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  1. Hello Sirs, Previously I reported the same false positive here Having considered your points, we made several changes to our products to get whitelisted from the PUP category. Please consider our answers to your arguments and assist us in whitelisting. 1. Bundling. We may offer one additional product (our own product, not a third party one) as a bundle that is tailored to work together to ensure maximum synergy for keeping PC in a good condition. Also, in your criteria you mention containing malicious bundling, which is not our case as well. 2. No free time limited trial. Scanning is the only free functionality, but we don't find this practice unfair since we provide 30 day money back guarantee if a customer didn't like the product for any reason. As for automatically opening payment page, we have decided to give it up and in the newest builds there is no such thing. 3. Alarmist detections. Even a brand-new computer may have a number of issues because of the OS and new software installation (leftover temporary files, registry entries that were supposed to be deleted after program install or problems caused by outdated drivers that may come with devices or with pre-installed hardware). But the number of issues found on a brand-new PC is usually much smaller than what could be found on a 1-year old computer that hasn’t been maintained. Our software detects issues and automatically ranks them according to the probability of negative impact on PC performance. The automatic ranking algorithms are based on extensive analysis, but there is always a possibility that the same issue may receive a different ranking on a specific PC or from a particular person. Our software provides the option to review all detected items and form your own opinion of the severity of each issue. The similar results are always given our competitor's product, Norton Utilities, which is not flagged by you as PUP. 4. As for the unsolicited nag, we have decided to give it up and in the newest builds there is no such thing. 5. MyWot. Our bad rating has occurred due to a competitors attack in the beginning of development if our brand. As you probably know, once your rating has been red on mywot, other evaluates also rate the site red, regardless of the fact whether they have had experience with our products or not, because being compliant with the crowd gives them more credibility as assessors. You can find more about mywot bias at http://dukeo.com/mywot-web-of-trust-review/ Anyway, now we are taking all measures to get us whitelisted in mywot, reporting fake reviews and asking the whole community for the re-evaluation. On the basis of the above information we would like to kindly ask you to stop flagging us as PUP.
  2. Attached are requested logs mysqld.zip Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware.zip logs.zip
  3. I installed the program SecureIt,exe to encrypt specific folders, then shred the originals. It made it through the encryption, but MWBAR stopped the shredding. In researching this, plus scanning with MWBAW and Norton, I think this is likely a false positive. Also, in my installation of Windows 10, there is NO Program Data folder on drive C:. Thus, I sent you everything I could that might be appropriate.Sorry not to be able to follow instructions. There was a Program Data file on Windows 7, but I can't find one in Win10. Please don't hesitate to laugh at my inability to comply, then tell me what else to send! GWT4 secureit false Positive report.zip mbarw.zip
  4. Hello, JUst notice a false positive, multiple files, used EaseUS Partition Master 11.0. Please evaluate and add executables to the exception list: so far, CleanupUI.exe, Main.exe, and epm.exe. Others will probably show up depending on operations performed.
  5. Hello, I wasn't exactly sure where it was appropriate to post this, but I believe I have stumbled upon a false positive. Upon booting my PC, MBAM's daily scan informed me of a Trojan.Kovter in AppData\Local\Temp. In response to this, I ran a deeply thorough scan using MBAM, HitmanPRO, FRST, and FSS with no detections. I also went back and verified the processes running in Process Explorer, since I regularly check what's running on my machine anyway. Nothing about my computer use has been out of the ordinary for this to occur, so I have hypothesized two possible scenarios: A) A false positive B) WinRAR's license advertisements have delivered a successful payload. Scenario B sounds highly unlikely since this has been ongoing thing for some time and I have yet to notice anything outside the ordinary. The following is enclosed with this post: HitmanPRO: Default Scan log; free one-time scan. FRST: The FRST.txt and Addition.txt The following parameters have generated this log: Whitelist: Drivers Internet Processes Registry Services Optional Scan: Addition.txt List BCD 90 Days Files FSS: FSS.txt The following parameters have generated this log: RpcSs and PlugPlay Internet Services Security Center/Action Center System Restore Windows Defender Other Services MBAM: The initial log which triggered the alert, the thorough scan conducted thereafter, and the latest real-time protection logs against the IP's displaying the advertisements (I have others from previous instances of when I used WinRAR, but as I mentioned, up until now it has been benign). For all of the above (MBAM) logs, I have included both the text and xml formats of said logs. I was going to also upload the file in question to VirusTotal as an additional verification, but I decided against it due to the ambiguity of its threat status. Logs.7z
  6. Hey Malware Bytes! We've received reports that this site is being blocked by your software. Care to de-list it? We've scanned it and can confirm that it's clean. withlovestudio.net Thanks!
  7. Hi! I have the same problem like other users before: I had the program tell me that a file was detected and moved to quarantine but the quarantine is empty. Attached you find the zip files. Is it an false positive? If yes, how can I get the file back from Quarantine, if it is not listed? BR Alesandro logs.zip Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware.zip
  8. We began detecting "Trojan.Corkow" on a file "KMSVC.DLL" on many machines. The detections are continuing over the last 3 hours. I am checking update times on the definitions on the individual clients.
  9. Hello We’ve discovered that one of our company’s product is detected by Malwarebytes for Android as malicious software. However this product doesn’t contain any harmful functions. Our company i-Free (http://inappscompany.com) provides services of Android apps and games preload and distribution for mobile device manufacturers. The false-detected product is Android application “Logic games”, which includes several logic games. The product has built-in sms payment billing, so I suppose this may be the cause of Malwarebytes's alert. “Logic games” has been chosen by mobile device manufacturer 4-Good (http://www.4-good.ru) for pre-loading into it’s new official device models for Russian mobile operator Beeline. So application has passed several QA tests by our team and manufacturer’s engineers. The SMS billing we use is approved by all Russian mobile operators. Could you please kindly remove this product from Malwarebytes's malicious software list. Here are more tech information about application: APK file: https://yadi.sk/d/7vRhOn4QqcT55 Package name: com.inapps.logic.games.fourgood I’d also like to ask you to remove all packages com.inapps.logic.games.* from the list as we’re planning to offer this app to other manufacturers and new apks will have different package name suffix. For example: com.inapps.logic.games.lenovo If your engineers discover any other certain reasons of alert while investigating this app – please, provide us with this info and we’ll try to modify app to remove these reasons in future. I may provide you any further info about the application if required. Thank you! — Best regards, Gleb Oblomskiy Head of product development @ InApps e-mail: g.oblomskiy@inapps.email http://inappscompany.com
  10. Anti Ransomware has blocked the Microsoft Windows 10 Photo Viewer App. I cannot open Pictures with the app anymore. It is also not possible to restore the files from quarantine (See screenshot below). I am running Windows 10 x64 Version 10.0.10586 Build 10586 logs.zip Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware.zip
  11. When I go to this website : hxxp://ortola.cloudaccess.host, I get a message that Malwarebytes has blocked the website because of being potential malicious (see screenshots annexes). When I configure a filter for ortola.cloudaccess.host, it still gives a blockage, but when I also make a filter for the IP address ( Mawarebytes allowes access again. The hosting company did an indept investigation and there is nothing wrong. So it has to be a false possitive.
  12. Today I installed a recent version of LibreOffice (v. "soffice.bin" was reported as "Malware.Ransome.Agent.Generic". See attached files: soffice.zip Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware.zip logs.zip
  13. I received a pop-up threat warning and quarantine message for NGEN.exe. However, it is not listed in the quarantine list so I cannot zip that file to you. Attached .zip of other logs per your "reporting false positives" post. Note that NGEN.exe is listed in the mbamservice.log at this location C:\\WINDOWS\\Microsoft.NET\\Framework\\v4.0.30319\\Ngen.exe Thanks Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware.zip MBAMSERVICE.zip
  14. I am working on the finishing touches of our policy and have been going down the Administration guide for each single option in the Advanced Ant-Exploit Settings. I know that most users use or have java "Ugh" on their systems. My question is regarding the Java Protection options, Do the below options have a high false positive history, if not is there anything I need to be aware of that they might interfere with on the clients? • Java Malicious Inbound Shell Protection is designed to detect and prevent remote shell exploits whose payloads rely on inbound sockets. • Java Malicious Outbound Shell Protection is tasked with detection and prevention of remote shell exploits whose payloads rely on outbound sockets. • Java Metasploit/Meterpreter Generic Protection is designed to generically detect and prevent attempts to use the Metasploit Java/Meterpreter payload. • Java Metasploit/Meterpreter Command Execution Protection is tasked with detecting and blocking commands in an established Java/Meterpreter session. Running Management Console on Windows Server 2008 R2 Clients connect via VPN Secure Client, using windows 7, 8, 10. Some clients in office, not using VPN. Any tips or tricks on this would be greatly appreciated, I am completely re-engineering my company's systems and network security after the IT vendor failed on every level to do so; while charging an arm and a leg for the failed service "Before I was hired".
  15. Beta has a false positive for meraki systems manager.
  16. python 2.7 (python.exe) on Windows 7 64bit detected as ransomware while pip self update running. python_2.7_false_positive.zip
  17. IP: Link: ulab.edu.bd Don't see anything wrong with the site and no other AV detects anything wrong. Please check if it is false positive. Thanks!
  18. Just to note, reaper.exe is not malware. This is a Digital audio workstation which will scan numerous of dll files located in vst folders. However, the anti Ransomeware from Malwarebytes quarantined a legit application causing me to have to reinstall it three times. Even after I placed the file and folder location in the exclusions list. It seems the Anti Ransomware is ignoring the execlusion list which is not good. There are other daws like Protools, Bitwig Studio and Presonus studio two and three which will scan VST files on launch. Please add this to the programs exclusions list, or make sure the Anti Ransomeware actually obeys whats in the exclusion list. Thanks.
  19. Trying to upload the required zip files for false positive. "There was a problem processing the uploaded file. -200"
  20. Meraki SM and one of its associated keys reported a false positive. Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware.zip logs.zip m_agent_service.zip
  21. File synchronization program CopyTo ("C:\Program Files\CopyTo\CopyTo.exe") is incorrectly identified as ransomware by MB Anti-Ransomware Beta. Required files for analysis are attached as requested by the moderator's sticky post. CopyToExecutable.zip Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware.zip MBAMService.zip
  22. Flux Studio is coming up as ransomware. No other known tools seem to identify it as malware. The anti-ransomware tool identified the x64-bit versions 0.2.16 and 0.3.0 as ransomware after a laser engraving session was completed. The timing may have been a coincidence. The complete packages are available at https://flux3dp.com/downloads The offending file is attached in FLUX_Studio.zip and the other requested files are also attached. FLUX_Studio.zip logs.zip Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware.zip
  23. False positive: When using Fastcopy to copy a number of files from an active Boxcryptor volume (based on encrypted folder containing BC volume) to an active Truecrypt volume (based on encrypted file containing TC volume) Anti-Ransomware falsely flagged the "agent" Fastcopy as ransomware and quarantained it. Fastcopy is just a well-known utility for rapid file transfers, backups etc. and the EXE itself does not even include any encryption capabilities. Probably, in this scenario (copying files between two volumes that each were using their own on-the-fly encryption-and-decryption) Anti-Ransomware would have falsely flagged any other file-copying software as well. MBAMSERVICE.LOG.zip Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware.zip Somehow, the zip I made of Fastcopy.exe got lost in the posting process. Here it is. FastCopy.zip
  24. I am using MBARW Beta and recently got a pop-up notice that MBARW had found and quarantined a ransomware attack (I wasn't doing anything in particular at the time, such as browsing the itnernet). Despite the notice, I could find nothing in my quarantine file. Right afterwards, however, I found the short-cut icons for my Microsoft Office products (WORD, Powerpoint, etc) no longer worked and I was completely unable to start these programs. I ended up reinstalling all of the Microsoft programs which now start and run properly. I have a gut feeling that the disconnection of the Microsoft start instructions for these programs was in some way rated to the way MWBARW responded to the "attacks" but I can't be sure. Since there was nothing in my quarantine file I have no way of knowing if I actually experienced a ransomware attack or if this was a false positive.
  25. I think this is a false positive, as I have used the program for many years. Requested files are in the following OneDrive folder: https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=E7D952868EC25BEC!618519&authkey=!AKPIXkKTQP7fj8E&ithint=folder%2crar Also, while resolving this, after rebooting, I then got a positive on OfficeClickToOpen, and couldn't open any Office apps, though it did not show up in Quarantine. After another reboot it was OK again.
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