC window. I tried to run Chameleon but it terminates after a brief scan. I can't seem to copy a log from it either but ive seen the same error report on other forums. Is there any advice anyone can offer? Am I being thick or do I have some nasty virus blocking Malwarebytes from running? P.s. I have disabled Windows Search & Superfetch and that appears to have freed up some disk usage but Malwarebytes still won't run even in chameleon.
  10. I also have this firefox-patch-js and would like to remove it. I did not install. I always close it out but it keeps popping back up. I ran Malwarebytes and my avast anti virus but they found nothing.
  11. Enclosing FRST.txt and Addition.txt; please help - I accidentally installed the firefox patch. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  12. ItzEmily

    Update on cloudflare

    I just a message from afriend of cloud flare getting attacked and the hackers will leak all of your info.https://github.com/pirate/sites-using-cloudflare/blob/master/README.md.Is there anything i can do to protect myself.Please respond back as fast i am scred.

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