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  1. I have adware in my browsers that adwcleaner, malwarebytes and hitman pro are unable to clean. I have deleted cookies. I did not find any extensions or new program files. Malwarebytes is able to block popus from opening though. Please help. I cannot format my PC at this time as too time sensitive work. I have attached the files. Thanks so much. FRST.txt Addition.txt
  2. I was trying to create a Jaxx bitcoin wallet using the Jaxx Chrome extension and Malwarebytes blocked its access to btc.blockr.io Everything I have read leads me to believe this is a false positive. Malwarebytes www.malwarebytes.com -Log Details- Protection Event Date: 6/8/17 Protection Event Time: 11:41 AM Logfile: Administrator: Yes -Software Information- Version: Components Version: 1.0.103 Update Package Version: 1.0.2111 License: Premium -System Information- OS: Windows 7 Service Pack 1 CPU: x64 File System: NTFS User: System -Blocked Website Details- Malicious Website: 1 , , Blocked, [-1], [-1],0.0.0 -Website Data- Domain: btc.blockr.io IP Address: Port: [63085] Type: Outbound File: C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe (end)
  3. 3 questions: I assume the answer is because Chrome saves your browser history to your computer. Is this correct? Everyday after booting BEFORE connecting to internet (no wifi, ethernet connection only) I delete chrome browser history. Please google "chrome browser history can be deleted when not connected to internet." Do you get an answer? If there is a better site to post this issue please advise, I realize the question is not intrusion related or is it?
  4. Hi! A few days ago, when doing a Vulnerability scan with my Kaspersky IT security, I was warned multiple times by a critical vulnerability in Chrome impacting all versions BEFORE 58.0.3029.96. A step by step solution was not provided, just to update to the latest stable version. To quote their warning (one among many, because when I checked today, several warnings have been already removed but this one I could still find): "Update to the latest version. File with name old_chrome can be still detected after update. It caused by Google Chrome update policy which does not remove old versions when installing updates. Try to contact vendor for further delete instructions or ignore such kind of alerts at your own risk." The whole description can be found under the link: KLA11015 RACE CONDITION VULNERABILITY IN GOOGLE CHROME The impact (or exploit there) is shown to be: ACE - Arbitrary Code Execution (though others were also mentioned in the posts, which I can't find today anymore); This is way above my level of knowledge, but I just wanted to ask, if Anti-Exploit Beta can block this and similar threats. I find this very important, because hundreds of millions of people are using this browser (including me), not knowing, that there are several critical vulnerabilities in it and no definitive solution is provided by Google. I tried to attach a cropped screenshot from Kaspersky vulnerability report, that contains some info about which files in Chrome app are impacted by all this, but was unsuccessful (received error code -200) Thank you in advance for a more detailed explanation and also a possible solution. Regards. Denis
  5. The only way of getting Chrome Version 58.0.3029.110 (64-bit), Firefox 53.0.3 (64-bit) and VLC 64 bits is to shut Malwarebytes 3.1. This happens on both a desktop and a laptop. Once the programs have opened properly, they keep functionning for some time, but revert to malfunctionning eventually. It seems another way to get Chrome to work is to append "no-sandboxing" to the "C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.ex" line in the shortcut properties. So far Malwarebytes support has not answered the ticket I opened 2 days ago. I hate having to disable a security app to get a browser to access the Internet for obvious reasons. Can anyone help ? Thanks in advance Fredric mb-check-results.zip
  6. For a little over 2-3 weeks or so I've been having an issue, even despite having Malwarebytes (and even purchasing it yesterday), of new windows with sketchy ads/websites popping up while I'm just on Chrome. It seems to only be on Chrome and I've tried many things suggested, even restarting Chrome, uninstalling, reinstalling, using cleaners, different anti malware programs, and even tried weeks ago a system restart to an earlier date but I must have acted too late as the time brought back (which I think was around the 10th or 11th of May) I was still infected, but nothing could detect or get rid of whatever it is that is causing chrome to do this. Malwarebytes seem to "stop" the pop ups, and says they blocked it but it's not preventing it from happening and there are times when the page isn't even blocked so I have to manually do it with a chrome addon...which doesn't help much. It kind of just makes it so a blocked site pops up in a new window. Some of the sketchy sites that pop up are, but definitely not limited to: - goodsearch(.)com - go.mobifoth(.)com - digitalprivacyalerts(.)org - go.searchlock(.)com - foy4a.trackvoluum(.)com - marmrtr111(.)com - And Just many many other really random things. Those were just very few of a whole list that is on chromes "blacklist" addon I have. I've seen issues similar to this on other forums, but a lot of them have warnings regarding the specific system a person is using, so I wanted to ask for help with this. I was kinda of scared to try something I saw without guidance. I did try something by myself involving something called FRST but I feel I may have messed up somewhere along the way...as evident since I still have the issue.
  7. Greetings, First time poster and not proficient technically. I have Dell PC and my Google Chrome browser has been hijacked by the default-search malware. When I start up Google Chrome it instantly jumps to the default-search home page. Have ran McAfee and Malwarebytes and have also tried to manually uninstall the files (they are supposedly under the name Linkey and/or Aztec) but I can't find these files to uninstall them. I have uninstalled Chrome but it keeps coming back. Any thoughts or suggestions would be most welcome. Thanks for your time!
  8. Ok, so I woke up yesterday and found in my laptop's desktop that Firefox was installed and two suspicious shortcuts named BigFarm and BigBangEmpire where added. Checked files, went to reddit and followed /r/techsupport malware removal guide, asked on /r/techsupport live chat about it and users responded to being a standard trojan virus. Finished removal guide, threats removed/quarantined, etc. All good. Deleted all fishy files installed that day, etc. Opened chrome and noticed some extensions missing as well my log on info not being there. Checked chrome files noticed they where changed to another file named : C:\Program Files (x86)\Footjane\Application\chrome.exe (Google Inc.) Uninstalled chrome using RevoUninstaller, deleted all remaining footjane files. Tried reinstalling chrome but I can't. Tried everything, tried every solution on the internet I could find, alternate installer, offline installer, safe mode, Ninite, etc. Nothing works Laptop runs Windows 7 Professional (X64)
  9. Hi everyone, My name is Ryan and I'm new to the community, and I'm coming to you all with some irritable reasons. I have had the most persistent malware infecting (I think only chrome - on Win 10) for the past 2 weeks with no avail. Currently I have used JRT, AdwCleaner, HitManPro, Malwarebytes and Avast. The last two never seem to detect anything, while the first three detect and delete, detect and delete, detect and delete... without permanently resolving my issue! I have removed all suspicious chrome extensions, reset my chrome several times, and even remain logged out of my chrome account with no avail - it keeps coming back essentially in the form of ad redirects. The most unusual element of this is whenever I click on any google docs urls it immediately turns into an ad redirect that malwarebytes blocks (even when not signed into chrome). I'm at a loss and not entirely sure what to do. I've attached some screenshots detailing some logs/readouts of what I've encountered so far in terms of problems. If there are any experts out here who can help me purge my chrome of this adware I would be overly appreciative (especially with regards to saving the money I'd have to spend on a computer guy). Best, Ryan P.S. HitManPro sometimes detects up to 25 tracers including the conduit, and I've managed to bring AdwCleaner to 3-4 each time. Funny thing is they usually detect nothing until I re-open chrome from my taskbar on Windows 10. The blocked site by malwarebytes is also the result of clicking a google docs link.
  10. Hello MalwareBytes forum! As of a few days ago, I have been getting adware appearing in my Chrome browser whenever I am logged in with my Google account. The pop-ups are from sites such as go.searchlock.com/Chrome/614/ and random sketchy browser games. I have tried everything I can think of to get rid of these pop-ups. Some of the following include: AdWCleaner MalwareBytes Avast HitmanPro Zemana GridinSoft Junk Removal Tool Chrome Cleanup Tool (Found nothing) Resetting all Chrome Settings Some of the scans will find suspicious files and will take care of them. There are no issues when I'm not logged into Chrome. However, as soon as I log back into my Google account in Chrome, the pop-ups come right back. Also, all the extensions I have installed in Chrome are ones I recognize and installed myself. I have no idea where this came from. I believe my girlfriend downloaded a PDF reader from a sketchy site or something, but that's just speculation. The FRST and Addition text files are attached. This is driving me crazy. Please help! - smn89 Addition.txt FRST.txt
  11. Hi I am getting chrome pop up in the past week, I tried few things and seems no effect on this pop problem which I never experience before. Things I tried. Format my windows 10 HD and reinstall windows 10 -I reinstalled everything the sec I reinstall chrome pops came back. Reset my chrome setting and delete some extensions I don't use. -still have quite a few extensions might cost problem, those extensions, I been using in the past few years. scan with CC clean, Malwarebytes, and 360 all return 0 problem Malewarebytes are able to block some pop up but some still get through I also notice the popup happens when I am changing page or clicking links, no pops if I am not opening new tab or go to a different page. I upload 3 of the website popup were blocked those repeatedly got blocked but some get through like akm.playnow.guru I am very desperate now because before I got malware I just reinstall my windows and this is the first time that method have failed me. Please help Thanks Apple Addition.txt FRST.txt Log1.txt Log2.txt Log3.txt
  12. Hello, I've tried everything I could find online to solve this, but nothing has actually helped. I do not have any malicious extensions or apps installed, I have tried resetting chrome, I have scanned my mac with ClamXav, Sophos Antivirus, Avast, Combo Cleaner, Kaspersky Internet Security, Bitdefender Adware removal tool and none of these found anything during the scans. Malwarebytes's scan found two things which it removed but all the rest, nothing. And every other scan with Malwarebytes comes clean. My search settings and homepage settings are all intact and there wasn't anything suspicious at all. But when chrome is idle for a while or I'm reading something on a website, there's suddenly a muted tab opened (first it was for a dating site, then betting, and most recently a clean my mac page). I also tried Bitdefender Virus Scanner for Mac, and it found a spigot extension for safari and quarantined it. The file appeared to be stored in ClamXav's folder for some reason. (I do not even use Safari, and when I checked before the scan, no extensions have been installed on that browser, and the same goes for Firefox). I've also checked whether the router has been hijacked (https://campaigns.f-secure.com/router-checker/en_global/) and everything seems to be fine. I tried changing the DNS settings to Google's, but it wouldn't connect for a long time so I left it as it was initially. It seems to have been passed to another Windows laptop at home, but when the PC was scanned with Malwarebytes, Clamwin, and CCcleaner nothing seemed to help and the problem occurs on both computers. Windows Defender found BrowserModifier:Win32/Diplugem and removed it, but the ad tabs keep coming. How can I get rid of this? Is it possible that the specific IP is targeted and it's not one of the two devices actually being infected? PS. I've attached the log file from Malwarebytes and from Bitdefender Virus Scanner.
  13. Hi there, I've been fighting some sort of malware on my computer since yesterday. It randomly opens new tabs, new pages, or replaces existing tabs in Chrome with ads for explicit games, dating sites, or online stores. I have installed and ran malwarebytes multiple times - it's currently the only thing blocking new ads from popping up about 50% of the time as I'm on the premium trial. I've also run adware cleaner, and junkware removal tool. I've ran ccleaner once to get rid of any temp files. Each time, the programs were able to find some things and delete them, but on restart the issue keeps cropping up. I've also reset internet explorer and chrome settings multiple times. I have teamviewer installed, in case that's useful. I am attaching: 1. FRST.txt as indicated in the instructions 2. Addition.txt as indicated in the instructions 3. My latest scan report from malwarebytes 4. 2 example reports of the websites it's blocking 5. My latest report from adwcleaner 6. My latest report from jrt. Note that every time I've run it it's said "Successfully deleted: HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\\GoogleChromeAutoLaunch_93F9BCD69D5206741B8721559088D9F0 (Registry Value) " I appreciate any and all efforts to resolve this! Addition.txt AdwCleaner[.txt blockedsite.txt blockedsite2.txt FRST.txt JRT.txt malwarebytesscanreport.txt
  14. If you are using chrome, and you've been "hijaked" by cse.google.com... Go to settings, manage search engines, delete the cse.google.com set Google back as default. it's not a virus, so stop posting all your details online and don't pay anyone to "clean" your computer
  15. Hello, I am a Windows user running Chrome and am experiencing browser redirect malware. The first time I click on a link on any page, it often will popup and navigate to a page for example: http://cpmofferconvert.com/out?zoneId=968177&htatb=1&sId=968177. Also, after a Google search, it will promptly but visibly change the sponsored results (the top 2-3) to something of its liking. Steps taken so far Malwarebytes Premium Threat Scan Results: mwbthreat01.txt (see attachments) Quarantined all successfully Restarted Results: mwbthreat02.txt (see attachments) Redirect problem observed Farbar Recovery Scan Tool Results: Addition.txt, FRST.txt (see attachments) Will update if issue is still observed mwbthreat01.txt mwbthreat02.txt Addition.txt FRST.txt
  16. Hello, Recently went to a website (TomsHardware) via Chrome 57.0.2987.133, and two random files (FILE) automatically downloaded to my Downloads folder, both labeled USNC, both less than 1KB in size - One was 200 bytes in size, the other 800 bytes in size. I uploaded both to VirusTotal, no prior uploads mentioned, with information showing they were likely plain text files. Scanning the files with MBAM didn't come up with anything. The site they were downloaded from showed up as Clean Sites on VirusTotal: http://cs.ffbtas.com/usnc?i=1&ec=c1x&ei=AE73CC4D624A4BF2B6BB7AE642FF18F0&r=http://sync.c1exchange.com%2Fsync%2Fuser%3Fk%3Dffuid%26v%3D[FF_UID]%26pid%3Dp17%26s%3DaHR0cDovL2Fkcy5zZXJ2ZWJvbS5jb20vcGFydG5lcj9jYj0zMzUxJnN2Yz11cyZpZD0yMCZ1aWQ9JEMxWFVJRA%3D%3D I've since deleted the files, and have run scans from a few different AVs including MBAM with clean results. I'm wondering if anyone could assist with any insight as to what could have happened? Thank you very much in advance.
  17. OK, I updated to this latest version on my Windows 10 machine and now Chrome and Firefox and Adobe Reader have stopped working and will only work if I turn Anti-Exploit protection OFF for each of those apps. I deactivated, uninstalled, ran MB-clean, with reboots in between all step, reinstalled and reactivated and still having the same problem. I was asked to start a new topic and include all of these logs that I attached. Please advise. Thanks FRST.txt logs.zip MB-CheckResult.txt Addition.txt
  18. I too am encountering the same problem. In my case, I turned "Exploit Protection" off and am able to use my Chrome browser (as I'm doing now to make this post). Otherwise, I'm not able to use the Chrome browser.
  19. Today the latest version of Google Chrome started to fail upon launch when I have the MalwareBytes Premium 3.0.6 "Exploit Protection" enabled. Upon launching Chrome, all my extensions immediately report by Chrome as "crashed" (pop-up in browser) and the browser window is a black screen (but menus are normal). Unable to access Chrome settings or any Chrome features, but can close Chrome window and not much else. If I turn off MalwareBytes "Exploit Protection" or just disable protection for Chrome.exe via Manage Protected Applications > uncheck "Google Chrome (and plug-ins)", then everything returns to normal when I launch Chrome again. I've checked on multiple Windows user profiles on this same machine that have different extensions installed and behavior is identical. MalwareBytes doesn't report any issues (no explicit detection of problems). Didn't find anything interesting in Windows logs, and no different after system reboot. Chrome is Version 57.0.2987.133 Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (10.0.14393 build 14393.969 -- version 1607, latest security patches applied including KB4015438). Malware Bytes is version, Comp pkg 1.0.96, Update pkg 1.0.1681. Using NON-DEFAULT Settings: Web Protection=OFF, Exploit Protection= ON, Malware Protection= OFF (just doing frequent scans), Ransomware protection= ON. I'm 99% sure my computer IS NOT infected with anything, as all scans (multiple tools) are clean, nothing else out of the ordinary happened lately (no likely infection vectors), and the symptoms have the feel of a Security software vs Application version incompatibility issue. Perhaps I will try to try to remove/reinstall Chrome in case Chrome install is corrupted. Could also run experiment by creating a new windows user with no Chrome extensions at all and check behavior with Exploit Protection turned back on. But BEFORE I go wasting hours debugging this, I'd like to know if anyone else is seeing this issue with same latest version of Chrome and MB 3.0.6 with Exploit Protection ON/OFF. Please post a reply if you see same issue and have success with same workaround of disabling exploit protection for Chrome.
  20. I'll cut to the chase. I recently started up both Opera and Chrome (latest versions) to find them showing a blank screen. Troubleshooted this on the web and got both working using the '-no-sandbox' flag. Dig some more digging and it seemed to be linked to security software, so after testing I discovered the blank screen shows up whenever MBAM's Exploit Protection module is enabled. Disable this - or switch off protection for those two apps under 'Manage Protected Applications' - and both apps launch with no problem. Has anyone else encountered this, or is it just me? Thanks for any input you can give. Platform: Windows 10 MBAM version:, Component package version: 1.0.96, Update package version: 1.0.1673
  21. I have ccleaner and avast, my avast scans for virus once per week so far I'm good in that end and from time to time I run ccleaner. A few weeks ago I ran into what I found to be a malware browser hijacker, 2 of them to be exact, I use chrome and have add-block on it, my avast tells me what sites are safe and what sites are not when I search for something in google, and one day it redirected me to another page once I searched for something and also when I click somewhere in a "safe" page it opened a random link, some of those "safe" pages are youtube, facebook, yahoo, twitter, google, and so on it always opened a random link when I clicked anywhere on that page being a link, or an image or in youtube when I click to watch a video it also opened and random add page. I remember one of the malware I had was querryrouter, anyways I search online for some way to fix it and found a solution, with 3 steps: First use Zemana AntiMalware Portable to remove browser redirects. Second Scan and clean my computer with Malwarebytes Lastly Double-check for malicious programs with HitmanPro I did that and it actually worked didn't get any redirects nor random link pop-ups. Today I find myself with the 'Nova.rambler.ru' is also a browser hijacker and I did all the steps I mentioned and it actually found some issues and it clean them or so I thought but still persists, what I found it does is that when I search anything in google is redirects and shows me my results in the rambler page, also it opens adds when I click anywhere in any page and when I click to enter a page or a link in a page it open the link I clicked in another tab and redirects the current page to a random add. I tried to search for recently installed items or something in my extensions,and even in my files but nothing, I ever tried to see in my registy and tried the Kaspersky TDSSkiller but still nothing, I have also tried other methods I found to pinpoint this malware but nothing so that is why I decided to ask for help since here I will find people that have dealt with this same problem or have experience with these kind of issues.
  22. Hello. I'm having a problem with redirections. Everytime I click on a link (in this case aowow. org) I get redirected to suspicious sites that I'm not familiar with. Anyways I wish someone could help me. Noticed it first time just now. Tried running malwarebytes, hitmanpro etc, didn't work. I have no idea what to do.
  23. Hi, after running Malwarebytes all the bookmarks on Firefox and Chrome are gone. Also it got Opera out of my computer. How to get bookmarks back? https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!topic/chrome/h5bFOo5Lv2E did not help, nor this: https://www.howtogeek.com/111784/how-to-recover-accidentally-deleted-bookmarks-in-chrome-firefox/. I´ve got a PC and Win 10. - Pepa
  24. Malwarebytes didn't and wont detect the malware installed. I used the adware removal tool numerous times as well as the JRT. The virus or whatever it is came from Chrome from the extension Safebrowser. I have uninstalled Chrome/reinstalled all of that, everything and it does not matter. I have tried everything, now the computer is getting worse and I am freaking out and losing my mind. FRST.txt Addition.txt
  25. Hi I have a virus and I decided to scan my computer deeper with farbar scan tool, this is what I had, Can you help me to read it and to make fix file? thank you very much Addition.txt FRST.txt
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