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  1. Hello, We silently published a beta build of AdwCleaner 8.1 last night. It has since been downloaded a few hundred times without any issues reported, so we now would like to share it to a broader audience before we move to GA. The beta version is available to download there, and we plan to release it next week as stable if no issue appears. AdwCleaner 8.1 brings parallelism in scanning operations, or said differently we rework the scan in order to make it (much much) faster. Since most of the scanning module are IO-bound (and not CPU-Bound), we now make use of multiple thre
  2. I have seen references to the Beta program helping Malwarebytes "play nice" with Logitech update software. How can I enroll in the Beta program?
  3. Hello, We are pleased to share a preview of the 8th major release of AdwCleaner! This version has been slowly worked on for a year now, and very actively for a few weeks and provides major improvements: We have upgraded our toolchain to a more modern suite in order to benefit from security improvements, various new compiler optimizations and to use new C++ features to get a cleaner and more efficient code. Although this change is mostly invisible, it has been a critical change to support our future work and to greatly reduce the technical debt. We moved to Qt 5.13 branch
  4. Thank you for providing the opportunity to test the Beta version. NICE: Subsequent to install, most features are already active by default; Didn’t time it but scan seems faster; First level interface very clean; Detection history easy to work with; double-click shows great history details Second-level Real-Time Protection window nice layout; everything is visible Easy navigation to all sub-menus Settings menu much improved; many more options “About” menu under Settings has a great deal of useful links Scan history is nice touch COU
  5. The beta smoothly upgraded from the previous version of the Premium. Scanning seemed faster than previously, which is great. Setting scans - no need as all the old settings transferred - another plus. I like the new interface. Simple, yet complete. I'll see tomorrow if there are any problems with scans overnight, when I have scanning set to run. I am thinking that this beta is a good one, but we'll see as the days go on. Hoping for the best.
  6. I installed the Malwarebytes Firefox Extension (beta) but every time i open this link rebrand.ly/advancedir which leads to my website's link https://usefulsoftwaresritesh.blogspot.in/2018/02/hey-friends-today-i-am-writing-about-my.html?zx=ee0185d9b1870d66, Malwarebytes blocks it telling that it is a phishing website. Very bad experience. You can download the screenshot from https://transfer.pcloud.com/download.html?code=5ZFFam7Zlx0spK89OqfZEeaLZMU0SDCihREHg3UVTbyQeYJBlhjCy.
  7. Malwarebytes Anti-Rootkit is over 4 years old now, yet it's still in the BETA version, why?
  8. I've been using MB beta version for close to a week now on my Windows 10 64 bit ENVY laptop. I must say it's running beautifully with no hangups nor any type of quirks. Scans run, updates working and absolutely no problems. Attached is my MB checkresult. Can anyone tell me if what it says is good or bad? I can't understand most of it. Thanks MB-CheckResult.txt
  9. I also seem to have a problem after updating to 3.1.1 - all worked well (including initial boot this afternoon) until Windows install two critical security updates (KB4016871 and KB4020821) - now the exploit protection refuses to turn on. I have since rebooted twice and still get the same problem. Note - this is not like the Web Protection failing to start (would just stick on Starting...) - when Exploit Protection is toggled on, it thinks about it for a second and then toggles back to Off. I have Kaspersky Internet Security installed, which is also up to date, and have inclu
  10. even with new beta 3.1.1 of malwarebytes and new setting for manual scan I had set the setting to lower the priority of manual scan to improve multitasking . but this did not help at all . still high memory usage during the Threat scan I thinks . so any plan to find more fix for the software ?
  11. This is on Windows 10x64 Pro Build 15063.250 V1703 with the beta version of Malwarebytes When running a system scan or a customs can of my system SSD which is a Samsung 950 Pro NVME M.2 SSD partitioned as the C and D partitions, the scan runs fine. However, when the scanner jumps to the heuristics scan component, it finishes the heuristics scan in 1-2 seconds. My system is fast, but not that fast. Logs are attached. Addition.txt FRST.txt logs.zip MB-CheckResult.txt
  12. After becoming disheartened with MBAM 3.06 and returning to tried and true 2.2.1 several months back, I noted the release of 3.1.1 and decided to give it a shot. I ran mb-clean after removing MBAE and then installed 3.1.1. It installed and updated without issue, and activated my pro key, also without issue. I lives happily with my ZoneAlarm firewall and Avira av. After many months of frustration, trying to get 3.06 (in various flavours) working properly, it's only fair and fitting to offer the dev team a big THANK YOU for sorting it out. Well done.
  13. Had two Desktops(A,B) and one Laptop (C) running MWB Premium : 1.0.103. "A" has Windows 10 Pro , "B" has Windows 10 Home as does the Laptop "C". All are at 1703 15063.250. Initially I downloaded and installed : 1.0.115 to "A" and "B". No problems other than the Language change to English from English UK and both required a restart. When I did the Laptop, it installed o.k. but didn't require a Restart!. Checking the logs I can see that both "A" and "B" had a file in use so the restart was deemed necessary. The file was:- C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes\Anti-Malware\mbsh
  14. I am getting same event errors with the new Beta I may have gotten them with but cleared my Event log. Log Name: Application Source: Application Error Date: Thursday, May, 4, 2017 10:53:37 PM Event ID: 1000 Task Category: (100) Level: Error Keywords: Classic User: N/A Computer: Jim-PC Description: Faulting application name: MicrosoftEdgeCP.exe, version: 11.0.15063.0, time stamp: 0x58ccbae4 Faulting module name: EdgeContent.dll, version: 11.0.15063.250, time stamp: 0xc697795c Exception code:
  15. Hi All, I installed yesterday Beta on my Win 10 X64 Creators version and it failed right away, not able to start. I installed it a 2nd time and it started but my machine was not responding at all very sluggish. I backed off to the previous version and all was well again. Today, I tried again with version, install went perfect ane machine is working fine, thank you for the VERY QUICK fix!
  16. A possible weirdly-timed coincidence, no doubt, but IF I Uncheck all 4 Modules via the System Tray M icon does THAT do all I can to eliminate MBAM as a Suspect in not being able to Safely Remove my Western Dig Ext Drive (ie) "Close all programs and try later". Tried for 2 days & no success ........ Never was an issue with v2 and I can't think of a system change other than the v3 Upgrade that has occurred just Before this issue started. There are reasons I prefer Not to Turn-Off the computer or even re-boot to switch to a 2nd Backup Drive, so Any Suggestions / Clarifications are apprec
  17. I clean installed this version on Windows 10 x 32 1703 15063.250. Defender with all recommended exclusions. Seemed to work, then I tried starting Chrome, IE, Edge and Firefox in rapid succession, whilst randomly turning off/on various MB protection layers. IE and Chrome crashed. The issues from the event log are attached, as are MB logs. All seem to be related to mbae.exe. I should add that I haven't installed MB for a while, I've been waiting for the problems to be fixed. So I don't know if previous versions would also exhibit these issues. events.txt MBAMSER
  18. Hi all-- Just wanted to let you know we've refreshed the latest Malwarebytes 3.1 beta -- see details here: The main change in this version is an updated version of our anti-exploit protection that fixes an issue where Internet Explorer could freeze. Please simply install this new version over any previous version of Malwarebytes you may be running, whether earlier beta or officially released version. Thanks,
  19. Hi, Have downloaded this new update, installed it on my machine, re-enabled the protection on the Office applications, and the files now save with no problems. Thanks
  20. Jekko an all malwarebytes staff, to solve all issues, program must be repaired and well done from your end my friend. N.B. I tried several things, also did a format Regards
  21. So far I have installed this v3.1.0.1716 beta on two computers.... one is my desktop (see sig) Win10 64bit Version 1607. Second is my Surface 4 Pro Win10 64bit Version 1703. Both computers have Symantec Endpoint Protection with exceptions added. On my desktop all went well, installed over latest MB3 version and scans are normal, no slowdowns or issues thus far. IP Protection test page working, and Anti-Exploit test working. On Surface 4 Pro, different issue... I installed over the top of Version 2. Install went fine. Ran a scan and no matter if the GUI is open or closed it uses 1
  22. I've just successfully upgraded to the new beta release from 3.0.6 CU4.1. As suggested, I ran an over the top installation. As others have done, I voluntarily rebooted after the installation although this was not requested by the installer. The installation went smoothly. I have noted that during the upgrade, my premium (lifetime) licence and activation were correctly retained, along with scheduled tasks and exclusions. As reported by others, the UI language was reset. After the upgrade, updates were reported as "Updates: Current" on the dashboard, but clicking on that found mor
  23. I did a clean install on my machine and so far so good. Web Protection is much faster now, the impact on web browsing is minimal and DNS latency is lower than last stable version. The ability to exclude the last website blocked by Web Protection via the tray menu is nice and makes the product much more easy to use and machine learning protection sounds promising. I feel that my machine is running smooth now, but there is some slowdown with Windows Defender (mutual exclusions). My config: Windows 10 CU 1703 x64 Core i5 2500/8gb ram Windows Defender en
  24. I installed this over the previous version of Malwarebytes Premium and all seems to be OK, with new options showing in the menus. The only negative so far is that my language reverted to US from UK (which means that date format is not dd:mm:yy as I would normally use) and Outlook appeared to have disappeared from the list of protected apps, where I had previously put it. Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 x64 Malwarebytes Premium v. Avast Free 17.3.2291 CryptoPrevent 8.0 Premium Tweaking.com Windows Repair Pro 3.9.27 (incorporating Registry Backup 3.5.3) Casper 10 Backup
  25. Installed over previous latest version without problems; did a restart even if it was not asked for. All settings perfectly retained, no issue up to now. This new version did even resolve a pending issue : A BIG thank to the developers ! (Win10 1703 Build 15063.250)
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