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Found 7 results

  1. https://support.malwarebytes.com/docs/DOC-1123 Following up on the post at the head of this forum about the exclusions recommended to be added to other security software running alongside Malwarebytes 3, I've done this for some time with the antivirus software I've used (currently content with MSE) and also included C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes and C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes folders for good measure. However, I'd just like to make absolutely sure that I'm doing this correctly by adding these to the "Excluded files and locations" tab in MSE and shouldn't have anything added under the "Excluded file types" and "Excluded processes" tabs.
  2. Hello, I recently downloaded an executable that extracted several files. When scanning these files with Microsoft Security Essentials it found that one of them was a Win32/Fuery.B!cl Trojan. I believed it was removed by MSE. I have done a full scan with Microsoft Security Essentials (with virus and spyware definition: and a Threat Scan with Malwarebytes (and had it scan for rootkits and within archives). Neither found anything. This was also downloaded on a friend's computer, and nothing was found and when scanned with MSE. Should I assume the Trojan was removed or a false positive? Is there anything else I can do to check for the Trojan? Should I wipe my hard drive to be safe? Thank you very much.
  3. Recently I downloaded the free version of Microsoft Security Essentials as well as Malwarebytes. It wasn't till recent findings on the internet saying I ran both with their Real Time Protection on. So I turned off Microsoft Security Essentials Real Time Protection, but my computer kept on warning me that i'm not protected. The only reason why I did this was so no conflicting things happen between the two applications. Even though I haven't noticed any slowdown, besides random internet disconnection. (don't know conflict can cause that) I later found your tips https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?/topic/10138-common-questions-issues-and-their-solutions/#entry181018 but had some problems that could have been just not updated. One is I couldn't find & add mbamgui.exe, so I ddn't. Also I couldn't find the Ignore List tab in Malwarebytes, so again I did not do that. The weird part is after doing these things (again beside those that were noted) launching applications like a web browser like chrome took double the time to load up.. Other application also took a bit longer than normal. I don't know if doing those things can do this by conflict. Note: I have the trial version on Malwarebytes. Although I am purchasing the premium version at the beginning of the month Thank you for your help
  4. Help please - I have been running MB Pro for several years on my PC -and believed all this time it is a virus checker and remover - I thought it was there to keep viruses AND malware at bay by active scanning - BUT I think I have been wrong and I need some advice - on the general help in the forums it says to download MS Security Essentials a free virus scanner - so should I all this time have been running MBM and MS SE - I thought MB Pro covered the whole lot have I been wrong ? It looks like I may now have a virus - not malware (not sure of the difference) - MB finds no issues but if it doesn't look for viruses but only malware then no wonder it cannot detect them . I know you all must think I am stupid as the name gives it away but I really assumed MB Pro did it all - can anyone help clear this up and recommend a good virus remover/active checker - any help or comments (no too rude on the stupid front) welcome !! Chippy
  5. Not sure if I can be assisted with this here, but I'm deciding to post on here because I can't seem to find a solution to the problem. When I start my computer up I've been getting this message. msseces.exe - Application Error The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b). Click OK to close the application. This is in regards to Microsoft Security Essentials as it will not start, and thus I have no anti-virus protection. Assistance with this would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Hardware: HP Pavilion dv5 Toshiba 500 GB External Drive Software: Windows 7 Home Premium OS Microsoft Security Essentials Malwarebytes Antimalware Pro I’ll try to make this as short as possible. About 3 weeks ago I had to reformat my computer because of a virus. Was running Symantec Endpoint Protection along with MSE (know not to do that now of course) and Spybot Search and Destroy. Symantec picked up the adware virus, but it wasn’t until trying Malwarebytes free (after scanning with Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool, Microsoft Security Scanner, and Trend Micro House Call) that I found out I had 7 trojan proxies along with the adware. I clicked delete to delete them all, was then sent to start up repair, and after backing up data I reformatted the hard drive. Did the various updates for MSE, MB (now Pro), and Windows after reinstallation, and everything seemed to run ok. MB did pick up two Trojan.Zbot viruses (currently in quarantine). Within that time I put the files from my external drive back onto the computer (scanned them with both AV and nothing came up). After about a week or so though, the computer started running much slower, and MSE kept turning off (did that a lot before when I had the viruses). Ran scans with both MB and MSE but nothing was picked up. Sometimes it works fine after a while of being on, but even as I typed this my power settings were changed from HP recommended to high performance without me doing so, and I had to type this in Microsoft Word because Internet Explorer 9 couldn’t recover the forums page. I update MSE and MB daily. I also followed the steps for compatibility issues with MSE and MB. So is there an answer as to why my computer is running slow and glitchy? I hope it’s not another virus. Thanks in advance for the feedback.
  7. I was asked to take a look at a Dell Optiplex 330 running Vista Business SP2 because it had picked up the ZeroAccess rootkit/trojan. The PC was running McAfee Security as a Service, but the subscription was no longer up to date. I have run MBAM several times, sometimes detecting the infection, sometimes not. McAfee was not removing the infection, only detecting/blocking it, so I removed McAfee and replaced with Microsoft Security Essentials so it would, at the least, remain updated. Running a full scan overnight detected the infection again. I tried removing and rebooting, but then the PC began to act strangely. For starters, when I rebooted, every icon from the desktop (not just fixes against the infection) vanished, only to return about 1 full hour into a complete MBAM scan. Durring the scan, I noticed Internet Explorer starting to redirect me for the first time to some fake "AVG" search site. MBAM's full scan found a PUP, but identified Kaspersky's TDSS Killer as the culprit. I downloaded it from CNET and assumed it to be the genuine article, but who knows. My quick scans from Security Essentials are coming up clean now, but I am not sure if I can trust it. I have attached both the DDS and Attach logs. Any further info or instructions to check if this thing is clean or not would be greatly appreciated. It never seems this easy to get rid of a rootkit, so I am suspicious that it is still lying in waiting. Thanks, jt83 DDS_Attach.zip
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