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  1. I previously had an issue with my real-time protection turning itself off. Support gave me the information for uninstall old version (my automatic updates were not working) and reinstall. I saved my licensing information since the instructions indicate this will not carry over and I'll have to manually enter my licensing information once the new version has been installed. During the install I did have several errors pop up (too quickly to notate the errors), but I did finally get the update installed. Here is where my new problem comes in to play. When I go to the licensing screen to enter my license information, the button to [ACTIVATE] is gray and will not allow me to activate my current license. I've posted my concern in the forums and sent an email to support and have yet to get any sort of response. Right now I'm running a FREE version of the software, but needless to say I'm frustrated since I have a paid license that I am unable to activate. Please, can anyone help? I don't even have a support phone number to contact to speak directly to a human.
  2. I have a good number of the older lifetime retail licenses - all purchased from newegg (discontinued product link: https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16832562001). They're all a physical card with both an ID and Key - to date, none of them seem to work when trying to activate in a fresh install of 3.0. If i download and install a pre-3.0 version of Malwarebytes, then activate, then install 3.0 over top, it works, and 3.0 respects the lifetime subscription... but using the keys from the retail cards direct into 3 never seems to work - the button to activate never even lights up in the UI. Is this a known issue with older keys? I do have a ticket into support, as several posts seem to indicate that's the only way to resolve the issue - I'm just more curious if this is something others have seen? It really feels like 3.0 doesn't even like the format of the ID/Key, as the activate button never even lights up.
  3. I purchased 6 licenses, I used only 4, and started receiving an error that I am out of licenses? I would have liked to logon somewhere, and see what's the issue, or called someone to get some help, I had to email, support, which is made very difficult by cleverbridge to do in the first place. I have NOT received a response since yesterday, so what the deal guys. customer no service?
  4. When upgrading to version 3, the license becomes "Trial." My licenses are "lifetime" and I have screenshots to substantiate that. When a manual re-license is attempted, a message appears that says that the maximum amount has been exceeded. I have attempted to upgrade to version 3 several times, and on multiple machines. My original purchase was multiple licenses to qualify for a "site license" as instructed by CleverBridge. When I made the original purchase, I was told that if I bought a over a certain number of licenses, that qualified as a "site license" and was recorded as such. I can only use a certain number of machines at once, and I can attest that it is lower than the number of licenses purchased! There have been some instances in the past when a system had to be rebuilt due to hard drive failure or because of catastrophic system failure. In those instances it was not possible to perform "de-installations" or "remove license." In the meantime, I am having to click "Later" frequently when asked "Do you want to upgrade?"
  5. Got excited about the release of Malwarebytes 3.0 and installed it today. Seemed like everything went well until I restarted my PC. Then it suddenly deactivated my product, and now refuses to accept any of my ID/license keys. Anyone else have this problem or know of any workarounds? I have sent three emails to Malwarebytes today but have yet to receive any response.
  6. Hi, A remote user uninstalled Malwarebytes anti-malware and installed installed the anti-ransomware BETA and got this error below. Any thoughts? ["There was a problem activating your Malwarebytes anti-ransomware Beta". Your license failed to activate. ] Thank you. MR
  7. Same problem as already reported by Pinosempreverde here. Message: 'Your license failed to activate'. Clicking 'Start Protection' does not change a thing. Tried to adapt the hosts file and to exclude MB3Service / mbarw.exe in the firewall, but to no avail. I noticed that Anti-Ransomware worked just fine a few days, but that this failure occurred after last (major) Windows 10 update.
  8. launching the SW I get the message: 'Your license failed to activate'. I have captcha driven Internet access and MAR beta doesn't start properly. It needs Internet access immediately. If not - I cannot launch it and need to restart the computer. I am afraid that for dial in Internet access it won't work Any hints? Maybe producer needs to change this function...
  9. Windows 8.1 Hello Malwarebytes will not except Product Keys. Had to do another clean total reinstall on one of my two machines. After installation malwarebytes would not except the product key listed on the card included with CD. These were three machine life time licenses. I had purchased several of these licenses. I have 4 product ID and Product Keys. I was only using the keys on one machine each. It will not except anyone of the product keys. These keys are the ones which include both ID and Product Key. Only have two home machines, no sharing going on here. One machine is operational with it’s key. It may think that it’s exceeded it’s 3 machine limit due to so many reinstalls. That’s a Microsoft problem. Do you still honor the life time licenses. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Mike
  10. Hi there, I downloaded the beta from your website. I installed it as an Administrator. After installation it says ''Your license failed to activate''. Do i need a license for this beta ? and how will i get hold of a license ? I use Comodo Internet Security Premium v8.4.0.5076 I also use Malwarebytes Anti Malware and Malwarebytes Anti Exploit cheers xD
  11. When i upgraded my MBMC server to version 1.7 the licenses for MBAM and MBAE now come up as expired in bright red, however it was fully licensed and running before the upgrade. Now I cant use MBMC or have active protection. What happened here?
  12. Hi, I've installed the latest version of the MBARW (, when starting the program I receive the message that the license failed to activate. I have followed the instructions you gave in other topics, but no change: if a conventional Windows restart to the Normal boot mode has/does not resolve(d) the reported issue, please consider a clean re-install of MBARW Beta: 1. Close all open Windows applications followed by a conventional Windows based uninstall of Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware. 2. If MBARW Beta was uninstalled successfully, the following directories will have been deleted from a typical Windows 64-bit system: C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes\ C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware\ C:\ProgramData\MBAMService\ 3. If any of the above directories remain, please delete them manually. If necessary, any remaining/uninstalled directory may be deleted in the Windows Safe mode. 4. Execute a conventional Windows restart to the Normal Windows boot mode and log-in through an Administrator's account. <===IMPORTANT! 5. Using an Administrator's account only, download a fresh MBARW_Setup.exe file and save to the Administrator's Desktop from the MBARW Introduction topic. 6. Right-click the MBARW_Setup.exe file and left-click Run as administrator from the context menu. 7. Upon a successful installation, please restart the computer in a conventional manner to the Windows Normal boot mode. I have attached the zip-files for your review. Please advise logs.zip Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware1.zip
  13. Hello, I'm having issues with using the activation key I have been using for ages now. It is my fault I can no longer use it due to my own forgetfulness. Here's the deal: I had Win7 as my OS with MBAM Premium and my key, later on tried out Win10 out of curiosity and after a while decided to revert back. On both times I forgot to de-activate the key in the MBAM menu. As I reinstalled Win7 on my machine I had some technical issues and had to re-reformat once more. Yet again, I forgot the key. Now I'm stuck with my license key being completely invalid. Is there any solution to this or will I have to purchase a key?
  14. Twice I downloaded and installed the Beta Ransomeware, and each time it tells me "Your License Failed To Activate". So the product is "disabled". What to do?
  15. So I have had malwarebytes anti-malware for two years and there has been no problem. However, today i turned on my computer and it says my license has expired. When i click on renew, I get the following message You're all set!You will be auto-renewed at the yearly date of your original purchase. To view your purchase details, click here. My credit card has also been charged but I still have the LIcense Expired pop-up. Please advise. Thanks!
  16. Hello and thanks for a wonderful product. I was reminded via Email that my MalwareBytes Anti-Exploit Premium license was soon to expire. SO, I went to your (Cleverbridge) store and purchased a 4-pack of MBAE licenses. I cannot, however, find a way to apply the new licenses. As you can see from the attached screenshot, it is activated (current key obscured for posting) but there is NO Activate button. I want to do the right thing (well, I guess I did by purchasing the new licenses) and apply them but don't know how. With all the problems people seem to have doing so, I am loathe to uninstall/reinstall a perfectly running product. There is obliviously something simple I am missing here. Any hints on what it might be? Thanks, Daniel S.
  17. I have two virtual machines running Windows in VMware. (I'm actually a Mac user) I'm wondering if I need 2 licenses for the premium version or if 1 license covers my situation? (I'm assuming 1 license is for 1 computer?) P.S. Does Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium really give me more protection in comparison with the free version and Kaspersky Total Security? P.P.S. Isn't there a sale available for the holidays?
  18. After recovery of my windows 10 i try to activated my MAB id and key i got this message Error code 404 The License Key was not found There is a problem with your license key and we are unable to activate your license. Please check your license details and try entering your key again. If you continue to have trouble, please contact Malwarebytes Support for assistance. how do i do with this problem i just buy the key from website please help! ps. sorry for my bad english. thank you very much!
  19. When I attempt to activate my premium version of Malwarebytes, I receive the box with error code, as shown in the Snippet that is attached. Says Error Code 404 The License Key Was Not Found. It continues as indicated in the screen shot. This is what has been done: All steps have been done logged in as the administrator on my Windows 7 Pro Machine - Dell E5500 Laptop The update to the version resulted in my accidentally leaving the default selection of the "Don't know where I got my license" etc instead of selecting "I Purchased My License" which I did pay for. I still have the original lifetime ID and Key Code from my purchase. This indicated that I had 300 some odd days available left on my Lifetime License! I deactivated, then tried "Change License" with my original ID and Key and the error box resulted as in the screen shot. Downloaded and Used the MBAM Clean utility, downloaded the 2.1.8 version again, went through the install steps as indicated on the forum, did not select Trial, Did Reboot when asked, etc. Attempted to activate again, same error. HELP! Also, I turned off ICS on my LAN Connection, Turned User Account Control completely off, switched to Google Public DNS servers at and, flushed DNS, Completely disabled my Avast anti-virus, Even attempted to change the date and time of the PC back to when I originally installed the product (this change resulted in an error that indicated that I was not connected to the internet but in fact I was and confirmed via browser when I tried to activate again with my ID and KEY) All other changes, and then re-attempts at activated resulted in the same attached error box... Please help! Thanks!
  20. Why does Malwarebytes always highlight "View Details" on the main page of my copy of Malwarebytes Premium? Does it think that it isn't legal? It does this on two machines. Check my product key. thanks mwbrown7638
  21. Hello, I recently purchased a lifetime membership license for Malwarebytes premium on Amazon.com and I cannot figure out how to get it to work. It only sent me a ID # but when I try to activate it asks for both ID# and license key. I did not get a license key from Amazon or Malwarebytes. What am I missing here? Was I scammed? Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium Lifetime License [Download] Platform: Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 2000 / XP File size: 19.5 MB Quantity purchased: 1 Malwarebytes: ID- 4HD63 KEY- 9W3H-V3H2-xxx-xxxx Purchased on March 08, 2015
  22. I'm new to this forum so I hope this is posted in the right place. I just bought the Premium version of Malwarebytes and the activation for my main computer, a desktop, went through without a hitch. When I try to activate the license for my second computer, a laptop, I'm told the license and key are invalid. How do I overcome this dilemma? BTW, I have double checked everything. The only difference I can see is that the activation was done with copy and paste on my desktop and I enter the license and key by keystroke for the laptop. Thanks for any help with this.
  23. I am a computer support person. I recommended MBAM realtime (Pro) to a client, and she wants it for her (single, only) Win7 machine. I'll be doing her installation, and if she has trouble, I will be contacting Malwarebytes on her behalf. I'm running MBAM Pro Trial version. Should I buy the license for my two Windows machines (Win7 and XP Pro) and use the "third machine" for my client's machine? Is this considered legitimate? Are there guidelines about the relationship between the three covered machines?
  24. I successfully installed the free version of Anti-Malware, but when I try to Activate Anti-Exploit (free), it requires License Id and License Key. What is this?
  25. So I had Malwarebytes on the computer I'm currently using. I was using Malwarebytes 2.0 or above. I needed to uninstall and reinstall the program. Now I didn't realize I had to deactivate my account to transfer my license in version 2.0 and above. So I used Malwarebytes clean uninstall file to unistall the program. Now I'm attempting to use the same license on the same computer, but it thinks the license is currently in use. I can't deactivate it now. What do I do?!
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