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  1. Successfully deleted: [Task] C:\WINDOWS\system32\tasks\PCDEventLauncherTask Successfully deleted: [Task] C:\WINDOWS\system32\tasks\PCDoctorBackgroundMonitorTask Well it didn't let me have a choice to delete, or not delete, it just did it. (I am using Win10) Now my scheduled CheckUp is disabled from Dell. All of the monitored programs disappeared from the taskbar. (except 2) I don't know if they are running now, or not. I luckily did a full backup today with my free backup software. But I went to my external hard drive, and it did not find those particular files. I went to Recycle Bin,
  2. Hi, A new version of JRT was released today -- 8.0.3 Changelog: Version 8.0.3 (02.09.2016:1) Updated: DatabaseUpdated: Whitelist -> Processes -> mIRC, RogueKillerPE, MBARWUpdated: Whitelist -> Internet Explorer -> ToolbarsUpdated: Heuristic -> Tasks -> CouponMarvelUpdated: Heuristic -> Folders -> EoRezoUpdated: Heuristic -> Content.IE5 foldersUpdated: Browsers -> Internet Explorer -> Included more x64 registry keysBug Fix: Temporary Internet File Folders not being deleted on Windows XPBug Fix: HTTPS Everywhere FireFox extension subfolders accidentally be
  3. Hi, A new version of JRT was released today -- 8.0.2 Changelog: Version 8.0.2 (01.06.2016:1) New heuristic: MintCast Updated: Database Updated: Whitelist -> FireFox -> GreaseMonkey custom scripts Updated: Heuristic -> Content.IE5 folders -> Now includes support for Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 Thanks everyone for being patient. We'd like to hear your feedback! Regards, Filipos
  4. I'd like to start by saying JRT is a fantastic tool. It has become a critical part of my arsenal of malware, adware, and PUP removal tools which I use on an almost daily basis. However, here are two simple ideas I have that I think would make the program even better. I use a script that copies all of the software tools I use from my flash drive and places them into a folder on the desktop. When I run JRT and it needs an update, the program will download and place the new version in a new folder on the desktop. My suggestion is that the new folder be created in the directory that JRT is runni
  5. Hi, A new version of JRT was released today -- 8.0.1 Changelog: Version 8.0.1 (11.24.2015:1) Updated: Database Updated: Whitelist -> FireFox -> Blocksite extension Updated: Whitelist -> Processes -> McAfee AV, Norton AV, ESET AV, MBAM, D7 Updated: Heuristic -> Service -> Vitruvian Updated: Heuristic -> Drivers -> Vitruvian Updated: Log -> HKEY_CURRENT_USER replaced to HKCU Updated: Tool should now completely empty %TEMP%\JRT\JRT_NewerVersion contents before checking for an update Bug Fix: Error during Processes scan Bug Fix: Report not opening from Deskto
  6. v7.6.4 was successfully self updated to v8.0.0 while leaving the previous versions in place on a W10 Pro TH2 1511 (10.0.10586.3) x64, 8.1 (6.3.9600) x64 and XP Home (5.1.2600) SP3 x86 systems so far. All systems ran JRT 8.0.0 to completion and produced the usual output report windows. All runs deleted some elements of existing HTTPS-Everywhere installs without seemingly crippling those browser add-ons. No false positives have been noted and run time till completion seems similar to the the last few versions. None of the typical VirusTotal.com false positives were noted for the 8.0.0 execut
  7. Hi, A new version of JRT was released today -- 8.0.0 The tool was rebuilt from scratch but remained a command line tool. Changelog: We've update the tool to be a bit smarter (by not running certain scans unless it's necessary) New icon! Added new heuristics Updated database Updated report Updated console output Updated Services whitelist (lots of Win 10 Services added) Updated Process whitelist Removed heuristics Bug fixes: Tool crashed when usernames had special character(s) Tool crashed when it could not gather Firefox profile name Tool ignored Ctrl+C command Thanks e
  8. Requesting Feedback Please create a new topic here if you would like to report anything regarding Junkware Removal Tool (JRT). JRT can be downloaded from here. We are requesting all types of feedback but more specifically we are wanting to find out how you make use of the tool. If you are a regular user, what are your reasons for continuing to use the tool? This type of feedback will help us provide you with an improved version of the tool in the future. Thanks for any feedback provided!
  9. Hello how are you? I have a very slow PC. I think it might be malware, as it was not so slow. I try to run the Adwcleaner, does not open, try to open the JRT does not open, I tried to install Avast does not open the installer tried to install Panda Cloud does not open. Run MalwareBytes, and removed 463 PUP's, but the problem still persists. I await your help. Thank you.
  10. I have some things to says about your tool and this seems the only way to reach you. 1) Please create a proper website with contact information. It looks undone and shady the way it is now. 2) When checking for malware, your tool stops the driver of my Wacom graphic tablet, but forgets to turn it on again after it's finished. I have to restart Windows to be able to move the mouse cursor again. 3) I installed the Software Informer update checker and you simply deinstalled it again without telling me what kind of malware it is.
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