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  1. As soon as I start malwarebytes (3.0.6) the DNS resolution on my windows 10 or windows 2012r2 stops working for DNS names in DDNS domains like *.zapto.org. The IPs returned from nslookups for my pzi.zapto.org show bogus values of As soon as I stop malwerbytes the nslookup returns correct external IPs. This looks like malwarebytes is trying to protect client from connecting to DDNS IPs. This breaks number of things. Any ideas? Tried to work with malwarebytes support but without luck.
  2. I am having the same issue on windows 10... So this started happening about a month ago and I finally got to the point in troubleshooting I could pinpoint where the issue is. Randomly it seems, local internal network DNS entries were getting modified to completely random IP addresses. For example, I would have a web server at 10.40.x.x and all of a sudden I get 404 errors, and when I ping, the IP would be 10.21.x.x or a different subnet within our network. After examining my domain controllers and DNS, I found they are translating the IP correctly, but the bad one is coming from a lo
  3. I have my DNS manually set to Google DNS ( and Sometime in the last three weeks, MWB decided it suddenly wasn't going to let it work anymore. If I set my DNS to automatically get a server from the router (, I could browse just fine. As soon as I set it back to Google, I wouldn't be able to look up any IPs again. I could ping all day long with no problem, but browsing in Chrome was impossible. I tried other public DNS servers all with the same result. On a hunch I set the Google DNS servers as exclusions in MWB and boom, I'm browsing like a champ again.
  4. I've had problems with web protection causing BSODs in the current build, so I've installed the CU4 beta linked at the top of the forum. Now, when web protection is enabled, I will occasionally get DNS errors at least once an hour while browsing - pages will be stuck at "Resolving host" for 20 sec before failing to load with "DNS probe finished - no internet." However, ongoing connections (downloads, IRC, games, etc) stay connected, so I've ruled out my connection. I have also changed DNS servers in my ipconfig, so that is also ruled out. I've disabled web protection, and have not
  5. So i have a dns trojan that keeps coming back before i quarantine and remove them again what can i do. thx. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware www.malwarebytes.org Scan Date: 3/12/2017 Scan Time: 8:34 PM Logfile: Administrator: Yes Version: Malware Database: v2017.03.12.08 Rootkit Database: v2017.03.11.01 License: Free Malware Protection: Disabled Malicious Website Protection: Disabled Self-protection: Disabled OS: Windows 10 CPU: x64 File System: NTFS User: Matthew Scan Type: Threat Scan Result: Completed Objects Scanned: 403117 Time
  6. My Malwarebytes software scan my computer and finds a few TrojanDNSChanger threats. When I attempt to quarantine them, Malwarebytes sits on "quarantining threats 0 of 15" all night. I tried removing it 3 times now but Malwarebytes seems to freeze whenever I make an attempt. It is extremely annoying adware that I want gone so I have more disk space. Please help.
  7. Download Source: http://www.sordum.org/7952/dns-jumper-v2-1/ Imgur Link: Software: Windows 10 AU Malwarebytes PRO Norton Internet Security May I check with other users as to whether this program is being falsely identified as a PUP? There's been no other reports of the issue. I've recently started using DNS Jumper again to rapidly switch between various DNS servers as opposed to command prompt / restarting. I don't recall trying any new software in the past 72 hours. However I've just gotten this message overnight that it's being viewed by Malwarebytes as a
  8. Hi, first time here^^; I have another virus from using the scanner (Reason Core Security). Can you tell me how to remove the virus? It always comes back when I select "Remove Checked". I also uploaded the file so you can see. Thanks!
  9. Hello there @pbust I am using malwarebytes anti malware and Dnscrypt-proxy Here's my config: When dnscrypt-proxy is turned on mbam- website blocking does not work....I turn off dnscrypt>flush dns cache>mbam ip test site>working I have noticed that there is a proxy settings on mbam....If possible what should I enter in proxy address and port to make it work? I tried port 53 not working Any workarounds?(or is this the whole point of encrypting dns queries?) Thanks
  10. Hello, That problem occurred a while ago, the solution I found was to change the DNS settings of the router and enable DNS relay as instructed on a probably outdated website. I did that (see picture) Now I'm not sure it's correct because after starting the computer it takes ages to connect to the net, first that little blue wheel, after that an exclamation mark and after that it connects, maybe this is normal or just a coincidence. According to the poor info from the provider, after rebooting the router and the computer it should be changed on the computer under network connec
  11. I performed a full scan last night and was warned about this MS reg entry. I took care of the file for the encoder but was afraid to ruin my system by deleting the registry entry. MBAM Scan.txt
  12. Any idea why MB would be interfering with DNS requests to outlook.office365.com? We have quite a few users all of whom are seeing this disruption however they get no alert or warning MB is causing it. And it 100% IS MB causing it. If we turn off Malicious Website Protection they are automatically re-connected and working within 20 seconds consistently across all affected systems. The issue is the same as those reported here: https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?/topic/171204-malwarebytes-stopping-outlook-2013-from-connecting-to-exchange-hosted-by-microsoft-office-365/ https://forums.mal
  13. Hello, having a major mac problem. my macbook recently stopped working properly. Internet browsing from any browser (safari, firefox, chrome & chromium) will not work right. Anytime I try to search from a search engine, it will fail and not load and provide a message as if the website is down. But google is not down, nor any other search engine. Additionally, I am unable to move any files to a usb thumb drive to save externally, because I'm assuming a fresh install of Mac OSX will rid any malware. I have scanned with malwarebytes, and nothing is found. This condition was noticed shortly
  14. Hello. I have just solved what was causing problems for me and it was very easy to fix...what...4-5 months of relentless torture (probably more) was causing me. I had the EXACT same problem as described in a previous post from a year ago here https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?/topic/153898-malwarebytes-incompatible-with-mobile-dongle/ I would all sorts of errors from RADS, DNS fails, ERR name not resolved etc Although I don't use a USB, I'm currently using Wifi from a router. I thought for the longest time it had to be the stupid korean company just messing around and blocking
  15. Having had weird problems with intermittent failure to collect email on my Windows 7 (64 bit) PC from one of my POP3 accounts for quite a while I was delighted to discover today that the cure was to disable 'Malicious Website Protection' in MalwareBytes Anti Malware When the problem is present even DNS lookup on the server fails with a timeout. I think the problem might be triggered by the unsually large result of a DNS lookup for the domain name in question and/or by the fact that my DNS server returns IPv6 results as well as IPv4 results. Here is the result of nslookup when
  16. Hello! So today i ran malwarebytes for a full system scan and after half an hour when it finished it told me that it found 2 malicous registry keys; one of them was HKLM\SYSTEM\CURRENTCONTROLSET\SERVICES\TCPIP\PARAMETERS|DhcpNameServer and HKLM\SYSTEM\CURRENTCONTROLSET\SERVICES\TCPIP\PARAMETERS\Interfaces\{3E81DDBA-D96E-4341-8C52-4B0DB92007D4}|DhcpNameServer so when it finished i removed both and mbam asked me to restart pc, and so I did. After it booted up i opened chrome and some websites, and i noticed that it won't load, ran ipconfig /flushdns , ipconfig /renew and got my network connec
  17. Hello, I just did a clean install of Windows 8 after a nasty virus. Things seems to be running really well until yesterday. Certain websites on chrome do not load and I receive an error message "DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN". If I disable Malicious Website Protection on MBAM, I can access any site. However, it is it on I can only get Google sites. I attempted to fix the problem myself and reset my dns by putting the following into cmd line: netsh winsock reset catalog This didn't work, so I turn to you all: The FRST file was too long to paste as text so it was attached to this post.FRST.tx
  18. I made a typo when I was interning the Open DNS servers on my Netgear router set the wrong addresses but the odd thing is I was able to surf the web but with unstable connections and some domains wouldn't even load although eventually my Netgear router seemed to reset back to the default DNS settings but it appears the addresses I interred might not be valid DNS servers. So I'm trying to determine if one of the entries I had my router might have loaded any infections to my PC. I interned 222 resolver1 and 220 resolver1 instead of 208 the rest of the addresses I interred correctly. I'm n
  19. I've been experiencing very slow DNS resolution since a couple days ago. Website take a longer than usual time to resolve and sometimes the website don't load even after a couple minutes. Sometimes, the DNS problem disappears before coming back again. It's very erratic. When I try to "PING google.com" or even "PING localhost", there can be a delay of anywhere between 4 seconds to half a minute before the results appear. PING Google IP address is instantaneous. When I say delay, I mean the delay that comes immediately after issuing PING Google.com but before the first response text 'Pi
  20. Hello, I am attemping to clear off a windows 7 computer that was hit by something that bills itself as cryptowall. I've read the instructions here: https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?/topic/150193-removal-instructions-for-cryptowall/?hl=%2Bcryptowall Everything looks as described in that post. However, running mbam-setup.exe , updating, and scanning does not result in any "threats" found. Also, running offline/bootdisc AVG scans, GMER, and spybot result in no hits, either. However, on boot the machine still brings up the cryptowall instructions, the dns seems fishy when you view
  21. I decided to give Roguekiller a try today and just finished scanning my machine. I keep very close tabs on system files and processes and have no cause for concern at the moment (no weird system behaviours), but decided to use Roguekiller to be sure there's no silent malware that i might've missed. I don't know enough to discern if the results shown in RK's scan are false positives or actual threats. If you'd care to have a look at the report i'd be very interested in knowing your expert opinion on which of these entries might be beneficial to delete. RogueKiller V8.6.2 [Jul 3 2013] by Ti
  22. Hello Guys , I am looking for list of Public DNS server which like powerful one and I find a list like that : (powerful means that I like to have DNS server which should be fast ,reliable ,high speed and always available) but I want more, anybody has idea how can I find more? I am looking forward to hearing from you guys Thank you
  23. While connected to the internet using a wireless hotspot through the phone, the speeds were a bit sluggish, so I did a ipconfig -flushdns and then checked to make sure there wasn't anything in the list. Upon checking the list, there were a number of obviously malicious entries, such as "www.lolyousuck.com", "www.penisland.com", and other such addresses. I manually blocked the three main ones that I could see using AVG's firewall, and using windows firewall on my system. On my system (not this one that the scan is from), this caused the problem to go away, and no more entries were found. Howeve
  24. I am running windows 12 server. This week we lost all bandwidth in our small office. Upon viewing my resource meter, I can see that dns.exe shows a ip address from Missouri (I am from Indiana) sending out a high amount of bandwidth and receiving nothing back, so only out going.... I switched to opendns hopeful that would solve the problem, but it did not. I have run antivirus and malwarebytes, and nothing shows up on either. I ran a rootkit tool to check that as well without a hit. Webserver is off.... FTP is off... Need help!
  25. I used malwarebytes to attempt to scan and remove an issue that was redirecting all traffic through livesearch.com. Upon completion and restart, computer no longer registers the internet connection. The computer is getting correct IP, gateway, and DNS information, and can ping by IP, but cannot ping by NS, nor does any browser (IE and Chrome) load pages either by IP or NS. This is the current Hijackthis log. Thanks, Dave Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.4 Scan saved at 12:42:49 PM, on 4/1/2013 Platform: Windows 7 SP1 (WinNT 6.00.3505) MSIE: Internet Explorer v9.00 (9.00.8112.16470) Boo
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