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  1. Our customers are contacting us due to the inability to download our software. All of our software has been virus free/adware free since 1993. I created a support Ticket 2/3 days ago and only received an acknowledgement of the ticket being submitted. here is one such error from one of our sites. Downloads are from saltybrine.com, foldermatch.com and folderClone.com . We need to have this false positive corrected as we have loyal and new customers awaiting their program. Thank you.
  2. My software "Full Screen Calculator" is incorrectly showing positive by your antivirus software at the Cnet download site at: https://download.cnet.com/Full-Screen-Calculator/3000-20417_4-75827529.html Can also be downloaded direct from my site at: http://kentsoft.co.uk/ Could you check this out please Yours Sincerely Barry Staines
  3. Quake map decompiler: winbspc.exe is being falsely detected as malware. Log file below: 124b4a1c-b643-11eb-97f4-382c4a73d501.json 69934028FAEE83B41AB853A8B14265D2A8E44D29C1C7F8235C121AECD8F02CF4 { "applicationVersion" : "", "chromeSyncResetQueryRequested" : false, "chromeSyncResetQueryResult" : false, "clientID" : "f13f987e-85e6-11ea-99dd-382c4a73d501", "clientType" : "scheduledScan", "componentsUpdatePackageVersion" : "1.0.1292", "coreDllFileVersion" : "", "cpu" : "x64", "dbSDKUpdatePackageVersion" : "1.0.40476", "detectionDateTime
  4. Hello! Please whitelist and remove the website https://automotivedefense.com/ as it is a false positive. Thank you!
  5. Just showed up on a scan. Haven't downloaded anything new or anything. Super weirded out by the 6 finds though. Exported the scan info below, would love opinions and help on what to do next. Potentially having malware on my PC freaks me out. Malwarebytes www.malwarebytes.com -Log Details- Scan Date: 5/8/21 Scan Time: 8:55 PM Log File: 65838a92-b07a-11eb-91d2-38d54710e326.json -Software Information- Version: Components Version: 1.0.1292 Update Package Version: 1.0.40238 License: Premium -System Information- OS: Windows 10 (Build 19042
  6. Hey. Malwarebytes detected 4 threats in my PC. They all are false-positive. (Rootkit scan enabled.) Malwarebytes - False Positive.7z
  7. The following file is being flagged as "Generic.Malware/Suspicious" SYSTEM MECHANIC INSTALLER 20200809 SM_DM.EXE This is a valid, purchased file/software, so please stop flagging this. Thank you!
  8. Hi, I started using ExitLag to connect games to the internet due to severe lag. However, whenever I start up ExitLag, I get the IP address blocked due to either malware or trojan. Is this a false positive or should I make sure this address is always blocked? Thanks for any information.
  9. Hi, I was scanning my machine this morning and Malwarebytes flagged a file and a registry key as malware. I quarantined and deleted both items, but upon further research, I suspect that they are just false positives as they are flagged by Malwarebytes AI. I believe them to be false positives as the file relates to a piece of software that has been on my computer for a while and was not picked up by any previous scans. I have attached the report and was hoping to receive confirmation that they are false positives? Malwarebytes Report.txt
  10. Hi, Domain that was blocked: hxxps://helper.pierdziadek.pl/ Screenshot of the problem: (below) Additional info: I am developer of this website. This is completely clean website, and if you need any more detais, please contact me Thank you, Hope it will get fixed soon.
  11. Dear sir / madam, mobileFXStudio Ltd is UK based company and we produce ActiveX software components for OLE/COM enabled programming languages. Lately we have been receiving numerous emails from both customers and evaluators that our product WebKitX ActiveX is blocked by MalwareBytes products during download and generates positive ntofications during scan when analysed by Malware.AI engine. We believe this is due to the nature of the product which is an OLE/COM Wrapper of Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF3). The software is used by companies that wish to add HTML5 Webkit Browser t
  12. Today, when I went to run the Youtube By Click program to download a video I want to save from Youtube, Malwarebytes is suddenly showing a popup that it is blocking it as a Malware.AI.3679133883 detection which never happened before. I went into the quarentine to restore it and add it as an excemption for now. I then ran Youtube By Click without any issue and it had an update, so I went to update it and got another popup from Malwarebytes saying its updater V2 was also detected as Malware.AI.3679133883, so I had to add an exception to that as well for now and so far nothing else with it is get
  13. Hi, how can I reach Malwarebytes to let them know my website https://ibsolutions.biz is blocked by their software? The website is a branding agency presentation site, soon to have ecommerce features. Built in Wordpress. I received the notification from one of my clients. Strangely, on my PC I do not have this behaviour. Thanks!
  14. Hi, A Swiss Program from the company Polylog, as for name Frontview, is using a DLL (wpe_intf.dll) which is detected as Malware. Heuristic.1003 by Malwarebyte : Copyright (c) POLYLOG S.A. Description Interface FrontView File Version Microsoft already removed the detection from Defender. Thanks in advance for your help and support. Michel wpe_intf.zip
  15. Hiya! This is my first time posting and I wanted to report a false positive. The website "Control Collaborative Virtual Machines! (computernewb.com)" is a small site dedicated to hosting virtual machines in a browser. While you are able to download malware within the VMs, it is all contained in the sandbox-like environment. Please find attached the image I took of Browser Guard flagging this site for trojan activity.
  16. This program is a very old Hex Editor that has been around for years. This morning Malwarebytes reported it as having "Ransom.Dharma" after many many previous scans completing without a detection. Please find attached the log file and the two files in a zip file. XVI32.zip
  17. Hello, We have launched our new site and it is being flagged as having a virus though we have scanned it and it is clean. https://www.virustotal.com/gui/url/5411199066a7b6dc74a23baced01eb069c3c00bd2a2f7c6e7e4a0f18aedfcd36/detection https://www.virustotal.com/gui/url/98e752b4a410236203cfee5efb5caa552044c1a5b330c2a5bd8b2f0ded72a351/detection Please remove our site from your blocked lists. Thank You
  18. ykcginfo

    False positive

    Good morning, I would like to report a false positive. This is a giveaway website. I am the owner of it, if you require more information I can gladly provide you with the information. www.ykcg.info
  19. I downloaded and am playing a game called "Hades" that is installed via the Epic Games launcher. Malwarebytes shutdown my game in the middle of play and flagged it as ransomware. Doing a bit of googling, I found out there's actually some ransomware with the same name. Attached the log. hades_game_malwarebytes.txt
  20. Hello and apologies if I have posted this in the incorrect place. I recently installed PyInstaller for Python and afterwards did a scan of my PC and the results showed two threats labeled as Trojans. I have attached the scan results (just removed my name from them, no other modifications). I have quarantined them for now but wanted to make sure they weren't false positives. I uploaded the two files onto VirusTotal and here are the results: pyinstaller-4.0-py3-none-any https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/d08ba7024bf330aafc9c405966368c9755d69f00b0ac3dc9f7203407acb2b9f4/detection
  21. You guys are blocking my website "due to phishing" but without any reason why. I just built a site under the subdomain to show a client and now I'm being flagged. Please remove it or direct me to a support phone number to talk with somebody. I'm posting here because I wasn't given an option to post under the "False Positive" subtopic in this forum. Thank you!
  22. dws.txt https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/fadf20bfb0f0660342bafbb00cb1a71e7b03048f9127cf5597603adebc9cf179/detection
  23. In UK on-line banking (3 different banks), requesting a PDF download of a statement is seen by Browser Guard as a scam - I had to remove scam protection on the banks' web sites in order to download the statement. So this is not an urgent problem; it just goes against the grain to say scams are OK.
  24. Yesterday Windows Defender found a dodgy file in a local steam workshop folder which came up as a trojan. It deleted the file and I decided to delete all of my workshop folders and went through my subscribed items to remove any suspicious ones so it wouldn't redownload them. after that I did a full scan on both my new and old system drives with MB since the same workshop files had been on my old one as well. Both scans detected 0 threats which is good (I haven't tried a scan with WD yet). Today I went to open a site (spawnterror.com) and MB gave me a notification about a suspicious outbound co
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