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  1. My office computer, a new Dell, gets updates almost weekly, while my home computer with same windows update, hardly ever updates? Even when I " check for updates" it says "current" ?
  2. Hi I have a paid version of MBAM on my W10 64 machine, and just recently I have noticed that it appears to be getting unistalled when I reboot my laptop. I have Kaspersky as my antivirus which has not detected any problems on my laptop, so what is going on? When I see that it is gone from the desktop I check program files and it is not there any more. I do a search and all i find is the downloaded program and nothing else. Please help kwisj
  3. I just installed the Fall Creators Update and got a notice that Malwarebytes had an update. I tried to install it and got an Access Denied error on C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes\MBAMService\config. I checked permissions and my account isn't able to see the owner of the folder. OK, fine. I tried the cleanup tool, no go. I ran cmd as the built-in administrator account, tried to take ownership of the folder with takeown /F config /R /D y ...access denied. The program isn't installed, so I can't even turn off the self-protection, which I understand people were concerned about prior to this update but had no way of knowing about because, you know, nothing told me that pre-emptively and I hadn't had this problem with prior big Windows 10 updates. As far as I can tell, nothing else is broken, just MBAM. Can someone give me a hand? Don't be afraid to get technical--I'm an IT guy with a lot of experience. I figure I'm probably wasting my time messing with this when I have other protection that's installed and working and someone else here probably already knows the answer. Thanks!
  4. Hi, I believe I recently got a virus, Malwarebytes cleaned it and i I ran the Adware Cleaner to make sure everything was gone. AdwCleaner fouund some items in my registry and it gives me the blue sad w10 screen when i click the clean button. I have the premium version of Malwarebytes and when i scan my computer again , it comes out clean, but AdwCleaner's outcome is attached. Please advise. How can i get these PUPS out? Do i manually delete? LKA.txt
  5. Earlier today I did a stupid, and got myself some weird malware that is hijacking my search bar. It calls itself "chromesearch.today" and has made itself my default search engine, and somehow managed to make it unselectable in the chrome settings menu (making it undeletable according to all the basic guides i could find) and also changed my options for all other search engines to only be "edit" or "remove from list", so i can't just make a different one my default. The way it works is that when I type something into my search bar it first opens up a url for about two seconds that looks like this: https://chromesearch.today/search?q=stop&uid=qTO6G2jchxlsv6NWMga93LlSYmVrItLW4te4w0UfqRmI3B50SmdkAGT36yUbL%2F0yk%2BfVbbtEK3C5rVX%2FslOmPK5e8GuY6CBe&pid=fob (managed to snag a ctrl + c in there) before redirecting me to an extremely fake yahoo knock off that is nothing like the actual thing. The url here is something like: https://dk.search.yahoo.com/yhs/search?hspart=ima&hsimp=yhs-batch1&p=stop&type=batch1q50000008_nsq with the "dk" being to translate everything into danish, the language my browser was set to when I accidentally installed this. I have run Malwarebytes but it didn't fix the issue, and I'm now looking at a total system reboot if I can't figure out how to get rid of this. Hopefully someone on here can help, because I am officially way out of my depth here! Addition.txt Malware log.txt
  6. I've sent on oct 20th a support ticket 2107268 without reply until today. 5 days without reply? At least one automatic message "we are working on it". I had the software installed on windows 7. I've formatted the pc and installed windows 10. When I tried to activate the license a message informing that the number of activation were reached. I have just installed once before on windows 7. What can I do to activate the product? I have 546 days remaining. The Reference number is 111137934.
  7. This shows up in task switch view, but there is no window to be activated. I can close it, and the icon in the tray goes away, but the Malwarebytes service does not stop. Is there a reason this is here?
  8. Hello, I have purchased Malware Premium, installed it and activated the license. in june 2017. Version 3.2.2. It happens for the fourth time now that the program disapears from my desktop. I have Windows 10. It's very anoying and it cost me a lot of time to re-install the program again and again. What is going on and how can I prevent this?
  9. Hello again, I was looking some stuff up about COM surrogate and found out its legit, i thought it was weird since i've never seen it before. I then see its connected to dllhost.exe, i looked up dllhost.exe out of curiosity, and some people say you should only have one dllhost.exe located at c\windows\system32 i have this: https://imgur.com/a/LVeGb i'm on windows 10, is this normal to have 4? like i said some places online said you should only have one located at system32 windows folder, just want to know if this is completely fine. i have scanned a few times recently and haven't come up with any malware so i don't think i'm infected, just wanted to know if its normal to have 4 dllhost's instead of 1 as stated in some online forums. thanks to anyone who can give me some info about this!
  10. Some times i have the website block notification, the domain is Liveadexchanger.I have scanned my pc with a lot of things and there isnt anything thats coming up. It sometimes comes up on different programs aswell.
  11. Hello! I am using Windows 10 Pro on your machine. I recently installed Malwarebytes, the on screen display shows that my system is reaching 100% CPU usage. When opening Task Manager, I saw MsMpEng.exe, which consumes 90-100% of memory. I used Malwarebytes to scan for and kill any malware but the problem is still not improving. Need help from everyone!
  12. My PC has suddenly started freezing since last week and when starting up, it has 100% disc use. If I don't open any programs for 10 minutes or so, the disc use will drop again, but opening anything leads to a terribly slow computer again. Sometimes, the disc just skyrockets randomly. I asked in the general section of the forum and was told that my logs show signs of being infected. I already ran malwarebytes antimalware and adwcleaner when the problem first occured, but they didn't turn up anything. I really hope somebody here can help me. Thank you in advance! Addition.txt FRST.txt CheckResults.txt
  13. In general, all Windows 7 capable hardware should run Windows 10. Device compatibility Device compatibility in Windows 10 is also very strong; new hardware is not needed for Windows 10 as any device capable of running Windows 7 or later can run Windows 10. In fact, the minimum hardware requirements to run Windows 10 are the same as those required for Windows 7. Most hardware drivers that functioned in Windows 8.1, Windows 8, or Windows 7 will continue to function in Windows 10. There are sometimes BIOS bugs or other hardware design incompatibilities that keep a specific PC from running newer Windows 10 releases. In those cases, Microsoft generally throws up their hards and points you to the vendor for support, especially if the vendor doesn’t have specific statements about compatibility for that release. I’ve had problems in the last two upgrades on different PCs that were not trivial to fix. Microsoft’s official answer was “not supported” but I eventually engaged workarounds to make it all work.
  14. I have just updated windows 10 to version 1703 Creator. Since then every time the PC starts up, after about 6 minutes I get a message stating Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit is taking to long to start and telling me to restart the PC. I also get this message if I try and open MBAE manually. The program version is
  15. What is a Trojan.fakeoff.fy because it is on my pc currently and i have no clue what this is can someone help ? i can`t delete it from my pc so help
  16. Can I activate Windows 7 online using the Windows 10 activation key?
  17. So I've posted before about some odd happenings and never really found a solution but think I got a little closer. In my event logs, I have several power shell events like pshell console starting a server (among other things), Multiple WMI services starting, and browser redirects. Nothing has ever been found by Win defender or MBAM Premium (I really don't feel like they're working - on the surface they seem to working fine but I think it's an illusion). Hitman Pro did find a file Win32.Droma.abdb (first malicious file I've ever found) and that led me to googling that and found this article. http://niiconsulting.com/checkmate/2014/04/analysis-of-malware-detecting-behavior-anti-reversing-techniques/ ^^Please read! That almost explains my situation to a tee - I've even seen Russian/Chinese sites that will occasionally pop up on google suspiciously. If you look at my Registry or a Driverquery of my windows drivers, there are red flags everywhere. As far as I know I'm on the latest update of Win10 but I'm not sure anymore. I was hoping an expert could read the above article and know immediately what's going on or, if not, help me figure it out in order to get rid of it I've reinstalled windows after nuking it 5 times. I've been careful about any kind of syncing application (I don't even have chrome installed) and have reset the sync of any services I do use. I could go on but will stop here and wait for an experts advice should I run FRST? Oh yeah, some programs think I'm on Windows 8 (including mbam) and I thinks that's due to registry infection. i would LOVE to get a clean bill of health because this has consumed way to much of my life in the past ~8 months off an on. Thanks in advance! Fingers crossed
  18. I am running Win10 on a Dell Inspiron 13 with 7th Gen Core I7 64 bit. I have had failures to download or install a recent update. I finally thought to turn off all the Malwarebytes protections and the update installed correctly. I then turned everything back on.
  19. Whenever I try to start a microsoft 2013 office product, MWB blocks it. It happens repeatedly and with any product I attempt to use. Screenshot attached: This started yesterday. To get around it, I disabled MWB. I hope I followed these instructions properly. Thanks so much for your help. mb-check-results.zip FRST.txt Addition.txt
  20. Every time I turn on my computer and start doing stuff, a windows powershell cmd pop up for a few seconds and then dissapear. I then start runing Malwarebytes and I find 5 Potentially Unwated Programs related to it. I put them on Quarantine and restart, and then everything start all over again. How do I get rid of whatever PowerShell is doing?
  21. I got the 0x8007045D error code when trying to burn a dvd on windows 10 with the built in burner. I tested with dvd[+r,-r , -rw] and none of them worked, but burning cd´s works fine. Any suggestions of free burning software without malware/adware would be much appreciated since all I find seems to bundle it. I thinking of running a registry cleaner and wounder if ccleaner is still ok and not bundled with adware/malware? Other suggestions on solving 0x8007045D? (read som thread similar to this but the burning software suggestions aren´t valid upto date)
  22. Hello. I have been trying to run Malwarebytes for the past two days; however, I could not due to my computer's abrupt yet deliberate shutdown each time I run a scan. I have tried to run the scan six times now, and all six times, I seem to be either getting an abrupt restart or the windows blue screen. Could you help? Also, just a quick question, if I have Malwarebytes on my computer, is it okay to not have any other anti-virus programs? (I have Windows Defender, but that's about it.) Thank you so much!
  23. My Asus laptop was W8.1 and upgraded to W10 about 18 months ago. I installed Office 2010 and my camera software when I bought the laptop but not installed anything else since. The laptop has been getting slower and slower over the last six months. From switch on to getting Outlook loaded can take 20 minutes. Task Manager says the disk is at 99% and top of the list is "Malwarebytes Service" with disk activity between 1.2 MB/s and 3.6 MB/s. It isn't running a scan. When the scan is running disk activity increases to 25-35 MB/s. When I click on Word or Outlook, Malwarebytes Service increases to between 4 and 36 MB/s. All Windows updates are activated automatically and I've checked that MB is fully up to date. Anyone got any suggestions?
  24. This same thing is happening to me so if you have a way to fix it then please let me know!! It is very annoying!
  25. When I first installed mbam, it detected the OS fine (Windows 10 Version 1703 - 15063.447). Since then, each scan reports that I'm on Windows 8. I had a malware/hacker scare not long ago and after nuking everything from orbit, I'm hyper-aware of every little nuance happening on my machine so this may just be a bug report. I would like to make sure it's working correctly though so I attached log number 1, which was accurate, along with my most recent log which reports I have Windows 8. Please let me know if you need anything else to ensure I'm fully protected. correct.txt incorrect.txt
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