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  1. Outlook exploits are getting blocked on my laptop, but not on my desktop, yet the settings are identical. Malwarebytes www.malwarebytes.com -Log Details- Protection Event Date: 11/9/20 Protection Event Time: 9:56 PM Log File: 519eec37-2300-11eb-8984-086266b3709d.json -Software Information- Version: Components Version: 1.0.1104 Update Package Version: 1.0.32680 License: Premium -System Information- OS: Windows 10 (Build 19041.610) CPU: x64 File System: NTFS User: System
  2. Our work from home computers cannot access Outlook anymore since MB is blocking the same exploit that I see posts about from 2-3 years ago. We can't get into delete the offending email as "Contacting Server" pops up and then MB crashes the program. It is now happening throughout all the desktops of our visual & graphic media teams. I see a MB post from April 2017 that is a known issue and you are working on it. Its 2020 and I can't find the answer for why its happening in 2020 or how to stop it as we crash or the block kicks in from MB. Help is appreciated.
  3. Could you add the Browser Guard extension to Microsoft Store, signed by Microsoft? As now, no install it, we have to enable "allow extensions from other stores". That in itself is a security risk.
  4. Someone just told me a file I just downloaded was a cookie logger, I couldn't find anything that says how these work. I never did run the program, but I still want to know if it could have infected my computer! Please help, even if cookie loggers are fine, answer the question anyway. They showed me pictures of things the logger did, so I believe that they can actually do something.
  5. Hi Team My websites like https://www.changehomepage.net/, https://www.commerce-microsoft.com/, https://www.fixfirefoxerror.com/, https://www.incredimailsupports.com/, https://www.microsoft-number.com/, https://www.thunderbirdsupport.com/ are now malware free. All the information given in the websites are true and very useful. Kindly white-list these websites ASAP. Thanks & Regards Ron Weasley
  6. Good day, Some of our clients have come across a problem on our website, please can you clean all the malware off of www.acdc.co.za. Kind Regards, Janine
  7. when I go to download drivers for my Couger 600M mouse, as referred to on the mouse's instruction box, http://cougar-world.com/ I am referred to 810-8302&bk=72e60765 and given a "microsoft" warning about pornware and riskware being installed and that if I don't call this number 888-810-8302 in less than five minutes that all my credintials will be stolen. a voice in a british accent claims error 0x80072ee7, it is not the cortana voice but I want to know if my computer is truely infected with this stuff or if it is a hoax. please refer
  8. I found these in my TCPIP spy stack... at least that it appears to have been for these guys. Before locating these I had found other hacking software, a windows port of redis in particular on my computer. I've uploaded a copy of the entire TCPIP registry key here. https://ufile.io/ywxh5 This looks like a Microsoft spy apparatus; a mixed bag of others. Found Embedded in persistent routes. Found this on two computers so far. This is typically reserved for the router / gateway; "Legit" entries by the system appear as ",,,-1" (IP/Subnet/Gateway) For example; This
  9. Please read the following article for further information regarding the recent Meltdown and Spectre Vulnerabilities reported on January 3, 2018, by the Google Project Zero team Also, from our Malwarebytes Labs Meltdown and Spectre: what you need to know Meltdown and Spectre fallout: patching problems persist https://blog.malwarebytes.com/cybercrime/exploits/2018/01/meltdown-and-spectre-fallout-patching-problems-persist/
  10. Apologies if Malwarebytes has already issued a statement regarding the CPU security vulnerability announced this week but I couldn't find anything on your website or Twitter page. Microsoft announced that their patch is only being released via Windows Update for systems that are running compatible anti-virus products (or no AV product) as the patch can lead to instability for machines running a small number of anti-virus products on the market. I am running Windows 10 and have not seen a patch come down for my machine via Windows Update so I am assuming Malwarebytes is not confirme
  11. Below you can find the requested files attatched and some other files that go with a brief explanation of the situation: I just bought a MSI notebook two days ago. Today I must admit, I was trying to download and crack MS Office using the Office Toolkit program. As soon as I opened the toolkit and selected activate, my laptop turned off and then I got the BSOD with a "critical error" message. My notebook rebooted automatically but is running noticeabily slower since the incident a couple of hours ago. I bought the Bit Defender antivirus along with the notebook so I performed a scan
  12. Hello! I just bought a MSI notebook two days ago. Today I must admit, I was trying to download and crack MS Office using the Office Toolkit program. As soon as I opened the toolkit and selected activate, my laptop turned off and then I got the BSOD with a "critical error" message. My notebook rebooted automatically but is running noticeabily slower since the incident a couple of hours ago. I bought the Bit Defender antivirus along with the notebook so I performed a scan but found nothing. Nevertheless, as minutes went by I received 2 notifications of intends of infections by trojans
  13. Malware displays the following message: Exploit automatically blocked. Application Behavior Protection Exploit payload process blocked. What's the problem, and how can it be fixed?
  14. Some additional features that can be introduced in malwarebytes anti malware in near future. - Anti Theft (if laptop gets stolen or misplaced) - Safe Browser (for banking protection, like we have Secure Browser in Bitdefender, Safe Money in Kaspersky or Banking & Payment protection in Eset) - Webcam Protection - Firewall - Password Manager - Vulnerability Scanner Though most of the feature are related to Anti Virus Software and not to Anti Malware Software , but still I had my opinion regarding the introduction of these features. Regards acti
  15. Malwarebytes is blocking OneDrive from syncing on my computer. Any info as to why? Malwarebytes thinks it's an exploit.
  16. After months of blaming Adobe and trying to find solutions, it appears the error I get when attempting to start any MS Office product only happens when Malwarebytes protection is turned on. When I turn off all protection the MS Office products start up fine. The error I'm getting is "The exception unknown software exception (0xe0000002) occurred in the application at location 0x000000007661B802" I have read issues people have had when saving docs but mine happens as soon as an office product is launched. Right now I have completely turned Malwarebytes. Thanks
  17. All Office 2016 applications crash on "save as". Existing documents can be saved, but not "save as". New documents cannot be saved. Affects all Office 2016 applications. Had MB3 Premium. Read in several forums where MB3 might be an issue. Uninstalled MB3 and ran MB3 cleanup utility. Had removed Office. Reinstalled Office. Same issue, no change. It doesn't seem that MB3 is the issue, but I want to make sure the Anti-Exploit is not still causing an issue in some way. If anyone has a suggestion I'm open. I've been working on this off and on all day. I believe it occurred after the most recen
  18. How do i delete WERE213.tmp.hdmp and is it harmful? The only Program i can use is Google Chrome. I can't open anything else but folders and browsers. My most important files cannot be opened. It has the message "Thumbnail Handler Extraction Host has stopped working, Windows is collecting more information about the problem. This might take several minuites..." Files that help describe the problem: C:\Users\Ewok\AppData\Local\Temp\WERE213.tmp.hdmp Read our privacy statement online: http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=190175 If the online privacy statement is not availab
  19. Office 2016, Malwarebytes Premium 3.1.2, Windows 10, no beta crap and everything up to date After losing quite a bit of work several times (it was a big problem), and then defaulting to Wordpad until I find my Corel Disc, I finally figured out what was going on. Then, I come here to see the thread detailing the issue has been closed because a couple of people stopped having issues. Well, the fix didn't work. With protection for Word and Excel disabled, I was able to "save" and "save as" a few times with little issue; but that's not good enough. Further investigation should be perf
  20. After loading Malwarebytes Premium (3.0). MS Excel and MS Word will no longer work/start/load. After clicking, it spins for several seconds and nothing, including no error message. This is consistent with MS Office 2010 and MS Office 2016. Uninstalling MB will solve the problem, looking for a permanent solution to continue using MB.
  21. Starting this morning, I cannot open Microsoft Word (latest version of Office 365). MB closes the program and gives me this report: What is going on here? How can I resolve this? (I am already updated on MB with latest definitions and version)
  22. So about a week ago i somehow got a virus. First i just went around directories like the program files and appdata. I found a few viruses and adware and deleted them manually. I then decided to run Malwarebytes and it found a ton of viruses including a browser hijacker (yeabest.cc). I quarantined and removed all th files, but then a day later i launched Google Chrome and it was redirected to Yeabest.cc again. I tried resetting and redownloading Chrome, but nothing worked. I ran Malwarebytes and it found a new bunch of viruses which i deleted. I later found out that the Yeabest.cc browser
  23. To my knowledge I don't have any malware of virus installed. This started when I updated my computer this morning and added the computer to developers update[Fast]. The computer did a restart and added some updates, no large updates. I did not receive Windows Creator Update or similar. Here is the error log. Malwarebytes www.malwarebytes.com -Log Details- Protection Event Date: 1/22/17 Protection Event Time: 1:13 PM Logfile: test.txt Administrator: Yes -Software Information- Version: Components Version: 1.0.43 Update Package Version: 1.0.1074 License: Premium -Syste
  24. I performed a full scan last night and was warned about this MS reg entry. I took care of the file for the encoder but was afraid to ruin my system by deleting the registry entry. MBAM Scan.txt
  25. Sure would be nice to make helping MWB, an easier process. You'd like for us to go to 3 different places in order to "zip" 2 folders and an exe. Then email it to MWB. Doesnt the MWB program already know where those 3 places would be for the program that we think is a false positive? Why not make an option built into MWB to "report as false positive" and the program can automatically zip the 2 locations and exe? Then upload it to MWB. The program that I would report if it wasnt such a hassle - would be Avast! antivirus. I heard another post saying that Microsoft one drive had been effecte
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