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Found 21 results

  1. I installed (what I thought was free mb) a few months ago and everything was fine. Except I was somehow treated to a trial version of Premium. A week ago I got the first firefox crashed tab. and a pop up from Malwarebytes exploit encountered. Then almost every session it crashed. Then ie started crashing. COMON DENOMITER MALWAREBYTES. I uninstalled mb and returned to normal. Decided that it was the premium mb . and an hour ago installed mb FREE???? again. Saw the premium trial message again and opened firefox IMMEDIATE TAB CRASH. If this is
  2. Using IE11 on Win7 - Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit for Business When I visit: https://business.facebook.com/NaturalAltBrand/shop/ ... as a logged in user, it asks: "Do you want to open or save shop.js from business.facebook.com?" This doesn't seem to happen on a similar machine without Malwarebytes software. I found this article: https://support.malwarebytes.com/docs/DOC-1288 ... but the "Disable Internet Explorer VB Scripting" option is already disabled. Thanks!
  3. I discovered that when Anti-Exploit is running and I am using Internet Explorer 11, when I close IE there is still some component of IE left running. I discovered this because I was having a problem restarting IE after about ten sessions. I would click on the IE icon but Internet Explorer would not start. When I was not able to start IE, I looked in the Task Manager I saw that even though IE was closed (not started), Task Manager had about 10 incidences of Internet Explorer and Internet Explorer (32) still running. I would then select each incidence and then "End task". Once all were end
  4. So recently I tried to download a file, as stupid as I am, I visited a untrusted website and downloaded a file, that file then keeps opening random tabs with ads in it from internet explorer etc.. I have done every scan possible but they just cant find it! I'm running a 64bit operating system please help me fast!
  5. I keep encountering a crash when I click on google search results in IE 11 on windows 10 14393 and 15063. When I go to click a search result, IE brings up a message saying IE has crashed and is restarting. but a new tab opens but instead of going to the address I clicked the link to, it opens as an internal address about:blank. It does this on most search results, but not all of them. I posted the error events from the event log below. MBAE64.dll is the culprit. I don't know why only google search results seem to be affected. other browsing actions complete successfully. Faulting a
  6. We have users running Windows 7 and since updating to Java 8u101 IE 11 crashes when loading applets. If I turn off the Malwarebytes service, all is good. Any know issues I should be aware of? Can I configure an exception for this? (I don't really want to, but if I must...) Regards
  7. I am perplexed on how to do an attachment from my computer using Office 365 in a browser from my home computer. I am logged into my business account via the browser when at home and the default attachment options show my business OneDrive directory. I had a screen shot of something I wanted to share, so I hit My Computer to select it and MBAE shutdown IE and I got the error message in the attached Jpeg. Has anyone else experienced this? If so, is there a way to stop it from happening? I have a workaround, but the problem is I don't remember it the first time I get shut down an
  8. We are experiencing the same issue as documented here below: https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?/topic/178193-solved-error-0xc0000018-when-starting-apps/ The fix suggested is to remove MBAE and install version I don't want to downgrade my client... We are currently running version This problem is intermittent and after several (sometimes 7 or 8) reboots, the problem goes away temporarily. Please advise on how to correct this (on 175 remote laptops) without downgrading the client. At this point the only option I have is to disable the MBAE service, but
  9. HI, I cannot open Internet Explorer. I’m unsure of when this situation began as I don’t use IE very often, but I believe it may have started when I updated from Malwarebytes Anti Exploit v to v1.07.1.1015 on August 3. As I didn't experience this earlier. When I attempt to open IE I get the following message: Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit has blocked an exploit attempt Application: Internet Explorer (and add-ons) Protection Layer: Protection Against OS Security Bypass Protection Technique: Exploit code executing from stack blocked File/Process Blocked: N/A At
  10. see this below pic and i can't do anything with browser until close browser and stop protection,then open browser again but firefox i.e work fine.help me plz. question Is malwarebytes anti exploit protect browsers based on google chrome and based on firefox ?or not.
  11. Many people hate internet explorer. However, many others don't know why this piece of software is so hated. So for those of you who don't know why IE is hated so much, here is the explanation. - Internet Explorer 6 Internet explorer 6 is what made IE so hated in the first place. It was slow, clunky, slow, had terrible security, was really slow, had updates that added nothing, and did I mention it was slow? Not only that but it was a nightmere for web developers who couldn't program anything easily with it. IE 6's tyranny lasted for a while. But their was hope. A new browser named Firefox
  12. I have probably a Trojan or some sort on my laptop right now. It doesn't allow me to change the browser proxy settings, it's configured to loopback on and can only get rid of the configurations when I start a browser through administrative rights, but when I restart the computer of close the program it changes the configurations back to the same. When I visit Google, I noticed that the search page does not look the same. I have previously run many threat searches and removed a few things, but the issue is not resolved. Here is my log Scan result of Farbar Recovery Scan To
  13. Hello, It seems my parents have somehow gotten a virus. They said there were prompts to purchase something to remove all threats. I've seen this kind of virus before. It almost crippled any form of browsing with malware, pop-ups and prompts to purchase something to remove threats. A friend of the family removed the programs that were downloaded to their computer but I knew that wasn't the end of it so I did a MBAM scan and removed over 100 PUPs and 2 trojans if not mistaken. Still not convinced it's over though so I decided to do a FRBR scan and submit to my favorite malware fighting we
  14. I use an Opera browser and do not have it set to default and was scrolling down Facebook when IE opened up I did not open it and it went straight to ninemsn (homepage in Australia) It has only happened once and i have run full system scans on MBAM SUPERAntiSpyware and Avast! All have come up with nothing Any help?
  15. Hello, A coworker of mine got a virus on his computer and his IE is saying anything he downloads has a virus and was deleted. I knew something was up when I tried to download firefox and malwarebytes on his computer and it wouldn't let me. It also prompted ads and videos which slowed his internet down. When I went to malwarebytes it wouldn't allow me to enter the hijackthis log. I did an eset scan and here are the results: C:\Users\All Users\5E2B77091982DABF00005E2B18E3E09F\5E2B77091982DABF00005E2B18E3E09F.exe a variant of Win32/Kryptik.BIBR trojan C:\Users\All Users\Microsoft\W
  16. My wife's Windows 7 x64 Toshiba computer has stopped suddenly connecting to the internet. The wifi monitor in the lower right hand corner of the screen says it is connected to a network and has access to internet. However, no browser will connect to the internet. It was working fine and then all of a sudden about 3 days ago it quit working. I have tried various removal services but nothing has worked. It feels like a virus or malware but I have no idea what it is. I have had her run logs and here they are. attach.txt dds.txt
  17. My wife's Windows 7 x64 Toshiba computer has stopped suddenly connecting to the internet. The wifi monitor in the lower right hand corner of the screen says it is connected to a network and has access to internet. However, no browser will connect to the internet. It was working fine and then all of a sudden about 3 days ago it quit working. I have tried various removal services but nothing has worked. It feels like a virus or malware but I have no idea what it is. I have had her run logs and here they are. Please help! attach.txt dds.txt
  18. Hello all, This is my first post as you can see, but having an issue that I cannot seem to resolve and would really appreciate any help. Really I have no idea how this occurred but I seem to be getting redirected to this url when trying to access other websites: "http://5a4bccdc.linkbucks.com/url/http://www.whicheverwebsiteimgoingto.com" Also, I regularly get pop-up going to what seems to mostly be torrent websites and what appear to be fake game websites. The course of action I have taken before posting and asking for additional help. http://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?showtopic=117686
  19. Something keeps creeping into my system that corrupts the use of Internet Explorer 8. Clicking on e-mail Web links open in IE, but the "InPrivate" moniker shows up in the address bar. All links or windows on the opened Web page are then inaccessible. I ran complete Malware Bytes and Microsoft Security Essentials scans yesterday and got rid of a bunch of identified "problems" and the PC has been working much better ... up until a little while ago. I am hoping to avoid the lengthy process of full scans again and would like to know how to avoid the issue in the first place. Thanks ... and ... HEL
  20. I'm having an intermittent problem I cannot isolate. I don't remember making any changes or installing anything that would do this. The first symptom I noticed was that IE would have what looked like a video artifact where the address bar should be. The 'artifact' always appears in the same place on the IE window and is whatever window was underneath IE when opened. Once it happens, it's there even if the IE window is moved, minimized and restored, or resized. It will also be there in the same place if a new tab is opened from that one. See screen shot. IE will >sometimes< lock up.
  21. Hi, I have seen this problem all over the internet and was wondering if you could help me.. Internet Explorer is running on my PC when I don't even use the browser, I try to end the process via Task Manager and it almost instantly reappears. I am also hearing random audio clips every 15-30 minutes even when all internet browsers are closed which drives me insane. Any ideas on what could be causing this? Cheers
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