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  1. Hello. Im currently using the Free version of Malwarebytes and im unable to update the database. I should mention im not using any anti-virus besides windows defender. Also i have tried re-installing it as Admin and tried looking through my firewall however when i checked the outbound firewall there was nothing there in regards to Malwarebytes.
  2. I just signed in to our management server and saw that all the clients had various signature versions and saw that some were even updating from the internet. We have our policy set to update from server or internet as last option. When I looked at the server signatures data, it was a week old. Server service was not stopped and once I clicked for it to update manually, it updated. It is also set to check for updates every 10 minutes. Thoughts as to why it wasn't updating automatically, as it has been doing the past month since installing this?
  3. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS FIX MAY NOT WORK FOR YOU. PLEASE TRY REMOVING MALWAREBYTES WITH THE CLEAN TOOL AND REINSTALLING IT USING AN ADMINISTRATOR ACCOUNT. IF THAT DOES NOT WORK THEN USE THIS FIX. Steps: 1>Open your advanced Windows Firewall settings. 2>Navigate to outbound rules. 3>You should now see 3 rules called "MBAM." Right click on them and select properties then select allow the connection and press "OK." DO THIS FOR ALL 3 RULES! You should now be able to update Malwarebytes.
  4. While on several different "legitimate" newspaper sites, the sites have been redirected without warning to this screen: The url at the top is different each time, but is never anything with Mozilla or Firefox in the title. A box will pop up prompting to "update now." I am running MWB Anti-Malware Premium and Avast, but neither has alerted when this occurs. Does anyone know what this is and should I be concerned?
  5. Just wanted to share an issue I had with AE recently that I just resolved. About a week ago, I started getting the error message that AE failed to start and that it terminated. I started perusing this forum and found a great 1, 2, 3 guide so I copy/pasted it onto a Word doc and did step one: restarted my PC. On occasion, when I opt to restart as opposed to shutting down then manually starting, I've had crash issues that self-resolve. I've forgotten all my computer tech to properly log this issue. In any case, I restarted my HP Envy (upgraded OS from 8.1 to 10 when prompted last year) and
  6. An attempt to install rensomeware on a family PC was blocked by Beta 09.15.416 on 0307/2016, well done team. this is just for feedback purposes, thank you guys and gals in malwarebytes
  7. All of our clients appear to be 2 hours behind in updates throughout the day on a consistent basis. Of the 600 managed, the reporting interface shows <10 as on the most current release at any time. When manual updates are triggered on clients (from client desktop), client shows that it is on an older than most currently available definition, but reports that it is up to date (and does not download the most current definition. Are there any guides to troubleshooting Update Lag / Update Issues
  8. Hello, I'm trying to update Malwarebytes Anti-Malware definitions of an offline PC by coping them from my main PC. I did RTFM but it is still very unclear to me if said procedure (database.conf + rules.ref ) is still valid today or not. p.s.: yes, I know about the official-provided offline definitions package, but it's 1) big 2) slightly outdated so I'd prefer to pick defs from my own PC. Thanks!
  9. Today I wanted to scan a folder with MBAM but it stucks on checking for updates. After 3 or 4 times installing the same update it crashes. I reinstalled MBAM but it didn't solve the problem.
  10. The update to the latest version 9.15.416 failed after clicking on new update available icon. Downloaded the new update and tried to install that but it failed because the update module from the prior attempt would not allow the install. End tasking it failed, so I ended up re-booting the computer. That did the job, and I was able to install the manually downloaded version 9.15.416.
  11. I tried to update Malwarebytes and when I do, I get a message saying that the program has stop working. Now my realtime protection isn't on and I don't know what to do.
  12. I am a premium user and the latest update has broken my MBAM update. I have used MBAM Clean, restarted the computer and re-installed the latest version of MBAM Anti-Malware 4 times since the recent program upgrade which has now prevented me from updating the MBAM database. It was up to date but has now reverted to version 2016.02.16.06. This has been a very frustrating and time-consuming experience. I am on Windows 10. I have attached the Farbar logs and the MBAM Check log. Please assist as soon as practicable. FRST.txt Addition.txt CheckResults.txt
  13. Hey guys. It seems that I can't restore the items I marked for deletion. Here's the entire list.123.txt The only one that I still want to remove is Wajam. I'm not sure if anything else needs to be removed. I haven't restarted my computer or set up a backup yet. I thought maybe updating the computer to Windows 10 would solve the problem. What should I do?
  14. MBAM used to work fine for me, but now appears to time out trying to update the database. Or I have a rootkit, but MBAR says no, as does Kaspersky's TDSSkiller. Running Windows 7, but which I infrequently boot. Having been a few months since last, I tried to run MBAM free version, 2.0 I think, first thing, as I've become accustomed to doing after letting it fall behind for so long. It balked at the manual "update" complaining in the end "unable to access update server." I first decided perhaps a new version of MBAM was in order, or perhaps I was offered an update, but I ended up install
  15. Hello, long time MBAM Free user who has mostly been happy with it until now. I'm running Windows 7 Home Premium. Yesterday I found my first Trojan while running a scan in my own LUA: a Trojan.Agent.ENM in the file 00011334.tmp. This is especially alarming since it was found in the actual Malwarebytes Anti-Malware folder in Program Files-- and even though the Scan History says it was quarantined, it is nowhere in my Quarantine list. I do not remember whether it was ever there. After a few hours searching the forums for this issue, I updated the program and databases to prepare for creating th
  16. Hi, Is anyone else experiencing problems wit some applications since a Malwarebytes update from last week? I have about 20 machines that suddenly were acting up on Tuesday last week after an update was downloaded. An application (Deltek Vision) that runs a browser plugin on startup and downloads/executes some file from the users' local appdata folder causes 100% CPU utilization (Mbam processes/service showing with 99%) and staying there for a good 5 minutes but even after the application finally loads, it is very sluggish. I tried to exclude the specific path for hat application by polic
  17. Hi, I noticed my browsers (Firefox, IE) was loading very slowly yesterday night so this morning I run Avast and Anti-Malware but nothing was found. After I updated Anti-Malware I could no longer access any websites unless I turn off Anti-Malware. I'm attaching CheckResults.txt, FRST.txt and Addition.txt files. Also I tried Zoek (since I saw a similar issue from previous post) but it didn't solve the problem. I'm attaching the Zoek results file too. Thank you in advance Addition.txt CheckResults.txt FRST.txt zoek-results.txt
  18. My PC is connected to the internet via a proxy server. While there is no way to configure the same in Malwarebytes anti Rootkit. I tried to set the proxy via the command line netsh tool but the application won't still update. Is there any way that I can get the latest definitions for the app?
  19. My little brother downloaded something on my computer and i tried malwarebytes to remove the adware, it detected about 450 objects but the adware is still on my computer Some of it is in chinese, and the other ad asks me to update adobe flash player but it wont update it, it's a virus (and it pops a lot) However it slowed down after deleting something in task manager even though it still pops up
  20. antimalware recently (today 13 sept), started opening its gui automaticly, every half an hour or so (cant seen to time it) it tries to update its database, and succseeds. really anoying, can someone tell me how to stop this window from opening? (free version)
  21. I have an internet connection 24/7 - so why do I get notifications that the MBAM database has not been updated for x days? I have it set to auto update. And why am I required to click "Update Now"? Just do it and stop bothering me!!!
  22. Is it normal for Malwarebytes Anti-Malware to take over 45 minutes just to CHECK for definition updates, and well over an hour by the time it has applied them? The ensuing scan took only 11 minutes, and found no problems.
  23. The 'Automatically upgrade to new versions' option is not keeping the software up to date. Latest available download of MBAE is version, however installed version of MBAE still shows even though 'Automatically upgrade to new versions' is checked.
  24. Why does Malwarebytes turn off malicious website protection during updates? I see this on both of my machines in the protection logs. This is with Anti-Malware Home (Premium) One runs Win-7 Ultimate and the other Win-7 Home Premium.
  25. Let me explain a few things. I usually take decent care of my PC, especially from malware (hence I use Malwarebytes ), but recently I let my son use the computer for what every he wanted to be honest. Once I had returned to my PC, it had a few toolbars, constant redirects/popups on chrome, as well as it randomly crashing, and a few new applications on my desktop. I don't want to know how they got there, I want to get rid of them. But here is my problem, Malwarebytes now thinks that my database is out of date - and But every time I go to update the database it tells me it is up-to-d
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