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  1. I keep getting Website blocked popups even when not surfing the web. ip address: port: 51786 type: outbound file: c:\windows\system32\svchost.exe I'm a premium member and ran a full scan with admin privileges, it's not finding any problem. How do I find and remove this devil? ByteMe58
  2. I also apologize for adding to this thread. I'm having the same problem. Pages being redirected when I visit Yahoo and other websites, as well as the verosmedia.com domain name being used in some redirects. I posted a thread about this at bleeping computer and the volunteer gave my computer a clean bill of health. MalwareBytes, HitmanPro, and avast also say my machine is clean. This leads me to believe that the problem is not actually malware based and is the result of someone abusing ad networks that we happen to be interacting with (at least in my case). This is only my intuition, but it seems to be supported by the fact that the redirect pages include the URL of the webpage that was hijacked. To my untrained eye that seems to be the kind of information someone running a marketing campaign would want recorded to figure out how effective their ad purchasing is. My intuition could be off though and I could be totally wrong. Again I apologize for posting in this thread. I wont post again unless requested to, I just felt the need to say that I'm experiencing the same problems with what seems to be a clean computer. Best regards.
  3. Hey guys, My computer, tablet, phones have all been infected by the clicksgear redirect virus. I have tried all possible solutions suggested on the internet, yet nothing is working. These redirects are not allowing me work. I have tried all possible solutions suggested. Please help! These are the following things I tried. 1. Uninstalled all suspicious programs. 2. Checked the windows registry for unwanted entries and removed suspicious looking ones, checked windows for any unwanted dns servers but did not find any 3. Reset all browsers and deleted the extensions, add ons 4. Changed my DNS to google dns and open dns on the devices. 5. Replaced my old router with a new one as it was suggested that the router is infected 6. Tried to reset the router, changed passwords, changed the dns on router to google dns 7. Completely reset the router, erased all contents of my android tablet and then reconnected but the problem still persists. What is happening here? The only thing that works is switching off JavaScript but I need it to log in and use several sites.
  4. Having same problem. Redirecting whenever I read Yahoo News article (both on Chrome and Internet Explorer). It only seems to happen with yahoo news. It redirects to a Web page with "verosmedia" but my Trend Micro blocks the site so redirect doesn't complete. Full scan using Trend Micro doesn't find anything. I tweeted Yahoo customer service (both tweet and direct message) but they didn't answer. I sure hope it's not a virus.
  5. Not to hijack your thread, but I also have this same virus. I use Firefox, in the beginning it was a Firefox patch warning page when I would open my Yahoo home page, but now it is a survey that pops up any time, not for Time Warner though, but for my service provider. Hitmanpro finds and removes several viruses and it stops, but they just keep coming back and so do the popups. I will follow this closely. Thanks, Paul
  6. This is happening to me now, four times in the last 90 minutes, and I'm using Safari on a Mac. So not exclusive to Chrome. I was reading a "Yahoo news" article when the first redirect to a survey occurred (pub.maha-media.com/...).
  7. Just completed a run of Malwarebytes 3 and FRST. The 3 logs are attached for your reference. Thank you for your time! Chris Malwarebytes scan log.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
  8. I have the same problem occurring on my desktop in both Chrome and Edge. I just rebuilt my system about 2 weeks ago with a new SSD and windows 10 OS. The problems with my previous HDD may or may not have been related to this problem, but I was experiencing issues with that set-up especially in chrome. When running Chrome I would get high levels of CUP usage. This would cause my system to become unusable at times. Ultimately CHKDSK revealed that there may been disk problems so I went down that path and replaced my OS HDD with a new SSD. I did not restore the system, I rebuilt by loading a new OS and reinstalling some of the apps. That was a little history on my system... Now I am experiencing redirects to grimsurveys,com when I am on the comcast website sitting idle. Lately it is occurring more frequently. Yesterday when I turned on my screen after being on all night there was a warning message indicating my data would be lost, passwords taken and such. The infection was a variant of yahlover.worm malware. I used CCleaner and mallwarebites and nothing was found. I searched various remedies and found that some think its a website attack and nothing on my computer needs to be cleaned. This morning I received a Mallwarebites notification of a block of a malicious web site. I assume it was the yahlover.worm attack again. Mallwarebites hasn't blocked the grimsurvey redirects... In my estimation this is all related. I am interested in finding a solution. If not I will rebuild my system again and to determine if there is still a problem. Is there firmware or something outside of the disk storage system that could be infected and could propagate a problem from the old disk to the new disk?
  9. I'm having exact same problem since today. Not sporadic for me. here is my story: I have a bookmark for watsapp for web. when I click that, it opens as normal. when I type, web.watsapp...., it autofills and when enter is pressed, it redirects to. "http://private.njoyapps.com/wim/lp/lp27/ index_23. php" happens everytime. I did whatever reset is intructed above for browser but did run any programs. Malwarebytes is unable to detect this. My question is: will reinstalling windows solve this? I recently build a new comp and installed windows 10, so I won't loose too much. Also, I know where this most likely came from. I downloaded MagicISO from a third party link and while installing I clicked a couple of 'accepts' where I shouldn't have. It installed webdiscover and chromium which I removed. ran Malwarebytes scan which remove another 30-40 registry entries and what not. but nothing on this. I also used Ninite.com to install some softwares. screenshot attached.
  10. Hello, I've tried everything I could find online to solve this, but nothing has actually helped. I do not have any malicious extensions or apps installed, I have tried resetting chrome, I have scanned my mac with ClamXav, Sophos Antivirus, Avast, Combo Cleaner, Kaspersky Internet Security, Bitdefender Adware removal tool and none of these found anything during the scans. Malwarebytes's scan found two things which it removed but all the rest, nothing. And every other scan with Malwarebytes comes clean. My search settings and homepage settings are all intact and there wasn't anything suspicious at all. But when chrome is idle for a while or I'm reading something on a website, there's suddenly a muted tab opened (first it was for a dating site, then betting, and most recently a clean my mac page). I also tried Bitdefender Virus Scanner for Mac, and it found a spigot extension for safari and quarantined it. The file appeared to be stored in ClamXav's folder for some reason. (I do not even use Safari, and when I checked before the scan, no extensions have been installed on that browser, and the same goes for Firefox). I've also checked whether the router has been hijacked (https://campaigns.f-secure.com/router-checker/en_global/) and everything seems to be fine. I tried changing the DNS settings to Google's, but it wouldn't connect for a long time so I left it as it was initially. It seems to have been passed to another Windows laptop at home, but when the PC was scanned with Malwarebytes, Clamwin, and CCcleaner nothing seemed to help and the problem occurs on both computers. Windows Defender found BrowserModifier:Win32/Diplugem and removed it, but the ad tabs keep coming. How can I get rid of this? Is it possible that the specific IP is targeted and it's not one of the two devices actually being infected? PS. I've attached the log file from Malwarebytes and from Bitdefender Virus Scanner.
  11. Hi everyone, My name is Ryan and I'm new to the community, and I'm coming to you all with some irritable reasons. I have had the most persistent malware infecting (I think only chrome - on Win 10) for the past 2 weeks with no avail. Currently I have used JRT, AdwCleaner, HitManPro, Malwarebytes and Avast. The last two never seem to detect anything, while the first three detect and delete, detect and delete, detect and delete... without permanently resolving my issue! I have removed all suspicious chrome extensions, reset my chrome several times, and even remain logged out of my chrome account with no avail - it keeps coming back essentially in the form of ad redirects. The most unusual element of this is whenever I click on any google docs urls it immediately turns into an ad redirect that malwarebytes blocks (even when not signed into chrome). I'm at a loss and not entirely sure what to do. I've attached some screenshots detailing some logs/readouts of what I've encountered so far in terms of problems. If there are any experts out here who can help me purge my chrome of this adware I would be overly appreciative (especially with regards to saving the money I'd have to spend on a computer guy). Best, Ryan P.S. HitManPro sometimes detects up to 25 tracers including the conduit, and I've managed to bring AdwCleaner to 3-4 each time. Funny thing is they usually detect nothing until I re-open chrome from my taskbar on Windows 10. The blocked site by malwarebytes is also the result of clicking a google docs link.
  12. Every time I use google chrome once in a while a new tab shows up and have a ad in it. I already follow all steps to remove a malware/adware, and I even reformat my OS hard drive. Please help me.
  13. If you are using chrome, and you've been "hijaked" by cse.google.com... Go to settings, manage search engines, delete the cse.google.com set Google back as default. it's not a virus, so stop posting all your details online and don't pay anyone to "clean" your computer
  14. Hello, I am a Windows user running Chrome and am experiencing browser redirect malware. The first time I click on a link on any page, it often will popup and navigate to a page for example: http://cpmofferconvert.com/out?zoneId=968177&htatb=1&sId=968177. Also, after a Google search, it will promptly but visibly change the sponsored results (the top 2-3) to something of its liking. Steps taken so far Malwarebytes Premium Threat Scan Results: mwbthreat01.txt (see attachments) Quarantined all successfully Restarted Results: mwbthreat02.txt (see attachments) Redirect problem observed Farbar Recovery Scan Tool Results: Addition.txt, FRST.txt (see attachments) Will update if issue is still observed mwbthreat01.txt mwbthreat02.txt Addition.txt FRST.txt
  15. I have ccleaner and avast, my avast scans for virus once per week so far I'm good in that end and from time to time I run ccleaner. A few weeks ago I ran into what I found to be a malware browser hijacker, 2 of them to be exact, I use chrome and have add-block on it, my avast tells me what sites are safe and what sites are not when I search for something in google, and one day it redirected me to another page once I searched for something and also when I click somewhere in a "safe" page it opened a random link, some of those "safe" pages are youtube, facebook, yahoo, twitter, google, and so on it always opened a random link when I clicked anywhere on that page being a link, or an image or in youtube when I click to watch a video it also opened and random add page. I remember one of the malware I had was querryrouter, anyways I search online for some way to fix it and found a solution, with 3 steps: First use Zemana AntiMalware Portable to remove browser redirects. Second Scan and clean my computer with Malwarebytes Lastly Double-check for malicious programs with HitmanPro I did that and it actually worked didn't get any redirects nor random link pop-ups. Today I find myself with the 'Nova.rambler.ru' is also a browser hijacker and I did all the steps I mentioned and it actually found some issues and it clean them or so I thought but still persists, what I found it does is that when I search anything in google is redirects and shows me my results in the rambler page, also it opens adds when I click anywhere in any page and when I click to enter a page or a link in a page it open the link I clicked in another tab and redirects the current page to a random add. I tried to search for recently installed items or something in my extensions,and even in my files but nothing, I ever tried to see in my registy and tried the Kaspersky TDSSkiller but still nothing, I have also tried other methods I found to pinpoint this malware but nothing so that is why I decided to ask for help since here I will find people that have dealt with this same problem or have experience with these kind of issues.
  16. For a while I've just dealt with this problem because it's only slightly inconvenient and intermittent, but I'd still rather it not happen. Occasionally, when browsing the internet, a new tab will open which becomes my current open tab, which takes me through a few redirects to an Adfly 'account suspended' page, as though it was supposed to redirect to someone's ad but the account was reported and removed. I don't have any Adfly or problematic extensions or toolbars, and I don't have an Adfly program. Neither Microsoft Defender nor Malwarebytes can root this one out. Any help woud be greatly appreciated.
  17. Symptoms Chrome launches, immediately closes, reopens at http://yourtv.link and is then blocked by Malwarebytes Premium Numerous detections days prior (see pic) Periodic outbound requests blocked by Malwarebytes Premium Steps Taken Restored Chrome settings Deactivated all Chrome extensions Reinstalled Chrome Uninstalled unnecessary applications added within the last two weeks (f.lux) Scan with MalwareBytes Premium, Fix, and rescan with the exact same detections Scan with Hitman Pro, Scan with FRST64 (both txt attached) Scan with Adware Removal Tool by TSA Not sure what I should do now.. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  18. I have some sort of malware affecting google chrome. It is very buggy when it runs, it sometimes crashes, and when you use the omnibar to search for anything, it redirects to a google custom search cse.google.com. Malwarebytes premium wont detect anything. I've uninstalled/reinstalled chrome multiple times, followed the instructions on a couple different you tube videos that offer a solution to this issue, all to no avail. I have already run farbar and the appropriate files are attached. Not sure what to do at this point so here we are. FRST.txt Addition.txt
  19. Hey, So very recently (only around a day ago), I have had this weird issue where google would instantly be redirected to a fake version of itself. I'm not sure exactly how to explain this, so I provided a gif: As you can see, I search something into the address bar, which should instantly be directed straight to Google, but it doesn't do that. Instead it goes to google for a split second and redirects to some weird website that looks almost exactly the same as google. What I've tried so far: - Reinstall Google Chrome - Performed a Malware Scan on Malwarebytes - Tried changing homepage on Google Chrome settings - Tried clearing the cache of Google Chrome within the settings I'm not sure what else to try.
  20. I have norton 360 antivirus + malwarebytes premium subscription. Both of them cannot find anything. Even in safe mode. But from time to time happens something like redirection to some kind of suspicious sites with content that "You won something blah blah blah". The funny thing is that virus not in the browsers. Because it happened even in Steam window/browser(steampowered.com). So doesn't matter the browser, Chrome, Firefox, Steam it just happens where is web content in the window. I made a screenshot here to illustrate how it looks like with steam.
  21. I'm getting a constant redirect error from Malware Bytes (purchased copy) when I go to certain websites. I have run everything I have, including MalwareBytes, but nothing has fixed the issue. I have run software as requested and attached two files. Thanks so much! Addition.txt FRST.txt
  22. Malwarebytes is detecting a potentially malicious site trying to redirect me every time I open a new tab in FireFox: Detection, 7/11/2016 2:26 PM, SYSTEM, LAPTOP, Protection, Malicious Website Protection, Domain,, go.myimgt.com, 50810, Outbound, C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe However the issue is that an actual scan reveals no malware, viruses, etc. How can I permanently remove whatever is causing this redirect attempts? Thanks!
  23. I'm facing the same problems! I have a file in appdata/roaming called HPCurator in it is a file that redirects all my browsers startup. Its called curatorstarter.exe and I can't remove it! Please help.
  24. It seems like a friend of mine just caught a malware but unluckily I'm not able to help him out, I run out of ideas. When he visits common porn sites he gets redirected to www.bobo.com or www.bobo.com/615438?m=yw553&login=1 in ~95% of all cases, by using Google Chrome on MacOS (redirect also happens when using Firefox & Safari). Resetting MacOS didn't help. Two other computers in the household (one Mac, one Windows) show the same behavior, the only connection between all these devices is Wifi, all computers started this behavior at the same time. The redirect still happens when using tethering from phone instead of Wifi from the router, however the redirect doesn't happen on his phone (using Wifi). All malware detection tools I tried didn't show any results; neither on Mac nor on Windows (Kaspersky TDSSKiller, RKill, Malwarebytes, Hitman Pro, Zemana AntiMalrware, AdwCleaner). No add-ons or extensions could be found in Google Chrome. I was not able to reproduce the redirect on my PC or phone. I hope someone has an idea what's going on there Thanks!
  25. have this strange problem going on with my computer: once a week my browser, google chrome, redirects to a random page. Sometimes it's a "your computer has a virus on it" page, and sometimes it's a "install the latest updates to flash that we are downloading for you right now without your permission" page. It only seems to happen on certain pages (deviantart, tumblr, etc.) and only if I leave that page up on my tab and leave it idle for an amount of time. I keep using various scans and they all come up empty (except for RogueKiller, but that's apparently a false positive) and I even tried running Malwarebytes in safe mode and nothing came up. Is there something going on with my computer or do I just have some bad luck when it comes to browsing the web?
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