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  1. Today my Malwarebytes said it needed to update but whenever I tried clicking "check for updates" it wouldn't find and download the latest version. So I first tried simply uninstalling it, going to the web site and downloading it again so I have the latest version. I should note that it took a few attempts to download as it kept failing and I had to hit retry so the download would continue where it left off till it eventually finished. After it had downloaded I activated my premium account and at first that seem to work but about five minutes later it told me it was out of date a
  2. Exploit version not updating on Management Console, I am currently on I need to get it up to: My Management Console appears to need an update as well. Version I need to get it up to:
  3. Hi! So, my malwarebytes was just updated to a new version, but I cannot find anything online about this version, so is it new or a glitch. The version is 3.3.22. I am also on the free one as I am unable to get the premium quite yet. After this update, instead of free, I got trial, which seemed quite weird to me. I've shut down my laptop and turned it back on and it's still the same. Does anyone else have this version? I have a panic and paranoia disorder, hence why I'm asking and trying to stay calm.
  4. Hello, I just updated to MB 3.4.5 FREE on Windows 7. I have a mbamtray.exe process running but no taskbar icon. I also have Norton Security. Should I have a taskbar icon? Thanks
  5. Over past 10 days or so, I've noticed that I can't get database updates on Malwarebytes Premium What may be the reason? P.S. Just for any case: I'm located in Moscow, Russia
  6. I was informed of a new update and after downloading, I noticed that I had been downgraded to a premium trial. I tried reentering my access code, however, it just notifies me that my "usage level has exceeded the maximum installations allowed." Is there anything I can do to remediate this issue?
  7. Windows 10 update leaves a problem report file for Malwarebyte developers, before the user log in screen there is a pop up that tells me there is a problem with Malwarebytes and the following file should be sent to the developers. Last update Malwarebytes disappeared from my start menu and running mb3-set up file caused it to reappear and its working again (it wasnt starting). Everything seems to be running at the moment just the windows issue report. Anyway an update happened today and the message reappeared and a new dmp file was created - its attached dated 11th April (as is the prev
  8. Hi, I received an update alert from malwarebytes when trying to use malwarebytes to scan a file, so I let it update, it then notified me that a restart was required. It has been stuck on the "getting Windows ready do not turn of your computer" grey screen for the last 20 minutes, what should I do? Windows 10 Enterprise server.
  9. Lately MBAM has become more obnoxious popping up nag boxes to upgrade. If I clicked "no" to this 14 days in a row, why would I will click "yes" on day 15? But putting that aside for a second, I was informed that a new version needs to be downloaded and installed. In other programs this happens seamlessly. In MBAM, I click 'agree and install', it attempts a fresh installation of the whole program, and immediately I get a long error about "could not overwrite mbam.exe"... now, I'm aware of what's happening, it doesn't have permission to shut down and overwrite the main MBAM process,
  10. MB has refused to work since about 1st March 2012. Task Manager shows MBservices is hanging on starting and MBAM is not shown st all. MBAM.exe won't run at all and refuses to be uninstalled. I was hoping an uninstall/reinstall would solve the problem but now don't know what to do. Please can anybody help? I am using Windows 10 version 1709 (build 16299.309) on an Intel based PC
  11. Error message says "Download Failed. Check Internet connection and try again." My Internet connection is okay however.
  12. I am currently using on windows 8 and the automatic updates are not working, I am having to manually check for updates on the forum. I have just had to manually update to build 56 and that was only after I checked the forum myself. Thanks As an idea is it worth adding a separate process that checks for updates or creating a scheduled task.
  13. This is on a Windows 7 machine. Below is what the update dialog looks like with the weird "find out about free software from (null)" message. Of course, I have not clicked the link following that. When I "check for updates" I get an error that the service is not running and to reboot. The windows update service is running. I've checked services that seem related (comparing with another win 7 machine) and it seems like all are running (see screen shot). Not sure what the "delayed start" is. Ran malwarebytes with the most recent updates which found nothing. Ran Farbar Recovery Tool and have FRST
  14. I am having trouble getting my Malwarebytes 3 to update. It just runs and runs on the "update" segment, but nothing happens. I tried turning off the firewall, rebooting my computer, and re-trying to do an update several times with no success. I am wondering if I should uninstall and re-install Malwarebytes 3. Any ideas? Thanks.
  15. Runtime Error (at 47:120): Could not call proc =================================== Microsoft Windows 10 Pro x64 Version 1607 (OS Build 14393.1480) My %Temp% and %Tmp% are normally set to a RAM drive, in format 'Z:' (no quotes). Attempting to update, offline, from MBAM free to MBAM free using mb3-setup-consumer- I repeatedly found that immediately after selecting the language, installation failed with the message: "Runtime Error (at 47:120): Could not call proc" I saw the same behaviour when I tried the mb3-setup-consumer- beta ins
  16. I just put one of my small business clients onto MWB Premium for Teams. They have version 3.3.1. Another vendor installed a Fortinet firewall which broke the update process. It seems the AV filter is blocking access to the update site and won't allow signature updates to download. The vendor says there is a problem with the site and put version 2.2 in for testing. Since the problem disappears as soon as they disable the Fortinet AV filter, they've concluded that the firewall must be blocking MWB because of a MWB problem (??). They further claimed that once a problem materializes with
  17. I get regular notifications that " a new and improved version of Malwarebytes is available". When I select install now, nothing happens - nothing at all as far as I can see. I am using: Windows 10 MB MB Component package version 1.0.160 MB Update package version 1.0.3879 ESET Smart security Can anyone help please?
  18. Should I run some sort of test to see if this update that was released on last saturday cause any loss of integral files on my PC? Ive read on the main stick concerning this that it might cause loss of files in the HDD, but I wanna hear it from the developers themselves. I also ask because after some restarts (prior to the solution being published) my hard drive got 20gb of extra free space, but I dont know if that just was temporary files and whatnot (also not the first time my hdd frees up some space, usualy after a windows update, so that why im dubious)
  19. Hello, So I was wondering if it was at all possible with any program or anyway to either add security definitions from another virus protection program to make like an ultimate protection system so i can use less cpu so like say if i just downloaded like avast superantispyware and malewarebytes got the security definition files and moved them into like windows defender or some other antivirus/spyware/malware program it would also use those definitions to search and defend my computer plus whatever definitions it already includes
  20. Hello, new here. I have Malwarebytes running in the taskbar, but the app will not open at all. I double click on the app and nothing. I have used clean tool, restarted, fresh install, run as admin, disabled Norton antivirus, etc. I will attach the log to this post, hope I can get some help. One more thing. When I went to this pc and right clicked on my c drive, I chose to have Malwarebytes scan the drive. Later, I got a notice that scanning completed and found something. But... The UI would not open. HELP! mb-check-results.zip mb-clean-results.txt
  21. Hey guys I got notified on mbam that a update.exe was trying to connect to a porn site specifically jdsr16888.info And I removed it and it was in the appdata location and it had like a Firefox logo and Firefox files when I never installed it what do I do?
  22. Hi there, I'm using Malwarebytes I see that Meltdown / Spectre Vulnerabilites are supposed to be mitigated by Microsoft hotfixes (KB4056892-97) patches, and before the patch, the AV companies are strictly instructed to prepare the system for the patch. I read "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE"Subkey="SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\QualityCompat" Value Name="cadca5fe-87d3-4b96-b7fb-a231484277cc" registry key is added to system during patching process. What i would like to know: Isn't Microsoft creating that key if we install the hotfix patch? Or Malwarebytes creatin
  23. With Windows 10 December update a New Windows 10 unlock screen has appeared before the normal one. How do I get rid of this? (MALWARE?)
  24. Since a few days ago, whenever I start up my laptop, seconds later I now keep getting an error from the program telling me that "updates are not current" and I have to keep making it get updates manually though when I click on the "Check for updates" button the first time, nothing happens and the same error pops up again. Clicking that same button does make it work after all but I don't want to keep doing it each time, and I believe a little blip with a recent program update might have caused this. Might be wrong, but I hope there is a fix for it, even with MBClean that I used before. Thanks.
  25. A trial premium version of Malwarebytes 3.3.1 is now on my computer. It will not accept my previous key. Instead, I am told I must subscribe again. This happened when a notice to update my Malwarebytes came up. I made sure it was actually from Malwarebytes before I clicked the update. This happened on December 14, 2018. Could the fact that I am temporarily located in northern Ireland be a factor since I noticed that the payment request is in pounds? This happened to me back in August, also, when I was in the U.S. At the time, I just assumed that my subscription had run out and I purchase
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