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  1. Hi, If I buy one Premium personal licence (which - if I understand well - can be installed on up to 10 machines) for Windows, will it work also for Macs (of course, respecting the total upper limit of 10 machines)? thanks --e.
  2. Can I add another computer to my license
  3. I just had a security "alert" from my browser. I went to see when Malware bytes Premium last ran. It has been COMPLETELY removed from my system. I do not remember any notice of yearly payment required. Does MWB just remove the software? How do I know if I need to renew if there is NOTHING left on the machine?
  4. Hello, I just bought a licence of Malwarebytes Premium and downloaded the application. When I try to Activate Licence, I type my license key and click on "Activate License", and this error appears: Then I press OK and this second message appears: These messages also appear whenever I start Malwarebytes. I've reinstalled, used the cleanup tool, all to no avail. I really need to get this working. Thank you for your help. mb-check-results.zip
  5. I'm getting the exact same error with 3.2.2 ..and I have a lifetime license should i downgrade to the previous version
  6. Dear Staff, I am aware of an issue. Basically, I reinstalled my windows too much often, I didn't know that I need to deactivate my license. So, Malwarebytes blocked my license. I would be thankful if you would reset my license key. P.S. I am kind of a perfectionist, it all started because of broken icons appearing in the start menu. Best regards, Reply soon Image:
  7. Hey guys, I was wondering something. When I found out that Android's Malwarebytes was updated to 3.0 thus taking advantage of premium finally, I wondered if my current lifetime premium license would work for it. The current number is a different kind of number from newer ones so I can't use the "redeem" option in the app . So I thought I'd see if I had an account that maybe has a mobile license number attached to it, but what I'm seeing is I can't create an account unless i paid for a temporary subscription from the website. I was hoping to login to a similar account on both my computer and mobile but it seems that's not an option as I also don't see an option to login to an account in the app. So I'm assuming that I cannot create an account and I have to pay for mobile separately? Just was wanting to get this straight. Thanks.
  8. Hello, I recently purchased premium for Malwarebytes and I have been unable to activate my license key and ID. Attached are the... MBAM Logs Zipped: MBAMServiceLogs.zip First.txt: FRST.txt Addition: Addition.tx MB-CheckResults Zipped: mb-check-results.zip And finally a screenshot of what happens: Thank you for any help, I really appreciate it!
  9. I have a lifetime license for Malwarebytes for windows. My Malwarebytes for Android just updated to a new "Premier" version, which after 30 days will require a paid license. Are lifetime licenses available for this product if I have a lifetime license for your the Windows Version. If so what is the cost for people with lifetime licenses for Malwarebytes?
  10. Hi, I just had to format my PC and completely forgot about deactivating the license first, now I can't activate it after formatting. What can I do? I see there is a Support page but there's no Sign Up option anywhere and the error mentions "Contact support" so I'm kinda lost. Thanks.
  11. Hello, I purchased a 2-year subscription for the premium package. I am unable to activate my key.
  12. We have a Windows and a Mac at home, can I buy a pair of licenses, or do I need to buy one from the Windows page and another from the Mac page on your site ? I could not find an answer to this in forums but wanted to check before I buy in case I then find I have two windows licenses and can't use one on our mac.
  13. Had to do a clean install of Windows 10, when trying to activate 3.1.2 I get the error MBAM403104. #2033376 and #2033374 (Accidentally sent it before I was done ) Thank you
  14. I found this website that sells lifetime malwarebytes license, I did like to do a check on here to see if they are authorized resellers and if it is safe to purchase it or not. The website looks very promising and legit. It also have alot of good reviews, I did some research on the reviews of that website. -> https://www.itfactory.ca/malwarebytes-anti-malware-bilingual-retail
  15. So I've been having a bunch of issues with my computer lately - specifically a somewhat older hard drive that's been acting up. As a result, I've had to reformat it with a clean installation of Windows 10 several times. I think I've finally got it working right (note to folks with older ASUS boards... keep your SSDs mounted on the INTEL SATA3 ports... not the MARVELL SATA3 ports - because they suck and will result in your disk spinning up to 100% and effectively making your computer freeze randomly), but in that time it was acting up, I was doing Malwarebytes scans with my premium licensed copy of the software to make sure it wasn't some deeply embedded root kit or something horrible and reactivating the software for a few days before my drive would act up again and I'd have to re-wipe it. As a result, after finally getting things fixed and trying to re enter my malwarebytes premium license, I'm now getting this message: Can anyone help me? I paid for this license and am literally only using it on my one computer, but have had to reinstall it several times due to the numerous crashes I've been having to deal with related to my somewhat aged main SSD boot disk that resulted in me having to do multiple clean-installs of Windows 10.
  16. Hi, can you have someone look into my ticket? Its #2025468. It wont let me active my program. I never used it. I am not sure why they are deleting keys when people brought them. The keys that are brought should remain in the system if you own it. I cant seem to locate my receipt but I know it was a working key. It states license not found. Very odd to see so many other people saying the same thing about they key. Help would be nice if someone can reactive my key. Check me ticket number #2025468. Thank you.
  17. I have the same problem. Ticket #2021184 lodged Saturday night California time and no response other than automated reply (to which I replied saying the suggested fixes did not work.) Follow up email sent 24 hours ago - still no response. Very concerning that I am running for days with limited protection. Please expedite this!
  18. Hi, I have the same exact issue atm, what can I do to get this solved? Running on Premium Trial aswell now. Do I need to open up a ticket?
  19. I have MB 3.x and when I opened the program this morning it showed it was the free version. I reapplied the license ID and KEY and it stated, "MBAM403104 The usage level has exceeded the max volume allowed." I've paid for a license for each of the 3 PCs I use MB on and don't share the licenses. I just noticed it showing as free today. A week ago, at least, MB 3.x properly showed as paid/licensed. mb-check-results.zip, Component 1.0.160, Update 1.0.2320
  20. Hi, I have a lifetime license for MBAM Premium. I have reinstalled my Windows, it is the same computer. Microsoft knows that, MBAM apparently doesn't. I have contacted support on June 30. No reply yet.
  21. Good afternoon! You currently do not have support on the site, so I had to write here! I bought a license for 1 computer This is part number 81431398 But now I can not activate it Http://prntscr.com/filesi Please help me to activate it Write to my mail
  22. Hello, On the latest upgrade, my install broke with the "cannot contact server" and I could not launch to fix. I followed the instructions elsewhere to download and run mbclean which I did (attached txt file). This cleared up the loop and installed 3.0 successfully, but it also unfortunately did not recover my license (I'm an original adopter from years ago and its a lifetime license). I contacted Clearview per the website and used their license retrieval tool, but my purchase is well before them, so they had no record accordingly. I've never had a technical issue with any of the updates since being a customer, so I never thought to take a screenshot or anything of the key (I am thinking of it now though!) nor do I have emails from way back then. I'm trying to comb through some old backup disks, but in absence of finding anything there......is there anywhere I can look still on my PC,....or? All help appreciated. Thanks. mb-clean-results.txt
  23. Need advice on whether to purchase a 2nd Malwarebytes or switch to multi-computer license (for home use). On my 4 year old Windows 7 computer I have Malwarebytes 3.0 (upgraded from earlier version, & paying $24.95 – thanks!). I renew it annually. I bought a Win10 desktop for my spouse, while I continue to use the Win7 desktop. My questions: (1) What is the cost of a single (multi-seat) license for 2 computers? (2) Or is it cheaper to hang on to the existing $24.95 license and buy a 2nd one (for $39.99) for the Win10 desktop? (3) What’s the cost of a lifetime license?
  24. Due to the recent ransomware attack and general public insecurity, I am heavily set on the idea of purchasing the full version on MBAM. I plan on paying for 2 years for two PCs. One will be for my computer, and the other my parents. I do not have a very good track record when it comes to HDDs lasting very long and the longest I've had one is only about 6 months, before its passed on to the Big Server in the Sky. With the fear of my HDD failing me I would like to know how exactly the full MBAM marks a PC as using the key before I purchase. Is it hard drive based or is it hardware based? If my HDD dies will I be able to use the computers license on a newly installed HDD? Thank you.
  25. I have 4 pc's. If I upgrade to premium do I need to buy 4 license's or does 1 license cover all 4 pc's?
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