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Found 23 results

  1. One of my clients computers has suffered with BOSD twice in the last week. I have included some snapshots from "BlueScreenView" below and attached mb-check-results,FRST.txt and Addition.txt files for extra info. Can someone please help me resolve this issue. Rgds Rod mb-check-results.zip Addition.txt FRST.txt
  2. Hi there admin friends, I recently updated my infrequently used PC with a new Windows 10 update. Upon immediately doing so, I was stuck in an autorepair loop that I could not, for the life of me, get out of. Within my tinkering, I was able to boot up to see the following BSOD: "Your PC/Device needs to be repaired The operating system couldn't be loaded because a critical system driver is missing or contains errors. File:\WINDOWS\System32\Drivers\mbamswissarmy.sys Error code: 0xc000007b Chose one of the options below to address this problem..." I have a FRST file for you guys to
  3. Help!!!! Windows 10 (surface pro 2) cant boot. Malwarebytes asked me to reboot because web protection was inactive (and something about a rootkit) and now im stuck. Cant repair. Cant restore. I have entered my recovery key at least 20 times.... My srttrail.txt said something about mbamswissarmy.sys and bootres.dll. I have disabled signature check and it didnt work. I need computer surgery!!! FRST.txt
  4. Had this for the last couple of days. I am assuming the BSOD happens when malwarebytes scans late at night when I am asleep: Unable to rename mbamswissarmy.sys (I guess you don't want the bad guys renaming it or elevating permissions either.) any idea on a fix? BSOD 150218.docx
  5. HI, I am on Windows 10 Pro and I am stuck on the recovery of Windows 10 regarding the MBAMSwissArmy.sys file either missing or corrupt with Error Code: 0xc0000225. I am attaching the screenshot of the error and I have also run FRST64 and I am attaching the scan results with this mail. Please help me to resolve this issue as I don't have any backups to get back to the original state. Thanks Sunny FRST.txt
  6. My PC was recently stricken down whilst watching youtube videos, resulting in my PC (windows 7) becoming trapped in a never ending nor successful boot or repair loop. After trying the automatic repair, system restore (no restore points) and booting in safe mode all unsuccessfully, my PC then simply started showing me a "windows failed to load" screen with mbamswissarmy.sys being the alleged perpetrator. I've been looking into this a lot the last couple of days, so I went ahead and used FRST on my broken pc via flash drive. Literally any morsel of help would be YUGELY appreciated, a
  7. Hi, This morning I woke up to my laptop finishing a Win 10 update, but a few things seemed wrong. At first there was no audio, so I restarted. Then the audio was way too loud, so I thought something might be wrong with the driver, and I restarted. This whole time, Malwarebytes was trying to download an update, same as it usually does every so often. After I finally gave in and updated, I restarted again. After that, I got a BSOD saying mbamswissarmy.sys was corrupted and that Windows 10 was gathering data to try to repair. The repair failed and now I'm in an automatic repair loop, wh
  8. ok so today i was on my computer and everything was fine, then the malawarebytes tray application popped up and said "scan complete. there may be one or more viruses on your computer" or something along those lines bec i wasnt really paying attention but i found the forum where someone had the same original problem as i did, but mine is different now, but here is the forum post that was like my problem. so i read through it and it was exactly like my problem, but before i found this forum, i found a differant one and followed the instructions there, but they were for a differant problem
  9. A few days ago I encountered a problem where I got stuck on automatic repair loop on my desktop. It began after I shutdown my computer, only to realise minutes after leaving that it was still turned on. I returned to find it at the page that says "Your PC did not start correctly". Since then I have been unable to get into my computer, repeatedly being directed to that page. Ive tried restarting, startup repair, and even system restore but none of it works. SrtTrails.txt says that the root cause is a corrupted mbamswissarmy.sys and I found out it was something to do with malwar
  10. Before I begin, I am running a Windows 7 Professional 64-bit OS. I was clearing out some stuff in my D drive (drive without the system files) and I happened upon an (innocuous) User folder. Thinking it was from Origin, I deleted it (it was about 6 GB) and now, my computer is in a bootloop. The boot critical error at the bottom of the error log was from a certain mbamswissarmy.sys. Since I remember that "mbam" was malwarebytes, here I am. Can someone please help me?
  11. Hello saw an older thread with similar issue pc looping in recovery mode but i cant fix it by itself even with a recovery CD, i used FRST64.EXE as posted in the other thread posting my logs hoping for a quick fix: Scan result of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (FRST) (x64) Version: 14-09-2017 01 Ran by SYSTEM on MININT-LLAU25E (15-09-2017 21:58:31) Running from I:\ Platform: Windows 7 Home Premium Service Pack 1 (X64) Language: English (United States) Internet Explorer Version 10 Boot Mode: Recovery Default: ControlSet001 ATTENTION!:=====> If the system is bootable FRST must be r
  12. Hello, A couple days ago I got a black screen prompting me that windows had failed to load because of a critical system driver is missing, or corrupt, and that it had said something about "File:\Windows\system32\drivers\MBAMSwissArmy.sys. I had talked to one of the members online and he gave me a fixlist and it did not seem to fix it at all. Here is the fixlog.txt that was given to me after pressing fix on the exe file. I hope someone can help! Fixlog.txt
  13. Hi Malwarebytes forum BSOD indicates that mbamswissarmy.sys is preventing the system to start and all recovery options failed me so far. I have attached the frst log. If anyone can help me with a fix, hugely appreciated. many thanks. Scan result of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (FRST) (x64) Version: 20-08-2017 Ran by SYSTEM on MININT-PD9VQEA (23-08-2017 19:50:48) Running from i:\ Platform: Windows 10 Home Version 1703 (X64) Language: English (United Kingdom) Internet Explorer Version 11 Boot Mode: Recovery Default: ControlSet001 ATTENTION!:=====> If the system is boot
  14. My Windows 7 x64 doesn't boot up. It says that file corrupted or missing \Windows\system32\drivers\MBAMSwissArmy.sys I can boot up from Windows Install DVD and run FRST. Log attached. FRST.txt
  15. Hello, My windows 8.1 cannot start and shows up error message with blue screen about: mbamswissarmy.sys is missing. I can't succeed enter to windows also with safe mode can I run FRST64 and send the logs here? Thanks. Roy
  16. If it isn't one thing it's another thing within Malwarebytes causing Windows 10 to BSOD, this is the latest from last night. System Information (local) Windows version: Windows 10 , 10.0, build: 14971 Windows dir: C:\WINDOWS Hardware: HPE-490t, Hewlett-Packard, PEGATRON CORPORATION, 2A86 CPU: GenuineIntel Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU X 980 @ 3.33GHz Intel586, level: 6 RAM: 25760477184 bytes total Crash Dump Analysis Crash dump directory: C:\WINDOWS\Minidump Crash dumps are enabled on your computer. On Fri 18-Nov-16 10:18:28 PM your computer crashed crash dump file:
  17. Srttrail.txt but when I open it it give me this mbamswissarmy.sys
  18. Hello, I previously would get a blue screen everytime I started my PC after trying to do a rootkit scan with MBAM. I think I have something on my computer because I've been having people attempt to get into my email and sometimes my computer goes very slow. I reinstalled my OS but I still feel like there is a problem. I downloaded Mbam again and when I tried to do a scan I got another blue screen with mbamswissarmy.sys causing the problem. I have windows10 insider preview, could this be the cause?
  19. Hello, I can really use some help. My system was crashing every few days at nights (during scans)... I thought it was virus but the system kept coming up clean from most programs save a single one from AVG which seems to be a known false-positive from that one. But then I then finally looked at the dumps that were generated at each crash, and found MBAMSwissArmy.sys as driver that caused Kernel_Mode_Exeception_Not_Handled. This is the cause of my trouble......and the system only BSOD like this during a scheduled scan (late at night). I have multiple dump files, but atta
  20. I just found this file in the System32 drivers folder and was wondering if it was part of Malawarebytes or maybe a virus
  21. Hi, Ever since I upgraded MBAM to version 2 ( specifically) I have experienced BSODs during the heuristics section of any scan. After a bit of messing around I narrowed it down to a possible conflict with RAMDisk. RAMDisk is a piece of software that will allow you to create a virtual drive that is stored in memory. I use this virtual drive as the TEMP/TMP directory for speed and to avoid unnecessary wear and tear of my SSD. When this virtual drive is mounted and I run any type of scan in MBAM it will generate a BSOD (PAGE_FAULT_IN_NON_PAGED_AREA caused by MBAMSwissArmy.sys) when it
  22. I noticed in my ntbtlog that MBAMSwissArmy.sys and mwac.sys have many successful loads in a given boot log. Why does it keep being reloaded (25 times!)? I'm running Windows 8.1 Media Center Edition and was recently automatically upgraded from Malwarebytes Pro to the newer
  23. After installing MBAR and executing the application, I am able to update the definitions successfully to today's date and then when I start a full scan (all objects selected) it says Initializing and then blue screens my system. (Windows 7 64bit SP1 - Lenovo T430s). Never had this issue with any previous versions of MBAR. Any ideas what changed between 1008 and 1009 that is causing this issue?
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