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  1. I've installed Malwarebytes and scanned my Windows 10 PC to remove yourtv.link and wonderlandads adware/malware. I was successful in doing so and deleted all the items on scanning and uninstalled Malwarebytes anti-malware program to buy premium version later. But later when I tried to use google chrome it just closes automatically once it is launched. I've tried to reset, clear the cache and cookies, uninstall/install, changing "default" folder in user data and even tried using google chrome canary only to find all my efforts in vain. I'm unable to carry out my work and need your help to resolve the issue. Please help me..!!
  2. I've installed Malwarebytes and scanned my PC to remove yourtv.link and wonderlandads adware/malware from my system. I was successful in doing so and deleted all the items on scanning and uninstalled Malwarebytes anti-malware program to buy premium version later. But later when I tried to use google chrome it just closes automatically once it is launched. I've tried to reset, clear the cache and cookies, uninstall/install, changing "default" folder in user data and even tried google chrome canary only to find all my efforts in vain. I'm unable to carry out my work and need your help to resolve the issue. Please help me..!!
  3. Hello, Someone tried to hack my PC. Installed a number of suspicious software and tools, disabled Windows Defender by a group policy, and there is a virus/malware I can not remove from my system. Once Windows 10 boots this file "g****.tmp.exe/g****.tmp" is automatically generated in the Windows temp folder and every time I end the task/process from the task manager and delete the files they generate again when I restart the Windows and Windows Defender is ineffective to clean my system. I managed to remove most of the suspicious software and tools and turn on Windows Defender. But there are some security issues I need to correct. Could you please help? I think my security issues are similar to "Kevin777" topic. https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/194088-a-tmpexe-files-in-the-temp-folder-malware-or-a-browser-hijacker/ Thank you.
  4. Hey guys, So there is this virus/malware whatever you want to call it which bothers me every time I start my computer. Once windows 10 boots up and I open Google Chrome this random ****.tmp.exe file is generated in the temp folder. I have attached the file in the zip folder if you guys want to have a look at it (Please don't open the .exe file as it may affect your PC too). As soon as the files are created in the temp folder it also starts in processes. Multiple times I have done a clean uninstallation of Google Chrome and installed it back again but after opening and closing chrome 2-3 times again it gets affected (Without even logging in Google chrome and syncing the data). Google chrome starts flickering 4-5 times and when you search for a result it displays the less memory error. Also, it has affected Mozilla firefox too but not Edge and Internet E. When the tmp.exe is working in the process all the search results are showed in cse i.e. google custom search which is annoying as hell. Once I kill the process and delete the tmp.exe file everything is back to normal but the flickering of Google Chrome is still there whenever I open Google Chrome. Any solution for this problem? Have used CC Cleaner, tried full scan in Kaspersky, etc and still no help. In fact, since my Gmail account was logged in google chrome on my PC and Laptop earlier, this tmp.exe has also affected my laptop too. Please Help! Thanks. Temp.zip
  5. Hello there! So recently, about 3 days ago I installed a program. The program came with a suspicious "bundle" that just installed a bunch of crap onto my desktop. I knew this was not right so I deleted all the programs that came with the bundle immediately. So now for three days i've been getting pop-up ads, it is not like the usual one click ,one pop-up though. My problem is kinda similar in one way. The thing is that a new tab with advertisement (most of the time "hotchatdate.com" and "wonderlands.com") opens every 20-25 minutes . It only occurs in google chrome , I haven't tried installing Firefox or any other browser, but I have Microsoft Edge and everything seems fine over there. I should probably mention that i get popups even if i have the google web browser closed. I've tried so many antiviruses and anti-malware softwares, you cant even imagine - malwarebytes,ADWcleaner,Hitamnpro,AVG, Norton, and yes, don't even ask, I've tried the google extensions thing - nothing there at all. I've gone to control panel/uninstall a program - nothing there either. I think that I have to solve this manually. If you guys have any idea of fixing this problem, please let me know! Thanks in advance! -Alexander
  6. So a while ago I downloaded an unwanted file and it gave me a few viruses one of which changed my homepage and search engine of Google Chrome to Protectio. The rest of the viruses have been dealt with, but even after reinstalling chrome, removing protectio from my Chrome, removing it multiple times using Malwarebytes, and a few other trivial processes that I hoped might work Protectio comes back every time I use/reinstall Google Chrome. I really prefer Google Chrome to any other browsers so I would really like to get this to work. Thanks in advance!
  7. Hi. I'm hoping someone can help. I've run just about every malware removal tool you can think of but I can't seem to get rid of this stupid thing that has hijacked my Chrome browser. Upon opening Chrome, it appears that it's going to my home page of "Google," but it doesn't. It redirects to this fake Yahoo page: <iframe id="ManyResultsHub" src="https://manyresultshub-a.akamaihd.net/ManyResultsHub/cf?g=3f6a090a-9b8a-49f8-8013-a47c508020c3&pn=Chrome"t="BLGC" style="width: 1px; height: 1px; display: none;"></iframe> I can't seem to trace where it's coming from. Malwarebytes was unable to remove this junk. I'm running Windows 10. I've also attached the latest AdwCleaner log. Thanks in advance, I hope! AdwCleanerC2.txt
  8. Hi, I've been having some trouble dealing with some outbound detections anytime I open Google Chrome. I usually get about three pop ups from Malwarebytes everytime and my computer seems to slow down when it happens. I've tried to get rid of it myself, but I'm not having any luck. Hoping someone can lend a hand.
  9. Hi, Im looking for advice please on whether or not to 'quarantine' or 'remove' two files which have been found during my most recent Malwarebytes scan on my FREE install. They look like junk to me BUT I'm purely making my judgement based on some of the wording on the file names because I'm definitely no expert. I'm fairly literate but I only know how to do some basic things confidently. So I thought I would run my findings past you lovely guys/gals. I've not used an I.T forum before so be gentle with me. Haha! Scan log attached. (I hope I'm doing this right?! Apologies from the newbie if not!) Louloupopz Thank you in advance for taking the time to read and respond to me :-D Malwarebytes scan log 28082015.doc
  10. Hello, Malwarebytes, Windows updates, and Microsoft Security Essentials will not update. Also, i'm getting an ERR_CONNECTION_TIMES_OUT error in Google Chrome. I am running on Windows 7 and have run all updates till the updating service stopped working. After Installing Malwarebytes to check for malware I notice that its updating service is not working either. As for Internet browsing I get an ERR_CONNECTION_TIMES_OUT error on Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox for certain websites. Especially websites that deal with removing malware hint hint lol. I just cant figure out how to remove this stuff. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  11. I just downloaded and installed the newest version of MAE. When testing for the protection of my mostly used programs I noticed that Google Chrome isn't getting protection logs or possibly even protection. In de log tab and popup the other programs (musicbee, outlook, firefox) are logged except for Google Chrome. I had removed MAE and installed the latest version again, but the same problem appeared. (If any extra information is required, please ask )
  12. Heya I was wondering is anyone could help me out with some issues I am having. First off, Mozilla Firefox's homepage is currently set to Yourtv.link and I cant do anything about it. Second, whenever I try to search for something the result/search page always turns out to be google.com/CSE. It's a fishy looking page that says custom search Third, Google Chrome cannot be accessed anymore. A pop up saying something like: "A program from an unknown publisher wants to make changes to your PC" always comes out and it says the program file is Google Chrome but the publisher is UNKNOWN PUBLISHER. If you click NO, the pop up just appears again and you cant do anything unless you click YES but Chrome never opens. There was a similar thread to this: https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?/topic/169347-yourtvlink-malwarevirus/ but unfortunately the steps in that one didn't work out for me. Is anyone facing a similar issue? Are there any fixes to this problem besides the one in the link above and where does this virus come from? I'm currently on Avira free anti virus and my OS is Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit. Thank you in advance!
  13. No matter what I do, they will not go away! I got it about 3 days ago, but I don't know how. I deleted the program files already, which I hope doesn't mess with this process. If I remove it from my extensions, it will go away until I close the browser. It only does it to Google Chrome. Malwarebytes doesn't detect it even when I go into safe mode. Please help me, this is starting to get on my nerves. Screenshot of the Extensions: http://gyazo.com/9ab3bbc3318aac2083fc86e35a1aa860 Screenshot of What It Does: http://gyazo.com/05ce3b5d6a1ae16c7070d4b8c08bb647
  14. Hello, my malwarebytes just recently deleted my google chrome exe file because of a backdoor.bot detection. I don't know what caused this because I just discovered it when I tried to open GC and it says that the file is not found. Here is a log of the scan. Please help. Thank You logs.txt
  15. So, my Malwarebytes just started giving pop-ups that me chrome.exe is a Backdoor, but I am pretty sure that my Google Chrome is not infected. Affected files (for me): filename="C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\39.0.2171.95\delegate_execute.exe" MD5 = "9699e2129eeb7cba4129788d41c1b749" Malware: Backdoor.Bot filename="C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" MD5 = c56a13e137523afcf476a5606c967090 Malware: Backdoor.Bot Databse: v2015.01.06.07
  16. For some time now, I have been having an issue with Google Chrome performance whenever Malwarebytes is scanning my computer. Obviously, my computer is never as efficient when Malwarebytes is scanning because of high disk usage, but the decrease in performance seems to hit Google Chrome real hard. For whatever reason, whenever Malwarebytes is scanning, Google Chrome is extremely sluggish with launching or opening a new tab and loading a page for the first time. Once I have a tab open, navigating between pages is not an issue, but if I open a new tab to navigate in, it takes forever. Also, if I try to navigate to a new page in different tabs at the same time, the second tab doesn't begin to process the page load until the first one is completed. As I have already said, this has been an issue for some time. When the last release of Malwarebytes came out, I tried to resolve the problem by activating the new "reduce scan priority" feature. I have left the feature activated because it doesn't do any harm, but it doesn't seem to have helped either. Can anyone tell me if they have the same problem?
  17. Not sure if this is a virus or just an outdated flash player, but whenever new youtube videos are uploaded, I can't watch them until I keep refreshing them until it says An error occured, please try again. I reset my browser and removed adblock, but I still have to refresh.
  18. Whilst Anti-Exploit is "Running" Google Chrome takes considerably longer to initialise: First a completely blank DWM(/aero) window is rendered without any of the expected Chrome UI, see 1.png; Then a few seconds later the Chrome UI is rendered, but not the page or extensions, see 2.png; Then a few more seconds later, the webpage itself is rendered and the extensions start functioning, see 3.png. I do not have this issue when Anti-Exploit is "Stopped". I do not have this issue when Chrome is already running. Once Chrome has finally started everything works as expected, it's just the huge delay upon starting the application. More info: Entire contents of "C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit" is also attached as a zip. OS: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit Service Pack 1 [6.1.7601.17514] Software Versions: Google Chrome 64-bit [38.0.2125.104 (Official Build 290379) m (64-bit)] Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit Premium [] Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium [] Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2015 [] Many thanks in advance for any help, this is so frustrating! ♥
  19. Since installing MBAE on my computer, I have been having an issue with Google Chrome crashing and getting a "Google Chrome has stopped working" message from Windows. I am using Windows 8 Pro x64 with the latest version of both MBAM and MBAE. The problem with the crashing seems to occur whenever I open a new tab, but it does happen without me doing it as well. For now I have been able to avoid the problem by disabling the Google Chrome shield. What could be the problem here? Attached to this post is the MBAE log from my ProgramData folder. I've looked through it and from what I can tell, something involving Google Chrome keeps failing. mbae-default.log
  20. Since installing Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit on my computer and activating the shield for Google Chrome, I've noticed some strange behavior with it. Whenever my computer is running and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is not scanning, it works just fine, but I've noticed that whenever MBAM is running a scan, Google Chrome becomes very sluggish and often crashes. I started toying with deactivating and reactivating MBAE's exploit shield for Chrome, and the general pattern seems to be that Chrome works fine during a MBAM scan as long as the exploit shield is deactivated.
  21. Hey recently Malwarebytes Anti-Malware detected PUP.Optional.Spigot.A, I quarantined it and thought it was taken care but I got the notification again and it's from the same location. Is this harmful? And how do I get rid of it? Here is the log:
  22. Hi, Have been using mbae without any problems yesterday morning chrome would not load page will open and hang.I stopped the protection and the page will load normally.Uninstalled mbae and still the same. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks mbae-config - Copy.zip
  23. The infected computer is of a friend of mine. Its a laptop. Vista 32Bit After scanning the hard drive in my computer (attached via usb) with malwarebytes, and avast antivirus, and using malwarebytes anti rootkit the chrome browser doesnt work. crash imidiatly and saying its a dep issue, fully uninstalling it or installing a portable version of it didnt help. Internet explorer work ok. Now scanning the system in safe mode with malwarebytes anti malware and anti rootkit. Further assistance needed regarding the chome crash issue. Thank you for your help.
  24. This has been repeatedly showing up, I don't whether it's a false positive or something to worry about. I have selected for it to be quarantined and removed several times and it always shows back up. I've searched online and the forums but cant find anything about specifically 'pup.optional.asearch' its path file is C:\Users\'User'\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Preferences It does seem like its just a mistake as it's my google chrome preferences file but want to be sure. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  25. Few days ago I reinstalled my operating system, when I went to reinstall Malwarebytes---I saw that it had been updated and I got version Now that I have this version---I'm suddenly getting hit with popups all the time. So much so that I thought maybe I'd been punk'd and somehow downloaded a 'fake' Malwarebytes. I used to work as a computer tech so typically caring for my computer is something I keep up on. So I searched on Google--and it does seem to be a legit version of Malwarebytes. Does this new version not cover as much as the last Free edition? I am using Google Chrome and the AdBlockPlus Extension. I just want to make sure I didn't mess something up because the difference between the two versions----I feel like I'm using two different programs. I've never had popup issues like this before.
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