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Found 14 results

  1. Hello Everyone. I'm hacked with multiple hacking ways. A Malware infected to my Laptop with both svchost.exe and explorer.exe infection. I have deleted this for tenth times but its still downloading or creating itself. It was a hack tool for Point Blank (Its a online fps game). I downloaded it from www.sepok-cit.com . This site has too many good reviews and i believed them. Already I Tried a few ways to delte this sh*t from my computer but none of them worked. I TRIED: 1) Deleting its files (hidden files named as spoolsvc.exe , svchost.exe and explorer.exe) 2) Deleting it v
  2. Hi, I'm using Malwarebytes Premium Home and lately noticed that my windows explorer is lagging terribly when opening folders, opening files or even just using arrow keys to move up and down a folder tree. I uninstalled Malwarebytes and now it's all smooth. Anyone else experiencing this problem? Any tips to fix it? Thanx
  3. I ran Adwcleaner. There were 41 issues. I accepted the recommendation for cleaning and rebooted. Windows mounts and I log on with my password, but the desktop does not appear. I ran task manager to get CMD. I can see my folders are still there and so are the WINDOWS directory, but the desktop does not appear. The mouse icon is the only thing that displays. I searched the forum, and found something similar for a WIN 8 OS but I have WIN 7 professional. It may take me a bit to turnaround responses.
  4. I have upgraded to 3.1.2, but the bug related to Exploit-protection and IE with the Ghoestery add-on is not solved. :-(
  5. Hi, after upgrading MWB to 3.0.6 I can not longer use Internet Explorer (11.953.14393.0 / 11.0.40). It will start, but then Explorer crashes and I have to close Explorer. Computer have been turned off and restarted several times - same problem. Turning MWB off and Explorer do not crash. I have tested With Chrome and Firefox and everything seems to be ok.
  6. When deleting a folder on Server 2012 R1 I had to disable protection to be able to delete files via windows explorer from the inetpub folder for websites.
  7. I am not good at english so please bear with me 'cause i really need some help. I dont know what happened but im pretty sure my laptop is infected with virus/es. It just happened that everytime I wanted to open a notepad file, it will not open and rather opens a message box which tells that "Notepad.exe has stopped working" and my laptop begins to lag, making it hard for me to close the message box, and after I close it, my laptop runs again normally. I tried to open notepad and same result... and when I right click on my desktop, a message box shows that "Windows Explorer has stopped
  8. Hello! Thank you for reading my post. Unfourtunately, I've been victim of the "santa_svc" ransomware. I could revome it rapidly so it couldn't encrypt files. I did it manually, but, some residues remained and now I'm facing some problems. I'd like to think that this is the last part of this horrible malware. Since yesterday, I'm recieving this notification in Malwarebytes Anti-Malware tool: This message appears 3 times in a row every 4-5 minutes.These messages (threat) stop if "explorer.exe" is terminated. Terminating "explorer.exe" causes the usual response: desktop disappears.If "e
  9. Many people hate internet explorer. However, many others don't know why this piece of software is so hated. So for those of you who don't know why IE is hated so much, here is the explanation. - Internet Explorer 6 Internet explorer 6 is what made IE so hated in the first place. It was slow, clunky, slow, had terrible security, was really slow, had updates that added nothing, and did I mention it was slow? Not only that but it was a nightmere for web developers who couldn't program anything easily with it. IE 6's tyranny lasted for a while. But their was hope. A new browser named Firefox
  10. Hi, I please need an help for a big problem I'm facing. Suddenly my PC can't work. I logon and after few seconds my explorer.exe freeze. I can't even use safe mode. I can only use a live boot cd. I tried with MBAM and I'm infected with explorer.exe heuristic reserved word exploit. I removed explorer.exe and rundll from my temp directory. MBAM now says "0 detected" but I still have the problem. Someone can help me please?
  11. I seem to be having problems with windows/explorer.exe. The symptoms are multiple instances of explorer.exe running with one of the instances using a majority of my RAM and CPU. Per instructions on your forum, I have installed and run Farbar Recovery Scan Tool. Attached are the two logs. Also per instructions I have uninstalled Skype. So far I have run the following (not necessarily in the order listed): TDSSKiller ComboFix adwcleaner Junk Removal Tool iolo Kapersky avast CCleaner Some of these found issues and claimed to have resolved them. I'm currently using Avast and Malwarebyt
  12. I have a Windows 7 Ultimate x64 system. Recently, about 1 or 2 months ago, I noticed there's a lag when I open any folder or choose my computer till contents are shown, but since my hard drive is nearly full I thought this might be the cause. Couple a days ago I noticed that my router's activity light is blinking like mad though I'm not downloading or uploading anything. I thought this may be any normal activity like windows update but the blinking went on for a while so I checked the ongoing internet connections & found out that Explorer.exe is trying to connect & mainly send data. I
  13. Hello, I have an annoying issue, I recently got rid of an annoying re-direct virus around 1-2 weeks ago. A day or two later I started noticing Internet Explorer (IE) as an active process in Task Manager, even though I did not have it actively pulled up. The name of the website also changed, and sometimes there were 3 or 4 different IE processes pulled up. Occasionally I would encounter audio ads. I was unable to try and end the process like you would normally end any program that was not responding or was slow to exit normally. I had to go to processes in order to exit the ads out, however wit
  14. Hi all, I'm having an issue with MBAM causing explorer to crash on a Win7 64 bit machine. I have a Synology NAS on my home network and have several folders on there mapped as drives in Windows. I have done every hardware and software troubleshooting thing I can think of and it appears to come down to the paid version of MBAM (it used to work fine when I was using just the free version). Here's what happens. Computer boots up fine, I can even explore the folders on the NAS. At some point, Explorer hangs and I am forced to close it using Task Manager. I then have to use Task Manager to start a
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