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Found 2 results

  1. Just a quick note to advise that the new CU4 Beta appears to fix my problems ....... [Fingers crossed :)] Performed install on Win7 Sp1 [All latest Updates etc], after running 'mb-clean-' to ensure clean install. 1. For the 1st time my license key is accepted without having to upgrade via ver 2.x or 3.0.5. 2. The Update packages ae being downloaded as per 3.0.5 (which was working for me !!!) 3. Re-booting the PC does NOT reset the version to 3.0.0 which 3.0.5 did. 4. The (?) ("Get more information") links are working on dashboard etc Overall looking good !!! Just need to wait for the longer term stability to be tested. (i.e. wait a few days ) Thanks for the update.
  2. I've had problems with web protection causing BSODs in the current build, so I've installed the CU4 beta linked at the top of the forum. Now, when web protection is enabled, I will occasionally get DNS errors at least once an hour while browsing - pages will be stuck at "Resolving host" for 20 sec before failing to load with "DNS probe finished - no internet." However, ongoing connections (downloads, IRC, games, etc) stay connected, so I've ruled out my connection. I have also changed DNS servers in my ipconfig, so that is also ruled out. I've disabled web protection, and have not had an issue since.
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