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  1. ok things are getting wrose now , this is the second time i've done a clean instal of malware bytes and it still can't compelte a full system scan , i recall one of the times a scan was running before it got stuck it detected 26 items , but since it was stuck i couldn't do anything about it , then later i tried to scan parts of the computer indavidually , sometimes the scan would complete before it got frozen and others times it wouldn't , but i eventually scanned through all of my dirrectories and only ended up finding a couple things to be removed , so idk where those other detected items we
  2. Hello everyone, I am new to the community and was looking for some assistance with a problem I have been having with the new Malewarebytes Anti-Maleware version during my scans. The problem I am experiencing is MBAM will crash during a scan and my computer will also freeze up and I will be unable to do anything. I have to hold the power button down until the computer shuts off and restart it. The problem occurs when I am running a custom scan with the following custom scanning options enabled: scan memory objects, scan startup and registry settings, scan archives and scan for
  3. Hi. I'm a graphics person, so I use a wacom tablet as my primary input device for my Vaio laptop running Windows 7. The tablet has its own mouse and pen. The buttons and links (Scan/Settings/History/Details…) on MBAM 2.0 (Premium) don't recognize mouse clicks via tablet, and since I have my track pad disabled because of sensitivity issues, I cannot interact with the application. I think this was the same in the last version, so I had to re-enable my trackpad, which causes me grief on many other levels. If you need any information about drivers/versions, please contact me through the forum and
  4. Hi, Over the past few months my computer has been rapidly going downhill, starting with slight slowdown to a point now where programs such as Firefox and Chrome not working and it is extremely slow. System restore is not an option as there are no dates on the list which can be restored. Malwarebytes does not work, with a message about a group policy appearing as soon as I try to start it. Although a few days ago it did work and removed a few threats, I get the feeling there is more at fault here than just malware. The computer is getting worse and worse to use, so any help at all with how to
  5. hi guys! i need some help with my samsung laptop.i got windows 7 OS and core i7 intel.it constantly hangs/freezes in the middle of my usage and can't do anything after that except reboot by turning off through the power button of the laptop,it also freezes when it gets to the end of my malwarebytes full scan.when i run it on safe mode it works fine and no freezing/hanging of the system.i suspect there is a virus infection.please help me! thanks in advance
  6. Incredible software. TY!! Quick scan found 300 PUPs in over 30k files. Do I only delete the 3 software selected checked ones or the entire 300 list from the MalwarBytes results log? Are any of them important to keep? Below are the 3 selected 'Adware's followed by two similar software-unselected PUP files. All dealing with FlashPlayer. After that is the entire list of 300. My problem is tons of ads popping up and an especially upper right hand screen corner rolling down in various degrees to reveal an underlying ad. Further, my cursor and screen freeze. C:\Users\N\Downloads\Flash
  7. Every time I run Malewarebytes Quick Scan, there will come a point where I hear a clicking sound, then shorty afterwards, the entire computer will freeze and I will have to shut it down and restart it. I have had two separate but successful runs of the Full Scan, but when I tried it recently, it also hung the computer just as the Quick Scan did. I have checked my drive every which way and never get any error messages, nor do I ever hearing clicking, except with Malewarebytes. I would really like to use Malwarebytes on my computer, because everyone says it's the best. But I can never depe
  8. So I encountered an issue here about 1-2 weeks ago. My computer on startup will freeze right when getting to the windows desktop, right after the Task bar shows up before the icon's appear. I am able to full start my computer when the Protection module is set to not start with windows. I can still go and start the protection module after windows fully starts up but the drawback is I don't always remember to. Any ideas?
  9. Guys, and Gals, Been dealing with this for a while now. Stated when Firefox 25 froze the whole computer and I had to do a hard restart (couldn’t push any buttons, when I did gave me the beep sound from BIOS). Happened the next day when using a word document. Wife’s computer, it’s a Dell, went from Windows 7 to Windows 8. Then back to Win7 because Windows 8 was garbage, and a student test copy, but I digress. Looking at the logs from DDS I now see some of the issues, but I will leave it with the pros, being that I got work to do. I've tried the following: AVG 2014 free addition antiviru
  10. 4 year old laptop. It has worked very well until about a month ago when it began occasionally freezing when watching videos. Also, if I have many tabs open (google chrome). I bought a laptop cooling pad, but that doesn't seem to help. The only thing that fixes it is waiting a few minutes. Could it be a virus or malware, or is it just hardware? Thanks
  11. I have been trying to run a full scan with malwarebytes and it freezes at my temporary internet files each time. I have tried to run the scan in safe mode as well and to no avail. I originally tried running the scan because I have had a program (svchost.exe) that has been running what I think is high on memory (200,000kb) and my ram% continues to rise until I restart. Also I have been able to run a quick scan which reveals no threats or viruses. I have used cc cleaner and tried to run the scan and it still freeze. I have run the mbam program just fine but when I try to run a dds scan it gets 3
  12. I don't know if I am placing this in the right area, but I have been trying to run a full scan with malwarebytes and it freezes at my temporary internet files each time. I have tried to run the scan in safe mode as well and to no avail. I originally tried running the scan because I have had a program (svchost.exe) that has been running what I think is high on memory (200,000kb) and my ram% continues to rise until I restart. Also I have been able to run a quick scan which reveals no threats or viruses. I have used cc cleaner and tried to run the scan and it still freezes. Help.
  13. Hello I installed PrivitizeVPN, it caused all browsers to hang and freeze, and chrome to prompt an error "Unable to find locale data files. Please reinstall" I tried uninstalling the VPN, did System Restore, Malwarebytes, all no use :'( Thank you and also please keep me in your thoughts I am gravely ill Deleting the Chrome extension MagniPic added, did not do anything. :'( attach.txt dds.txt
  14. Hi there moderators. This is a followup from a post from a while back with a similar topic title. I had posted info about new incompatibility with Eset NOD 32. I'd like to continue exploring this as it is unresolved and the plot only thickened with a new recent discovery! Here is the original post: [snip] Hello. I haven't seen anyone post about NOD32 Antivirus 4.x. I install the free version on most of my customer's machines. Win7/Vista = no problems. WinXP SP3 = same hard crashing as mentioned above by many. I am one person, but am a tech and have installed MB & on
  15. I am running Windows XP, connecting to a server running Windows 7. When I try to connect to certain programs on the network, my computer freezes for 11 minutes. It's happened so many times that I know the exact time of freezing. I have Malarebytes version When I remove Malwarebytes from my computer, the freezing does not occur. Please advise. Thanks.
  16. Is anyone else having issues when pairing Malwarebytes with Sophos Anitivirus? When both are installed windows explorer randomly locks up and everything becomes unresponsive. The machine must be manually powered off to fix this. In order to get both programs working correctly I must disable the on-access scanning feature within Sophos. I've notived that it's only the "read" option for on-access scanning that causes the problem; I can leave the "write' and "rename" options selected. I have purchased a corporate license to install mbam on all of our machines but need to figure out how to fix thi
  17. Hello! I was told by Gringo from BleepingComputer.com to come here and tell you about some issues I'm having with Malwarebytes. I am working on a friend's laptop and Gringo over at BleepingComputer has been very helpful but we have not been able to get Malwarebytes working properly. Here is what happens. The computer seems to run fine but when I start a Malwarebytes scan (usually a quck scan) it scans for a few seconds then freezes (not responding) for a while. If I let it sit it sometimes snaps out of it and continues the scan, but then it freezes again. If I let it sit longer it sometimes sn
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