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  1. Hello, I've come across the above info in a couple of threads while researching an issue with the agent taking down several of our servers. I had a few questions in regards to that and a couple others. Is there a best practices guide for all of this, I've found guides for the old product but not Endpoint Protection? Our sales team indicated the new agent was fully compatible with server operating systems, never mentioned disabling real time protection or anything of that nature. We're deploying globally to almost 1500 servers. Are there plans on fully supporting a server envi
  2. The other day I discover Tab for a Cause that is a browser extension for chrome and firefox that will show some little ads when you open a new tab and then you can donate to charity the money of those adds, but unfortunately Malwarebytes is blocking this adds making the extension useless. When I first start using Malwarebytes I was using a windows PC and I got in love with it since it protected my pc without making it slower, then I change to a mac and at the beginning it wasn’t that bad but now it has really few options that you can change, I didn’t give it much importance since it didn
  3. Hi, I'm running Nortons Security and Malwarebytes Premium. Norton reports many blockings of Malwarebytes, setting up exclusions in Malwarebytes has not had any effect and I have progressively added multiple exclusions exe files then folders. The image shows my exclusions set up and one of the many reports by Norton. Any suggestions?
  4. If I try to add an exception in my win 10 machine the options do not pop up and the Malearebytes screen freezes. I then have to shut down the app through the task manager. Any idead? mb-check-results.zip
  5. I've recently installed MB Endpoint Protection and shortly after users started complaining some programs would no longer work and a MB message would pop up saying the program was not allowed. I added the program name into the exclusions list, but it's still happening. I added just the filename xxxxx.exe as it lives in a different place on each PC's user folder. What am I missing?
  6. Hello, I have found a number of unknown IP addresses in my MWB3 Exclusion list. I have not added any of these manually and was wondering if its any cause for concern. Many of the addresses lead to unlikely host countries of any of my services such as Astana Kazakhstan. one example IP address given below is listed on projecthoneypot.org as a spammer/hijacked address
  7. I am able to add a list of folders under Exclusions in cloud portal but I want to know if it is possible to apply exclusions individually to groups or policies? or are they applied to all policies and groups? We need to apply to specific group or policy as we have multiple policies in our account belonging to different companies and we don't want an exclusion applied to all of them. Thanks in advance for any help.
  8. I'm a recent subscriber to Malwarebytes Premium. Today I noticed some odd behaviour of my laptop with Windows Defender not updating, and some webpage links not working like they should. I ran a Malwarebytes Scan that found no infections. I decided to look through my settings and found under the tab 'Éxclusions' that a 'Clearload.bid' was an exclusion, with the exclusion type as a webpage. A search of Clearload.bid identified it was a malware. I then removed it from my exclusions. Checked my 'Protection' settings and found that rootkits and scan within archives had changed, I activated the
  9. Guys, I rarely make comments because in truth, the usually NEVER result in a positive outcome. People who WANT to continue doing what they're doing, do so any way... However, my frustration right now is trying to run Malwarebytes, a trusted source of mine, with iobit products, another "trusted" source of mine! I've even added their information in the "exclusions" tab, yet you continue to bring their products to your scan list every single time. Including the "exact" file listed in the exclusions..... The only conclusion one can draw from such acts, is that you "absolutely" have a campaig
  10. Hello, could someone help me with this one, just a question about folder exclusions, in my last experience with antivirus software normally if I excluded a folder it means that all files and folder below it will be automatically excluded from virus scanning. Does Malwarebytes do that or I need to add to the Exclusions List all individuals folders and files below a root folder? Thanks Bill
  11. Hi, I own the premium version of malwarebytes,but everytime I try to remove an exclusion it adds itself back to the exclusions list again.I am using malwarebytes version Thank you
  12. My exclusions list has cleared itself several times. It's an annoyance having to add the folders and websites I'd like to ignore repeatedly. Has anyone else had this issue? I'm running 3.3.1 premium on a 64 bit Windows 7
  13. Hello I have Malwarebytes Premium for Windows 10. When I input (tick) an exclusion type Website. The website is not excluded. Furthermore, When I go back to the Exclusions setting after closing out the Malwarebytes program the website is no longer ticked. Please advise? Thanks
  14. Hello, I am having a problem with the Exclusions tab. Every time I checkmark a exclusion "or exclusions" and leave the tab the checkmarks are removed and the program is blocked once again. If I leave the program open to the exclusion tab with the check marks on it works properly but I can never close it then. If I turn off web protection it allows the site to be uploaded too, but I wont do that. Has anyone encountered that? and if so did you find a way to resolve it, thank you... I run seti@home so it needs to access their website.
  15. Twice in the past two days Malwarebytes has prevented me from accessing a reputable website via a link in an email. For example, today I could not access my American Express statement via a link in an email from AmEx. For years I routinely used these links with no problem. What is most frustrating is that I get only a screen that says "Malwarebytes blocked a suspected bad URL or an unwanted program." There's a link to click for more info, but it just takes me to a generic page -- https://www.malwarebytes.com/lp/ip-blocking/?ipblock=true -- and does not provide me with the URL or IP that was bl
  16. Hello, Sage has always suggested excluding a list of proprietary file extensions from their real time threat protection when using their MAS product. I am unable to add an extension to the ignore list in MBAM. Ex: *.m4t Do you have any suggestions on accomplishing this? The purpose is for performance. Thanks, Patr
  17. Malwarebytes is blocking websites that I trust. This week Malwarebytes started blocking all safe sites that were allowed last week. Links in my email to other sites such as Meetup.com, Google Photos, Facebook, Flickr, USPS, and other safe sites are not accessible. I received https://block.malwarebytes.com/I should not need to manually whitelist the entire internet in Exclusions Settings section of Malwarebytes. Currently, the only option is to remove Malwarebytes. Please fix immediately. Malwarebytesblocked a suspected bad URL or an unwanted program.Learn More
  18. How do I stop MB from quarantining programs that it doesn't like. I added my Advanced System Care Folder and desktop, but its excluding registry objects. If it doesn't stop this, I will uninstall it.
  19. I have a known-safe program that is consistently talking to a pool of about 200 different IP addresses, and MB will complain from time to time about any one of them. Rather than enter each address separately, can I simply list them in bulk, separated with something like a comma or space? Either that or loaded into file somewhere? I didn't see this particular question in my search, but I doubt I'm the only one who's asked this... I've also tried to add the application (and any related executable I can find, AND the folder it lives in) as an exclusion - but I'm still getting alert
  20. Since an AVG update a few days ago, it keeps conflicing with MBAM constantly. I did check this thread and followed the advice to check "never register in windows media center". Now both programs dont conflict with eachother, but I cant tell for sure if MBAM is active. I did download mbam-test.exe, and when I clicked on the "exploit" button It didnt open the calculator, BUT no MBAM popup showed up telling me it was blocked. Is MBAM still working even tough the notifications dont appear?
  21. Keep in mind exclusions are not supposed to be necessary but I recommend them. Better safe than sorry. For Malwarebytes.
  22. My Malwarebytes Premium offers an Exclusions tab. One pre-set possibility listed is my AVG updater. Apparently by default, it is not checked. I am concerned that Malwarebytes might somehow disable all or part of my updates, as it appears that AVG's automatic updates have not been occurring for months. Whenever I check the AVG updater box on the Exclusions tab, nothing like an "OK" or "Apply" button appears. If I click another tab, then return to Exclusions, the box has been unchecked. I tried using "Add exclusion" to specify it, but nothing happened. What's going on? How do I do this rig
  23. Hi guys, So we have an interesting problem we are trying to figure out how to fix. We have a few users that run an external script in Microsoft Word and the only way to allow this script with anti-exploit running is to unshield Word in anti-exploit. I’d hate to have to disable the Microsoft word shield altogether. here's the alert: "2016-11-16T16:09:26.690-05:00";"userA1111";"2056";"C:\ProgramData\Oracle\Java\javapath\javaw.exe";"9424";"WINWORD.EXE";"3";"701";"207";"";"";"";"";"";"";"C:\windows\SYSTEM32\cmd.exe \C FOR %a In (C:\Users\userA1111\AppData\Local\Oracle\BIPublisher\
  24. MWAB is not honoring whitelisted websites, and continues to block (business critical) java apps from running on those sites. If web protection is completely disabled, sites work fine. Version: Component Package: 1.0.96 Update Package: 1.0.1666 Windows 10 Enterprise
  25. Hi, Am hoping to get some help. I just purchased/upgraded to v.3.06.1469. I also used the clean program and also performed a clean uninstall of v2 and reboot before installing v3. However, I've entered a few website exclusions but Malwarebytes 3 still blocks me from getting to the sites. I have to turn off web protection in order to get to the sites. (This also happened when I was on v2, and one of the reasons why I upgraded) But the exclusions are still not working in v3. Will this be fixed soon? Or is there a resolution for this? Thanks in advance
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